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1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s Vintage, Retro & Midcentury Modern Home Decor, Furnishings, Memorabilia, Jewelry, and Fashion: Page 1

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photo 3
New listing! Pretty in pink, enjoy this nice set of 3 hand crochet glass cozies which slide neatly around these included glasses and really evoke the look of the fifties. They are bordered on the top and bottom for a little design flair, and we love the pink color with the white trim. The needlework is very well done, and all 3 are in very good condition and measure approximately 4.0" high and 3.5" in diameter. The 3 glasses are included with your purchase, standing 5.5" high and going well with the pink glass covers. These are hard to find in good condition and won't last long, right off the table of a Ft. Lauderdale, FL waterfront condo.    $22.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
New listing! Terrific 1960s Power Gem Saturn lamp that is a must have for any collector of mid-century modern design and the influence of the space program. The lamp operates in various modes by pushing buttons on the base, operating in low and high power settings of red, green, and amber light. The colored lights look amazing reflecting off the wall particularly in a darkened room, and the saturn ring continuously turns just like the rings on Saturn to deflect the light in different ways. Best of all, the lamp base has a speaker, and the lights will react- flashing on and off- based on voices it hears. As such, the lamp will flash in timing with your speech if you are talking nearby and the speaker picks it up. Guaranteed to amaze and astound your friends who will want to know what's going on. The approximately 19.0" high and 10" in diameter (not including the outer ring) lamp is made of plastic resin and in very good condition, featuring a black base color and clear angled areas to reflect the light out in many different ways. In the center of the base is the Power Gem mark- classic 20th century design! Cross listed on Lamps 1.    $325.00
F002 Set of 8 fifties / sixties mid-century hand blown amber swirl pattern glasses, an eye catching design and quirky in that there are subtle variations in size and height as a result of being each individually hand blown. These goblets make for a great look and have styling as in place today as in the 50s. They range in height from approximately 6.75" to 7.25", and the diameters of the top opening vary a bit as well but are approximately 4.0" - 4.25". The entire set of 8 is in very good condition, and each has an unpolished pontil from the glassmaking process on the bottom. /75 SOLD

photo 5
photo 6

New listing! Rare opportunity to own a vintage bakelite polka dot bangle bracelet that have become practically impossible to find and with prices shooting up all the time. These inlaid polka-dot bakelite bangles make a great fashion statement as you'll readiy agree from the photographs. Act fast so you're not disappointed! 1. Superb green to black vintage 6 dot polka dot French bakelite bangle, with terrific bleed in at the points of the inset dots and measuring 3.25" in diameter and 0.5" wide. 2. Maroon red vintage 6 dot polka dot bakelite bangle with 6 crisp inset dots and measuring 3.25" in diameter and 0.5" wide. Both of these polka dot bakelite bangles are in excellent condition and come direct from a major Miami, Florida estate collection. These caught the eye of several of our staff and will definitely not last long! Cross listed on Bakelite 1.

1 $850.00

2 $750.00



photo 3
photo 4

You could have bought them for $2.98 back in the 1950s, but you sure won't find mint condition 1950s sunglasses and matching clip-on visor case in fab fifties designs at that price today - although they're still quite an affordable and fun accessory. Take your pick of two retro Merit designs or buy them both; each comes in the original clip-on car sun visor case and warranty certificate. Even though sunglasses don't come with that kind of case today, the staff here feels it was a good design idea and are all trying to figure out how to put clips on their own sunglasses case. These were manufactured by the Merit Manufacturing Company of Central Falls, RI and were heavily advertised during the period in Life Magazine. Note the open gap in some of the side ear bars to give them just a little added design flair. The frames are made of plastic, somewhat flexible so they can be bent into shape to some degree but not rigid like modern sunglasses; fit adjustments may be needed. They come with the original warranty that notes they are "manufactured for optical safety and construction and the lens are precision cut and processed and certified to be of the finest quality." The sunglasses measure approximately 5.5" wide at the lens, and the ear bars measure approximately 5.5" long. The visor clip-on plastic case measures approximately 6.0" wide, 3.0" high, and 1.0" deep. Each pair of sunglasses is in mint condition and has the original Merit red and gold seal on the lens noting the original $2.98 price, "6 Base Hardened Lens" and that it "Conforms to Conn SG 40". We just love the design of these, sure to generate complements and questions wherever you wear them. These mint condition, never used 50s sunglasses come to you direct from the dusty shelf of a Newport, Rhode Island estate liquidation.   1 SOLD
2 $45.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
New listing! Get ready for extraordinarily hard to find vintage French sunglasses from the 1950s or 1960s. A classic of mid-century design that is still avidly sought by collectors today to wear, these are sure to generate complements and questions of where you got them. Sleek and cat-like, these vintage sunglasses have that great white marbled color of the vintage lucite frames, and as an added bonus this is a pair that also has rhinestone clusters on each front corner. The sunglasses measure approximately 5.5" wide with each side bar 5.5" long and curving inward at the rear. They are in excellent condition and are marked on the side bar "Made in France" and come to you via a major Malibu, CA estate liquidation in which we are participating. We get email asking us to find more of these vintage fifties and sixties French sunglasses all the time, so it goes without saying that they won't last long; cross listed on Bakelite & Lucite 3.    $165.00
photo 3
photo 4

Super period 1950s beaded purse is in excellent condition and has a nice keychain as part of the zipper that really comes in handy- trust us, we tried it out. Anyway, it's a nice colorful design with thousands of tiny red, blue, green, yellow, and white beads adorning the black base material. It has a nice beaded strap rising 7.0" from the body of the purse for easy carrying. The purse body itself measures approximately 10.5" x 8.5" when flat and is zippered for secure closing. With a silk lining to top it off, this is a very good example of period 60s design and is in excellent and original condition.   
F007 Super 1960s McCoy 3 piece set in desirable green glaze "With Love" is very hard to find together and combines two McCoy planters with a rectangular vase. The rich green glaze is common to all three pieces, and we really like the fact that the "With" is done in white on one side and green on one side of the planters and the entire "With Love" is done in white on one side and green on the other side for the vase. The planters are marked 680 with the impressed McCoy mark, copyright, and USA (one patent pending), while the vase is also an early production piece marked with the McCoy USA mark patent pending. The planters each measure approximately 6.25" wide, 3.25" deep, and 3.25" high while the tall rectangular vase measures 7.75" high, 2.0" deep, and 3.0" wide at the widest point. All three pieces are in excellent condition, part of an Orlando, FL estate collection of vintage and antique pottery from major American manufacturers; cross listed on Pottery 2. /85 SOLD
F008 You won't want to miss this vintage solid copper poodle pendenat necklace, easily the best one we've had in 15 years. The attention to detail and workmanship on the raised copper poodle set against the round background with lines emanating from the center is incredibly eye catching and sure to generate questions and comments. It's a fun and whimsical piece that also reflects the finest craftsmanship in vintage costume jewelry, and it's marked on the back with a manufacturer's hallmark and "Solid Copper." The 2.675" in diameter poodle pendant is in excellent condition, and it resides on a copper chain that measures approximately 28.0" long to allow for different wearing positions. Both pendant and necklace are in excellent condition, part of a Palm Springs, CA estate collection of vintage 1950s and 1960s midcentury jewelry and poodle collectibles; cross listed on Pets & Animals 3. /65 SOLD
F009 New listing! This is the best set of 6 1950s drinking glasses we've had in a long time, in excellent condition and standing 4" high and 3.25" in diameter. Of course the unique thing about this set are the yellow and green glass jewels affixed to the front of each glass in the shape of a daisy. Absolutely guaranteed to make a statement and start a conversation, as we proved at home last weekend!  /68 SOLD
F010 1
2 photo 2
Take your pick of this fine collection of 1950s and 1960s tin pins from a major Long Island tin pin collector. Each and every one is in excellent condition. 1 Vibrant pinks, yellows and blues highlight this pin 1.75" in diameter. /28 2 Seldom seen brushed gunmetal effect with multicolored dots 2.0" in diameter. 3 Elegant blue & white design with folded leaves perfect for more formal occasions.   1 SOLD
2 $28.00

photo 3
Super 1960s mirror with hanging beadwork that has a great design look and is sure to bring back memories. It features a rectangular mirror 12.0" x 6.0" and extremely strong beadwork of contrasting sizes and colors that decorate not just top and bottom but also up the sides of this hand made memory of the sixties. The top bead work features larger beads to hold the mirror on the wall, while the multiple hanging strands of beads on the bottom provide the decorative fringe. Very hard to find any more, this piece was part of a large Myrtle Beach, SC estate collection that features numerous relics being liquidated by a couple of aging hippies! It's in excellent condition, 24.0" top to bottom when the hand made beadwork is included.   $55.00
F012 Super set of 8 1950s drinking glasses in retro green with gold trim fifties color and design, all in mint condition. We love the basket weave pattern in the body of the glasses coupled with the intricate and elaborate gold trim at the top, the 2 contrasting to make quite a design statement. The glasses evoke the look of the fifties, with each measuring approximately 5.5" high and 2.75" in diameter. These are nice, heavy glasses as is typical of this style of glassware from the 1950s and 1960s. When you see this style of midcentury glassware, the gold is typically quite worn from too many times in the dishwasher, and it's also rare to find a set of 8 in consistently good condition. Great as a gift or to use yourself and great to both use and display, the set comes direct from the shelf of a Los Angeles, CA estate consignment.  /85 SOLD
F013 1
2photo 2
1. Period 1960 Adlai Stevenson Presidential campaign pin measuring approximately 1.0" in diameter in very good condition. 2. Period Richard Nixon Watergate period pin "An American Tragedy" in very good condition. Great Nixon caricature, theme, and original manufacturer's marks from N. G. Slater Co. of NYC on the side.   1 SOLD
2 $30.00
F014 New listing! If like most of America you were excited by the seemingly boundless potential of the Kennedy Presidency in the 1960s or just a JFK fan, this amazing set of vintage US News & World Report magazines from the period makes for fascinating reading and a real collectors item. Specially selected issues preview the age of the sixties in the very early years of John F. Kennedy and his presidency. The set of 7 issues include feautures on "What Kennedy Will Do As President" (12/21/60), "A Size Up Of Kennedy" (12/28/60), "Life In the '60s- What It Will Really Be Like" (12/4/61), "Can U.S. Still Catch Up In Space" (8/21/61), "New Era In Washington- Its Meaning" (12/9/63), "Start Of A New Era" and "Why It Wasn't Nixon" (1/30/61), and "Peace Chances Improving? As Nehru and Kennedy See Outlook" (4/10/61). All issues are in very good, collector quality condition and are filled with interesting period reading, commentary, and photographs. Great as a gift for any fan of the sixties or JFK, part of a major estate consignment of Kennedy media memorabilia exclusive to Collectics.  /45 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
New Listing! Here at Collectics we love Syroco home furnishings from the midcentury, and last week we came across this super pair of wall candleholder sconces that are sure to add flair to any room in your house. The detail, particularly in the intricate floral design, is quite striking, and the shimmering gold finish is of course a hallmark of vintage Syroco home accessories. The Syracuse Ornamental Company, known as SYROCO, was founded in the late 1890's by an Austrian woodcarver named Adolph Holstein. They developed a molding technique wherein they could create perfect replicas of their original carvings. These molds also featured a wood grain within the mold, allowing for a more detailed aesthetic. The recipe of wood flour, waxes, and resins combined with compression molding created an inexpensive but high quality product. In the 1950's, Syroco produced these highly stylized wall mirrors, sconces, and decorations, and in 1953 they introduced a process for obtaining the finish on these seemingly gilded home accessories called "metalgold" as evidenced by these scones. Metalgold was their process which, as their catalog states, "real metal is deposited on the object and toned and shaded by skilled hand operations." Both of these candle sconces are all ready to hang, and they're marked on the back with the Syroco copyright mark, model number, and Made in USA. They're in very good condition with a few very minor nicks in the finish that are just the expected sign of age, and they each measure approximately 13.5" x 7.25". $85.00/pair
F016 Super example of cool 1960's retro drinking glasses and holder, one of the most hotlly collected areas and sets of the past 5 years. We particularly love the colors and style of this set, with hard to find green glass coupled with bright yellow flowers around the entirity of each of the 8 glasses in the set. The metal holder itself is equally unique, with an open style that looks great with or without glasses. Each glass measures 3.5" high and 3.0" in diameter, and the entire set is in excellent condition and comes to you as part of a major Hilton Head, SC estate collection of vintage 50's and 60's glassware and dinnerware. /110 SOLD
F017 Super cool 1950s Stapleton ashtray has a classic midcentury look with a deep blue & black glaze punctuated with multi-colored dots of color decorating the entire top surface of the ashtray. We love the rich deep glaze contrasting with the splotches of color, and with direct light you can see subtle undertones of blue rising beneath the predominantly black of the surface glaze. Desirable to both fifties collectors and ashtray & tobacciana collectors, this vintage Stapleton ashtray is marked on the back, impressed in the ceramic, and is in excellent condition. It measures approximately 8.25" x 8.25" and stands 1.5" high, part of a St. Louis, MO estate collection of midcentury design and home furnishings. /36 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Rare, signed Majestic lucite purse with the unique gold threading running throughout the body of the purse. It has great curves on the body and especially on the top cover which is guaranteed to make a fashion statement in the 21st century just as it must have in the last. You won't see this imbedded gold threading effect in any modern pieces due to the specialization and complexity of the manufacturing process. The handbag measures approximately 7.0" long, 3.0" wide, and stands 6.0" high not including the clear lucite handle which adds another 4.5" in height to the purse. It's in very good condition with minor wear to the brass sides. The purse is marked on both sides of the interior "Majestic", and it has all 4 original ball feet.    $165.00
F019   Very collectible Lisner tin flower pin, a fun and whimsical piece with the butterfly (might be a frog or other insect depending on how you look at it....) perched on the petal of the flower. The design of the pin screams out 1950s mid-century retro and really gives it a unique and sure to generate comments look. It's a nice size measuring approximately 3.5" high and 2.0" wide, and it's properly marked on the back with the Lisner mark. D. Lisner and Company was founded in New York City in 1904, a contemporary of Coro and similar in pricing and design. This fun fifties tin pin is in very good condition and comes to you direct as part of a major Savannah, Georgia estate collection of finer vintage jewelry; cross listed on Pets 2.     SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
In a very hard to find color and with eye catching style, this vintage bakelite purse features all original hardware and a lovely and deeply carved clear lucite top and matching handle. It's also an unusual and irregular shape, with sides extending out a few degrees top to bottom and then angling up toward the clear lucite top. It features a clear lucite closure with brass fastener pin and 4 lucite ball feet on the bottom. The bakelite body is particularly nice in that it features angled lines in a slightly darker shade that add incremental contrast to the piece and make for some added design flair. This vintage bakelite and lucite purse is in excellent condition and measures approximately 8.0" wide, 3.25" deep, and 4.0" high not including the clear lucite handle which rises another 4.5" from the top of the purse. Cross listed on Bakelite & Lucite page 1 where you'll find other great bakelite and lucite handbags and accessories.   $265.00
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