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Decorative & Fine Art, Prints, Posters, and Needlepoint: Page 1

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Set of two framed sixties prints both hand signed and dated 1963. The prints measure approximately 9.0" high and 11.0" wide, and they would look great as a set hanging in any room. The frames are gold and the print color inside matches the frame, each a very finely detailed drawing of a country home. Very decorative and mood setting, they come to you direct from the wall of a snowy Vermont country estate.     $55.00/pr
photo 3
Fun Winnie the Pooh framed artwork is very well done signed "Lilian" by an artist in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico in 2002. To be honest, we are not sure what medium was used to produce this work- with magnification it appears to be done with very thin, colored twigs. I suppose we could remove the glass from the 7" x 5" framed work, but we'll leave that to you. Suffice it to say that the colors and detail of this Winnie the Pooh depiction is not only finely done but also interesting in texture, in excellent condition as part of a San Diego, CA estate collection; cross listed on Toys & Children 3.        $32.00
photo 3
New listing! Great pair of old wall plaques depicting a man and woman of most likely Aztec, Incan, or Mayan origin. Decorative and finely detailed, these plaques measure approximately 8.5" x 8.5" and are made of a very unique composite material that appears as fine flakes of different  colors, meant to capture the appearance of granite. The male is particularly well done with the head of the bird protruding from his ornate headdress. Excellent condition and mounted on black, tiered wood wall plaques; ready for hanging!     $75.00/pr

photo 3

photo 3

Fun pair of signed Gelakooska prints of a bike and an airplane, perfect for a children's room. The whimsical bicycle #12 is ready for speed and action with stars on its rear fender and is colorful and vibrant in its coloring. The equally whimsical airplane, also #12, is similarly built for speed with stars on the wings and colors of red, blue, yellow, white, and gray set against a green background. Both prints are framed in simple wood frames and are in very good condition, measuring approximately 14.75" x 11.75". Both prints are signed in the lower right Gelakooska and come direct from a major Los Angeles, CA estate collection of mid-century; cross listed on Toys & Sports 3.    $65.00/pr

photo 3
photo 4

Pretty Italian hand painted enamel on porcelain framed plaques evoke the look and feel of the 1950s and 1960s in their presentation and colors. Each plaque is in a nicely crafted wood frame, contrasting an octagonal outer edge with the interior oval which frames the picture. Each painting is truly a miniature work of art, all hand painted and whimsical in the depictions of femm fatales of the day decked out in their Sunday finery. The drawings are fun and vibrant in their use of color, enamel on porcelain and trimmed with gold along the edges. The pictures are set against a matte background to really make them shine, and the backs have a hook and a no slip surface to help them stay straight on the wall. Each of the 2 plaques meausure 6.5" wide and 9.5" high including the top ring hook. Each of the paintings is in excellent condition, and the frames have a few nicks here and there and a little crazing on the front veneer, but frankly if we didn't see that we'd find such pieces suspect. Great find, direct from a major Omaha, NE collector of fifties and sixties mid century design.   $85.00/pr
From the estate of a British gentleman living in Rye, New York, this pair of vintage needlepoints have whimsical designs and excellent execution. You can make your grandparents smile with these two designs. The first has all the desirable themes- grandfather with his fishing pole, the little boy with his toy sailboat, and the dog sitting happily by under the tree, and a caption which reads "If all else fails- ask grandfather." The other features grandmother and the little girl sitting on opposite sides of the hearth, large cauldron pot hanging over the fire, and a caption "If mother says no- ask grandmother." In addition to the whimsical scenes and captions, both of the works feature a nice intricately rendered border design as well that really adds flair around the edges. Each of these well done needlpoint pictures measures approximately 14.0" x 11.0" and is wrapped around a cardboard backing, ready to go into the frame of your choice. Excellent condition- makes a great gift for the grandparents. Cross listed on Textiles 3.  

$65.00/ set of 2

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
If you like early American illustration and/or great sailing ships, you'll love this vintage wood mirror featuring the Currier & Ives print Clipper Ship Nightingale that gives this piece a great nautical theme and a great look. The Currier & Ives print of the 1800s clipper sailing ship is of typically fine detail and rich colors, and the print itself measures approximately 7.5" x 5.5" and is marked in the lower left corner "Currier & Ives." The Federal style wood frame that supports the print and the mirror has nice detail and a classical form, and a hanger has already been attached to make it ready to hang on the wall. The entire piece measures approximately 10.25" wide and a 18.5" high, a nice moderate size to use in a variety of locations in your home. There is some very minor discoloration around the edges of the print and there are a few nicks on the wood frame of the mirror, but overall the mirror and print are in very good condition and right off the wall of New Canaan, CT country estate. (P.S. - sorry about the finger prints and reflection on the mirror from the photography; the mirror itself is in very good condition and now print free!) $75.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Hard to find pair of vintage Mexican feather art, two wonderfully colorful and detailed renditions of birds with beautiful flowing plumage sitting on a tree branch surrounded by various leaves and flowers. The vibrant colors of the birds are set against a pure black background for striking effect, and they're framed in nicely carved wood frames that have great style and detail craftsmanship in and of themselves; they measure approximately 12.25" x 6.5". Feather art makes bird art look so real, but it was very time consuming and complex to do well and thus has fallen out of mainstream arts and crafts today. Well done feather art has always commanded strong prices and necessitated a good framing, and these are no exception. One thing that stands out about the quality of these is actually not the feathers but the detail with which the elaborate floral backgrounds were painted to complement the birds. One frame has a stamp on the back for Mexi-Mart in Toronto, Ohio while the other has a small "Made Mexico" paper label. Both frames, the glass protector, and the feather art within are all in very good condition, right off the wall of a farmhouse in the countryside outside Altoona, PA.   $115.00/pair
A008 New listing! Whimsical folk art hand stiched needlework pig, perfect for hanging in any kitchen to add flair and guaranteed to generate complements from your guests. These are very hard to find, and this one has quite a lot of age to it. Like any good butcher, you can have your ready reference guide right on the wall as different color and pattern fabrics are used to depict the individual sections of this tasty pig- butt, loin, ham, spareribs, picnic, and of course bacon. Note the curly tail. In addition to the main design, the perimeter and corners of the work are nicely detailed with flowers and other whimsical decoration. The art is in good condition with the exception of some age spots and water staining, some of which can likely be cleaned but we advise against it and think it's perfect just as it is- if it didn't look this way we'd be skeptical about the age and origins. Direct from a Ft. Lauderdale, FL waterway estate, this fun example of 20th century folk art is sure not to last long!   /95 SOLD
photo 3
Turn of the century religious print of a nun, bible open, standing before an altar with a cross depicting Jesus' crucifixion c. 1900. This print is in very good condition and was produced by the Pinsonneaul Studios in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. On the back is a handwritten inscription appearing as "To Mathilda" as well as "Mother" (hard to make out with ink wear over the years) plus a date that appears to be 1901. This vintage religious print measures approximately 7.25" high and 5.25" wide and is in good condition.    $35.00
photo 3
Original signed Chinese art rendering of "The Great Wall", number 13 out of 50 produced, and signed by the artist A. Pelloton (uncertain this is the exact spelling of the end of his/her name) and marked with hand rendered "A. P." red mark. The drawing is a somewhat stylized view of the Great Wall of China, with other Chinese buildings in the foreground and the mountains of the countryside in the background. None of our staff were sure of the exact technique used to make this red tint drawing / painting, so we'll leave it to say that it's very unusual and beautiful with the mono-color red hues. It's hand signed under the work "The Great Wall", 13/50, and the artist's signature. With frame, it measures approximately 14.75" high and 11.5" wide, while the artwork itself is 6.125" in diameter.      $85.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Very striking pair of Artini hand painted engravings are in the form of wall plaques and came right off the wall of Burlington, Vermont country farmhouse and are a real find. These Artini plaques are "hand painted twin etched scuptured engravings" that offer a "four dimensional" look. They're made from "nature's most beautiful and durable raw materials combined with many years of scientific and artistic research." The label on the back of each plaque notes that they have "strength and durability superior to ivory or Carrara marble which it so closely resembles." Each is numbered and has the Artini Arts label on the back. We like the border of these plaques as well as we enjoy the highly detailed depictions of two birds and a basket of sunflowers, ready to hang on the wall. Each measures approximately 7.0" x 6.0" and have the Artini copyright. /85 $85.00
photo 3
Vintage patriotic needlepoint picture Liberty 1776 is framed in a simple wood frame and very well done. It's got strong detail in the eagle, and we like the stylized stars and stripes flag motif below with the moniker Liberty 1776, the key year of the Revolutionary War. It's a nice tight weave, all hand done, and it measures approximately 16.0" x 11.75" not including the frame. Ready to hang on a new wall, it's in very good condition and is part of a significant Jacksonville, FL estate consignment exclusive to Collectics. $55.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
Very nicely done painting on copper plate "Children At Play" and signed "Kaye" in the lower right. Two little girls in white dresses with touches of red and yellow respectively toss a red ball back and forth, while a boy in brown pants looks on. We particularly like the muted pastel colors of the trees and forest in the background, capturing all the hues of blue, pink, and purple set against the white fluffly clouds in the background. It's in excellent condition and mounted in a nice gold wood gilt frame with a linen separation panel that could be cleaned slightly if you so desire. The artwork itself is an excellent example of enameling on copper, and the plate itself measures approximately 16.0" x 12.25" while the frame measures approximately 22.5" x 18.5"; cross listed on Toys & Children 3 and direct from a Kansas City estate.     $225.00
A014 Vintage mounted and framed butterfly is a blast back to the early to mid 20th century when such framed butterflies were particularly popular. It's understandable in retrospect, for note the rich colors and textures of the butterfly wings and body. This butterfly is mounted along with foliage to give it added flair and realism, and it's in excellent and all original condition. This specimen is particularly fine, with iridescent green providing an incredibly and eye catching contrast with the predominant black color of this mounted butterfly. This is a Max Richter butterfly, a man known to butterfly collectors and conservationists who bred and sold butterflies in the 1960s out of E. Durham NY including many rare species. It measures approximately 9.0" x 7.0" and has the original label on the back from the Max Richter Butterly Farm in East Durham, NY up in the Catskill Mountains. The specimen is noted as is the country of origin (Malaysia). Cross listed on Pets & Animals 2. /55 SOLD
photo 3
New listing! Very well done  twin solid mahogany  wood carvings in very good condition except one tooth missing from the crown out of the dragon's mouth (see photo). This set is wonderful, very highly detailed, and  both items measure approximately 9" tall and 6" wide. The wood is solid mahogany, and both masks were very intricately hand carved. We obtained these items from a woman who traveled the world and was a serious collector of many exotic items. The detail is superb, and the smoothness of the faces really add to the quality.   $155.00
A016 A nice signed Beshlie English color print c 1978 can be yours and ready for a mount and frame. The Dancing Puppet recalls that long before the elaborate marionette and puppet theatres appeared, the one man puppet show with a simple roll-down backdrop was a popular street entertainment. The doll was often used to act out dying speeches of heroes or outlaws and the confessions of murderers. The detail and colors are typically high quality as Beshlie has a very strong history and reputation as a top illustrator. The signed print itself measure approximately 9.75" x 7.25" and it is mounted on a black border cardboard frame suitable for placement in a picture frame. It also comes with a cardboard backing for use with the name, description, and artist of the print. /45 SOLD
A017 12
Four mint condition prints from the Norman Rockwell Boy Scout series, all printed by top printer Brown & Bigelow and so marked on each print. Each print measures approximately 14" by 11". 1 "A Scout is Loyal" depicts a young scout standing at attention holding his hat in front of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. /15 2 "The Campfire Story" depicts a scoutmaster holding an Indian headdress while a group of scouts and their faithful dog look on. 3 "We, Too, Have a Job To Do" features a scout saluting in front of the American flag, with great detail on the uniform. 4 "A Scout is Reverent" depicts scouts sitting in pews in front of a scroll reading "A Scout IS Reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion." Top quality, highly detailed, and excellent condition.    1 SOLD
Very hard to find and selling for over $100 by rare book dealers, this was a real find at a Park Avenue NYC penthouse. Full of photographs of famous celebrities, historical figures, and world events, this 1982 first edition publication of the hardback coffee table book Vanity Fair - Photographs of An Age 1914 - 1936 is full of superb photographs by the world's most famous photographers. Photographs are grouped according to decade, and there aren't too many famous figures you'll miss in this wonderful collector classic including artists, movie stars, authors, actors, political figures, sports figures, architects, and more. Photographs include Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Charlie Chaplin, Jean Harlow, Katharine Hepburn, Charles Boyer, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Eugene O'Neill, Albert Einstein, Marlene Dietrich, Igor Stravinsky, D. H. Lawrence, Fred Astaire, James Cagney, Ernest Hemingway, George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, Claude Monet, Walter Gropius, Charles Lindbergh, Joe Louis, and many more. Vanity Fair photographers who shot these photos include Edward Steichen, Malcolm Arbuthnot, Arnold Genthe, Baron Gayne De Meyer, Imogen Cunningham, Cecil Beaton, James Abbe, Nickolas Muray, and Man Ray. Published by Clarkson N. Potter Publishers with an introduction by John Russell and edited by Diana Edkins Richardson, this book which originally sold for $40 all the way back in 1982 is in excellent condition, includes the original dust jacket, and has an handwritten inscription on the inside front cover "To Bonnie & Ken, Merry Christmas '83, Carol." /65 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6

New listing! Important Manfredi 1968 oil on ceramic tile painting on tile "Mosaic Dancers", by Alberto Manfredi (Italian b. 1930), signed in the lower right corner "Manfredi '68. Five dancing figures are depicted with a ball of fire in the upper right, stylized depictions that evoke the sense of another world and whose color scheme really catches the eye. The work is mounted on wood and is quite heavy, and frame is original to the piece and may once have been a table top as Manfredi sometimes did oil paintings on tile for very high end, one of a kind Italian furniture pieces. It measures approximately 29.5" high x 20.5" wide with the frame and approximately 29.5" high x 18.75" wide without. The painting is in very good condition with only a single tile in the center missing its color surface layer, easily restored with a little oil paint if you so desire although we would leave it as is. Appraised on 11/12/96 for $3500, Manfredi's work has consistently increased in value and is offered here at a bargain price especially with free shipping within the continental U.S. (it's very heavy!), direct from a major Dallas, Texas estate collection. Cross listed on Bigger Ticket 2.    $3200.00



Take your choice of 2 signed and numbered 8" x 10" whimsical sand animal photographs from coastal photographer William Frederick or snap up both- both photos were printed in a limited edition of 25 photographs and signed by the artist. The first photograph features a depiction of a lazy dragon crafted in the sand and relaxing on the beach, while the second photograph is another whimsical sand depiction of a bunny rabbit guarding his stash of eggs. Each 8" x 10" photograph is signed on the back "William Frederick", and the sand animals are numbered 04/25 while the sunrise scene is numbered 08/25. Both photographs are in excellent condition and ready to frame- makes a great decorative addition to most any room; cross listed on Crafts 2/Pets 1.   



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