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December 2009
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Question 1:

This whimsical ceramic dish was produced by a company in Stamford, CT in the 1950s, and they are still highly prized by collectors today with this rare nut dish often selling for over $400 in the retail market. By what name is this line of ceramics known?

A.) Elfware  

B.) Whimseyware  

C.) Munchkinware  

D.) Pixieware  

Question 2:

These rare and beautiful vintage sunglasses were produced c. late 1980s / early 1990's by a company that used anti-glare technology originally developed for the NASA space program. What's the name of the company?

A.) Ray-Ban 

B.) Revo  

C.) Carrera  

D.) Alpina 

Question 3:

Vintage lucite and bakelite purses can bring very high prices today from collectors and from women who just like the vintage look, but this one might be considered the crown jewel of all. It's known in the trade as the Beverly Hills Birdhouse and was produced c 1950s by Weisner. What's the approximate retail value of this vintage lucite handbag?

A.) $300.00  

B.) $700.00 

C.) $1200.00 

D.) $2000.00  


Question 4:

This vintage poster was designed and printed to promote a significant event happening in Chicago, IL in 1934. What event was this poster promoting?

A.) World's Fair 

B.) World Series  

C.) Illinois State Fair 

D.) League of Nations Conference 

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