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These titles have been selected by our panel of top antique dealers and auction houses to reflect only the best collector books in their category. Place your cursor on book titles or cover photos, and a small window will appear containing valuable content and information about the book plus's best price. All orders are securely processed and shipped by on our behalf as their affiliate. Your collector book purchases through Collectics help to support our many free programs such as the Antiques Information & Education program, the Collectics online museums, and the monthly Antiques & Collectibles Quiz. Thank you!

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Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List by Ralph & Terry Kovel. This is probably the best wide variety antiques and collectibles price guide on the market. While no price guide can be perfect, and this one certainly isn't, it does do a better job than any other competitive guide. The listings are more comprehensive with over 850 pages, and the price estimates are more accurate. There are more specific categories than the norm, so the sheer number of listings and variety can give you a good general idea about your item, even if the match is not exact. Most higher end manufacturers are represented with their own category instead of just being grouped into "pottery" or "porcelain." From our experience, the prices are more accurate for low to mid price merchandise and can be far off current auction values for high end vintage lamps, for example. Nevertheless, no serious collector or antiques dealer should be without this book, and with it in hand anybody can wander through a house and estimate values for all those things you thought were junk! cover
Lamps of Tiffany by Egon Neustadt. This is that one book that every Tiffany collector wants to own, and it's not easy to get. This hardcover book is a special order, but amazon can usually get one for you. This is the authoritative guide on Tiffany lamps ever produced by the recognized pioneer in LCT research. All dealers in Tiffany lamps, who absolutely need to verify period authenticity, own this book. You may be bored by the fact that it is so comprehensive, covering every lamp with a depth not present in any other reference book, but I sincerely doubt it. He also explores the nuances of the different glass in both chemistry and usage, and his descriptions of lamp production and techniques, the variety of bases used, and design aesthetics are fascinating to read. Nobody who owns or aspires to own a Tiffany lamp should be without this invaluable book which will hold its value as well; I've seen this book at estate sales selling for the same price you can usually get a new one through amazon. cover
Masterpieces of Costume Jewelry by Joanne Dubbs Ball, Dorothy Hehl Torem. This important references takes an in-depth journey through the phenomenal ascent of costume jewelry through the 20th century. The costume jewelry designers are discussed individually and their work is displayed in hundreds of magnificent photographs of their masterpieces. Unsigned masterpieces are also included, proving that the makers of many top quality pieces are sometimes unknown. This volume continues the unfolding story of costume jewelry begun with Joanne Ball's very popular book Costume Jewelers, The Great Age of Design and both authors' The Art of Fashion Accessories.
The Bakelite Collection (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Matthew L. Burkholz and John Hylton. 
Matthew L. Burkholz is recognized as one of the leading dealers in bakelite and plastics, and he has assembled here a nice variety of information and photographs. The entire spectrum of vintage plastic jewelry is reviewed in text and picture: bakelite, lucite, celluloid, and more, with good representations of the variety of plastic objects which were made to use and enjoy. The collection of top jewelry in this book is very impressive, assembled from a variety of sources including private collectors. In fact, there is one chapter devoted to collectors of plastic and information about the people and their collections. This book is a must have for any serious collector or dealer.
Chiparus: Master of Art Deco by Alberto Shayo. The bronze and ivory figurines of Romanian-born Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947), who settled in Paris in 1912, seem the embodiment of Art Deco style. His poised, svelte dancers and courting couples, with their grace and freedom of movement, transport the viewer into a world where time is suspended, lost innocence recaptured. Shayo, who owns a New York City art gallery, tapped France's national archives and tracked down the artist's widow, Julienne Chiparus St. Martin, to reconstruct the life of this extremely private sculptor. This marvelously illustrated volume, surely the fullest account of Chiparus's life and work to date, shows how he blended elements from Sergei Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, the erotic Parisian music hall and media images of the independent 1920s ``new woman'' to create transcendent figures. Chiparus, who suffered a reversal of fortune during WW II, died in paralysis after a stroke. cover
Roseville In All Its Splendor by Jack & Nancy Bomm. Roseville Pottery began with the 1892 acquisition of the J. B. Owens company, which had been founded in 1885 in Roseville, Ohio, by a group of Ohio businessmen including George Young, C. F. Allison, and several other Zanesville, Ohio businessmen. Many Roseville lines were a response to the innovations of Weller Pottery, and in 1904 Frederick Rhead was hired away from Weller as artistic director and created the Olympic and Della Robbia lines. During these times, Roseville made quality art pottery but was viewed as more of a mid tier line, reproducing the techniques of others for a wider market. However, it was Frank Ferrel, who served as Roseville artistic director from 1917 until 1954, who created many of the most popular and memorable lines including Pine Cone, and in 1918 at the end of World War I the "Roseville U.S.A." mark was first used. The Pine Cone line alone had over 70 individual pieces to collect, and colors included the most common green as well as lesser seen brown and blue. Floral lines were diverse and always popular, including Dogwood, Iris, Sunflower, Wisteria, Peony, Apple Blossom, Clematis, Bleeding Heart, Blackberry, and many more. Also, Roseville produced a fascinating variety of pieces including bowls, vases, wall pockets, jardinieres and stands, candlesticks, ewers, bookends, and more! There are many new and unknown patterns listed and pictured with over 400 full color photos and over 500 Roseville Pottery items showing all of the known patterns made. Several other people have produced excellent books but none as complete as Jack & Nancy Bomm's, who researched this book for over 5 years. They managed to access and photograph a nearly complete collection of Rosevile's catalogue pages which even reveal the item number (get a magnifying glass) of each displayed piece.
A Field Guide To Carnival Glass by David Doty. David Doty's new field guide is the most fact-filled and comprehensive coverage of carnival glass in print today. The scope of his achievement is staggering. Using hundreds of computer-enhanced photos and a database of actual sale prices for more than 37,000 items, the author has created a user-friendly guide for identification and value. All classic patterns are described and illustrated from A to Z, and entries include a listing of known shapes and colors in each pattern. There are price ranges and rarity ratings for each item, and the 32-page color section includes even some rare carnival colors. He shares valued advice about attending auctions, distinguishing fakes from originals, and what to collect. "Everything you ever wanted to know about carnival glass" is an apt summary of David Doty's exciting new A Field Guide to Carnival Glass. Much more than a price guide, this book is an indispensable "bible" for all carnival glass lovers. The convenient size (6" x 9") is perfect for collectors on the move. cover
The Handel Lamps Book by Carole Goldman Hibel, John Hibel, and John Fontaine. In America, the beginning of the 20th century marked a period of exhilarating growth. The first powered flight had been achieved. The nation's railroads had reached most areas of the country, allowing manufacturers greater access to the big cities. The automobile had become a popular mode of transportation and the use of electricity had become increasingly more common in businesses and private homes. The rural isolation of the previous century had ended. In this atmosphere of prosperity and optimism, The Handel Company of Meriden, Connecticut grew and flourished. Philip Handel's vision for the company was to combine individual hand craftsmanship with creative accomplishment. His goal was to design and produce objects of beauty whose aesthetic appeal and usefulness would last for many years. Could he ever have imagined that his vision would be realized, perhaps beyond his expectations, as we are about to enter a new millennium. This book offers us a unique opportunity to admire many of the lamps and wares created by The Handel Company and, by so doing, perpetuate its unparalleled legacy of creativity and excellence. The Handel Lamps Book, a 9" x 12" hardcover volume, includes over 500 color pictures, original Handel sales catalogs, portfolios and advertisements and a comprehensive chronological history of the company. cover
Pressland's Great Book of Tin Toys by David Pressland. When you first considered spending this kind of money for a book it can be a little daunting, but once you see it you will understand why and cherish it for generations. It's a fascinating book on the amazing diversity and evolution of antique and vintage tin toys, and all the major collecting lines are fully covered with descriptions and photographs. The book includes toys by Ohio Art, Wolverine, Marx, Chein, and many more, and the toys are identified by maker and approximate date of production. The author David Pressland also includes brief histories of the manufacturers, close-up photos of makers' marks, collecting tips, bibliography, and estimated values. American, European, and Japanese tin toys are covered in colorful detail, and it's interesting to learn about and see the mechanics of these antique tin toys. It's a gorgeous book with beautiful pictures of rarely seen tin toys, and if you're a collector this is absolutely a "must have"!
Fascinating Flow Blue by Jeffrey B. Snyder. Enjoy a wide-ranging array of rare, unusual, and highly prized Flow Blue ceramic wares in 500 color photographs in this new study. The focus is on products of English potteries, although beautiful examples from America and elsewhere are included. Among the photos are lovely teapots in many shapes and sizes, children's tea and dinner services, potpourri jars, pitchers, platters, and plates. Also presented is a survey of the body shapes which Flow Blue adorns. Values for each of the items are included, along with an index and a bibliography. The index cross references patterns found in all four volumes of the author's Flow Blue books. cover
Big Book of Salt and Pepper Shakers by Irene Thornburg. Calling all salt and pepper shaker enthusiasts! Containing almost 700 pictures, this captivating book features over 1000 salt and pepper shaker sets comprising more than 225 series. The author illustrates a wide variety of series with three sets or more. Separate chapters highlight the World of Nature, Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables, People, and more. Included are many well-known manufacturers and importers such as Holt Howard, Napco, Norcrest, Lefton, Enesco, Vandor, and Clay Art. Measurements and current values are given. If you are looking for a wonderful collectible, this book will show you where to begin. cover
Purse Masterpieces: Identification & Value Guide by Lynell K. Schwartz. Never before has a book examined the intimate link between the fine art of purse making and the fashion history of purses - until now. Purse Masterpieces: Identification & Value Guide by Lynell Schwartz expands upon recognizing purses as art, the delicate art of purse making, architecture as inspiration, the manufacture of mesh, a look at fabric, rare and unusual pieces, vanity bags and compact purses, frames, and works of celluloid. The book traces the transformation of fine art masterpieces into vintage beaded and petit point purses, identifying those taken from the paintings of Raphael, Millet, and Fragonard among others. Along with detailed photographs, there are vintage advertisements and catalogs, original design sketches, purse making instructions, and rare assembly photographs which provide fascinating peeks behind the production scene. Author Lynell Schwartz is owner of The Curiosity Shop in Chesire, Connecticut for more than a decade. Her articles and antiques have appeared in many national magazines and newspapers. She is nationally recognized as an authority on ladies' vintage accessories and is the publisher of the purse collector's newsletter and author of Purse Masterpieces, Vintage Purses At Their Best, and Vintage Compacts and Beauty Accessories. cover
Vintage Style 1920-1960 (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Desire Smith. Fashion fanatics with a passion for the past will find a smorgasbord of wearable oldies in this new study Vintage Style 1920-1960 by an expert in twentieth century fashion. Focusing on the great styles that emerged from the diverse eras between 1925 and 1965, the text places the clothing in its cultural habitat while more than 350 beautiful color photographs demonstrate the quality fabrics, dynamic designs, and careful workmanship that made the clothing last, both in condition and popularity. Chapters cover couture designers whose vintage clothes can be found on the market today, with chronologically arranged coats, suits, dresses, lingerie, handbags, shoes, and hats. The hats chapter has a unique and especially useful pictorial dating guide. Vintage Style was written for museum curators and preservationists, students and fashion designers, dealers, collectors, costumers, and reenactors-everyone who lives for fashion. Philadelphia-based author Desire Smith is a major collector and dealer in vintage fashions with her previous book Hats (1996), has been widely acknowledged as an important fashion reference work. cover
Ferdinand Preiss: Art Deco Sculptor - The Fire And The Flame by Alberto Shayo. Ferdinand Preiss was one of the greatest sculptors of period Art Deco bronze and ivory works, and a complete biography and amazing color photographs make this new book Ferdinand Preiss: Art Deco Sculptor - The Fire And The Flame a must have for Art Deco lovers. His work sells for huge sums but despite this nobody has attempted to publish a book about him.....until now, and author Alberto Shayo has done a fine job. Ferdinand Preiss was born on February 13, 1882 in Erbach, in the Odenwald part of Germany. When he was 15 years old his parents died, one shortly after the other, and the 6 children were looked after by friends and relatives. Preiss lived with the family of the then famous ivory carver Philipp Willmann, where he was trained to be an ivory carver. In 1901 he left Willmann’s workshop and travelled to Mailand, Rome, and Paris to pursue his craft, earning his living as a modeller. In Baden-Baden he got to know Arthur Kassler who became his companion. With him he founded the company Preiss & Kassler, an ivory-carving business with a workshop in Berlin. In 1907, he married Berliner Margarethe Hilme, and soon afterward his son Harry and his daughter Lucie were born. At first, the model collection of the new company consisted of small ivory carvings, including statuettes of children and carvings whose motifs were mostly oriented towards classical ideals. From 1910 onward, the first carvings which combined bronze with ivory were produced. The casting was done by the company Gladenbeck in Berlin, and by the time the World War I broke out in 1914 the company had 6 employees, all outstanding ivory carvers from Erbach. Immediately after the end of the war, Preiss and Kassler built up the business again which would reach its pinnacle during the 1920s. Preiss was the artistic director whereas Kassler devoted himself to the commercial side of the business. They specialized in Art Deco style cabinet sculptures which combined ivory with painted bronze and which were mounted on plinths made of onyx, marble, and sometimes also on mantelpiece clocks or lampstands. The models, which were almost all designed by Ferdinand Preiss, were produced in limited editions. A large proportion of the production was exported to England and the USA. The company Preiss & Kassler existed until 1943 when Ferdinand Preiss died that year at the age of 61 from a brain tumor. The workshop with the stock of samples in Ritterstraße in Berlin completely burned down in 1945, just before the end of the war during a bomb attack. Ferdinand Preiss is regarded as one of the leading ivory carvers of the Art Deco scene of the 1920s and 1930s, and his bronze and ivory carvings are among the most costly in the world. This book captures the story of this fascinating Art Deco artist and vividly photographs his work that so reflects the fun loving spirit of the 1920s and 1930s.
Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings by William R. Holland, Clifford P. Catania, Nathan D. Isen. The year 1988 marked the 100th anniversary of Louis Icart's birth. There were no parades of large celebrations, but Louis and his wife Fanny would certainly have been grateful at the great resurgence of interest in his artwork. This newly expanded book Louis Icart: The Complete Etchings now includes over 500 different etchings, painstakingly acquired and photographed. Particular attention has been given to the early years 1911-1924, when Icart was a relatively unknown artist and his edition sizes were small. With few exceptions, the book contains large, full color illustrations which give the reader a true representation of the full-size etchings. The authors William R. Holland, Clifford P. Catania, and Nathan D. Isen clarify some of the existing confusion surrounding Icart's work, explaining the variations in his signature, the use of the "Windmill" seal and other seals, and the myriad of copyright notations found on his etchings. The etchings have been carefully measured and dated. More pages, more pictures, and many picture upgrades make this book bigger and better than previous editions which is why all the major auction houses use it as their Icart "bible." There is also a new chapter on the etchings of other Deco artists. This is a great addition to the Icart legacy.
The Stickley Brothers: The Quest for an American Voice by Michael Clark & Jill Thomas-Clark. Stickley is a name synonymous with Arts & Crafts style in America. The five Stickley brothers, Gustav, Albert, Leopold, John George, and Charles were fully engaged in the furniture industry around the turn of the 20th century and had a huge impact on America's statement of style and the "mission" look. But were any one of them style makers? Gustav Stickley claimed that he had established an American style. Albert Stickley contradicted that claim, and Leopold made his own statement during his final years. Here, for the first time, the representative photographs and ideas of all the brothers' work appear together in one volume, to compare and contrast, so that readers can make their own evaluations. They examine each Stickley brother's work and its relation to the quest for an Amerian style, placing particular emphasis on the early years and transitional moments. Dr. Michael E. Clark is an associate professor of fine arts at Elmira College, and Jill Thomas-Clark is the registrar at the Corning Museum of Glass. As a team, they have been researching the Arts & Crafts movement in upstate New York for many years and have specialized in the unrecognized Arts & Crafts firms and local artisans in an effort to indicate their roles and place in the overall Arts & Crafts movement.
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Art Deco: 1910-1939
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