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photo 3
Fun hand crafted folk art wooden duck has large ball feet and a handle design that makes it easy to pick up and move around. We love the slightly stylized shape and the very realistic eyes which have a black inset that moves inside a clear shield when you move the duck. It's very nicely crafted and in great condition, and it has a round sticker on the bottom that reads © CWS. This handcrafted all wood duck toy rolls great and measures approximately 9.0" head to tail and stands 5.5" high.  $32.00
T001 For the golfer in your family or for yourself, this is a really cute brass and glass double picture frame with golf club driver perched on top. Each of the two glass holders for pictures has two panes of glass so you can sandwich a picture between them, and they both swivel and turn for a great effect. It holds 2 pictures, one approximately 4.0" x 3.5" and the other 3.75" x 5.5"; trim pictures for a good fit within the glass. The entire piece measures approximately 6.75" high and 9.0" wide end to end. Excellent condition and makes a great gift!    $22.00
photo 3
photo 4
Any young mind and any book collector will enjoy not just owning but reading Teen-Age Animal Stories by Russell Gordon Carter. This 1949 copyright 8.375" x 5.875" book was published by Grosset & Dunlap and was part of the "Teen-age Library" publication series of stories on Boy Scouts, mysteries, baseball, and more. Fun illustrations accompany most of the stories in the 252 page book which include Stella Kaplan's Dog, The Return of Tom Snow, Dangerous Waters, Black Leopard, Sleet At Last For Hippo, and Nobody's Cat. Great for children to enjoy and adults to collect. The book is beautifully bound and in very good condition, and it also has the original paper book cover.    $12.00
T003 Authentic golf driver head cover from the 2002 U. S. Open Golf tournament held at the Bethpage Black golf course in Farmingdale, Long Island NY. In the year 2002, the United States Open was played for the first time on a truly public golf course- Bethpage Black, one of five golf courses at Bethpage State Park in Farmingdale, New York. Here, anyone who pays the greens fee of $31 can play the Long Island course that hosted the greatest golfers in the world during the 2002 Open and was won by Tiger Woods. The headcover measures approximately 8.0" high and is in excellent, direct to you in unused condition from an estate on the grounds of the Westchester Country Club. /16 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
One of the best baseball branded sunglasses we've ever seen, this mint condition Milwaukee Brewers sunglasses were made in Italy by Jax and have the wrap around look of Oakleys but with more style! The amber lens have an "M" which you can see from the front but not when wearing the glasses; X-TEX is a one-way imaging technology makes team logos on the lenses completely invisible to the wearer. We really like the contrasting gold and black with the Brewers logo in a raised gilt metal inset on the side. They have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses for maximum impact resistance and 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection. One arm of the sunglasses has the U.S. Patent number, "IGC System," and the style number while the other has "Jax MLBP 2000 Made in Italy CE." With superior optical components and technology, Jax lenses provide 98% short-wave blue light absorption which enhances contrast and reduces haze so the wearer sees sharp, brilliant colors. Great as a gift for any Milwaukee native or Brewers fan, and these are very high quality glasses and lens for any use.   $45.00
photo 3
photo 4
New listing of a super collectible for any golfer in your family or circle of friends, this glass driver and golf ball is opalescent glass to really catch the light and extremely detailed in its formation. The golf club and ball are mounted on a slab of black onyx 8.5" x 7.0", and the driver shaft rises to a height of 6.75". Very realistic in look and artistic in execution, we really like the look of this piece sure to please any golf lover as a great gift. The glass driver and ball are in mint condition, and the onyx base has a tiny flaw on one corner that's hard to see but which we captured in one of the photographs with direct light on it. This great little golf collectible was part of a major sports collector estate in Miami, FL.     $55.00
Take your pick of colorful baby booties, hand made and ready for your little boy or girl. Each is nicely woven pair of saddle shoes in colors of pink, blue, red and white with brown soles, and blue, brown, and white with brown soles. They're approximately 5.0" long heel to toe, and rise to about 3.0". Note the nice ruffle detailing; they make a terrific gift! Please specify color selection in the order form comments area. Cross listed on Crafts & Doll Clothes 1 where you'll find many other handmade arts & crafts.  $14.00/pr
photo 3
Cute teddy bear ceramic planter has fun detailing in the eyes and bow tie, great as a gift or in your own young son's or daughter's room. The pink bear sits in front of a stack of blocks, a fun theme that's also interesting to look at from the sides. The blue and pink colors are suitable for boy or girl themes, and it's bargain priced in excellent condition and measures approximately 6.0" high, 4.0" deep, and 5.25" wide; cross listed on Pottery 2.    $18.00
T008 Rare c 1982 Legoland Space System Mobile Rocket Transport, in the original 11.25" x 12.5" and 2.0" high box. You'll have no problems getting your rocket launched from the planet, with this go-anywhere vehicle. There are 8 big wheels on two pivoting chassis, the rear of which also swivels on a turntable to change direction. This 202 piece set has lots of nice detail, including a front driver's cab made of very rare clear yellow windshield and brick elements. The rocket sits atop a double-hinged launch pad/carrier, that folds back to steady the rocket in a vertical position, or that can be set at an angle. This set #6950 was made in Denmark, Switzerland, and the USA by Lego, and included in the box are the original instructions. The box has a tiny bit of wear, but the set is almost complete and in very good condition, and of course the quality plastics used in Lego bricks keep them in like new condition even after years of play. Very hard to find./55   SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Wonderfully preserved 13" tall Absolutely Abigail doll with the original Absolutely Abigail tag still hanging on her risk. It is clear that this doll was never played with and only displayed. It is in mint condition with no damage of any kind. Perfect face and hair, right down to the original hair net on her hair. Beautiful face with moveable eyelids which lower for sleep. Great lace collar. Great eyes. The arms and legs also move. Shoes have little buttons on them. The face and hands are plastic and extremely well detailed. The original tag is faded but can still be read, and I believe that this Absolutely Abigail is "Afternoon Tea". She comes on the original stand with original plastic cover. Cross listed on Bigger Ticket 1.   $195.00
photo 3
Appealing to both golf fans and golf memorabilia collectors not to mention collectors of vintage lucite and celluloid, this souvenir memorabilia of the Bing Crosby National Pro-Am pen holder features a whimsical depiction of Bing Crosby with his golf clubs and pipe in his mouth. A blue base layer is combined with a clear and somewhat thicker clear top layer to create a high quality look. The base of this desk pen holder measures approximately 3.75" x 4.0" and is in very good condition; pen not included. $24.00
photo 3
A Golden Book publication, this is a hard to find copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas published in 1988 by Western Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin measuring approximately 10.25" high and 9.0" wide. The colorful front cover has Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, and all their friends singing carols with the Christmas tree in the background, and the book's pages are filled with more color photographs telling the story of Charlie Brown's Christmas. The book is in very good condition, based on the Peanuts characters created by Charles M. Schulz and with text adapted by Diane Namm and background illustrations by Art & Kim Ellis.    $14.00
T012 From 1978, a classic King Features Syndicate collectible "New American Metricaddy" which converts U.S. to metric and metric to U.S. measurements by twisting the bands around this clever and innovative cup standing approximately 4.0" high and 2.75" in diameter. Best of all, your favorite King Features heros and characters are pictured at the bottom including Daffy Duck, Hagar the Horrible, Blondie, Beetle Bailey, and more. Marked at the bottom with the King Features 1978 copyright, the bottom also has instructions on how to use the conversion tool and includes measurements for inches and centimeters, grams and ounces, quarts / pints / gallons to liters, and more. In excellent condition, this vintage collectible is very hard to find and comes direct from a Spartanburg, SC estate collection of vintage cartoon collectibles.    SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
New listing! Super cute little straw basket doll, a mid-century souvenir of the Antibes Islands and in very good condition. The lady has a Victorian look and has outstanding detail in her dress, face, and that nice wide brim straw hat decorated with red, green, and yellow accents. The little doll is exceptional in that she has moveable plastic arms and an extraordinarily detailed face. She has the look of wearing one of the old hoop skirts, made possible by her position atop the straw basket. The top of the basket opens to reveal the chamber inside, and the piece stands approximately 6.0" high including the handle and measures 4.25" in diameter. The front of the straw basket is marked "Antibes" all sewn by hand, and basket and doll atop are in very good condition given the age.   $24.00

Found in the basement of a Greenwich, CT estate, this set of 6 different linen children's handkerchiefs or napkins feature vibrant colors and funny cartoons of animals playing musical instruments, ice skating, fishing, balancing on a barrel, and a super elephant lifting up a bird house with his trunk. Whimsical, fun, and extremely well done, all 6 linens are in excellent condition and measure approximately 10.0" x 10.0".  /24 SOLD
photo 3
Old plastic and wood doll in all original condition c. 1940s / 1950s that has a terrific hand painted plastic face, all original clothing that is clearly old but is in very good condition, moveable plastic arms, and that wonderful wide brimmed hat with Mexico spelled out in blue glitter underneath. This was likely an early souvenir of Mexico, and she stands approximately 7.5" high including the hat which is a full 4.0" in diameter. The outfit is made of linen which has acquired the stiffness that comes with a lot of age in that material, and it has delicate hand embroidery and glitter highlights that make it a real party outfit. She has two piece construction underneath her dress as is typical of mid-century Latin American dolls. The colors are vibrant as you would expect, and it's quite rare to see such an early Mexican souvenir doll on the market today in this condition.    $26.00
T016 Fun and whimsical solid brass golf club bottle opener, of Italian design and manufacture and marked on the bottom "Made Italy". It's in excellent condition and comes with the original box, measuring approximately 7.0" long and solid brass. This vintage brass golf driver bottle opener is in excellent condition, found in a diverse consignment of sports memorabilia. /22 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4

Get your child all ready for next Halloween or any costume party with this top quality Harry Pottery costume. The set includes a very cool Harry Pottery wizard cape, scarf with Hogwarts Academy emblem, and Harry's wizard magic wand. Full description coming.


photo 3
photo 4
Enjoy 2 vintage die cast metal pencil sharpeners made in China for export to the U.S. market c 1960s -1970s that are very hard to find any more in this age of pens and computers. These are great to display as the casting has very good detail, but they also come in handy if your family is like most of ours and those pencils are still hanging around your house. This set of 2 is great for any kid that loves animals and dinosaurs, sure to generate conversation and questions with the other children. Both measure approximately 2.25" x 1.25" and stand 2.25" high and have an antique finish, and they're in very good and working condition. $22.00/ set of 2
T019 Mint condition Ford F-150 metal pickup truck with open rear cab 1:25 scale. The doors open and the rubber front wheels and steering wheel turn! The truck is black with black interior and measures approximately 8" long and 3" high. This truck is in mint condition with the exception of one tiny chip to the finish paint just above the drivers door less than 0.125" and another place just to the left of there that is even tinier, like the head of a pin. Fun for play and display!   $14.00
photo 3
photo 4
Try finding a better gift than this for any lover of pickup trucks than this colorful 1996 edition of Pickups: Classic American Trucks. It has tons of color and black & white photographs by William Bennett Seitz and fascinating text by Harry Moses. The book is about pickup trucks built in the U. S. from 1913 to 1960, a time when high technology didn't exist and America got along without it. This book chronicles real owners of classic American trucks, owned by lawyers, farmers, doctors, innkeepers, actors, plumbers, and name just a few. The book is in excellent condition and the pages and cover are pristine, including the original paper cover. Original edition published by Random House in 1996.     $16.00
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