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Antique & Vintage Men's and Women's Jewelry, Accessories, Handbags, and Purses
Purses, Handbags, Sunglasses, Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Cufflinks, Necklaces, Pins, Brooches, Compacts, Perfume Bottles, Pill Boxes, Lockets, Charms, Sterling Silver, Bakelite, Lucite, Celluloid
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X000 New listing! Tiffany & Co. sterling silver pill box measuring approximately 1.5" high and 1.125" x 0.75". It has a Japanese oriental design on two sides and a convenient handle for carrying and holding. The top opens to reveal the compartment within. Properly marked on the bottom Tiffany & Co., 825, Phillipines. Excellent condition and in the original Tiffany & Co. bag. Learn about the history of Tiffany & Co. and Louis Comfort Tiffany on the Tiffany reference & education page. Great for a gift! /75cp      SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
This vintage beaded purse is from the early 20th century and is in very good condition. The colors of bronze, purplish blue, and the floral and leaf decorations are very striking. This purse is done with very tiny beads intricately sewn, and even the fringe on the top which connects the handles reflects only the very best hand made artistry of the times. There is a glitter quality to the bronze beads, making this purse sure to turn heads and generate comments at any formal affair even in the year 2000. Despite the closest search, we can honestly say that we found no missing beads in this entire purse, remarkable for the age and intricacy of design. The purse measures approximately 7.75" high and 4.75" wide. Cross listed on Art Deco 1.  $165.00
photo 3
Mint condition Italian millefiore enamel on ceramic necklace is a very rare light blue base color we've never seen before coupled with colorful millefiore mosiac painted decoration on each side of the rectangular individual pieces. Each 0.75" ceramic rectangle has hand painted millefiore style swirls and patterns handpainted on them, and metal goldtone metal links connect each of the ceramic pieces of the necklace. It has a very secure screw clasp that not only protects you from losing the necklace but the etched swirls on it add extra style to the piece. Vintage Italian enamel on ceramic necklaces have become very hard to find, and this one is in excellent condition and measures approximately 24" long that gives you a lot of flexibility in how to wear it. $85.00
photo 3
photo 4
Vintage Coach women's leather handbag has great hippie style, color, and a very high and supple quality of leather all combining into great vintage fashion.This vintage Coach purse is in very good condition and measures approximately 12.0" x 12"0 not including the matching adjustable belt strap. We particularly like the wrapped closure that allows the top to be contracted to close, and it includes an interior zippered compartment for coins, money, and cards to be particularly secure. This great vintage handbag is marked, impressed in the leather of the interior, with the Coach trademark and model number plus notation that the bag is "made out of a completely natural glove tanned cowhide. The scars, scratches, veins, and wrinkles are the natural markings characteristic of full grain leather" and that it was "Made in USA." /65 $65.00

Vintage etched ivory perfume locket necklace with amazing detail in its flowers, leaves, and ornamental oriental script. The perfume holder itself measures approximately 1.25" and opens to reveal to storage inside. It's decorated on one side with flowers and the other with some very tiny and fine Chinese script. The ivory ball above is 0.5" in diameter and decorated on one side with flowers and the other by even smaller writing characters. A type of nylon string allows the bottle to open and is worn about the neck. This perfume holder is in excellent condition and was consigned by a lady 's estate who traveled the world. Great vintage accessory with detailing sure to generate a comment. /115 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
This super cool vintage sixties purse with clear plastic beads, lime green silk liner, and rare beaded strap closure with metal clasp is that rare 1960s design that's become very hard to find anymore and with soaring prices when you do. The reason is the look and the intricacy of the beadwork, for it's just as stylish today in the 21st century as it was when it was manufactured in the middle of the last century. It's a nice size for regular daily use and has a zippered inner compartment, and the colorful beads and design are sure to elicit complements. It's sure to make a design statement and measures approximately 8.5" wide, 3.0" deep, and 6.75" high not including the twin matching beaded handles which rise another 5.0". It's in very good condition and comes to you direct from a major Miami Beach, FL estate collection of mid-century design; cross listed on 50s & 60s 2.    $135.00
X006 Single blade pocket knife manufactured by Colonial. Prov USA. It is marked. It measures almost 4" in length and 3/4" in width. It is in excellent condition. For the pocket knife lover in you. $18.00
X007 Super vintage and legendary Ray Ban Wayfarer Max sunglasses c 1980s and made in the USA are very hard to find, and these are in very good condition with no substantive flaws in the lens and de minimus age wear on the inside only of the ear bars. Everyone on our staff loved the Wayfarer retro shape coupled with the brass portion of the frame holding in the lens. These are famous movie star sunglasses from the 1980s (think Jack Nicholson) whose lens also have 100% UV protection. Be careful of Ray Ban fakes- these are original vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer Max sunglasses and are so marked on the interior of the temple bars along with B&L Ray Ban USA on the other ear bar. Measurements are approximately 5.75" in temple length, 1.75" in vertical height, and 5.25" in horizontal width. Part of a major Boca Raton estate, these vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are sold without a case and sell at retail when you can find them at well over $200. /135 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Outstanding Dormar Belgium vintage beaded evening purse with hand painted porcelain cameo mounted on the beaded clasp. This purse is a pure white, with the more desirable very small size beads which were significatnly more labor intensive to produce. The bag has the original gold chain and connectors, and the entire piece is in excellent condition and measures approximately 5.5" high and 10.0" wide. The entire top beaded bar running side to side clamps down to secure the bag extremely well, and of course the porcelain of the beautiful woman is very unique and beautiful as you can see. The interior is silk and has the original tag "Dormar Made In Belgium By Hand."      $185.00

Very hard to find vintage caiman alligator handbag from South America in near mint condition is a new listing that we're certain won't last a week on the site. The height of vintage fashion, this purse features the actual caiman alligator head right on the front of the handbag and he wraps over the top of the bag and winds up at his feet tucked in underneath on the back of the purse. What an effect! The quality of the workmanship is very fine to be able to render such a design, and we don't have to tell you that the skin is of the highest quality and widely sought by collectors and those who just love vintage fashion styles. One design feature you should be sure not to miss are the two eyes which we believe to be glass but is not certain. Don't miss the front and rear feet either tucked up in the rear and alongside the head on the front. It has a label on the felt and leather lined interior which reads Genuine Caiman From South America, and the brass clasp on the front is nice and secure. The purse also has 4 brass ball feet to protect the caiman skin underneath. Caiman is a Spanish term for "alligator" or any crocodilian species, by the way, and it's an extremely adaptable species found in virtually all lowland wetland and river habitat of South America. This vintage allligator / crocodile caiman handbag measures 7.0" high not including the handle which rises another 6.0" when taut, 9.0" wide, and 3.0" deep at the deepest point, coming direct to you from an eclectic Columbus, Ohio estate collection; cross listed on Bigger Ticket 2. The height of vintage fashion and sure to be the talk of any party! /325      SOLD
X010 New listing! Art Nouveau silver locket compact features intricate designs on front and back, a nice secure closure, and the original round mirror inside. The detail of the ornamentation is very strong and ornate, typical of the Art Nouveau style, and the compact has a ring which can be mounted on a chain should you so desire. It's in excellent and original condition with seemingly original metal patina, and hinge, clasp, and body of this great antique woman's accessory are in excellent condition. The compact measures approximately 1.5" in diameter when closed; chain not included. /75 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Since its launch in 1987, French designer Frédéric Beausoleil has searched for a perfect alliance between functionality and aestheticism, between research and creativity. Best known for his hand made glasses frames made of precision, design, modernity, glamour, high quality materials, and perfect craftsmanship, this superb example came to us via a Malibu, CA estate collection of high fashion accessories. These sunglasses feature tortoise side bars with a sublty contrasting, lighter shade front side but also with tortoise markings for design continuity. We can guarantee you won't see many of these sunglasses being worn by friends and acquantances you come in contact with. The look is stunning, and the frames themselves are in excellent condition although the lens need to be replaced- it appears prior owner may have cleaned them with an inappropriate cleaner. One of the side bars is marked "F. Beausoleil Paris" and the other is marked "Hand Made France 74 4293".      135.00
X012 Super opportunity to own a fine vintage hand tooled leather purse c 1910 and in excellent condition, one of the best examples we've had in several years and in excellent condition from a Burlington, VT estate.The hand craftsmanship and detail in this handbag are excellent, particularly the roses and floral details on the top metal rib and the embossed flowers and ornamental design in the center of the purse. Rising from the top is the original 7.0" long leather carry handle which features side stitching that catches the eye and replicates the side stitching of the bag itself- in fact, the stitching is one of the things that makes this handbag so special. The bag measures approximately 6.0" x 6.0", and the clasp is original and very secure. Terrific vintage design sure to generate complements! /145 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Vintage purse with faux tortoise shell celluloid bottom and a tightly woven brown knit material body with gold thread mesh and beads highlighting the surface. The tassled carrying strap measures 10.5" long when fully extended, and they pull out to close the top opening of the purse. This is a very unique purse different from any we've come across for some time, and it's in excellent original condition. The carrying straps pull tight to close the top of the handbag. The bag stands approximately 8.0" high when extended up, and the great celluloid base measures 7.75" x 4.25" and 1.5" high.  The color is a slightly darker brown than it appears in the photo under the studio lights. Cross listed on bakelite & lucite 2.   $75.00
X014 photo 2
photo 2
Take your pick of a lovely pair of Mexican sterling silver and jade cufflinks or Art Deco black onyx and sterling silver cufflinks. 1 The screw on cufflinks have a deep rich shade of jade stone in the center. Each cufflink measures approximately 1.0" x 0.875" and is marked on the back Mexico and Silver. 2 Black onyx really stands out against the sterling silver background in these vintage screw on cufflinks each measuring approximately  0.75 x 0.5" and faintly marked on the back. /30 Both pairs are in excellent condition.  1 $35.00

X015 New listing! Very old locket in the shape of a book, measuring approximately 1.0" high and 0.75" wide. It's a terrific little metal object, probably brass, and it has on one side a finely detailed cast image of Jesus and on the other an enameled symbolic depiction of an animal at rest. It's hinged, and inside are brass pages that you stuck little photographs to, and it retains several of the religious prints that the prior owner had in there. Direct from a Dallas, Texas estate, it's in excellent condition with all original patina. Great as a gift!  /55 SOLD
X016 Transitional 1930s / 1940s Japanese ceramic hand ring holder, with nice detail and hand painted highlights. The open palm stands ready to receive your favorite rings, and the fingers are well detailed right down to the fingernail polish on the nails. The hand measures approximately 3.0" long and 1.675" wide while it stands 0.675" high. It's marked on the back but smeared so we can't definitively make out the wording, and it's in very good condition ready as a new decorative accessory for your dresser.  /22 $22.00
X017 Pretty mid 20th century design keychain in red leather and gold keyring & chain. When you open the clasp, you get a surprise inside in the form of a cute red and gold brush dangling from the chain. It measures approximately 3.5" not including the 3.0" chain and keyring, and it's in excellent condition.      $16.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8
photo 9
photo 10
photo 11
Modern and stylish Bausch & Lomb Vogue Firenze 3050 sunglasses have a stylish, modern look with horizontally etched hinge points, the Vogue V logo impressed in the metal of both ear stems, and an open design for the ear stem that really adds a lot of design flair. It's a modern interpretation of aviator sunglasses that retains the double bar nose bridge but radically departs in the shape of the lens and the design of the frame. Personally we think it works pretty well, and it's a light modern style that sits easily on the nose and ears. The lens measure approximately 2.25" x 1.675" at the widest points, and the frame measures 5.5" temple to temple. The right lens is marked with the stylized V, and the interior of one ear stem is marked Vogue Firenze Bausch & Lomb and the other stem is marked Italy 3050 304 57 [] 15 135. The sunglasses come in the original and marked B&L Vogue case and priced to sell quickly as part of a Memphis, TN estate collection of vintage sunglasses. $65.00
photo 3
photo 4
Very pretty and unique Pearl abalone watch is superbly made and features a quartz Swiss movement incorporated into the abalone shell watch and matching flex link band which was assembled in Thailand. The colors of the abalone are lustrous as always, particularly the rich blue,aquamarine, and cranberry hues. The watch face is done in the Cartier style with roman numerals, with the face itself measuring approximately 1.0" x 1.25". The matching abalone watch band is a flex model, suitable for a wide variety of wrist sizes. The face of the watch features the Pearl logo as well as notations for the Swiss quartz movement and place of assembly, part of a Savannah, Georgia estate collection of finer vintage jewelry and accessories.     $65.00

If you've checked market prices lately you know that vintage Italian Revo sunglasses have soared in value. From what we understand, the company changed hands at some point and their lens, while still very good, lack some of the qualities of the older pair. Anyway, these are indeed vintage Revo sunglasses in the Cobra Style and the Pewter and Stealth frame and lens respectively. They are model number 1107.011.12 and come in the original case as well as the original box from Revo in San Antonio, TX and even the original owners manual. The sunglasses feature blue H2O Revo lens which are in very good condition with no substantive scratching, and the side bars are tortoise which makes for a great look. The lens are interesting, blue from the outside and brown when looking from behind, marked with the H2O logo and the sides "Revo". The inside bar is marked with the model number and "Made in Italy"- well below market price.

For the world's largest selection of vintage Revo, Ray-Ban, Armani, Carrera, Cazal, Persol, Alpina, Vuarnet, Bolle, Oakley, and 1950's cat's eye sunglasses, please visit the Vintage Sunglasses Shop at, a Collectics Group company.

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