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Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts Antiques and Design: Page 1

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Very hard to find bronze or brass Art Nouveau metal ashtray has intricate, ornate detailing and center hammered effect, and it's in mint condition. The quality of the craftsmanship is first rate and obvious in the crisp lines and detail, and of course the ashtray embodies scrolling Art Nouveau design. This ashtray has curved areas for 2 cigarettes each on each side of the elongated form of the ashtray. This piece appeals to both Art Nouveau and tobacciana collectors, and you don't often find vintage ashtrays from this period in this kind of unblemished condition. Most likely of solid patinated brass, it's a heavy and substantial piece measuring approximately 5.0" high and 6.0" in diameter and with Nordia impressed marks on the bottom.   $65.00
D001 New Listing! Art Deco chrome cocktail shaker pitcher with red bakelite handle and 4 ruby glass glasses on chrome bases is something that's very hard to find and sure not to last long on the site. Red is the most difficult color to find in vintage bakelite handle chrome pitchers, and of course ruby glass is equally rare and looks great with the chrome base stems of the glasses. The pitcher features a flowing red bakelite handle and impressed bands in the chrome on the top and bottom of the pitcher, and the pitcher also has a top as well as a cover cap for the spout which is often missing in these vintage sets. Each of the 4 matching glasses is quite unique in that the glass is formed to screw onto the chrome bases, and the ridges in the glass add additional design flair. The pitcher stands approximately 13.0" high and 4.25" in diameter at the widest point not including handle and spout, while each glass stands 5.0" high and with glass bowl 3.0" in diameter. The pitcher and all 4 glasses are in excellent condition save for a very minor surface dent down at the bottom of the pitcher, part of a Dallas, Texas estate collection of Art Deco chrome and accessories. /165 SOLD
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New listing! Mint condition Tiffany candle lamp measuring approximately 13.0" high when assembled. You can find Tiffany candle lamp bases, but having an original Tiffany Favrile glass shade and particularly the stem is significantly harder. The 9.25" high stem has a mechanism at the bottom which slots down into the candle lamp base (5.0" high and marked L.C.T.), and the stem also has a spring mechanism which pushes the candle up toward the top within its glass tube. The glass on the stem itself is milky white with green decorations and in mint condition. The shade sits on top of the top ring of the stem, and it measures 4.0" high and is marked on the top edge L.C.T. Favrile. Note the quality if this shade in the top decoration transitioning to the ruffled effect at the bottom, and its shape is inherently elegant with the bottom folds opening out to a diameter of approximately 7.75". From a major Greenwich, Connecticut estate, we've priced this piece to sell fast. Cross listed on Bigger Ticket 2.      $3500.00
photo 3
New listing! Seldom seen period Tiffany Studios bronze inkwell with Art Nouveau ornamentation decorating the entire surface area of the inkwell c. 1910. The top flips open to reveal the original glass ink insert, a little rough around the edges in places but all original to the piece and in very good condition. The piece measures approximately 7.0" in diameter and rises to a height of 3.75". The metal is in excellent condition, and there is minor age wear to the surface decoration. The bottom is properly marked Tiffany Studios New York.      $950.00
D004 Arts & Crafts bronze vase with sterling silver decoration blends the classic Arts & Crafts period design look with a bit of Art Nouveau flair. It's a well crafted piece with all original patina, and the sterling silver pattern on the front is completely intact and finely rendered. It's got a great shape and classic size, measuring approximately 9.75" high and 4.75" in diameter at the widest point. It's in very good condition except for a possible very minor dent on the top lid, so insignificant that we are unsure whether something happened or if it came from the factory. It has plenty of marks impressed on the bottom including an AMS diamond mark of the Art Metal Studio, "CN Bronze", "Sterling", "3695", and "Pat. Aug.27.12" /325 SOLD
photo 3
New listing! Vintage stick pin pin in 14k gold with real pearl, diamond, jade, and other gemstones decorating this unique turn of the century piece. During that period, older Victorian era stick pins were reset into larger pins comprising multiple of the Victorian pins and which were thus more striking and visible on the hat or lapel. The great thing is how elaborate many Victorian stick pins were, inclusive of precious gemstones and fine metalwork as is evidenced in this piece. This stick pin pin is comprised of 5 lovely and diverse stick pins inset in a simple yet elegant setting that doesn't detract from the individuality of each pin. It measures approximately 2.25" high and 2.00" wide at the widest point, and it's in excellent, original condition.      $625.00
photo 3
New listing! Art Nouveau letter opener with mother of pearl blade, ornate gold trim with the Art Nouveau lady coin, and plique a jour decoration around the perimeter. This is an strong example of the enameling arts during this period, perhaps not up to the plique a jour of René Lalique but very good nonetheless. It's in excellent condition except for some minor chipping to the green plique a jour in one setting only on one side of the piece-- the other side is mint. It measures approximately 7.25" long and is perfect for display and great to use, consigned from a major Newport, Rhode Island estate.      $275.00
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New listing! Super 3 piece marked Art Deco coffee set features a beautifully shaped and crafted Art Deco pitcher with flip open top and matching sugar and creamer. We particularly like the angular shape indicative of streamline and machine age design flair, especially evident in the design and lines of the coffee / tea pot and the open creamer. The coffee or tea pot -suitable for either - has a flip up lid to keep the liquid within nice and warm, and the creamer has a movable handle for easy carrying. All the 3 pieces are marked with the Forbes S. P. Co. mark and the style pattern 670 impressed in the metal. A full 3 piece quality silverplate combination from this period in good condition has become quite hard to find, and while this set has some de minimus tarnishing to the silverplate in a few places the entire set is in very good condition for vintage silverplate from this period- priced to sell fast!    $115.00/3 piece set
photo 3
photo 4
This vintage beaded purse is from the early 20th century and is in very good condition. The colors of bronze, purplish blue, and the floral and leaf decorations are very striking. This purse is done with very tiny beads intricately sewn, and even the fringe on the top which connects the handles reflects only the very best hand made artistry of the times. There is a glitter quality to the bronze beads, making this purse sure to turn heads and generate comments at any formal affair even in the year 2000. Despite the closest search, we can honestly say that we found no missing beads in this entire purse, remarkable for the age and intricacy of design. The purse measures approximately 7.75" high and 4.75" wide. Cross listed on Accessories 1.  $165.00
photo 3
photo 4
New listing! Marked and super stylish pair of Eames era bronzed copper sculptural candleholders were made in Sweden by the Sweden-Lily company. While they are candleholders, they could equally well be used simply as decorative pieces for the shelf or mantel. They show fine metalwork in their design and manufacture, with a gently curving form rising from the round base. They're in very good condition with minor surface wear although we would advise not polishing them. They measure approximately 5.0" high and 8.5" wide, and they're marked impressed in the metal on the base Sweden-Lily and Made in Sweden. $65.00 /pr.
photo 3
photo 4
Beautiful Art Nouveau lady shell carved cameo c 1905, encased in 14k gold and with real diamond pendant and necklace hanging around her neck. The detail is extraordinary and typical of Art Nouveau work of this period, especially in the hair curls and flowers in her hair. The diamond necklace with chain, both secured from behind to the cameo (see photo). This is a totally hand worked piece so don't expect perfect, machine made lines in the metalwork or the cameo, and it's not a reproduction. The piece measures approximately 2.25" x 1.75", and it's in very good original condition except for a gap in the cameo and setting in one corner, which might be a small chip or might have been natural to the shape of the raw material. Regardless, it's really not noticeable from the front.  Consigned from a major New York estate which you would recognize but we've been asked to keep private.      $525.00
D011 Super period Art Deco glass vase c. 1925 is an iridescent green vase with applied glass fan shell designs alternating between down and up really adding design flair to this piece. Four wave lines, all hand done, connect the 4 fan shell designs around the perimeter of the vase. The iridescence is very strong, with strong purples coming through to combine with the green iridescent for a rich, vibrant effect. We love the overall shape too, a nice size at approximately 6.25" high and 7.0" in diameter at the widest point. It's in excellent condition and unmarked, part of a major Stamford, CT estate collection of period Art Deco and Art Nouveau art glass; cross listed on Fine Antiques 1. /675 SOLD

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photo 6

Super pair of period Art Deco lamps need new wiring and have a minor bit of age wear, but these great looking Deco lamps are in very good condition overall and ready to make a statement in a new home. We particularly like the untouched antique silverplate decorating these lamps, and the raised detail and the core angular shape really add a lot of design flair to this lamp pair. The raised leaf pattern repeats on both the stem of the lamp as well as around the perimeter of the base. Each lamp rises to a height of approximately 10.75" on a base that's 5.75" x 4.75". Add a great vintage furnishings look to your home with these antique Art Deco candlestick lamps that are very hard to find in general, particularly in this condition. Cross listed on Lamps 1.


D013 Rare set of 3 LC Tiffany Favrile glass salts, each with a lovely folded top edge and measuring 2.5" in diameter and standing 1" high. These would make a statement for just display or to bring out on that special occasion and use in the family feast. Salt dishes are quite hard to find, and these are all in mint condition with no chips or damage of any kind. Each is properly marked on the bottom LCT, and one even has the original paper sticker reading "Favrile Glass Tiffany Registered Trademark." Needless, to say, it's almost unheard of to still find one of these with the original paper sticker from the Tiffany New York showroom.      $800.00/set
photo 3
photo 4
Near mint condition heavy silverplate trivet features the scrolling Art Nouveau floral and leaf designs coupled with a lot of other ornamentation that really sets this piece apart. We love the crisp clean lines of the etching, and it's a perfect size at approximately 6.25" in diameter and raised 0.5" on 4 rubber covered feet. The piece retains the remnant of a paper label on the bottom and has age tarnishing underneath (but not on top) indicating not only high quality design and manufacturing but also a good bit of age. $24.00
photo 3
photo 4

Interesting Coronet head vase that really brings out the style of the period and which is very finely crafted. We particularly like the braided hair and the way the top of the vase forms a sort of crown on her head. It's a slightly off white ceramic that makes it suitable for a variety of decor, and it's in excellent condition. Marked on the bottom Coronet 200 U.S.A., the vase measures approximately 9.0" high and 4.0" in diameter at the widest point, direct from a Hilton Head, SC estate collection of period Art Deco and Art Nouveau.     

D016 From the estate of a major Hall collector, another nice mint condition piece c 1950s from the collection is available in this Noral line light blue jug. With great Art Deco lines and a utilitarian yet highly stylish shape, this water pitcher measures 8.5" high, 8.5" long including the handle, and a slim 3.0" wide. Nora water servers were often a premium item for McCormick Tea in the lidless form of this piece. The single-fire process and the durability of the Hall color finishes proved a huge competitive advantage to Hall over the years. The water pitcher is in very good condition save for some minor glaze nicks inherent in the Hall manufacturing process, and it's marked on the bottom with the circular Hall mark and Made in USA. /45      SOLD
D017 Old 1930s metal message holders, designed to be mounted on the wall and with all original paint and only minor paint loss. Despite the internet, we still leave a lot of paper messages around the house, and perhaps so do you. The rear of each piece is marked Made in USA and a number. Each measures approximately 6.0" high and 3.5" wide. Right off the wall of a Vermont country estate and direct to you.     $34.00/pr
photo 3
Large vintage Art Deco hand sewn needlepoint of a city landscape by M. A. Gibbons. Outstanding quality and classic deco lines in the renderings of the New York skyscrapers, the train leaving the station, etc. This piece has outstanding quality and detail and is in mint condition. It would be perfect for most any room in your house but especially in a media or pool room or for that special Art Deco touch! This large needlepoint is mounted in an ornate gilt wood frame measuring approximately 39.5" x 14.5".   $145.00
photo 3
Art Nouveau fly pin in 14k gold with a real pearl for a head, jade for the body, 14k gold wings with decoration, and a ruby eye; one of the small ruby eyes is missing and can be replaced. Aside from the missing eye, the piece is in mint condition. It's very difficult to find period insect jewelry, most personified by the butterfly but incorporating many different forms including this one. The detailing is very strong and the quality of the stones and particularly the pearl is high. The piece measures approximately 1.125" from head to toe and 0.875" wide at the wing tips, and is marked 14k under the wing.    $225.00
photo 3
Hard to find brass Art Nouveau floral belt buckle with fine detailing and a great patina. We really love the petite nature of this period piece, two pieces which hook together and each with a ring that accomodates an approximately 0.75" wide belt of your choosing. With either a leather or a cloth belt this piece is sure to catch the eye and generate questions and complements. Each of the 2 pieces is in excellent condition and measure approximately 1.25" x 1.0"- belt not included. $36.00
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