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Memorabilia, Ephemera, Americana, Historical, Political, Travel, and Commemorative Antiques & Collectibles: Page 1

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Super hard to find Esco chalkware statue of Louis Armstrong from 1972, a real collector item for black memorabilia collectors as well as fans of one of the world's greatest jazz musicians. The notable design feature of the Esco Louis Armstrong is the exaggerated size of the head and teeth, complemented with the nicely detailed and dressed body. Louis clutches his trumpet to his chest as he grins and prepares to play the next tune. Louis Armstrong was the first vital jazz soloist to attain world wide influence as trumpeter, entertainer, and show business personality. The statue stands approximately 16.0" high and 6.25" in diameter, and it's in very good condition save for the occasional place in the chalkware body where there are pin prick sized losses of paint, i.e. only noticeable upon very close in examination. The Louis Armstrong statue stands on a base which is inscribed Esco Products c. 1972.  /225 SOLD

New listing of a nice framed Heritage Mint Collectibles work of different types of naval sailing knots surrounding a small model of the Mayflower ship. Each knot is tied with real rope to show how it's done, and underneath each is the label for the type of knot including Figure of Eight, Spanish Bowline, Lighterman Hitch, Double Carrick Bend, Mast Head Bend, and Bowline on the Bight. In the center, the model of the Mayflower sailing ship is done in wood complete with linen sails and rigging, very nicely done and a great complement to the early naval knot designs. They are all framed in a burgundy wood frame under glass and measures approximately 12.0" x 9.0", part of a major San Diego, CA estate consignment exclusive to Collectics. The framed work is in excellent condition with the original label on the rear "Heritage Mint Collectibles"; great as a gift for any sailor in your life. /38 SOLD

photo 3

photo 3

New listing for collectors of militaria or veterans of the military or World War I or II- both books from a major collection of Whitman Big and Better Little Books! Take your pick of rare first editions- Big Little Book of Tailspin Tommy and the Hooded Flyer by Hal Forest (425 pages, copyright 1937) and Better Little Book Skyroads with Clipper Williams of the Flying Legion by Lt. Dick Calkins (425 pages, copyright 1938). Both books were published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin and measure 4.5" x 3.5". Both books are illustrated throughout with fabulous comic book style illustrations matching the story on almost every other page and feature inscriptions telling the story. Both books are in good condition with edges and spine showing normal moderate scuffing but completely intact and modest age- toning. The Tailspin Tommy book has an inscription on the inside front cover "Merry Xmas To Richard Rice From Chas. Porter". While the books are tight, they are fragile as are most all of the Whitman Big and Better Little Books of this age. All listings from this major estate consignment are very hard to find and priced well below individual book prices from rare book dealers. Great as a gift!   



photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Rare edition of Uniforms of the United States Army, paintings by H. A. Ogden- Plates I - IV of Group 1 - 1774-1783. These 4 17.0" x 13.25" prints are part of a collection of 44 paintings completed by H. A. Ogden more than 70 years ago and "long regarded as the masterpiece of American military art." Issued originally by authorization of the Secretary of War, these superb prints of Army uniforms illustrate every type of dress and field uniform worn from the Revolution to the end of the 19th century. Each of these four plates "faithfully duplicate the quality and detail of the originals as well as a text describing the evolution and details of the uniforms depicted." This set comprises Plate I (1774-1775 Independent Company Organizations), Plate II (1776-1779 Miscellaneous Organizations- Continental Army), Plate III (1779-1783 Commander in Chief, Aide De Camp, Line Officers, Etc.), and Plate IV (1779-1783 Infantry: Continental Army"). The plate number and description is printed below each image, and all are signed in the print H. A. Ogden. The set comes in the original folio and a full page description of each of the 4 plates in this set, and folio and plates are in very good condition with no tears or damage. H. A. Ogden is known as one of America's finest illustrators working at the turn of the century, and a specialist in the rendering of military dress and vivid groupings of servicemen in full military regalia. Perfect for framing, this outstanding set of 4 plates is indispensible for the collector of Americana, student of military history, and everyone interested in the fascinating evolution of uniforms worn by America's fighting men and women. Great as a gift- collect the set!    $65.00
photo 3
For any fan of politics or a political memorabilia collector, this is a nice set of two vintage political campaign buttons contrasting between a national race and a very local race. The "Kennedy" John F. Kennedy presidential campaign button is a classic for any collector of JFK fan, measuring approximately 1.125" in diameter and featuring a smiling Jack Kennedy. On a much more local level, the "Elect Murphy Mayor" is a red, white, and blue tribute to the local town political process as well as the success of the Irish in participating in that process. It measures approximately 1.125" in diameter and is in good condition with only some minor rusting on the back of the pin; the Kennedy button is in excellent condition, and both come to you as part of an interesting Chicago, IL estate collection.   $28.00/pair
photo 3
photo 4
They're Coming Back (Weep No More My Lady), a rare piece of 1918 end of World War I sheet music measuring 13.75" high and 10.5" wide. The cover scenes are brilliant, a sketch of the troops running over the trenches with barbed wire in the background and shells bursting in the air, and a photo inset of the troops on a ship and the caption "Far Off Honolulu Send Her Boys To The Front. Published by the National Music Co. of Wabash Ave., Chicago IL in 1918 as the end of WWI approached. Good condition with a few small edge tears and edge wear and a small tear on the upper and lower left corners. Great for framing and remembrances. Rare.    $22.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
Trails West is a terrific copyright 1979 publication of the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC and their Special Publications Division that takes you onto the trails of the Old West with text, illustrations, and photographs. Live the life of the pioneers in this colorful and educational book that covers the Santa Fe, Oregon, Mormon, California, Gila, and Bozeman Trails across the west and northwest of our United States. Leather bound and with a very well done inscribed image on the front cover of pioneers pulling a wagon train, it's in very good condition only what we think is a pencil line down the front cover and pristine pages. With 207 total pages and measuring approximately 10.25" high and 7.25" wide, it comes direct from a Salt Lake City, Utah estate collection.     $18.00


photo 3

Another new listing for collectors of militaria or veterans of the military or World War I or II- both books from a major collection of Whitman Big and Better Little Books! Take your pick of rare Better Little Book of Don Winslow of the Navy and the Great War Pilot by Frank Martinek (293 pages, copyright 1937, 1938, 1940) and Terry Lee Flight Officer USA by Milton Caniff (347 pages, copyright 1933, 1934). Both books were published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin and measure 4.5" x 3.5". Both books are illustrated throughout with fabulous comic book style illustrations matching the story on almost every other page and feature inscriptions telling the story. Both books are in good condition with edges and spine showing normal moderate scuffing but completely intact and modest age- toning. The Terry Lee book has a great ad to buy US Savings and War bonds on the last page. While the books are tight, they are fragile as are most all of the Whitman Big and Better Little Books of this age. All listings from this major estate consignment are very hard to find and priced well below individual book prices from rare book dealers.  




photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

The Story of John F. Kennedy is a first edition 1964 Spotlight Wonder Book by Earl Schenck Miers commemorating the life and death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 - 1963). This publication is the one that memorializes JFK right after his assassination in text as well as color and black & white photographs which document his life from child through his Presidency. The chapters of this hard to find period JFK collector book has quizzical titles that ask questions such as "How did Jack escape feeling second-best?", "Who were Jack's real heroes?", "What made Jack different?", and "How did Kennedy become a world hero?" A must have for any Kennedy collector, this vintage JFK 1964 commemorative soft cover 48 page book is part of an important estate collection of a vast trove of period John F. and Robert F. Kennedy memorabilia sold exclusively by Collectics. $18.00

Three scenes of life at the turn of the 20th century make a great set to frame as a set with these 3 postcards from 1907 and 1908. From the top, postcards in the set are Tremont Square with a fanciful depiction of "Claremont, NH in the Future" (are very rare theme in postcard collecting from 1908), King Street in Chatham, Ontario Canada (1907), and great for fire collectors the Fire Station at hope & Olney Streets from Providence, Rhode Island depicting "Engine # 5 and Hook & Ladder Co. #7." Each postcard measures aproximately 5.5" x 3.5" and is in good condition with cover scenes that are clear with minimal flaws and the backs written on by the original sender and stamped. Two of the 3 are done in turn of the century color printing processes, and all reflect very collectible themes and in particular the fanciful future city and anything to do with fire departments and antique fire engines. /21 SOLD

The 1960s were a period of political and social turmoil, but the "Camelot" White House of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy still capture the imagination. From a major collector of Kennedy memorabilia, this exciting set of 5 period magazines each features Jackie Kennedy on the cover along with fascinating articles and photographs within. In addition to the features on Jackie Kennedy, the magazines also include some great vintage advertising. Among the many, we've photographed a super B. F. Goodrich ad associated with their contributions to the U.S. space and moon program and a vintage Chevrolet car ad that includes the famous Thunderbird, Corvette, and other models from Chevy's heyday. Mostly however, the Jacqueline Kennedy photos and features were what was prized by this collector whose estate has consigned the most valuable pieces exclusively to Collectics. The set features Cosmopolitan (Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy: America's Symbol of Loveliness- 4/61), Time (Jacqueline Kennedy- 1/20/61), Newsweek (Looking Ahead- 1/6/64), Newsweek (Jacqueline Kennedy: Life & Leisure- 1/1/62), and Newsweek (Jacqueline Kennedy and the Death of a President- 12/26/66). Great as a gift for any collector of Kennedy memorabilia and very difficult to find, all 5 magazines are in very good condition and would look great framed. /55 SOLD
photo 3
Memories of two of the most famous space movies of all time- Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey- can be yours with this period 1977 album with themes and other music from the 2 sci-fi classics composed by John Williams. The album includes the theme song and other music from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the main title, Imperial Attack, Princess Leia's Theme, Ben's Death and The Fighter Attack, Land of the Sand People, The Return Home, and the end title are all included from the original Star Wars. It's all recorded in stereo by the famous London Philharmonic Orchestra, and it's in good condition. This is a period album coming out in 1977, the debut year for the first Star Wars film, and great as a gift for a Star Wars or sci fi fan.    $16.00
MB012 If you like Ike, you'll love this pair of two political pins commemorating the presidential campaign of Dwight D. Eisenhower. On the left, the rare Ike rhinestone pin is a lovely arrangement of red, white, and blue rhinestones spelling out the one word campaign slogan "Ike"- all that really needed to be said given the World War II fame of Dwight Eisenhower. The pin measures approximately 1.0" long and 0.75" high and is designed to clip on a shirt, hat, or lapel. The other pin is a simple "Ike" spelled out in goldtone metal, really a tie pin but able to be worn on a shirt, hat, or lapel as well with the separate backing button. It measures approximately 0.75" long and 0.675" high, and both pins are in excellent condition. /35 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Early Tiffany & Co. commemorative vintage advertising thermometer for the Franklin National Bank, with sterling silver base and Honeywell thermometer. It's in great condition and seems to work just fine. The style is classic, with round ball top sitting atop the sterling silver base. There's a little tarnish on the silver which we've chosen not to clean, leaving that decision to the end buyer. The piece measures approximately 2.75" high, with a thermometer face 2.0" in diameter on a 2.0" diameter base. The thermometer is properly marked underneath in the silver Tiffany & Co. Makers, Sterling, and the serial number. This piece appeals to both Tiffany, mechanical, and vintage advertising collectors and so does very well in the market, and we've got this one at a great price.    $145.00

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photo 8

Period Robert F. Kennedy collector edition magazine Tragedy! providing comprehensive coverage in text and photographs of Robert F. Kennedy's life, children, JFK / Jackie and the Kennedy family, and of course his assassination and funeral. Published in 1968 by Smifty of Hollywood, CA and by publisher Ed Hummel, the magazine features text and photos that capture the life and death of RFK including his role in brother John F. Kennedy's administration, the Presidential campaign during which he was assassinated, and his death and funeral. This memorial edition includes features on "Untold Facts About The Assassin" and "Damning New Evidence!" In excellent condition, this 8.25" x 10.75" magazine is a rare period collector magazine documenting RFK's death, life, and likely impact on the future. This magazine comes from a collector whose estate has consigned a major collection of Kennedy memorabilia exclusively to Collectics. $18.00
MB015 From the year of her coronation as Queen of England, period 1953 commemorative photographs Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, with Queen Elizabeth in crown and sash and Phillip in uniform with medals dangling. Each is in a commemorative Elizabeth R. 1953 cardboard holder trimmed in gold and the English Coat of Arms on the front. The photos are approximately 5.0" high and 3.0" wide, and the photo prints are in very good condition while the 6.75" x 4.75" cardboard commemorative is in good condition, with some age wear and slight warping of the front cover.    $24.00
photo 3
New listing from the estate of a former antiques dealer and collector! Original 1950s "Ike" heart bracelet with a nice heavy chain is in excellent condition and the heart shape measures approximately 1.5" high and 1.375" wide. Here's a fun example of fifties political memorabilia that's becoming near impossible to find, and we like the fact that this can be worn as a bracelet as now or could be used with a longer chain and worn as a pendant. The I Like Ike political campaign of Dwight D. Eisenhower is one of the classic campaigns in American politics. The clasp of the chain is marked c Leet, and it's priced for quick sale.     $22.00

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photo 7
If you weren't fortunate enough to get one of the "Special Hooters Air Edition" of Hooters Magazine #50 commemorating Hooter's 20 years in business, here's your chance to still own one of these collector copies with some great Hooters advertising. We figure it's only a matter of time before Hooters and this special 50th edition of Hooters Magazine harkens back to a bygone era when court cases and protesters will have finished off a restaurant chain like Hooters who still knows how to have tongue in cheek fun and not take itself too seriously. You'll enjoy reading the magazine's 90 pages, but more so you'll enjoy the pages and pages of beautiful Hooters girls in the Top 50 Hooters Girls of All Time section. Toward the back is a hilarious spoof of what could have happened to Hooters had radical protesters forced the chain to hire "Hooters Guys" and had magazine articles like "Brazilian or Thong- Which Speedo is Right For You?" There's some classic contemporary advertising throughout the magazine including special ads commemorating and congratulating Hooters from the likes of Coca-Cola and Michelob. Magazine features make for an interesting read too, with articles on the history of Hooters from its founding in Clearwater, Florida, the original Hooters girl Lynne Austin, the launch of Hooters Air, Hooters sports teams like Nascar and speedboat racing, Hooters news and events, and much more. Included in a foldout inside the front cover are the covers from the other 49 original Hooters Magazines since the inception of its publishing. Direct from an Atlanta, GA estate of a former Hooters executive, the magazine is in mint condition and measures approximately 11.0" x 8.0"; cross listed on Advertising 1. Only 2 copies left!     $18.00
photo 3
New listing! Memories of the Albuquerque Balloon festival can be yours with this attractive china bell standing 5.0" high and 2.25" in diameter. The scenes from the balloon festival decorate the entire perimeter, with the canyons down below and balloons floating up in the air. Great for any lover of balloons or Albuquerque resident, it's in excellent condition and came from a large estate collection of state and city commemorative bells.    $22.00
MB019 New listing! Very hard to find, this antique black memorabilia bottle opener features a cold painted cast iron young black boy being nipped by an alligator, possibly Little Black Sambo from the children's book. Whimsical, fun, and sure to generate questions and complements, this cast iron bottle opener is a classic of collectible black memorabilia and measures approximately 4.0" long and 2.75" high. Don't be fooled by reproductions of black memorabilia- this is the real thing c 1930s. It's in very good condition with all original paint and de minimus paint loss from over the years- great to both use and display! Cross listed on Bronze & Metalware 2. /65 SOLD
MB020 That's a Mother's Liberty Loan, vintage 1917 World War I sheet music by Mayo & Tally and Clarence Gaskill and published by M. Witmark & Sons. The cover photograph has fantastic coloration and pictures Edward Earle and Mary Maurice as the young soldier hat in hand with his mother's hand on his shoulder. Below Earle and Maurice names are "Greater Vitagraph Stars" and "Reproduced by Permission." This 1917 sheet music is in excellent condition given the age and has only minor edge wear at the lower corners and only two edge tears of note, neither more than 0.25" long.    $22.00
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