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Z000 Interesting Linden quartz "skeleton" clock, so named because you can see through the clear exterior to see the intricate workings of the clock within. The look of this desk clock is clean and elegant, with brass repeating in circular themes in both the casing of the clock and the wheels and inner mechanism of the clock behind the clear glass cover. It measures approximately 8.75" high, 7.75" wide, and 2.0" deep on a square base 5.5" x 3.0", and it's marked on the front "Linden Quartz". It runs off one AA battery and can be replaced from the rear, and it's in very good condition and ready to make a super design statement in your home, direct from a Dallas, Texas estate collection of finer home furnishings. /45 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4

Create a welcoming coastal theme for your home with this well done metal Welcome sign! It's a nicely crafted piece, with great details, hand painting, and fabrication that gives the sign a three dimensional look. Theme depictions include a large beach umbrella in pink and green, a sandy beach with a bucket and life preserver, and a super lighthouse in the background rising up into the sky. The Welcome sign hangs below, connected by a chain, and the entire piece measures approximately 13.0" high and 12.0" wide. It's in excellent condition, right off the wall of a Charleston, SC waterfront home and bargain priced; cross listed on Metalware 1.       $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Intricate and elaborate marked antique metalwork mirror can also be used as a vanity tray and exhibits the workmanship and patina that you can only find in early 20th century metalwork. We love the intricate scrolling Art Nouveau design, and curving oval shape. One of our colleagues took it home for an evening just to see how it looked with perfume bottles and other vanity items, and suffice it to say the report back was excellent and we had to pry the mirror back out of her hands! The mirror is in very good condition and has impressed marks on the back 1264 and Emic. It's a perfect size at approximately 18" x 13", right off the shelf display of a Marion, SC historical residence.       $75.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Very pretty rococo style decoupage wood jewelry box that's both functional and beautiful to look at. Four wood covers slot into 4 distinct compartments lined in blue velvet, and there is rococo decoration on the rear of each cover as well as the larger decoration viewed from the top. Sides and perimeter edges are all decorated using the decoupage technique, and it measures approximately 8.5" x 8.5" and it's 3.75" high. It's convenient having 4 compartments, and it's in very good condition with minimal age wear. /48 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4

photo 3
photo 4

You could have bought them for $2.98 back in the 1950s, but you sure won't find mint condition 1950s sunglasses and matching clip-on visor case in fab fifties designs at that price today - although they're still quite an affordable and fun accessory. Take your pick of two retro Merit designs or buy them both; each comes in the original clip-on car sun visor case and warranty certificate. Even though sunglasses don't come with that kind of case today, the staff here feels it was a good design idea and are all trying to figure out how to put clips on their own sunglasses case. These were manufactured by the Merit Manufacturing Company of Central Falls, RI and were heavily advertised during the period in Life Magazine. Note the open gap in some of the side ear bars to give them just a little added design flair. The frames are made of plastic, somewhat flexible so they can be bent into shape to some degree but not rigid like modern sunglasses; fit adjustments may be needed. They come with the original warranty that notes they are "manufactured for optical safety and construction and the lens are precision cut and processed and certified to be of the finest quality." The sunglasses measure approximately 5.5" wide at the lens, and the ear bars measure approximately 5.5" long. The visor clip-on plastic case measures approximately 6.0" wide, 3.0" high, and 1.0" deep. Each pair of sunglasses is in mint condition and has the original Merit red and gold seal on the lens noting the original $2.98 price, "6 Base Hardened Lens" and that it "Conforms to Conn SG 40". We just love the design of these, sure to generate complements and questions wherever you wear them. These mint condition, never used 50s sunglasses come to you direct from the dusty shelf of a Newport, Rhode Island estate liquidation.      1 $45.00

2 $45.00
photo 3
Interesting Indian carved wood box, a nice size to use for a variety of functions and great to look at while it sits on your dresser! It measures approximately 2.75" high, 6.0" wide, and 4.25" deep, and it opens to reveal the compartment within lined with blue linen on the bottom and blue felt on the top, both pegged in by an inner wood frame. The external floral carvings depict flowers in various sizes and make for a great look, covering the top as well as all 4 sides of the box. It's marked on the bottom "India" and in very good condition with 3 small age cracks that have appeared here and there, none structural and contributing to the aged look of the box.       $24.00

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

Get ready for the tourists! Enjoy this whimsical man and woman tourist salt and pepper shakers, a takeoff on the theme of the European concept of the American tourist with balding pot bellied man with camera around his neck and tackily dressed woman holding her shopping bag. Both wear dark sunglasses and nice comfy sandals to complete the look. The colors are precise and vivid and the ceramic work of clear quality, and both shakers are in excellent condition and measure approximately 3.75" high. $16.00
Z007 Heavy duty Estate Opener for your best bottles of wine, a stand up countertop wine bottle opener that will put your poor corkscrew or hand held wine bottle opener to shame. You'll love the heavy feel and ease of use to just crank the handle down to insert the corkscrew into the cork, then raise the handle to cleanly extract the cork. The heavy duty stand also holds a device for cleanly cutting the top foil off the wine bottle. Part of a large Atlanta, GA estate consignment to Collectics, it's in new in the box condition. Bargain price!       $45.00
photo 3
Mint condition Wilton mini iron trivet is a rare find and perfect to decorate your kitchen wall. It's very hard to find vintage mini trivets, and we love the combination of the textured iron of the handle and the perimeter contrasting with the round geometric design of the center plus the hand painting. The colors are vibrant and the color retention is great, and overall this trivet is in excellent condition. It's a nice size for most any place at approximately 5.25" x 3.0" and standing about 0.5" high on its 3 feet. It's marked on the back Wilton impressed in the metal, direct from the wall of a Santa Barbara, CA country estate.       $22.00

Outstanding detail and color sets off this fruit basket from the crowd, filled with apples, oranges, lemons, pineapples, bananas, grapes, pears, and more! The realism of this decorative centerpiece was really striking, and the high gloss glaze sets it off to perfection. Most likely Italian in origin, it measures approximately 7.25" high, 7.5" long, and 5.0" deep. /42 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
New listing! Very fine vintage hard sided leather briefcase is very hard to find anymore in this near mint condition save for some modest scratches and wear to the brass hinges and number locking mechanism. We really like the interior design of the case, with graduated size portfolio folders inside, also trimmed in leather and with a brass fastener to a leather strap to allow you to expand or contract the size of the folders. This high quality briefcase is all leather and felt lined in the bottom of the interior. The interior hinged construction allows it to stay open with the lid raised to make it easy to fiddle with the interior contents. This leather briefcase measures approximately 18.0" wide, 13.0" deep, and 4.0" high when closed; the hinges are marked "HOMA". This piece won't last at this price. $85.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Royal Doulton Elegance cut 24% lead crystal wine glasses are a sure sign of culture and design in any home. We really like the cut swirl design in the Elegance pattern, great to twirl around and see the almost 3 dimensional effect created. Each glass has that distinctive ring of real 24% lead crystal too and evident Royal Doulton quality. This set of 8 wine glasses is in mint, unused condition in the oiriginal box and would be great as a gift. Each of the 4 glasses has a Doulton paper label, and they were Made in Italy and measure approximately 8.25" high and 3.0" in diameter at the top opening. $110.00/set of 8 glasses
photo 3
Even if you haven't flown on the Concorde airplane and paid $10,000 for an airline ticket, you can impress your friends with this new, mint condition Concorde souvenir portfolio, never used, from the estate of a household name you would recognize. Made in England, this beautiful and supple green portfolio has the Concorde logo embossed on the front, and inside there's a Concorde logo pen, a Concorde "Flight Certificate" which you can fill in for yourself or for a gift recipient, 2 color Concorde postcards (8.5" x 4.5" each), paper and envelope also embossed with the Concorde logo, and a green bound booklet 6.0" high and 3.0" wide with all unused pages inside. In mint, new condition, the portfolio measures approximately 12.0" x 9.25" when closed and opens out to a full 23.25" wide. Great to use yourself and to make an eclectic gift for someone.       $55.00
Z013 Lovely and ornate, we came across this inlaid wood box while going through a large and wealthy estate in the remote countryside of the state of Maine. The intricate detail of the craftmanship is evident in the burl veneer and painted decoration around the sides of the box, really eye catching contrasted with the predominant reddish brown wood of the top and the rest of the sides. The decorated box opens to reveal a spacious interior compartment with velvet lining and mirror on the top of the hinged box lid. While there are 2 or 3 nicks from age wear and use over the years that could be touched up if you like, the box is in very good condition and we would advise leaving just as it is. The vintage wood box measures approximately 3.25" high, 8.25" wide, and 5.25" deep, bargain priced right off the shelf of a large Maine country estate. /32 SOLD
Z014 1
Take your pick of fun men's watches. 1 Harlo 1990 Three Stooges man's watch made in Japan, with original copyright information on the watch face along with of course those 3 zany stooges. The watch face measures approximately 1.5" in diameter, and the genuine leather band measures approximately 8.0" end to end. /16 2 Quartz violin and musical note face man's watch made in Hong Kong. The watch face measures approximately 1.5" in diameter, while the genuine pigskin band measures 9.0" end to end. Both watches are in good condition but need batteries, with minor scratching on the crystal seen only upon close examination, and the watch straps are like new.  1 SOLD
2 $14.00
photo 3
photo 4
Terrific green crystal cut vintage rose glass bowl is in mint condition and a flexible size at approximately 4.75" in diameter and 3.0" high. This bowl has a number of great features including the fine, deep cuts of the carving that create the depth to create the rose flower itself and it's leaves in almost 3 dimensional depth. We also love the irregular top rim and the starburst patterns that ring the center bottom and lower half of this early 20th century crystal cut bowl in desirable green color glass. It comes to you direct from a Westport, CT estate and is offered at a bargain price.    $44.00
Z016 Rare and old, this hand painted Japanese rice paper peacock parasol is a terrific find and is in mint condition. The colors and detail on the peacock are extraordinarily vivid and finely rendered, and we particularly like the architectural look of the wood framing inside. In addition to the peacock, it also has hand painted flowers and another bird flying in from the right. These are very delicate, and it's unusual to find one this strong in design in such good condition and no color fading. When closed, the umbrella measures approximately 21.5" high and when opened it spreads to a diameter of at least 28.5" and is locked in place from the handle. If you have an opportunity to display a vintage rice paper parasol open somewhere in your home, it's doubtful you'll ever find one of comparable quality of beauty. /42 SOLD




Old linen calendars that hung on the wall are very collectible due to the intricate detailing in their scenery, and they make great gifts to give commemorating the year of one's birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions. Take your pick of 3 vintage linen calendars all in excellent condition. 1 Snowy winter scene of farmhouse life in 1980 Lake Placid, NY with horse drawn sleighs and children ice skating on the frozen pond, measuring approximately 27.0" x 16.25". 2 The spirit of the desert and the old west is captured in this terrific 1982 linen calendar depicting the cactus and plant life of the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, measuring approximately 26.5" x 16.0". 3 Commemorating the nautical way of life with colorful sailboats with billowing sails and a terrific lighthouse in the foreground with birds flying around, this 1986 linen calendar measures approximately 27.0" x 16.0" and it needs a replacement string to go in the crossbar to hang on the wall. Cross listed on Clothing & Textiles 3 where you'll find other old 100% linen calendars so great for gifts.      


2 $20.00

3 $20.00


New listing! Hand carved Chinese cork art encased in glass and its sleek gloss black wood framing, with incredible detail adding to the feeling of tranquility generated by the scene itself. A lovely oriental pagoda building stands by the edge of a stream, tall trees and rock formations surrounding it and water fowl standing around. We had fun examining it here and speculating on how the craftsman carves the cork in some fine detail- note the detail on the pagoda columns, grillwork, and rooftop lines. Direct from the estate of a former U. S. State Department employee, this work stands approximately 9.0" high and 9.0" wide. It's in very good condition and bears two paper labels on the bottom- one a red Made in China label with serial number and another "Thank You" sticker. /55    SOLD
Z019 New listing! Carved from some type of black stone and polished smooth on the top, this amazing carved fish ashtray has great realism and detail in his face, mouth, long flowing fins and tail. There are places to place your cigarette or cigar, and it's in excellent condition with no chips or breaks. Measuring approximately 7.75" top fin to bottom fin, 4.5" head to tail, and 1.0" high, the ashtray would make a great gift for any collector of tobacciana or smoker in your life.  $36.00
Z020 Don't miss the opportunity to own the rare Time Magazine documenting the inauguration of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the January 27, 1961 issue that is practically impossible to find. Great as a gift for any JFK collector, the period Time magazine includes a letter from the publisher reflecting on President Kennedy's inauguration as President of the United States as well as text and many photographs that document the swearing in ceremony plus the first few days of the Kennedy's lives in the White House and with his staff. It's also filled with great period ads that you'll love for cars, computers, alcohol, cigarettes, and more. The magazine is in excellent condition, part of a major estate consignment of amazing John F. and Robert F. Kennedy memorabilia exclusive to Collectics. /16 SOLD
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