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000 Plenty of sellers would misrepresent this cute little cream colored rope bangle as bakelite, but we thoroughly test all our pieces and find that this bracelet is simply a hard plastic. That having been said, it's a classic rope design in a neutral color that goes with most anything and is sure to generate complements. Direct from a Dallas, Texas estate collection, this bangle is in excellent condition and measures approximately 3.25" in diameter an 0.5" in width. The look of bakelite at the price of plastic!      $14.00

If you want a great surprise gift for any collector of John F. Kennedy and Kennedy memorabilia, you'll love this special collection of period early 1960s magazines featuring articles on a very young Caroline Kennedy. These were some of the very first profiles on Caroline- most did not start to appear until 1963-4 so these are quite rare. Included are 1. May 15, 1961 Newsweek magazine with the "Caroline in the White House" feature reporting on "the high jinks of the White House's 3 year old resident and color photo on the cover) and 2. The August 1961 Good Housekeeping magazine with "My Happy Life with 17 Kennedy Babies" by the "First Family's Favorite Nurse" on the front cover and 3. The June 1961 Redbook magazine with cover article "The Delightful World of Caroline Kennedy", a "First-hand report on the First Family's biggest little problem". We love some of the charts included such as that of all the 17 Kennedy kids being cared for by their nurse and a series of photos with Jacqueline Kennedy playing with the kids. They're all filled with text and photos that any 60s JFK or Kennedy collector will love. The magazines are also great for their period 1960s vintage advertising including super ads for cigarettes and beer for tobacciana and breweriana collectors. There's also an added bonus feature in one magazine on the BF Goodrich space suit used in the US space exploration program that would be great in itself for any space or moon program collector. While we thought these magazines with Caroline feature stories were extra special and particularly hard to find (and thus a real surprise priced to sell on the Bargains page!), you'll find some other early 1960s memorabilia on JFK and the Kennedy clan on the Memorabilia and 50s & 60s pages. All are in very good condition with de minimus age wear; cross listed on 50s & 60s 2 and priced to sell fast!    SOLD
002 From the Long Island, NY estate of a long time antiques dealer, this lovely pair of Vitrock marked milk glass vases evoke the Art Deco style and look great on a shelf or mantle. Each of the two vases features Art Deco style scrollwork on the sides and clamshell motif rising from the bottom base, and they're a nice size at approximately 8.0" high and flaring out to 4.5" wide at the top from a 3.5" diameter base. Milk Glass has a long history, originally made during the 1700's in England. It was named milk glass because of its milky white coloration and was called "Opal Ware" by glassmakers. It was meant to be an imitation of china and porcelain when it was first produced in England. It was not highly successful commercially until the mid 1800's, and milk glass produced during the late 1800's - early 1900's is highly prized by collectors. Each of these 2 matching vases is in very good condition and marked on the bottom Vitrock. Bargain price! /75 SOLD
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photo 5
Pretty intricately woven macramé purse is very hard to find in mint condition as is this example direct from a Miami, Florida estate collection of vintage accessories. The weaving is intricate and tightly woven, ensuring that the handbag will hold up for many years to come. The linen lining and the body of the purse are all in very good condition, and we particularly like the way that the weaving extends over the handles as well as the body of the purse. The woven closure on one side adds extra design flair and makes for a nice, secure purse. Although sometimes referred to as 'Chinese knotting', the history of macramé dates back long before it was discovered in China. It is believed to have had originated in Arabia during the 13th century. When the Moors conquered Spain in 711 AD, they brought this artform with them. From Spain, it spread to other European countries. Sailors then picked up on the technique and kept it alive over the years. While out to sea, these sailors would knot thick twine into decorated pieces that could be sold or traded went they went ashore. The technique was first discovered in China through these sailors. Light and flexible in use, it's a nice size at approximately 10.0" wide and 8.5" high not including the handles which rise another 4.0" from the top of the purse. Bargain price!    $38.00
004 For lovers of vintage plastic, this striking white floral bangle has excellent detail and is in great condition, measuring approximately 2.5" in diameter. The carving is very intricate around the entire perimeter of the bracelet, and the white color and detail really set it off against your wrist. /18cp   $22.00
005 Set of 6 coffee cups with pink and light green handles and floral decorations on both sides of each cup. Excellent condition with no chips or damage of any kind. Each cup is marked on the bottom Fine Bone China, Made in England, and the mark of a crown. Each cup stands 3.25" high and 3" in diameter at the top. $38.00/set
006 New listing! Interesting blue kerosene lantern in very good condition with only a tiny bit of paint loss right around the base. It's a nice size to both display in a country kitchen and to use in an emergency, measuring approximately 9.0" high not including the handle which extends upward another 3.5". Bargain price!     $18.00

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Very cool 1990 commemorative book celebrating the life and exploits of Frank Sinatra in Sinatra - Ol Blue Eyes Remembered by David Hanna. Sinatra was still alive when this souvenir book was published- he died on May 15, 1998. The 11.25" x 8.5" 66 page book is filled with color and black and white photgraphs of the major events and people in Frank Sinatra's life. You'll find among others Barbara and Nancy Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. with Frank as members of the infamous Rat Pack, and many more. It's in mint condition and bargain priced!    $14.00
008 Vintage Japanese ceramic duck or goose planter measuring measuring approximately 7" long and 4" high to the top of the beak. Both duck and the nicely rendered cart he's pulling are in excellent condition. The piece is marked on the bottom with a cartouche mark with clover inside, Japan, and the number 59. The greenery comes out of course, but we kept it in just as we found it on the shelf of a old Connecticut country farm.     $22.00
photo 3
Bring some flair to your dining area with this super pair of etched glass candlesticks that evoke Art Deco styling and clearly superior quality. We particularly liked the Deco pattern center of the candle sticks coupled with some very finely done flower and leaf etching on the base. The etching on glass is hard to capture in the photographs, but we can guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised by the fine lines and details of the floral and leaf decoration on each base. Each of the two tabletop candelabras holds two candles and measure approximately 9.25" wide and 5.0" high on a base 5.0" in diameter.    $85.00/ pair
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photo 4
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photo 6
Two very pretty vintage pressed glass plates with elaborate ornamentation and a terrific look. From a quality standpoint, these 2 examples are about the best you're likely to find, combining multiple effects including floral and leaf designs with textures and carved effects to really make an impact. One plate combines flowers with scrollwork and the other effects while the other is a "pure play" flower and leaf design that flows and covers the entire surface of the plate offset by the use of textured glass as a background. Perfect to both use and display on stands, each of the 2 plates is in excellent condition and measures approximately 8.25" in diameter. $22.00/ 2 plates
011 Lovely set of 3 high quality, 100% linen napkins measuring approximately 15" x 15", with border trim and hand stitch decoration all along the perimeter and in the corner. From a Sands Point, Long Island waterfront estate. $14.00
012 Now, with the Wine Master Special Edition, you can choose the perfect wine—whether you’re in the wine aisle or in your favorite restaurant! From the main menu, select "Rated Wines" to access over 10,000 wine ratings and reviews, or select "Saved" to access information on up to 25 favorite wines you’ve stored in memory. Select "Food & Wine" to view food/wine pairings, "Wine Basics" to learn wine fundamentals, "Wine Tastings" to review wine tasting descriptors, or "Glossary" for definitions of basic wine terms. Select special wines chosen by Wine Enthusiast Magazine editors as Best Buys, Editors’ Picks , or Cellar Buys of collectible wines. Choose wines based on Wine Enthusiast Magazine ratings and read descriptive wine reviews from Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s tasting staff. Each wine review provides a wealth of accurate. insightful and unbiased details from professional wine tasters. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). The Wine Master Special Edition is fun, shaped like a wine bottle; turn its “cork” to scroll through reviews, or push it to select a function. Brand new in box from a Jacksonville, FL estate liquidation and great as a gift- priced well below retail. /28 SOLD

photo 3

Unusual and well designed and constructed bamboo serving tray with raised railing to keep those drinks glasses from tumbling off after a few too many! The bottom is a nice basket weave while a larger diameter piece of bamboo is used to construct the rail, and the smaller end of it fits inside the other end hollowed out to accept the bamboo and complete the connection. It's a nice oval shape, easy to handle, and it measures approximately 19.75" x 13.0" and stands 3.25" high direct from an Atlanta, GA estate collection.     $16.00
014 Vintage pair of dazzing blue rhinestone clip on earrings measuring approximately 1.75" high and 1.0" wide at the widest point. Each early clip on mechanism is marked patent pending. No chips or missing rhinestones, both in excellent condition.     $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
Cool carved wood X stand that can be used for a variety of purposes but was most likely intended as a napkin holder. The quality of the wood and the carving is quite high, and we really like the look. It stands approximately 6.0" high and 8.0" wide when opened, and it's in excellent condition coming to you as part of a significant Hilton Head, SC estate. $18.00
photo 3
Very pretty vintage 1950s costume jewelry rhinestone cocktail ring with 8 light blue rhinestones surrounding a center faux pearl. The detailing on the metalwork is very fine and quite ornate, and the ring itself uses the open ring technique so that it will expand a bit to accomodate multiple finger sizes. Excellent condition. /22cp ON HOLD
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photo 5
Add some quack to your life with a super hand carved and painted set of wood ducks right off the shelf of a snowy Buffalo, NY farmhouse. The set consists of two larger ducks- 9.0" and 6.5" long- and a family of 5 smaller ducks each approximately 4.25" long. The realism and color, particularly on the 6.5" long duck and the family of smaller ducklings, is very strong and vibrant. All feature glass eyes to complement the hand carved and painted wooden bodies. They looked great on the shelf in Buffalo and are certain to look great in their new home- priced to sell!    $48.00/set of 7 ducks
photo 3
Pretty marked German Bavarian porcelain ashtray features gilt scrollwork and cigarette troughs plus the colorful and realistic depiction of the well known Dillenburg Wilhelm sturm (Dillenburg "William" Tower. In the years 1872 - 1875 the William tower ws built in Dillenburg with German-Netherlands support. With this tower, they wanted to establish William I. of Oranien, which was born in Dillenburg in 1533, as a lasting monument. A modern critic described the tower as a “mixture from romantic purpose computation with a monumental architectural basic idea”. Anyway, it's a nice example of older German porcelain tobacciana 3.5" in diameter, in very good condition, and marked on the back with the Bavarian marker's mark.     $16.00

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Enjoy four vintage die cast metal pencil sharpeners made in China for export to the U.S. market c 1960s -1970s that are very hard to find any more in this age of pens and computers. These are great to display as the casting has very good detail, but they also come in handy if your family is like most of ours and those pencils are still hanging around your house. This set of 4 features a kitchen and home decor theme and includes an old marked (impressed in the metal underneath) Durham Industries coffee grinder, spinning wheel (wheel and gear really turn), a home hearth fireplace with gun and accessories hanging above, and grandfather clock. All measure approximately 3" - 4" high and feature an antique finish, and they're in very good and working condition. $36.00/ set of 4
photo 3
This pretty embossed metal tray or ashtray is a commemorative souvenir of Jamestown, Virginia and clearly has a lot of age. We're uncertain exactly how old the piece is but it has a number of years of accumulated patina and usage. The embossed detail is quite crisp and precise and features sailing ships in the center and "Souvenir of Jamestown, Virginia 1607 embossed at top and bottom. It measures approximately 5.0" x 3.5" and is marked on the back 8/143/2-35.    $14.00
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