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Vintage Antique & Collectible Books, Magazines, Vinyl Records, Sheet Music, First Editions, Comic & Children's Books: Page 1

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An important and fascinating bit of history, Diana Princess of Wales: The Book of Fashion is full of color photographs of the princess, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and the royal family and friends by some of the world's most famous photographers. One of the more interesting things about the book isn't even the myriad photographs but rather "Diana's Fashion Diary" in the rear of the book, a day by day account from February 25, 1981 through October 6, 1983 of what Diana did, where she went, and a description of what she wore to each event. Each photograph also includes descriptive text about the occasion being photographed and a fashion description of Diana's outfit that designers and memorabilia collectors alike will cherish. Published in 1983 by Colour Library Books Ltd. of Surrey, England, it has accompanying text by Jane Owen and was produced by Ted Smart and David Gibbon and measures approximately 11.75" x 9.5". The book is retains its original paper cover and is in excellent condition.        $28.00
R001 It's a little tattered around the top and left edges, but this rare 1905 copy of Little Red Papoose is destined for a fine frame. From a time when Native American culture was depicted in a different manner than today, the cover art here signed Frew is a piece of history with the ornamental papoose leaning against the tree with the river and grove of trees in the background. The song is by Benjamin Hapgood Burt and was from the Broadway production of The Girl and The Bandit Co. and sung by George McFarlane. Originally costing 50 cents which was a lot of money at the time, the piece measures approximately 14.0" x 11.0" and is in good condition with some edge tears most severe on the left edge and top left corner and otherwise looking pretty good for 100 years old.       $22.00
R002 Give a gift to the one you love that will both surprise her and express your love in a unique way with these two vintage sheet music love songs "I Can Never Find Another Girl Like You" and "Close To My Heart." The first has words by Arthur Richards and music by Paul von Moltke, published in 1904 by Joseph Kaiser Music Publishing of New York and measuring approximately 13.5" x 10.75". This very early piece has several edge tears with 2 or 3 being greater than 1.0", not really seen when mounted in a frame as this piece is destined to be. Close To My Heart has words by Andrew Sterling and music by the well known Harry von Tilzer who was also the publisher of this 13.5" x 10.5" piece published in 1915. Close To My Heart is in very good condition. Both were signed by the original owner from whose estate they come.       $28.00/pr
R003 Rare December 2, 1963 Newsweek magazine commemorating John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 - 1963) and in excellent condition. This publication is the one that memorializes JFK right after his assassination, with special sections on The Day Kennedy Died, The Marxist Marine which profiles Lee Harvey Oswald, and the 36th U.S. President which profiled Lyndon B. Johnson. The JFK articles are also filled with pictures, and the rest of the magazine includes letters to the editor regarding the Beatles and great period advertisements for cars, tobacco, alcohol, office equipment, and more. A must have for any Kennedy collector, this vintage Newsweek magazine commemorating JFK is in very good condition with the original address label still affixed to the cover. It's part of an important estate collection of a vast trove of period John F. and Robert F. Kennedy memorabilia sold exclusively by Collectics. /22 SOLD
R004 Tales and songs of the old west trail sung sitting around the campfire plus Yankee Doodle and other well known folk songs can all be yours with this set of 3 Children's Record Guild recordings of favorite song collections. The records in this set include Around The Campfire (1950), Chisholm Trail (1948), and Yankee Doodle Dandy (c 1950). Many of your song favorites are included in this 3 record set and will delight your children: Yankee Doodle Dandy, Chisholm Trail, John Henry, Erie Canal, I Ride an Old Paint, Poor Lonesome Cowboy, Git Along Little Dogies, and many more. Each of the 3 records has a side 1 and side 2, and each record is in good or better condition with some minor scratches in a few places from playing them and all with the original paper covers. Each record measures approximately 9.75" in diameter and are etched by the factory on the inner ring of the record "CRG" plus the release number. Great for your children and as a vintage collectible from the mid 20th century at a bargain price to have fun!  /18 SOLD


photo 3

New listing for Flash Gordon collectors and comic book collectors from a major collection of Whitman Big and Better Little Books! Take your pick of rare original first edition Better Little Books of Flash Gordon In The Forest Kingdom of Mongo by Alex Raymond (425 pages, copyright 1937,1938) and Flash Gordon and the Perils of Mongo by Alex Raymond (425 pages, copyright 1937,1938,1940). Both books were published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin and measure 4.5" x 3.5". Both books are illustrated throughout with fabulous comic book style illustrations matching the story on almost every other page and feature inscriptions telling the story. The books are both in good condition with edges and spine showing normal moderate scuffing but completely intact and modest age- toning. While the books are tight, they are fragile as are most all of the Whitman Big and Better Little Books of this age.      



R006 The #1 published history of Nashville, Tennessee's Grand Ole Opry, with text by Jack Hurst and an introduction by Roy Acuff. This large hardback book measures 14.0" high and 10.5" wide and is quite literally filled with wonderful color and black & white photographs depicting the history of the Grand Ole Opry and the star entertainers who played there. Some pages even fold out to be even larger than the book itself. You'll find hundreds of vintage photographs throughout the entire history of the Opry music hall including Minnie Pearl, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold, Flatt, Scruggs, and the Foggy Mountain Boys, Grandpa Jones, Chet Atkins, Roy Acuff, Loretta Lynne, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, and many more. The book includes pages of music of some of the Opry's favorite traditional songs such as Just a Closer Walk with Thee, Turkey in the Straw, Cripple Creek, John Henry, and The Wreck of Old 97. Published in 1975 by Harry N. Abrams Publishers in New York City, the book is in excellent condition. It's really heavy and uses very high quality paper and finish, perfect for the coffee table of any country music fan!  /30 SOLD
R007 Magnificent, mint condition 1981 edition of The Prince and Princess of Wales' Wedding Day. Copyright 1981 by Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. of the U.K. This original soft cover souvenir book is full of full color photos on each of its 32 pages. On the inside front cover is "The Poet Laureate's Poem on the occasion of the Marriage of The Prince of Wales and The Lady Diana Spencer by Sir John Betjeman. Great condition original to 1981.      $18.00

Period Robert F. Kennedy Collector's Edition providing comprehensive coverage in text and photographs of Robert F. Kennedy's life, children, JFK / Jackie and the Kennedy family, and of course his assassination and funeral. Published in 1968 by M. F. Enterprises with publisher Myron Fass, the 66 page Robert Francis Kennedy Memorial Issue magazine includes sections on The Kennedy Curse, Jacqueline Kennedy- A Young Mother's Heartbreak, Kennedy Children- Beware, JFK's Death- A Warning of Tragedy, and features on Joseph Kennedy, Edward (Ted) Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and widows Jackie and Ethel. In excellent condition, this 8" x 11" magazine is a rare period collector magazine documenting RFK's death, life, and likely impact on the future. /18

R009 Outstanding graphics with vivid colors set this vintage 1912 sheet music When I Get You Alone Tonight apart from the pack and ready for a frame. The song, with words by Joe McCarthy and Joe Goodwin and music by well known music publisher Fred Fischer, is a tale of love with a whimsical twist that reflects the morales and tastes of the times. We love the front cover colors of orange and blue, rather less seen than other colors in turn of the century sheet music. The back cover features another song excerpt, Don't Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve, which star Lottie Gilson said "is my greatest first-night ballad success." The 14" x 11" sheet music was published in 1912 by Leo Feist in New York and is in good condition aside from some minor edge tears less than 0.5" and some minor spine separation but still completely intact. This would be great as a gift for a loved one presented in a nice frame, and it's bargain priced from the NY estate of a musician who worked on the Broadway stage.  /16 SOLD
R010 "One Night of Love", sung by Grace Moore and taken from the Columbia motion picture One Night Of Love. Words by Gus Kahn and Music by Victor Schertzinger. Published by Irving Berlin, Inc. 799 Seventh Ave., NY, NY. in 1934. The piece makes a great gift and can really send a message to the one you love, measuring approximately 12.25" x 9.0" and in excellent condition with only very minor age discoloration. Pretty lady from the 1930s for a real period memento from a great show.       $8.00
R011 Fun and whimsical as a gift for your loved one, "Something Seems To Tell Me I'm In Love With You" can really send a message! The 13.5" x 10.5" piece was published by Jerome H. Remick & Co. in 1906 and is an early use of color and inset photography, in this case of Maude Earl, on the cover. It's got a great stylized look with the fruit tree silhouetted against the night sky, and the photo contrasted with the caricature on the right. The piece has words by Harry Williams and music by Egbert Van Alstyne, and it's in very good condition with minor 0.75" spine separation at the bottom and one 0.5" edge tear on the right.  $14.00
R012 Mint condition Jackie Gleason "Music for Lovers Only". The condition of the cover insert and record is excellent. It is by Capitol records (#W 352). Produced by Richard Jones and featuring trumpeter Bobby Hackett. The plastic on the outside cover is still intact, but opened. Don't miss it! /12 SOLD
R013 A great gift for any sheet music collector or Rose in your life, "My Beautiful Rose" was written by Jack Whitt with music by Jack Smith. It's got a great color litho of a beautiful woman's face emerging from a rose flower on the front cover, one of the most clever and sentimental sheet music covers from this period we've seen in several years. the inset photo is of "Mr. Chick"- no, don't ask us as we don't have a clue. Published in 1912 by Joseph M. Daly Music Publishers of Boston, MA, the 13.75" x 10.75" piece is in very good condition with very minor spine separation and minimal age wear to the interior pages, none of which will make a difference since this piece is destined for a fine frame. The cover art has great color retention and was done by well known turn of the 20th century cover artist E. Peiffer of New York, part of a major early 20th century sheet music collection exclusive to Collectics. /18 SOLD
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Rare 1844 2 volume (in one book) copy of well known early etiquette book Conseils A Ma Fille (Advice To My Daughter) by J.-N. Bouilly was published in Brussels (Bruxelles) in French "chez tous les libraires" (for all libraries). The 5.0" x 3.25" book is in very good condition and has a handwritten inscription inside the front cover "To her son" and noting that the book "belonged to your dear mother". The leather binding is in very good condition too given the age, with de minimius separation beginning to appear and minimal age wear throughout. The 194 pages are near pristine given the age with no tears. As an added bonus, we found a handwritten note inside the book that is a series of personal invitations from Ms. Charlotte Randall to others, dated March 10, 1928, inviting them to a Valentine Day party in Missoula, Montana. Priced well below the rare and antique bookseller price for quick sale!    $85.00
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If you're a cheese lover or know someone who is, you'll certainly enjoy Fugue Au Pays De Gruyere with some wonderful illustrations and photographs of the Gruyere countryside. The book is fascinating in that all the text is in 3 languages- French, German, and English! It was published in conjunction with Nestle, for in this country the young Alexandre Cailler built his chocolate factory in 1898 where he found a quality of milk which was ideal for making the best chocolate and of course cheese. Included are histories of the region as well as the art of making cheese, accompanied by insider photos of places, lifestyle, and techniqes of making cheese that few have seen. The book measures approximately 11.75" wide and 8.5" high, and it's in excellent condition.       $18.00
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Rare, near mint condition 1907 sheet music of Cowperthwait Centennial March, with words and music by Abe Holzmann and published by and complements of well known early New York City department store Cowperthwait & Sons for their 100th anniversary 1807 to 1907. This piece is begging for a frame on the wall, with the title and whimsical cover art depicting "Our Century Plant Is In Bloom" a perfect representation of the early 20th century dynamic. Cowperthwait & Sons was founded in 1807 and grew along with New York City "to supply household requisites to all classes of homes as they multiplied over and over." It was one of the earliest stores to actively cater to and serve the black population in NY from its Harlem store on 125th St. and from which this piece came. The back cover also notes that "liberal credit is granted without extra charge, while cash purchasers receive a ten per cent discount. Prices are moderate and are marked in plain figures on each tag." Appealing to march and militaria collectors as well as sheet music and advertising collectors, it measures 14.0" x 11.0" and comes to you by way of a major Tryon, NC estate full of the rarest sheet music and offered at a price to sell fast. $24.00
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Get ready to vamp with Eddie Cantor's big song hit Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm In Love from the 1923 Ziegfeld Follies, with words by Olson and Johnson and music by Ernest Breuer. This piece is a great example of why vintage sheet music is so widely collectible, with an inset photo of Eddie Cantor coupled with the Art Deco style cover graphics makes this a great little decorative object for your home when mounted in a nice frame. The Ziegfeld Follies were a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway in New York City from 1907 through 1931. Promotional artwork for the Ziegfeld Follies were inspired by the Folies Bergères of Paris, and the Broadway version of the Ziegfeld Follies were conceived and mounted by Florenz Ziegfeld. This vintage sheet music was published by Waterson Berlin & Snyder of New York City in 1923, and it's in very good condition in near perfect condition with only a 0.25" edge tear on cover. It measures 12.0" x 9.0" and is part of a major consignment of finer vintage sheet music from the mountains outside Asheville, NC.   $22.00

inside page sample

Very hard to find Dan Dunn and Tom Beatty first edition detective stories from a major collection of Whitman Publishing Books! Included in this offering are 4 original first edition detective story books published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin. This set includes 4.5" x 3.5" 425 page Big Little Book Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48 and the Crime Master (copyright 1937), Better Little Book book 4.5" x 3.5" 425 page Dan Dunn Secret Operative 48 and the Border Smugglers (copyright 1938), Big Little Book 4.5" x 3.5" 425 page Tom Beatty Ace of The Service Scores Again (copyright 1937), and the original 250 page 5.5" x 4.75" Whitman book Tom Beatty Ace of the Service (copyright 1934). All these books are illustrated throughout with fabulous 1930's comic book style art illustrating the story. The books are all in good condition with edges and spine showing normal moderate scuffing but completely intact with no page tears and modest age- toning. While the books are all tight, they are fragile as are most of the Whitman Big Little Books of this age. You can easily pay $75 or more for any of these books by themselves at a used bookstore- great as a gift for any collector or lover of detective stories!       $135.00/set of 4
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Magazine from 1936 depicting Claudette Colbert and Lucky Strike.  This item measures 13.5" long and 10.5" wide. It is in very nice condition other than a very small tear to left which would be hidden when framed. Claudette was very popular in the 30's and pieces showing famous stars smoking cigarettes are great for framing and collecting.       $22.00
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We get lots of request for vintage airplane and aerospace books and memorabilia, so we were quite happy when this book The Flier's World by James Gilbert came to us as part of a major Los Angeles, CA estate consignment. Filled with information as well as color and black & white photographs, any airplane afficianado or collector is going to love this very hard to find 1976 first edition. The book covers the history of aviation including private aviation, military aviation, and commercial aviation. We particularly enjoyed the vintage photographs of planes like the Concorde supersonic jet, a Pan Am Boeing 747, and the many military jets and private planes and gliders that fill the book. Author James Gilbert has flown more than 100 kinds of aircraft and is well known for books and articles on flying in the U.S. and Europe. Feature sections include First Solo, Beginnings, How a Plane Flies, Air Space, Aerobatics, Destinations, On Silent Wings, Racing, Home Built Airplanes, Multi-engine Airplanes, Air Force Jets, and This is Your Captain which details operations on the flight deck of a 747. A Ridge Press Book published by Grosset & Dunlap, the 11.0" x 8.75" 252 page book is in excellent condition and includes the original paper cover- great as a gift!   $35.00
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