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New listing! Classic vintage American eagle brass pin with inset American flag starts and stripes in a sheild that fronts the eagle. Very finely detailed, the pin measures approximately 1.5" wide x 0.75" high and is in very good condition and could be polished if you so desire- we wouldn't. It's a great way to show your patriotism and support by wearing this vintage patriotic pin that's sure to generate questions and comments.    $35.00
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Antique 18th century or early 19th century pewter teapot is a rare find and has that classic Queen Ann shape that is so desired by antique pewter and metalware collectors. The hinged top has the shape and detail that dealers look for with antique pewter, and the handle is finely wrought and retains most of the original finish. It's fully and completely marked with maker and touch hallmarks, and shape, craftsmanship, and markings are consistent with period works of the 18th century. The crafted metal handle is shaped and is consistent with 18th century works rather than the more common 19th century pieces. While the piece looks great from one side, there is a lower crack approximately 0.75" along the bottom edge of the other side, and the bottom ring near there has also been repaired. Given the value of this piece without the crack, you could either have it professionally repaired cost effectively or enjoy it as is since the crack is hard to see along the bottom. It measures approximately 7.25" high, 4.5" in diameter at the widest point (not including the handles), and 8.0" long from handle to spout. Great opportunity to own an 18th century pewter teapot affordably but with great eye appeal! Super bargain priced to sell fast; cross listed on Silver & Pewter 2.     $65.00
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photo 4
Old and marked cast iron metal Bailey Standard doorstop will keep your door open no matter how heavy or windy conditions may be. It's an interesting and functional design, great for a country or early American home look in interior design home decor. It's very heavy and marked raised in the metal Bailey Standard, direct from a snowy Vermont log cabin home. $48.00
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Highly attractive and with a great sound, these solid brass Bells of Sarna India bells can bring your crowd to the dinner table, the children in from outdoors, and they can also double as candleholders with a convenient top hole and rounded drip catch surface. All in all, a very clever design that's made beautiful by the intricate leaf etching in the brass which covers all the surfaces of this terrific pair of bells. Each bell is marked on the interior "Bells of Sarna India 4761" and have the original ringer. Each is in excellent condition and measures approximately 6.875" high and 3.25" in diameter at the widest point.      $55.00

Old iron three pot plant holder for the wall. Nice hand working in the metal, and good scrolling and leaf detail in the design. The piece is large at approximately 29.5" high and about 12" wide at the widest points. The rings for holding the pots are approximately 4.5" in diameter. Very good condition, all original patina, and a tiny bit of rust at the joints that really should be left alone. Direct from a large upstate Connecticut country estate.     $42.00

Hand hammered aluminum covered dish with glass insert is extremely hard to find and highly desirable for collectors and for great cooks. We all totally love the hand hammered look here at Collectics, and this covered cookware features hand hammering on the body and lid of the piece. The handle rings on the side add some extra design flair, but what's most uncommon about this piece is the glass lining insert which is divided into two distinct compartments to keep foods separate. It's great to heat or serve two types of vegetables, for example, and the fit of the glass inner mold as well as the covered top is extremely snug and secure. It's in very good and all original condition with some very modest minor surface scratching from use and age, and it measures approximately 9.5" in diameter and stands 6.0" high with the lid on. /38 SOLD
M006 Pretty solid copper screw on earrings which have the realistic look of four leaf clovers and whose copper sheen really catches the eye. Each copper earrings measures approximately 1.375" x 1.25" and are in great condition, part of a large Houston, TX estate collection.    $18.00
M007 Right from an old Connecticut estate and c.1950s, this is a bronze metal depiction of Abraham Lincoln mounted on a wood plaque. This piece is 14" high by 9.5 wide, and it's in very good condition given the age. This highly detailed rendering of Abraham Lincoln would complement any office, library or study! /45 SOLD

New listing! Set of 4 diecast vintage pencil sharpeners with super detailing in the casting and design not to mention quite useful to sharpen pencils if your family is anything like ours. Part of a major California estate collection of diecast metal pencil sharpers in an amazing variety of designs- many of which we didn't even know existed- this set features mechanical designs and things that move! The set includes a very rare long haul 18 wheeler truck (x" x x" and x" high), train locomotive (x" x x" and x" high), antique car (x" x x" and x" high), and farm tractor (x" x x" and x" high). All 4 are in very good condition with some minimal surface wear from age and all original, unpolished patina. These are quite high quality and not your dime store trinket- the wheels move, the pencil sharpener is cleverly hidden, and the train is particularly cool in how the rear hatch opens on a hinge to reveal the pencil sharpener within. It's a great set and very hard to find, great to start a collection or contribute to an existing collection. It's very hard any more to find these vintage diecast pencil sharpeners and they're sure not to last long on the site. /48 SOLD
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Create a welcoming coastal theme for your home with this well done metal Welcome sign! It's a nicely crafted piece, with great details, hand painting, and fabrication that gives the sign a three dimensional look. Theme depictions include a large beach umbrella in pink and green, a sandy beach with a bucket and life preserver, and a super lighthouse in the background rising up into the sky. The Welcome sign hangs below, connected by a chain, and the entire piece measures approximately 13.0" high and 12.0" wide. It's in excellent condition, right off the wall of a Charleston, SC waterfront home and bargain priced; cross listed on Misc. 1.     $24.00

Impressive black metal wine rack, with an intricate design and ready to hold 14 bottles of your best white or red wine in high style. It's very well crafted and is in whole or in part hand done, and it's a nice convenient size that you can place almost anywhere, measuring approximately 24.0" high, 14.0" wide, and 9.25" deep. We like the tubular design to hold the wine bottles and mirror their curves with the contrasting side decoration that gives the piece a completed look and some additional flair. Direct from a Denver, Colorado snowy mountaintop estate, this is a real beauty and an interesting and functional design addition to any room of your home. It's in excellent condition, and don't forget the free shipping within the continental U.S. /85

M011 Very nice black cast iron American eagle vintage bookends feature strong feather detail and a very rich and intricate design. The eagle looks to the side as wings are spread, perfect along with their substantive weight for holding a large row of books. From a Hilton Head, SC beachfront estate, this pair of eagle bookends is in excellent condition, measuring approximately 6.75" high, 5.0" wide, and 1.75" deep. /75 SOLD
M012 Great trio of older metal drawer handles with brass finish measuring approximately 3.5" long and 2.5" tall. One has a small rust spot on the bottom.     SOLD

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Two ship and sailing theme vintage metal pencil sharpeners can be yours as part of an El Paso, Texas estate collection of collectible pencil sharpeners consigned exclusively to Collectics. These nicely detailed pencil sharpeners were made in China and exported to the U.S. back in the days when sharpening one's pencil was the most common precursor to writing, especially for school children. These are heavy and substantial, not a modern plastic reproduction, and both are in excellent condition. Each measures approximately 3.75" long and 3.0" high and are still in great working condition. Great as a gift for nautical or ship collectors or a whimsical gift for your own children to keep as a keepsake. Priced to sell! $18.00/set of 2

New listing! Very fine and old pair of figural statues that have excellent detail and would look great on any shelf or mantle. Right out of a Darien, CT riverfront estate of a former antiques dealer, these are formed from white metal and have all original patina. We particularly like the one figure holding the goose he's apparently shot while out in the field, and both figures have one hand raised which makes them a nicely matched pair on a shelf or mantle. We are unsure whether these may have been newel posts at one time, for the metal bottom is different from what we usually see in these works from the turn of the century but actually better. While they definitely show signs of age especially on the bases, both statues are in good condition and measure approximately 16.0" high on a base 6.25" in diameter. Bargain priced for quick sale! /165     SOLD
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Super design machine age mid-century modern set of 4 pewter wine glasses with the angular form of machine age Art Deco, each glass measuring approximately 6.0" high and 1.75" in diameter. The machined stem on this set is rounded, providing the contrast with the conical shape of the drinking vessel atop the stem. Each of the set of 4 glasses is in excellent condition and is marked on the bottom with an inscribed "H", direct from a Taos, New Mexico estate collection of mid-century design.     $38.00/ set of 4
M016 Fun set of 3 metal bells, solid brass and each with a distinctive, soothing ring. The set of 3 includes a fascinating and ornate decorated bell 3.25" high in a unique shape, most likely of Far Eastern origin, a commemorative souvenir bell from Wonder Cave in Tennessee 2.5" high, and an interesting heart bell 5.0" high. Of particular note is the Eastern bell with the unusual shape featuring a bottom of metal prongs and an ornately decorated side and top, the cut heart inserts in the heart bell, and the souvenir bell from Wonder Cave, just outside of Pelham, Tennessee in Grundy County, remembers a site discovered in 1897 by three Vanderbilt students and where you can still see abandoned moonshine stills inside the cave. Great for a bell collector or just to eclectically accessorize your kitchen or dining area and priced to sell fast. /32 SOLD
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Beautiful nautical metal sculpture by California metalwork studio Curtis Jere Design. It's a fun, whimsical design of the seagull swooping down to the ship's wheel with harbor bell hanging beneath, and the slatted wood base is a perfect complement to add further realism to the dynamic work full of motion. The rear of the sculpture is mared with the C. Jeri copyright metal tab, and the bottom retains its original paper label from Artisan House of Los Angeles. It points out that Mr. Jere, who is a California multi-media sculptor, works in bronze, copper, brass, and steel. This hand crafted sculpture has a patina and finish designed to become lovelier with age. From what we can see, it would appear the objective has been met and is offered on consignment as part of a major New York City estate.     $135.00



Your choice of two vintage selections of metalware for your drawer or your shelf, both in excellent and original condition. 1 Nice set of 2 copper drawer pulls, with a hand hammered and worked look and with all the original hardware. These have such a great look they'll literally "make" a featured drawer in your home, and the back of the mounting plate is marked with an "A" in a circle and the number 409-2. 2 Fun bear and panther black metal whimsies, both with terrific detail right down to the fur texture and in excellent condition. The panther / tiger measures approximately 1.0" high and 3.25" long, while the bear measures approximately 2.5" long and 1.25" high.    



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Very nice hammered and etched vintage aluminum bowl for flowers is raised on a pedastel base and features flowing irregular edges to go with the great vintage aluminum design. There are molded flowers and leaves with very strong detail on the bottom of the bowl, and there is also great surface decoration on the entire outside surface of the bowl. The center raised area is designed to hold some water and flowers to make for a nice floral display and a super look with the contrast of the hammered aluminum. This vintage aluminum piece measures approximately 10.5" in diameter and stands 4.0" high, and it's in outstanding condition. $24.00
photo 3
New listing! Mid 20th century "Decorator Styled Souvenir Tray or Wall Plaque" along with 6 coasters that could also be used as wall plaques, all commemorating the state of Louisiana. This is a really fun commemorative set in mint condition never used, and all still in the original packaging. We were particularly impressed by the detail and quality of the lithography on this vintage metalware, including most every major and minor city in Louisiana along with many of the state's landmarks including the Sugar Bowl stadium, LSU university, state capital, and various other animals and attractions native to different parts of the state. The state flower in the upper corner adds color and flair to the gold on black color scheme. The large tray is approximately 11.0" in diameter while each of the 6 coasters are 3.5" in diameter. Great as a gift for anyone from Louisiana, it's cross listed on Memorabilia 2.    $26.00/set
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