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1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s Vintage, Retro & Midcentury Modern Home Decor, Furnishings, Memorabilia, Jewelry, and Fashion: Page 2

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Fun 1960s beaded purse, colorful and very artistically designed and executed with its combination of contrasting beadwork set against a black background and including such nice vintage touches as the fringe on the bottom. The body of the purse measures approximately 10.0" wide and 9.5" high when flat, and it has a draw string closure with two side loops which are pulled out to close the purse. It has strong, vibrant colors in the beadwork, with beads in the colors red, yellow, green blue, black, orange, cream, and white. The purse is in excellent condition, part of a Miami Beach, FL estate collection.    $55.00
photo 3
photo 4
Two fun 60's tin pins can be yours in this new listing! One pin is a hand painted gigantic tin sunflower with white petals and yellow center. The size of this piece coupled with the large number of flower petals curving down and out from the center is really eye catching, and the colors make it cheery and perfect for the spring and summer. It measures a full 3.0" in diameter and makes a serious fashion accessory statement. The second pin is a nice black and white example of a vintage tin pin, the colors desirable for collectors who also like to wear this classic black & white look. It has a nice effect of pollen buds in the center of its 2.75" total diameter, and we love the contrast between black and white and the way the black petals form a background effect because of their placement below the curving upper white petals. Both pins are in very good condition and come to you direct from an important Saddle River, NJ estate collection of vintage costume jewelry from the mid century. You'll love these two pins and as well as their bargain price!     $35.00/ set of 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Superb 1960s Murano Italian glass bowl or ashtray in a very hard to find color combination and featuring a mid century 1950s & 1960s shade of blue glass encasing a swirl pattern interior glass. The irregular folds of the glass give this piece a lot of added flair to go along with the great contrast of the blue outer glass and swirl glitter glass of the interior. The piece can be used as a candy or nut dish or as an ashtray as you so desire, and it measures approximately 11.0" x 8.0" and stands 3.75" high. We think it would be a shame not to display this piece in an area of prominence in your home. It's in excellent condition with no chips or damage, direct from a Phoenix, Arizona estate collection consigned exclusively to Collectics. Cross listed on Glass 2. $48.00

If you want a great surprise gift for any collector of John F. Kennedy and Kennedy memorabilia, you'll love this special collection of period very early 1960s magazines featuring articles on a very young Caroline Kennedy. These were some of the very first profiles on Caroline- most did not start to appear until 1963-4 so these are quite rare. Included are 1. May 15, 1961 Newsweek magazine with the "Caroline in the White House" feature reporting on "the high jinks of the White House's 3 year old resident and color photo on the cover) and 2. The August 1961 Good Housekeeping magazine with "My Happy Life with 17 Kennedy Babies" by the "First Family's Favorite Nurse" on the front cover and 3. The June 1961 Redbook magazine with cover article "The Delightful World of Caroline Kennedy", a "First-hand report on the First Family's biggest little problem". We love some of the charts included such as that of all the 17 Kennedy kids being cared for by their nurse and a series of photos with Jacqueline Kennedy playing with the kids. They're all filled with text and photos that any 60s JFK or Kennedy collector will love. The magazines are also great for their period 1960s vintage advertising including super ads for cigarettes and beer for tobacciana and breweriana collectors. There's also an added bonus feature in one magazine on the BF Goodrich space suit used in the US space exploration program that would be great in itself for any space or moon program collector. While we thought these magazines with Caroline feature stories were extra special and particularly hard to find, you'll find some other early 1960s memorabilia on JFK and the Kennedy clan on the Memorabilia and Bargains pages. All are in very good condition with de minimus age wear; cross listed on Bargains 1 and priced to sell fast!  /32 SOLD
F025 Superb mid 20th century vintage glitter lucite purse, very hard to find glitter lucite with tints of gold body coupled with a clear and deep carved lucite top and interesting rope pattern lucite handle. It's really a stunning piece that screams 1950s & 1960s design, and the rectangular body gives the interior of the purse plenty of room for real world use. It opens to reveal a clean, pristine interior, and the entire handbag is in very condition and all original. We particularly like the complementing brass ball clasp that keeps the purse nice and secure, so this is one you'll be proud to display and show your friends but also won't hesitate to take it out to the grocery store. It also has the original 4 ball feet that makes it nicer to lay on the table than the lucite body only. The purse measures approximately 8.25" wide, 4.0" deep, and 4.0" high not including the lucite handle which rises another 4.5" from the top of the purse. This lucite purse comes to you direct from a major Los Angleles, CA estate consignment of the finest vintage bakelite and lucite handbags exclusive to Collectics. Cross listed on Bakelite & Lucite 2.  /235 SOLD
F026 Terrific 1960s gold confetti glitter lucite serving platter with leaves that is so eye catching that the people here all gathered around to see it and hold it when it just came in on consignment. It's a really eye catching design, combining the super look of gold confetti with the durability of lucite plastic in a serving platter with 3 distinct sections that won't break and will hold up for many years to come. This one deserves to be displayed when not in use, and it's a very large, hard to find size at approximately 15.0" in diameter and in excellent condition. /38 SOLD
F027 Classic large size 1960s poster of the comedian Dick Gregory "On Poppy", one of the pioneers of socially aware humor during the days of drugs, free love, flower power and anti- Vietnam War sentiment in America. The print is colorful and vibrant, evoking the sixties in the psychedelic imagery of Gregory's face. It's in good condition with one minor tear 0.25" long on the bottom edge, a few staple holes in the corners, and minor paper wrinkles at the top center. It's perfect for a frame and desirable for any 60s collector, measuring approximately 35.5" high and 24.0" wide. Designed by Milton Glaser and so marked in the top right corner.  /30 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Hard to find matched vintage marked Sarah Coventry flower pin and earrings set from the 50s or 60s with a great look for spring and summer. All hand painted, three colors are used in this set to capture the green leaves, white flower petals, and the yellow center. The layering of the tin leaves and petals gives the pin in particular a nice 3 dimensional effect, and it's rather eye catching to have the smaller version of the same flowers hanging on your ears to go along with the complements the pin itself is sure to generate. Sarah Coventry, Inc., was founded in Newark, NJ, in October, 1953, named after granddaughter Sarah of the founder of Emmons Home Fashion Company Charles H. Stuart. True to their roots, much Sarah Coventry jewelry for both men and women was sold at home fashion shows until the mid 1980s when new owners moved to a more corporate and traditional distribution network. The pin is nice and large at a full 3.0" in diameter, and each of the clip on earrings measures 1.25" in diameter. The backs of the two earrings are marked c Sarah Cov on the clip.    $38.00/ pin and earrings
F029 Super swirl glass vase is all hand blown glass and really evokes the striking look of the 1950s and 1960s and is a lot more eye catching than most anything you can buy today. We particularly love the colors of this cute little vase, rich colors of red and amber in a swirling design that winds down the entire surface perimeter of the vase. It has a nicely irregular top edge for added flair, and it's in mint condition. It's also a nice size suitable for a variety of uses, standing approximately 4.0" high and 3.25" in diameter, right to the site from a Hilton Head, SC beachfront home. /32 SOLD
F030 One of the most unique 50s trays we've had in quite a while, this interesting tray features richly glazed ceramic tiles all with nautical fish and ocean themes surrounding a larger center tile of a fish comprised of 4 distinct tiles. The tiles are all inset into a type of concrete base, adding texture and depth to the work. Look closely at the ceramic tiles framing the center rectangular fish and you will find a few turtles, starfish, and coral that all really add to the design flair of this vintage kitchen collectible. Direct from a major Malibu, California estate collection of mid-century design, this super midcentury ceramic tile serving tray is in excellent condition and measures approximately 9.5" x 7.25". /32 SOLD



Take your pick of two sets of vintage bakelite clip on earrings, round butterscotch bakelite earrings or triangular green bakelite earrings offset with a circular interior. Both are vintage bakelite- no reproductions- and feature gold clip on clasps that are nice and secure. Bakelite earrings are extremely popular and very difficult to find, great to collect, wear, and to give as a gift.

1 $32.00

2 $36.00

F032 This super cute handmade 1950's style pink poodle skirt will look terrific on your American Girl, Just Present, Magic Attic, Correlle, Gotz, or any other collectible 18" play doll. The pink satin material and the felt poodle appliqué sets the 50's mood and makes your doll happy too! Great as a gift to any young girl-- or the older girl in you. See other hand made doll outfits on the Dolls & Crafts pages.   $18.00

photo 3
photo 4

Very nice, hard to find enamel on copper bracelet from the 1950s / 1960s features an abstract mosaic pattern and glitter copper effect to make the piece extremely eye catching. Each of the 6 smaller copper discs graduate down in size from the large center copper disc that forms the top and highlight of the bracelet when worn. Each copper plate is connected via two metal links to make it nice and secure, and you'll love the colors and precision of the enamel decoration on each segment of this vintage enamel on copper bracelet. All of the work appears to be completely hand made, and it's in excellent and all original condition measuring approximately 7.0" in length. $55.00
F034 1950s "Chandelier" crystal clip on earrings are intricately made and dangle appearlingly from the ear. the faceted crystals hang from two gold metal supports, and a crystal flower decorates the top clip and hides it from view. These could be altered for pierced ears as well if you so desire. Each dangles to a length of approximately 3.0" and is in excellent condition.      $30.00
photo 3
Mint condition, vintage 1950s sheer silk black scarf with a highly detailed and colorful floral embroidery in the lower left corner. A pretty dramatic contrast with silk that you see today, this piece is so delicate and sheer that it was near impossible to photograph properly. The origin is uncertain but believed to be European given the tight weave and detail in the red and purple flowers and leaves that really add flair to this scarf. In excellent condition, it measures approximately 32.0" x 22.0" and the flowers occupy a corner approximately 4.5" x 4.5".   $24.00
F036 Whimsical Pyrex green "Crazy Daisy" covered casserole dish in mint condition, measuring approximately 10.25" x 7.0" and 3.0" high (not including the cover). Pyrex ovenware is great to look at and sturdy and durable to use, bringing the ruggedness of restaurantware into your home. The color and particularly the side swirl decoration is right out of the 1950s, and the casserole dish is properly marked on the bottom 043 1 1/2 Qt. Pyrex Made in USA 11. Cross listed on Kitchenware 1.      SOLD

You're guaranteed to love the look of these midcentury set of 6 plastic bangles that combine vibrant colors with clear lucite to create a super retro hippie look. Wear all 6 of them all together, wear 3 on each wrist, or just wear one - whatever your fashion preference, these retro bangle bracelets are sure to make a design statement. We particularly like the contrast of the vivid colors with the clear lucite, for it's that contrast that really makes these unique and stand out. Each bangle measures approximately 2.75" internal diameter and 3.5" to the outer edge, and they're all in great condition, part of a Ft. Lauderdale, FL estate collection of vintage plastic jewelry and accessories. Cross listed on Bakelite & Lucite 1. 65 SOLD

photo 4
photo 5
Direct from the estate of an advertising company executive in Columbus, Ohio, these are selections of his hand drawn original artwork for advertisements and signs all throughout the Midwest and beyond. All are hand drawn and hand colored on very thin artist tracing paper, and in some cases they have been mounted on cardboard. The paper itself is very delicate, and in most cases there are tears and age wear to the artist paper but which often does not extend to the drawing itself, and most are ready for a frame. The condition varies and is noted in parentheses following each description, but in all cases the quality of the artwork and the whimsical ways he deals with the business themes shows someone at the top of his profession. Most date to the middle of the 20th century and evoke the scenes and spirit of that time. This set of 3 includes a terrific Drive-in Banking ad for the First National Bank of East Liverpool, where "it's our pleasure to interest you" and they have "ample parking" (very good condition unmounted artist paper with minor edge tears not affecting the drawn area and measuring approximately 20.5" x 7.5"), Timberlane's Motor Inn "Coming Soon to Salem!" and "Now serving the finest in food and cocktails" (unmounted artist paper in fair condition with some edge tears, age discoloration, and some taped areas where the artist was working and changing- measuring approximately 18.25" x 7.75"), and Golden Star Milk "Reaching for the Best" (good condition, unmounted paper hand drawn and colored measuring approximately 21.0" x 9.0" with some minor spotting). One of the most interesting things about this trove of vintage advertising original artist drawings is the chance to see how the artist worked, drew, and changed his ideas and renderings as he developed the concept for the ad.     $32.00/ set of 3
photo 3
photo 4
Two more fun 1960's tin pins can be yours in this new listing! One pin is a brown floral tin pin that has very good workmanship in the elaborate contruction which combines raised and sharply curved tin forming the pollen cluster and flower petals that emanate out from the center but are angled to make for a particularly 3D effect. It measures a full 2.5" in diameter. The second pin is a striking red tin flower pin that's guaranteed to draw looks with any fashion outfit. The addition of the sharply curved red flower stem is a nice touch that you don't characteristically see in vintage 50s and 60s tin pins. It measures approximately 2.25" in diameter, and we love the color and shape of this piece. Both pins are in very good condition and come to you direct from an important Saddle River, NJ estate collection of vintage costume jewelry from the mid century. You'll love these two pins and as well as their bargain price.     $35.00/ set of 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
This super cool vintage sixties purse with clear plastic beads, lime green silk liner, and rare beaded strap closure with metal clasp is that rare 1960s design that's become very hard to find anymore and with soaring prices when you do. The reason is the look and the intricacy of the beadwork, for it's just as stylish today in the 21st century as it was when it was manufactured in the middle of the last century. It's a nice size for regular daily use and has a zippered inner compartment, and the colorful beads and design are sure to elicit complements. It's sure to make a design statement and measures approximately 8.5" wide, 3.0" deep, and 6.75" high not including the twin matching beaded handles which rise another 5.0". It's in very good condition and comes to you direct from a major Miami Beach, FL estate collection of mid-century design; cross listed on Accessories 1.    $135.00
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