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A021 New listing! Large and amazing hand crafted metal wall sculpture featuring a butterfly among the leaves and branches is a really fascinating work of art guaranteed to add flair and a conversation piece to any wall in your home. This metalware artwork is extraordinary, with amazing craftsmanship and a size that will get jaws dropping from any visitors to a home or office where this is mounted- a full 57.0" x 32.0". The entire artwork is hand crafted in metal and features the enamel butterfly whose rich blue color makes is stand out so dramatically from the rest of the work. The butterfly itself is of modest size, at 2.5" x 3.0", but it's the color and the contrast of the enamel with the brass leaves that really makes it a highlight of the piece. This superb example of wall art is in excellent and all original condition, right off the wall of a Dallas, Texas estate home. /145 SOLD
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photo 8
Very finely done oil painting of a serene early evening village scene set against the banks of a small river and evoking a European feel. We love the cool warm blue colors that dominate this painting, and the artsit's technique is quite interesting in contrasting rectangles of paint application done with putty knife type tools as seen in the water with fine, elongated brush strokes that comprise the sky. It's a visually very appealing work that is a perfect complement to most any home decor, and the colors of blued, grays, reds, and yellows with white highlights are very vibrant and exude a calming feeling. The painting is artist signed in the top right corner by Tom Abram, and it's very nicely framed in a wood frame with a black band that really sets off the painting- framed by Grand Central Artists Materials in New York City and retaining their original paper label on the rear. The canvas and frame are both in very good condition, and framed the piece measures approximately 27.5" x 23.5". Priced to sell, it comes to you right off the wall of a major Greenwich, CT horse country estate; cross listed on Bigger Ticket 1. $475.00

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photo 8

New listing! Super set of 4 antique early color lithograph French postcards c 1906 depicting 4 couples in the fashions of the times. These are French in origin, and bear the inscription of the Carte Postale along with addresses and a brief note. Each of these 4 antique postcards has the rich colors and the highly detailed printing for which this era is well known, part of a major estate collection of antique and vintage postcards from around the world. Two of the postcards have original French 1906 stamps that may have significant value themselves along with French and U.S. 1906 postmarks. Each postcard also has either a French or English address and note, and one note is particularly interesting- "I received your lovely letter a long time ago. I would not write before for many good reasons. Please, excuse me. Mathilda. Love and kisses. "Me". Each card measures approximately 5.25" x 3.5" and is in very good condition. Great for a frame and makes an interesting and unique gift and conversation piece for any postcard collector or just an art lover! Cross listed on Memorabilia 2. $32.00/ set of 4
A024 Very finely done original lithograph c. 1903 by well known illustrator Howard Chandler Christy (1873-1952) "Looking Backwards", a portrait piece very indicative of his most famous work in the early 1900s. Christy appeared regularly in magazines through 1905. At right is a rather tentative two-color cover for the January 1900 issue of The Ladies Home Journal. The early 1900's were a period of intense effort. His work appeared in more and more books and in all the major magazines of the day - Harpers, Scribner's, Century, McClures, etc. Christy was also known for his gift book formats, large format books with lush illustrations including The American Girl and The Christy Girl, both done in 1906. This lithograph was copyrighted by Charles Scribner & Sons in 1903, most likely artwork done for their magazine, and was printed by A. Grignard of New York. Across the bottom of the print are the marks for Charles Scribner & Sons, the copyright date, A. Grignard, title Looking Backwards, and signed & dated 1903 by Howard Chandler Christy. The work is housed in a nice period frame, measures approximately 22.0" x 19.0", and is in very good condition; cross listed on Bigger Ticket 2. /325     SOLD

photo 3

photo 3

Another fun pair of signed Gelakooska prints of a fire truck and a train engine, perfect for a children's room. The whimsical fire truck engine #12 is ready for speed and action with its ladders and hoses at the ready, floor gear shift rising in the open air cab, and it's colorful and vibrant in its coloring with red, blue, and yellow as the dominant colors set against a green background. The equally whimsical railroad train engine, also #12, is similarly colored with red, purple, orange, yellow, and acqamarine set against a white background. Both prints are framed in simple wood frames and are in very good condition, measuring approximately 14.75" x 11.75". Both prints are signed in the lower right Gelakooska and come direct from a major Los Angeles, CA estate collection of mid-century; cross listed on Toys & Sports 2.      $65.00/pair

photo 5
photo 6

Hard to find vintage framed bird needlepoints came right off the shelf of a snowy Vermont country estate and is ready for a new home. Collectors and bird enthusiasts love the use of hand craftsmanship to depict the colorful and detailed birds they love. The hand sewing in this style allows for subtle color variations in the bird in the way the art is stitched, and whoever created these two had a good eye for detail and how to merge colors through thread work. Each of these 2 bird needlepoints is mounted in a wood frame 8.0" x 6.0", and both are in excellent and original condition except that one of the wood frames has a makeshift backing which you can replace if desired.


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back of plates
certificate of authenticity

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Almost impossible to find full set of 12 months in the Bradford Exchange For All Time Norman Rockwell collection of collector plates. This series consists of 12 plates to commemorate each month of the year, January through December, and the name of the month is printed on the top of each plate. The set includes January: Gliding Into the New Year, February: Flirting in the Parlor, March: Faith, April: Love's Reward, May: A Mother's Love, June: Building Our Future, July: A Mother's Pride, August: The Toymaker, September: Ready for the World , October: Halloween Frolic, November: Thanksgiving, and December: Santa's Workshop. Each plate is 5.5" in diameter and it comes with certificates of authenticity for 10 of the 12 plates. The series was issued in 1996 in an edition limited to a maximum of 95 firing days and crafted to the exact standards of the Bradford Exchange, and the plates were initially issued as part of the Norman Rockwell Perpetual Calendar. Each plate is in excellent condition and already have metal hangers to let them be hung on a wall individually or as a group. Each plate is also fully and properly numbered and marked on the rear by the Bradford Exchange and noting their place as a limited edition of Norman Rockwell collector plates in this For All Time series. Part of an Orlando, Florida major estate collection of fine porcelain and Norman Rockwell collections, these plates usually sell individually for at least $35 each plus shipping, so this set of 12 is definitely priced for quick sell not to mention an instant Norman Rockwell collector plate collection of each and every month in the series.

The set includes the original Authorized Norman Rockwell Family Trust Edition wood wall calendar that features a top square for placing the appropriate month's plate each month and individual tiles that slot into the grooves below to reflect the specific days and dates of the particular month and year. Tiles included. The calendar measures approximately " high and " wide, is fully and properly marked, ready to hang on the wall, and in excellent condition.

Rare opportunity to buy a complete Bradford Exchange Norman Rockwell calendar plate set along with the authorized family trust wooden wall calendar; cross listed on Fine Antiques 2.

$425.00/ pates and wood wall calendar
A028 Very well done vintage needlepoint of a squirrel looking hopefully up into the flowering tree. It's very colorful in shades of brown, blue, green, red, orange, and yellow set off against a neutral cream background, and it's nicely framed in a simple oval wood frame measuring approximately 14.75" x 11.5". The needlework is in excellent condition with no snags or tears, but it could probably use a little cleaning. The frame is also in good condition with 3 little nicks you can touch up if you so desire.     $45.00
photo 3
photo 4
Pretty Italian hand painted enamel on porcelain framed plaques evoke the look and feel of the 1950s and 1960s in their presentation and colors. Each plaque is in a nicely crafted wood frame, contrasting an octagonal outer edge with the interior oval which frames the picture. Each painting is truly a miniature work of art, all hand painted and whimsical in the depictions of femm fatales of the day decked out in their Sunday finery. The drawings are fun and vibrant in their use of color, enamel on porcelain and trimmed with gold along the edges. The pictures are set against a matte background to really make them shine, and the backs have a hook and a no slip surface to help them stay straight on the wall. Each of the 2 plaques meausure 6.5" wide and 9.5" high including the top ring hook. Each of the paintings is in excellent condition, and the frames have a few nicks here and there and a little crazing on the front veneer, but frankly if we didn't see that we'd find such pieces suspect. Great find, direct from a major Omaha, NE collector of fifties and sixties mid century design.      $85.00/pr
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Original signed and numbered print by Spanish artist Pla Domenech in excellent condition. Pla Domenech was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1917 and was best known for his interpretive works of the people, villages, and cities of Spain. Domenech's works are represented in numerous museum collections including the Santander in Rom and Venice, and he represented Spain at the NY Worlds Fair in 1960. Art critic sums up this particular print when writing "we are given a new testimonial of the firmness of lines, values, colors, and forms in a seductive combination of primitive expressiveneess and spiritual delicacy. The coherence of these elements creates a plastic reality in the work of the painter who is intensively impressionistic." This print itself measures approximately 19.0" wide and 13.25" high and has the original Collector's Guild of New York certificate of authentication on the rear of the 24.0" x 18.25" frame. It is signed by the artist and numbered as 82/275, and there's a brief bio on the artist attached to the back. Great price, consigned by a Greenwich, Connecticut estate.    $325.00
photo 3
Dyansen Gallery 90th Birthday Retrospective Erte print that comes right off the wall of a Santa Barbara, CA home. With a classic Erte and Art Deco look, a sleek and elongated woman with blond hair and long, flowing dress graces this simple yet elegant poster and complements rather than detracts from the Dyansen Gallery Birthday Retrospective text. Mounted in a nice goldtone metal frame, it measures approximately 30.25" x 20.25" and is in very good condition save a single blemish, very hard to see, in the lower left corner and which may be on the glass rather than the print itself. Cross listed on Deco 2.      $145.00
photo 3
Beautifully framed in gilt wood 17.5" high and 15.5" wide, this vintage plastic etching is very detailed and whimsical in design. The Jewish couple return from the market, and the gentleman offers a tasty treat for the little bird sitting on the fire hydrant. While we are not expert in this style, we believe the effect to be created by fine burns in the plastic to create the dark black effects which create the depth and detail in the picture. Note even the hanging baskets in teh window and the leaves on the sidewalk. Very well done, consigned by a large Scarsdale, NY estate at a great price.    $85.00
A033 Old, beautifully framed needlepoint of the famous nursery rhyme Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill, measuring approximately 14.0" high x 11.0" wide. Great for many collectors and especially to display in a child's room, this needlepoint is highly detailed, and whimsical with the animals and numbers at the bottom, and jack and Jill going up the hill to the well, carrying their pail, only to fall down on the other side. It's in mint condition, and the gold metalic frame can hang on the wall or stand upright on a table. Direct from the wall of an old Vermont country home.  /145 SOLD
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Carolyn Blish 24.0" x 16.0" original print of an ocean sand dune, white gulls flying up into the overcast sky. The colors and scene is soothing even though the wind is blowing and storm clouds approach. Carolyn Blish was once a top model, but her painting "is the very essence of serenity." She has won numerous awards and works in both watercolor and oil, and she is a member of the American Watercolor Society, Allied Artists of America, and the National Artists Progfessional League. The piece is nicely mounted in an aged gray wood frame31.0" wide x 23.0" wide and hand signed by the artist C. Blish and numbered 357/1000. An brief artist biography is included and it's in excellent condition from a known Connecticut collection.   $225.00

photo 5
photo 6
photo 7

Discover the art of the printer and how these very high quality photo quality French lithograph prints from around the turn of the 20th century can transform a room in your house! These "plates" are from a book c. 1910 back when elaborate art books were published of the masterpieces of the world's museums, affordable for only the very few given the top craftsmanship and equipment needed to produce prints of this quality back then. Each print comes mounted lightly to a page describing the name and date of the work and it's museum home, but they're made to be removed and framed. This set of 7 include portrait and scenic studies which look great framed and mounted separately or an eclectic contrast together sure to generate conversation and complements. The set includes from top left L'Amazone (7.25" x 10.0"- Winterthur Museum), Le Balcon (7.5" x 10.5"- Musee du Louvre), La Musique Aux Tuileries (11.5" x 7.25"- Tate Gallery London), Femme Au Bras Croises (7.75" x 10.5"- Private Collection), Lola De Valence (7.25" x 10.25"- Musee du Louvre), La Lecture (8.25" x 6.75"- Musee du Louvre), and Clematites Dans Un Vase De Cristal (6.75" x 10.75"- Private Collection). All prints are in excellent condition except Le Balcon which has a minor surface scratch 0.75" long, and they come direct from a Larchmont, NY estate; cross listed on Crafts 2.     $65.00/set
A036 Professionally mounted museum print on board of Marc Chagall Le Paradis, produced by the Musee National Message Biblique in Nice France. The illustration of the Bible by Chagall remains one of the great moments of the contemporary history of the illustrated book, and the art of engraving. This poster is from the collection of The National Museum Biblical Message Marc Chagall, which was inaugurated on July 7, 1973. It was created to shelter the donation Marc and Valentina Chagall which joins together a vast whole of works inspired to the artist by the Bible. This is the print of Chagall's Paradise copyrighted by the National Museums of Paris and published in France. It's in excellent condition and measures approximately 28.0" wide and 20.0" high, in a simple gold metal frame.      $145.00
A037 New listing! From famous early 20th century printmaker House of Art in New York, this touching work combines nice text with some early color graphics and high quality printing for a really nice work for your wall. The House of Art was known for their high quality work, most famous as one of the early printers of Maxfield Parrish Art Deco prints. The serene lake and mountain color print scene is a perfect complement for the message which reads "Opportunity shall pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. The10.75" x 7.75" print is in very good condition and behind glass in a gilt wood frame. Best of all, it has an interesting inscription on the rear which reads "Gift from Jack, not sure of date." It has the House of Art N.Y. copyright and No. 225 on the bottom, direct to the internet from a Greenwich, CT waterfront estate.  /115 SOLD
photo 3
Original Margie Sheridan Zinger watercolor of ocean sand dunes, with the ocean visible under swirling clouds with sea gulls flying in the breeze. The quality of the work is very fine, and the watercolor itself measures approximately 12.0" wide and 8.0" high. It's nicely mounted in a simple wood frame 21.0" wide x 17.0" high, and signed by the artist in the lower right corner. Excellent condition.      $185.00
photo 3
photo 4
Professionally mounted on board, this custom framed Salvador Dali print from the Museum of Modern Art was copyrighted in 1984 and is in excellent condition. The print is of Dali's famous 1931 work The Persistence of Memory, an oil on canvas with the memorable images of warped timepieces that you can enjoy every day with this fine print. It measures approximately 27.0" wide and 24.0" high and is framed in a simple bronzed metal frame in a color to bring out the bronzes in the print. Mounted on board for a smooth, permanent work, this is a standout print from the MOMA collection.  $155.00

Vintage mounted and framed butterfly is a blast back to the early to mid 20th century when such framed butterflies were particularly popular. It's understandable in retrospect, for note the rich colors and textures of the butterfly wings and body. This butterfly is mounted along with foliage to give it added flair and realism, and it's in excellent and all original condition. This is a Max Richter butterfly, a man known to butterfly collectors and conservationists who bred and sold butterflies in the 1960s out of E. Durham NY including many rare species. It measures approximately 6.0" x 5.0" and is marked on the back as a Riker Specimen Mount and ready to hang on the wall. It also has the label of Max Richter, and in ink there are notations as to the work as well as an ink signature. /55 SOLD
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