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Bronze, Copper, Iron, Tin, and Metalwork Antiques & Collectibles: Page 2

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People write all the time asking us to find more vintage hand crafted metalware, especially pieces designed to hold plants, so here's a new listing of a very unique metal tricycle plant stand that's sure not to last long. It's a very realistic trike, all hand made in metal with intricacies in areas like the wheels, with handlebars and front wheel leading the way for the back wheels into which is the compartment where a basket of plants or flowers can sit. The tricycle is a really nice size for a variety of display locations, measuring 17.5" high, 11.0" wide at the widest point, and 23.0" long. A really unique find - we're not sure we've seen a vintage metal tricycle hand crafted plant stand before - this piece comes to you direct from a Burlington, Vermont estate collection exclusive to Collectics.       $75.00


photo 3

Take your pick of two sizes of antique pewter 18th century marked chargers. 1 Measuring approximately 9.5" in diameter, this is a great example of well marked antique pewter. There is minor surface discoloration and 2 small areas of rough surface imperfection on the top front surface. The back of the plate is very well marked with two impressed marks, one of a strong man standing upright and another with a crown above a cartouche. 2 Measuring approximately 4.5" in diameter, this charger is very clean and bears impressed hallmarks on the top of the plate rather than the bottom. Two marks decorate the edge, one of a teapot in the 18th century form and the other likely the mark or initials of the craftsman. Both chargers are in very good condition for the age and well marked surviving examples of finer 18th century pewter.    1 SOLD
2 $65.00
M023 Old lamp finials from left to right. 1 Very old brass lamp finial with scrollwork design, measuring approximately 1.75" high. 2 Old brass and glass "crystal ball" lamp finial, measuring approximately 1.75" high. 3 Old brass bullet shaped finial with intricate decoration and elegant shape, measuring approximately 2.0" high. All are uncleaned and have the original patina, and they're in excellent condition and will add flair and ornamentation to any lamp. Cross listed on Lamps 2, where you'll find other vintage and antique lamp finials.      1 $16.00

M024 Super cute and highly detailed Portuguese sailing ship rendered in goldtone metal filigree and with the original green and red "Portugal" nameplate on the front. It's likely that this piece was a tourist souvenir of the country, commemorating the world adventures of early Portuguese sailors who discovered new lands in their sailing ships such as this one. It's got great detail in the metal filigree work and is very realistic right down to the rigging and the 3 flags flying above each mast. The ship stands approximately 3.5" high and 3.5" wide bow to stern, and it's in excellent condition right off the shelf of a Bar Harbor, Maine estate. /28 SOLD
M025 Exceptionally pretty floral hand painted metalware tray that features a finely detailed bouquet of flowers. We particularly like the striking shade of blue used as the base color, and the hand painted stems and flowers have a very realistic look. While there is wear to this c 1950s metal tray, we would say it's in very good condition compared to most hand painted trays of this era we see. It's a great size for a variety of uses, measuring approximately 11.5" in diameter. /35 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Very precisely detailed commemorative souvenir Zim Becker German collector plate featuring the Frankfurt Romer building. The Romer (German for "Roman") is a medieval building in Frankfurt Germany, one of the city's most important landmarks. It has been the city hall for over 600 years; the Romer merchant family sold it together with a second building, the Goldener Schwan (Golden Swan), to the Frankfurt city council on March 11, 1405 and it was converted for use as the city hall. This lovely little pewter souvenir plate is marked on the back with the Zim-Becker company marks It measures approximately 4.0" in diameter and is in excellent condition, direct from a snowy Vermont country estate. $24.00
photo 3
Harder to find than full size examples, this mini Tole tray is all hand painted and not a reproduction. The roses are vividly colored and look great contrasting with the black background of the Tole tray. The word Tole comes from the French, meaning lacquered or enamelled metalware. Oil paint was, and still is, the medium used. Two or more colors are loaded into the brush to complete each element of the design, painted wet-on-wet with one stroke of the brush- Tole is often referred to as 'one stroke painting'. All the elements are then built up to complete the design, with fruit, flowers and leaves being the main components. This mini Tole tray with red roses measures approximately 6.5" x 4.5" and is in good condition with a faint scratch visible from an angle and minor age wear.     $34.00
photo 3
New listing! Super kitchen trivet done in black iron and with an inset "Designed Tiles" ceramic tile in colorful spring colors that depicts a deer, bird, kitten, home, and a colonial couple. It's a very nice design combination, and the trivet is large and substantial suitable for a variety of uses as it measures approximately 1.875" high, 7.0" wide, and 12.25" from handle to front of trivet. Both tile and ironwork are in excellent condition, and the rear of the tile is marked "Designed Tiles"- direct to you right off the shelf of a Vermont farmhouse. Cross listed on Kitchenware 2. /34cp    ON HOLD
photo 3
Of interest to both nautical and ship collectors and lovers of Art Deco, this is a marked Kensington aluminum tray with Deco clamshell styling and the logo of the cruise ship line on the lower front. We particularly like the lines on this piece, the clam shell shape coupled with the stylized lines and flourishes of the Art Deco etchings. It measures approximately 10.0 in diameter and is fully marked on the back with the Kensington mark in addition to the ship graphic on the top. This period aluminum plate is in very good condition with only minor scratching from use on the top in a few places- great to display on a stand or on a wall! Cross listed on Memorabilia 2.   $32.00
photo 3
photo 4
Old, excellent condition solid brass candleholder candelabra with five candle holders extending out from a central scrolled and twisted metal stem. The candelabra itself measures 15.25" high and is about 13" wide at the widest point. In addition, there are two matching metal hook extenders, each measuring almost 8" long, the the candelabra itself can extend from its base height of 15.25" another 16" if both extenders are used. Very decorative with two metal leaves adorning each candle platform.   $135.00
M031 New listing! Very hard to find, this antique black memorabilia bottle opener features a cold painted cast iron young black boy being nipped by an alligator, possibly Little Black Sambo from the children's book. Whimsical, fun, and sure to generate questions and complements, this cast iron bottle opener is a classic of collectible black memorabilia and measures approximately 4.0" long and 2.75" high. Don't be fooled by reproductions of black memorabilia- this is the real thing c 1930s. It's in very good condition with all original paint and de minimus paint loss from over the years- great to both use and display! Cross listed on Memorabilia 1. /65 SOLD
M032 New listing! Rare marked Wall West German hand hammered copper pitcher in mint condition, evoking all the style of the Arts & Crafts period. It's an elegant design with all original patina and great hand hammering and style that makes it perfect to both use and display with your kitchenware. We particularly like the flaired spout and the obvious handwork, and it's properly marked "Wall Handarbeit Made in Germany". It measures approximately 10.0" high and 5.0" in diameter at the widest point.  /85 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Country or city, these vintage metal dog bookends make for a great look! The casting is well above average in attention and precision to detail, and the fundamental design is pretty striking with the dog emerging from the textured background, one paw up in the air. We all particularly liked the focused look on the dog's face- just a very fun and whimsical set of vintage bookends great as a gift for any dog lover. These are both in very good condition measuring approximately 2.75" wide, 3.25" deep, and 5.75" high, and they're marked on the back impressed in the metal BMP and © '50; cross listed on Pets 3. $65.00
photo 3
New listing! This nice Chinese solid brass cup vessel and hanging bell have intricate floral, leaf, and tree designs decorating their surfaces. Both are in very good condition with a nice patina from age and no dings or damage. The cup rests on 3 brass feet and stands approximately 2.75" high and 2.5" in diameter at the top opening, and it's marked on the bottom "China." The bell is decorative only and does not have striker, and it measures approximately 2.5" high to the top of the hook and 1.875" in diameter at the opening.      $26.00/set
M035 Right off the wall of a Vermont country home, this Bevin Patio Garden Bell combines a black iron horseshoe wall mount with a substantial brass bell measuring approximately 5.75" in diameter and with original brass striking bell which is swung with a leather pull. The iron wall mount measures 4.5" high and 4.0" wide, and it's marked "Bevin Patio" and "Garden Bell underneath. While the bell has some minor tarnishing primarily along the bottom edge, we'd say overall this piece is in excellent condition and ready to hang on your porch.  /42 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Pretty vintage metal match holder, part of a special consignment of finer antique metalware that featured cast iron trivets and included this nice little match holder. It's a cute, decorative shape, but what you'll really love about this piece is the hand painted enamel work that includes flowers and other touches. The colors are clear and vibrant, and the iron is free of rust and all in excellent condition. Perfect to decorate your wall regardless of whether you really need the matches or not, it appeals to metalware, kitchenware, and tobacciana collectors. It measures approximately 4.5" high, 4.0" wide, and extends out about 1.5" from the wall- direct from an Augusta, Georgia country equine estate.     $22.00
M037 Very nice vintage set of men's copper nautical theme cufflinks. The sailboat on each cuff link is finely rendered in copper, and the rear clasp is safe and secure. Each cufflink measures approximately 0.75" x 0.75". Excellent condition. /22      SOLD
photo 3
Excellent vintage hanging metal candleholder candelabra that combines two rounded hoops into the design contrasting with the more angular extensions of the 4 candleholders. The piece holds 4 candles and measures approximately 13.5" high and 17.5" wide at the widest point. Direct from the porch of a Hilton Head, SC estate, it's a great accessory to really liven up your screened porch, balcony, or pool / spa area. The piece is in very good condition with very minor surface chips or wear, the largest less than 0.25" wide. Cross listed on Lamps 2.      $65.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Super design Florida Marketplace bottle stopper set features 3 gleaming stainless steel bottle stoppers with intricate grape and fruit motif on the tops, conical shaped with rubber rings for a tight seal and including an imitation leather holder for countertop or shelf top display. These are perfect as wine bottle stoppers along with your other favorite bottle beverages, for the rubber O rings keep the liquids much fresher than traditional cap stoppers or cork. This set of 3 bottle stoppers is in mint, unused condition, part of a Miami Beach, FL penthouse estate collection of finer accessories liquidated exclusively by Collectics and priced to sell. The set comes in the original box, and each stopper measures approximately 4.0" high and is in excellent condition. $38.00
M040 Fun "Fly" black metal ashtray, with superb detailing in the casting and appealing to metalware and tobacciana collectors alike. The whimsical fly ashtray has metal wings that raise up on a hinge to reveal the chamber beneath to hold the ashes. It's shaped in such a manner as to lay your cigarette on it as well for a rest, and it's in very good condition signifying very light use which appeals to collectors of tobacciana. Sure to generate questions if you use this fun little piece as a decorative accessory in your home, it measures approximately 4.0" long, 2.25" wide, and 1.75" high direct to you via a Long Beach, CA estate collection of vintage and antique smoking accessories. /42       SOLD
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