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Vintage Clothing, Antique Linens & Lace, Textiles, Tablecloths, Comforters, Quilts, and Needlepoint: Page 2

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New listing! Three piece gray pants suit custom tailored by Nardis of Dallas, Texas. The stretch waist pants are nice and long at approximately 43.5", but of course they can also be hemmed for shorter sizes. The set comes complete with a nice blouse and a well tailored jacket on which we particularly liked the buttons and side pockets. As a custom tailored garment, there is no size label but we estimate the size to be approximately an 8-10. The interior Nardis of Dallas labels are all intact, and it's in very good condition although coming direct from a NYC Park Avenue estate it should be dry cleaned prior to wearing. rb $50.00
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photo 5
photo 6
Another great table linen set from the Sands Point, Long Island waterfront estate collection. This linen tablecloth has terrific form, with rounded and curving edges with trim making for a unique and very high quality effect. Decorative and intricate designs cover the surface of the tablecloth which measures approximately 62" x 48", and there are six matching napkins also with decoration measuring approximately 15.5" x 15.5". This is a lovely set to add style to any table. rb $85.00
photo 3
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photo 6
Colorful and very intricately and precisely woven, this vintage linen textile celebrates and depicts the towns and provinces of Germany. You'll find all the great German cities and towns from Berlin, Munich, and Bonn to Hamburg, Heidelburg, and Mainz. The textile has been done as a giant map, and along with the names of the cities you'll also find depictions of one of their famous buildings, castles, landmarks, churches, gardens and parks, or attractions. Around the perimeter, you'll find the shields / coat of arms for the major provinces and towns. It's a nice size at approximately , and it could be used as either a tablecloth or a super wall hanging. It's in very good condition aside from needing a little ironing and comes direct to you from a Houston, Texas estate liquidation. The German linen measures approximately 52.0" x 52.0". Bargain priced and very striking! $45.00
photo 3
High quality, hand made wool throw blanket is a very attractive blend of off white and blue wool intricately woven in a pattern that both looks great and will keep you warm. It's a very convenient size for a variety of purposes at approximately 42" x 42", and it's in excellent condition. This blanket would also make a great baby gift for a new boy. $45.00

photo 3

Mint condition set of 4 matching 100% linen cocktail napkins with an intricately designed and executed grove of trees set against a background of various shades of brown. Each napkin is signed "Vera" in the lower right corner along with a cute little ladybug and the copyright mark, all woven in the linen. Each napkin measures approximately 16.0" x 16.0" and all are in excellent condition, direct from an Augusta, GA estate collection. $24.00
photo 3
From a Sands Point, Long Island waterfront estate, this beautiful linen tablecloth has flowing lines to it's edges to add style and flair. The intricate stitching is a nice, neutral color and decorates the center and perimeter of this tablecloth. It measures approximately 84" x 84" and is in excellent condition-- certain to look great on any table. /65cp ON HOLD

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

More from the Sands Point waterfront estate, these vintage tan lace gloves are in very good condition and reflect an intricacy of design that's sure to generate complements. The design is one of the most delicate that we've seen, and they feature a bottom button that makes them easy to get on and off. Elegant and chic, these are great examples of how vintage fashion can make much more of a statement that those you find in today's department stores. They're fairly long at 9.25" and designed to fit the whole hand, and they are a small to medium size although there is no size tag on them. Great for you or great as a gift, they come to you from that exclusive Long Island waterfront enclave of Sands Point.


photo 3
photo 4
Beautiful, intricate decoration and an open pattern makes this great vintage tablecloth and napkin set so prized and collected. It's very difficult to have open cuts with decoration and trim surrounding fine linen as is the case with this set, and it's in great condition but should be laundered-- the set was being used on the table at a large Sands Point, NY waterfront estate. The tablecloth measures approximately 82" x 62", and the set of 8 napkins are approximately 16" x 16". Great border trim, flowing lines, and intricate, open decoration make this set a real statement for your table. /85cp ON HOLD
N029 The final listing from the Sands Point linen collection, this is a magnificent set of 15 pure white linen napkins measuring approximately 21" x 21" each and in excellent condition. The linen is of extreme high quality, with the subtle weavings of flowers and leaves just barely visible with the camera and web resolution. Nevertheless, you'll see in the photograph the subtle patterns emerge from the white expanse of linen, indicating a very high level of production quality and technique. Great find! rb  $65.00/set
Terrific set of African table linens perfectly suited for any kitchen. Brought back to the United States by a Connecticut couple who lived in Africa for 3 years, this colorful and well done set includes a tablecloth measuring approximately 56" x 50.5" and a set of 6 matching napkins measuring approximately 13.0 " x 12.25". The napkins are decorated with a colorful geometric pattern, but the tablecloth is stunning. The four squares depict the animals of Africa-- the chameleon, the guinea fowl, the zebra, and the illustrious wart hog.  $75.00
photo 3
Rare 1940s shoe clips with rhinestones!. Seldom seen today, these shoe clips are not only great to look at with the brilliant collection of rhinestones on each end, but they're also in excellent condition. Each measures approximately 2.25" long. $18.00/pr
photo 3
Cowboy necktie with horse head medallion, probably pewter, and matching metal end pieces also with decoration. The horse is very well done, finely detailed and complete with surrounding ornamentation. The medallion itself measures approximately 1.5" in diameter, and the medallion slides on the rope surface to adjust the size and draw it up close to your shirt collar. Nice western theme and perfect for the horse lover or cowboy in you. Excellent condition. Cross listed on Poodles & Pets 2. $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
Vintage black hand made blouse made of 50/50 cotton and polyester, by One of a Kind of New York. This thin felt like material is decorated with gold rhinestone buttons with a clear rhinestone in the center of the gold trimmed buttons, black buttons, and shiny gold and black bows. The piece was handmade, has padded shoulders, and is estimated to be a size Medium. The interior One of a Kind label is intact and the shirt is in good condition. Consigned from a Upper East Side estate in New York City.   $28.00




More old linen calendars from a Vermont country estate, all with the intricate detailing in their scenery that make them great gifts to commemorate the year of one's birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions. Take your pick of 3 vintage linen calendars all in excellent condition. 1 Memories of old San Francisco and the Presidio Avenue and Market Street cable car are yours in this terrific 1986 100% linen calendar, measuring approximately 27.5" x 16.0". 2 The look of old needlepoints and quilts is captured perfectly in this very well detailed 1985 calendar with deep rich colors including forest green, measuring approximately 27.0" x 17.0". 3 Scenic depiction right out of Norman Rockwell of the 1983 winter season and children and adults ice skating on the frozen river amid the snowy winter scene, while below a horse drawn sleigh pulls its passengers along the frozen landscape; it measures approximately 27.5" x 16.5". 

1 $20.00

2 $18.00

3 $20.00

N035 Here's a terrific unframed needlepoint of 4 whimsical dancing figures, depicted in vibrant colors of red, blue, green, gold, and with an impressionistic type of detailing. This unframed work is perfect for a frame or to be incorporated into a pillow or other decorative accessory. It measures approximately 20.0" x 9.0" in totality while the needlepoint area itself is approximately 15.25" long. Along the bottom edge are ink notations signifying that this is a Paragon Needlepoint No. 040 and other thread / color designations. /18cp ON HOLD
photo 3
More from the estate, this Daily Telegraph Picture Map of London linen is superbly detailed and colorful, depicting all the major streets and sites of London in a fun, whimsical manner. Around the perimeter of the 32.0" x 23.0" linen are characters from daily life in the city including a police bobby, double decker London bus, Buckingham Palace guards, construction workers, the shoe shine man, and ordinary families and citizens. Sites include Hyde Park, Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Fleet Street, the Thames, and more. The bottom is woven in the linen "Made in Ireland" and "All Pure Linen", and it's in excellent condition.    $18.00
photo 3
Superbly executed linen "Fruits in Season, a signed Bonheur design of cherries, pineapples, pears, grapes, and other fruits in season. The colors are vibrant and cheery, and would look great decorating most any kitchen wall or table. The vintage linen measures approximately 31.0" x 17.0" and is in excellent condition, and retaining the original label on the rear "Kay Dee Handprints Hope Valley, Rhode Island" and "Pure Linen."   $14.00
photo 3
A heavy high quality weave and cheery colors set this vintage handmade quilt throw blanket apart from most and is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy. Orange flower petals and green leaves are framed in a nice pale yellow color that all combines into a terrific look. The flowers are intricately done with many different layers to add some complexity and depth to the orange flowers. It's completely hand made and quite a large size at approximately 6 feet x 4 feet, and it's in very good condition.  $115.00
photo 3
High quality, all handmade lap quilt "Christmas Wishes" that's also a perfect size to be a fun wall hanging (a rod pocket is built in), in mint condition and measuring approximately 54.0" x 42.5". The quilt is very cheery and evokes the spirit of the holiday season in its vibrant colors of green, red, and gold highlighting the terrific and finely detailed Christmas patches that comprise the center of the quilt. The individual patches are fun and in some cases include sewn inscriptions such as "Snow Play on a Winter Day" and "Fill Your Heart With Holiday Cheer, Only Christmas Spoken Here." Designed and hand quilted by Christine Stewart, this is a multifunctional piece that you'll admire the design and construction of while it's keeping you warm this winter. It's also machine washable in warm water and can be machine dried on the delicate cycle. Makes a fantastic Christmas gift- cross listed on Holiday Shop 1. $155.00
N040 Old appliqué, very well done and intricately designed and executed with an extraordinary level of detail that you don't see today. It's a pretty motif and colorful, with hues of brown, silver, and gold combined with the three floral designs in the center with red and green center beads. Part of a major midwestern collection of vintage textiles. /18 SOLD
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