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The Christmas, Halloween, and Holiday Gift Shop Antiques & Collectibles: Page 2

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H021 Fabulous red Christmas or holiday dress with white lace trim on the front of the dress, sleeves, and high fashion hat. Your doll won't be out of style at that holiday party in this cheery ensemble decorated with Christmas stockings, candy canes sticking out. Super cute hat with floral green bow. Cross listed on Dolls & Crafts 1, and see more handmade doll clothes on the Dolls & Crafts pages.     $22.00
H022 1photo 2
Take you pick of two fun holiday pins. 1 Very pretty vintage ringing bell pin marked "Art C", with pine cones and berries on branch. The pin is in excellent condition and measures approximately 2.0" high and 1.5" wide. The bell even rings a bit with its faux pearl ringer. 2 Ruby red poinsetta pin, with lovely red rhinestones set in a well done brooch. The rhinestones are all individually set and in excellent condition, and the pin measures approximately 2.0" in diameter. /22 1 $18.00

H023 Get ready for St. Patrick's Day with this vintage, sterling silver lucky charm four leaf clover pin, very well done with enamel and mother of pearl inlay. The piece is approximately 2.0" x 2.0" and has manufacturer's marks on the back plus is marked Sterling. This is definitely an older piece in excellent condition, and a great style. Great for your Irish friend or relative, from an upstate New York estate. /38 SOLD
H024 Your doll will be the honored hostess and  the best dressed at the ball in this two piece holiday outfit. The green satin material and intricate lace trim really add style to this festive outfit. Cross listed on Dolls & Crafts 1.   $20.00

Fantastic set of 7 vintage Christmas Reproductions Santa Claus ceramic Christmas tree ornaments that frankly look just as good as a group of figurines as they would on a tree. We were pretty impressed with the vibrant colors and high detail of each of these 7 Santa ornaments, with each depicting a Santa Claus and a Christmas of bygone years - 1897, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1911, 1917, and 1919 are each represented. These ceramic ornaments also stand upright as figurines if you prefer, and both front and back are whimsical Santa depictions and incredibly creative and well crafted. Each of the 7 figurines retains the original Christmas Reproductions and Made in Korea sticker on the bottom, manufactured c 1986. All 7 Santa ornaments are in very good condition with no cracks or damage, and each measures approximately 5.0" high and 2.0" in diameter, right off the shelf of a Boston, MA townhome estate. /85 SOLD
photo 3
Set of 8 mint condition vintage Christmas glasses featuring Christmas trees, jumping reindeer, snowflakes, and hearts all combining for a great vintage look right out of the 1950s and 1960s. Each glass is heavy and substantial, measuring 5.5" high and 2.75" in diameter. All are in excellent condition, part of a Miami Beach, FL estate liquidation that included many fine holiday ornaments and decorations. $75.00 / set of 8 glasses
photo 3
From the estate of a former Massachusetts antique dealer, this super cute snowman painted ceramic Christmas plate is whimsical and nicely detailed with the snowman with scarf wrapped around his neck and top hat, christmas trees, snowy farm scene with red barn, and more. It's a great holiday collectible to decorate your own home or to make a great gift for others. It measures approximatley 9.25" x 6.5" and is in excellent condition, part of a major estate consignment of holiday collectibles and Christmas plates. $18.00
H028 Top of the line Hollycraft Christmas tree pin, very avidly collected and in mint condition. This vintage 1950s / 1960s Christmas tree pin is done in an antique goldtone metal setting that has remarkable detail for costume jewelry, and vibrant red and green colored rhinestones of varying sizes for the ball decorations on the tree. Each stone is individually set, including the clear rhinestone forming the star atop the tree. the pin is fully and properly marked on the back with the Hollycraft copyright. The pin measures approximately 2.375" high and 1.5" wide at the widest point. This is probably the finest Hollycraft Christmas tree pin we've ever seen. /115   SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Get ready for Easter with an Easter bunny or just buy a gift for that rabbit lover in your life with this super Mexican sterling silver and copper rabbit pin. The piece was all handmade in Mexico and exhibits the fine craftsmanship and detail that Mexican silversmiths are known for. We love the whimsical look of this bunny, with his long whiskers, floppy ears, and eating that big copper carrot that really adds flair to the piece. All hand crafted and hammered, this vintage rabbit brooch is in excellent condition and measures approximately 3.75" x 3.75" with the original paper label "Hecho En Mexico" on the back. $35.00
H030 Older white porcelain display plate of Jesus in red and gold robes, finely detailed facial fetures and heair, and yellow halo overhead. The perimeter of the 10.0" diameter plate is decorated with textured geometric shapes and flourishes, and it's in very good condition with no chips and minimal age wear to the surface. The back is fully marked and ready to hang, but we have been unable to correlate the mark to a manufacturer due to the wear and incomplete lettering. What we can read is what appears to be "Cow" (Cowan?), and below "China &". This plate has obvious age to it, and it's beautiful too and ready to hang on the wall.  /22 SOLD
H031 1photo 2
photo 3
From the estate of a worker at the Holt-Howard company in Stamford, Connecticut, here's a rare opportunity to own mid-century Holt-Howard Christmas collectibles. The company imported ceramic holiday decorations from Japan, often to their design and sold under the Holt-Howard name in the United States. 1. Set of 3 donkey holiday candleholders in brilliant colors of red, green, and white. Each donkey measures approximately 4.25" high and 4.75" head to tail. Each is marked and dated on the bottom Holt-Howard 1964 Japan, and one retains the original Holt-Howard double H paper label. Two of the three are in mint condition, and one has a very minor chip on the side of one side of the candle holding rim, easily repaired if you so desire. 2. Set of two Holt-Howard holiday dove or bird candleholders, with good detail and a nice golden color on their wings and holly with berries on their chest. Each bird measures approximately 2.75" high and 4.5" head to tail. Both are in very good condition with no chips or damage, and one retains the original Holt-Howard double H paper label. Cross listed on 50s & 60s 3. /16   1 $24.00/
set of 3

photo 3
Vintage sixties Holt-Howard holiday caroling music box, with the cutest little boy and girl with songbook open singing their holiday carols. The figures and base are made of plastic, and the rear is decorated with plastic holly and berries giving a nice background effect behind the figures. The music is "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", and it plays great and rotates while playing, wound by twisting the base. The piece stands approximately 7.0" high and 3.75" in diameter on the base, imported for U. S. sale by the Holt-Howard Company of Stamford CT, and comes to you from the estate of a local Stamford resident who worked at the factory. There is a tiny paint chip less than 0.25" on the back of the girl's hat, and otherwise the music box is in excellent condition.  $22.00
H033 Interesting Mylu Christmas tree pin with a goldtone structure and beautiful multi-colored rhinestones that bring out colors of acqua, purple, and really catch the light. The pin measures approximately 2.5" high and 1.875" wide at the widest point. The back is marked MYLU, and the pin is in excellent condition with all rhinestones intact and individually set including the star atop the tree.      $55.00
H034 For collectors of vintage Christmas plates, this Christmas 1973 plate of a very historic 1648 depiction of the city of London, Thames River in the foreground, is a must have. This plate was teh first in a series of Christmas plates from the series "Old World Cities" and made in Germany for Philip Stahl, Pelham, New York. This is number 520 out of a limited edition of only 1000 plates. The rear of the plate has all of this information, along with the Uhlenhorst manufacturer's marks, an old world German firm etablished in 1849. The plate is in excellent condition with no chips or damage, and it's ready to hang on the wall at approximately 9.5" in diameter. $24.00
H035 While they have the look and feel of glass, these ornate holiday ornaments are actually made of high quality clear plastic that simulates the look of real glass very effectively. They're elaborately molded to reflect the look of cut crystal, and the set of 3 measures from top left in the first photo 4.0" high and 3.75" in diameter, 8.5" high and 3.75" in diameter, and 5.75" long. All are in excellent condition, plucked right from the tree in a snowy Vermont farmhouse. $14.00/ set of 3
H036 Wake up on a cold holiday morning to a hot cup of coffee or tea into this fun pair of holiday coffee cups and saucers by the International China Co. of Japan. Right off the shelf of a snowy Vermont country house, Each cup features a colorful and realistic depiction of a highly decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath, and other green and red geometric decoration covers the surfaces of the cup and saucer to complement the tree. Each of the 2 cups measures approximately 2.75" high and a nice 3.25" in diameter, and the matching saucers measure 6.0" in diameter. Both cups and saucers are in very good condition and marked with the mark of the International Co. of Japan and reads "International Semi-Porcelain Japan."/16 SOLD
photo 3
Mint condition Christmas dog has a Santa hat on his head and Christmas wreath around his neck. It's a very well done piece with fine detail in the body- note the fur detail and the balls on the Christmas wreath. Of unknown origins beyond a Vermont shelf, the piece measures 5.25" long, 3.5" high, and 3.0" wide at the widest point; cross listed on Pets 2. $18.00
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