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Vintage & Antique Lamps, TV Lamps, Lighting, Shades, Candlesticks: Page 2

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Outstanding ceramic horse TV lamp, one of the best we've ever seen with the fabric backing and hand stiched detail that is incredibly hard to find and practically impossible to find in this near mint condition. The overall design look of this TV lamp is truly outstanding, and we love the horse theme and the action oriented gallop pose that is captured in the ceramic. This lamp looks as good with the light on as the light off, and by the way the light bulb is in the back so the soft, ambient lighting shines through from the rear of the lamp and puts the black horse in front in silhouette. The material backing has the loosely woven look of linen on the bottom, with a slight green tent, while the upper fabric provides a canopy that gives the lamp a 3 dimensional look. It has been treated in some manner to make it stiffer and more substantial, almost like a coating used to preserve Egyptian mummy wrappings. The lamp measures approximately 9.0" high at the highest point, and it's 10.0" wide and 5.5" deep at the longest points. It's marked on the back "965" in the ceramic, and we think this is probably a Royal Haeger lamp that lost its paper sticker; cross listed on Pets 3.     $165.00
L022 New listing of a 1950s / 1960s folk or tramp art popsicle stick lamp, extremely rare to still find in one piece and particularly one of this intricacy in design- probably the best example we've ever seen. This is a real beauty, intricate in design and at the top end of the quality and intricacy you see in vintage popsicle stick lamps. The base is constructed in a Star of David pattern, and the shade is whimsically ornamented with hearts, clovers, diamonds. For the most part, this lamp is in very good condition and much better than you usually see, but i has very minor areas that could be repaired if you want it perfect (frankly, we like it as is). Three of the top ornamental points are broken, out of the total number of 12, several of the points on the bottom of the shade are missing, and it's missing one of its 6 original feet and comes without a finial. The few breaks are difficult to notice particularly given the intricate assembly of the base and shade, but any repairs you do (eat more popsicles!) will directly increase the value as these are quite hard to find and perfect would sell for substantially more. The lamp measures approximately 17.5" high including the shade and 10.5" in shade diameter and 8.0" in base diameter, coming to you from a Greenwich, Connecticut waterfront estate.        SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
New Listing! Pretty frosted and etched glass shade would look great as a replacement or an upgrade for a boring alternative, in excellent condition and measuring approximately 5,5" high and 4.5" in diameter, and 1.25" in diameter at the bottom opening which will slot down into your lamp. The decoration is subtle yet effective, a nice contrast with the frosted glass. The top is ridged for some final design nflair, and it's in very good condition with only a slight groove in the frosting on the portion that slots down into the lamp and thus not seen. This would really add flair to a lamp, and it's at a bargain price! $10.00
L024 Very old 1930s / 1940s budding flower ironwork metal lamp, unmarked, in very good condition with all original enamel paint and patina and minimal paint loss. Note the detailing in the bottom ring, the flower and leaf motif at top and bottom, and the twisted center stem all making for a great look. The lamp has been rewired, and it neeeds a glass shade with 4.0" diameter at the bottom opening. Most any color would look good as would a painted shade, and you can usually find good vintage ones or reproductions if you so desire. These early 20th century metal lamps & lighting are highly collected and prices have been soaring, but this one is offered by a Greenwich, CT estate at a bargain price. /115 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Dress up your house with this bargain priced period pot metal "Good Luck" lamp in much better condition than you usually find these period pieces of this design. The lamps features two central figures looking lovingly at each other, and we find the detail in the depiction to be well above the norm for pot metal lamps of this period. Good Luck is on a plaque below the figures, all part of the mold and not affixed separately. It measures approximately 11.5" high and 6.0" x 4.0", and it comes without a shade. Period or reproduction shades suitable for this lamp are readily available at modest prices in the market. The lamp is in very good condition with what appears to be original patination- clearly has not been cleaned for quite a while- but certainly needs to be rewired.      $65.00
photo 3
photo 4
Pretty white hobnail glass shade can change a so so boring lamp into something that will really catch the eye. It has a diameter of 3.0" where the shade fits down over a lamp, and from there the shade swells in diameter to approximately 6.5" overall for a great look. It's in mint condition and ready for a new lamp, part of a Burlington, VT country estate and bargain priced. $14.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
People write all the time asking us to find more vintage metal lamps and candleholders, so here's a new listing that we imagine won't last very long. This pair of vintage metal candleholders are all handpainted and remarkably detailed in their metalwork and coloration to simulate the look of flowers in bloom. All the flowers are different too, a nice touch from the run of the mill metalwork that just replicates the same flower and color over and over. The colorful flowers are set against a cream colored base and stem, and leaves provide added flair around the pieces. Both are in very good condition with all the original paint intact, and there is very minimal age wear or paint flecks for candles of this age. The pair measure approximately 10.5" high and 6.5" in diameter at the widest point, and they were consigned by a large Westport, CT estate right on Long Island Sound.    $165.00/ pair
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
New listing! Evoking the best in Art Deco styling, this period Art Nouveau figural lamp combines two classically Art Deco gilt figures alongside a towering geometrically inspired glass lamp shade in an Art Deco tower shape. We particularly like the shape and color of the glass tube which shields the light within and puts off a soft, glowing effect that makes this type of lamp a particular favorite for bedrooms. The base of the lamp measures approximately 7.5" wide and 3.5" deep, and the light including the glass shade stands 11.75" high. The lamp is in excellent and all original condition with only very minor age wear to the gilt figures, and it retains the paper label on the back for the Canada Standards Association as an approved "Portable Electric Lamp." It comes direct to you from a San Diego, CA estate collection of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, and it's cross listed on Deco 3.       $385.00
photo 3
Vintage white metal wall light with two candle fixtures and floral metalwork surrounding them. We really like the simple yet elegant style of this piece, and it's a good size at approximately 13.0" high, 8.0" wide at the widest point, and 6.5" deep out from the wall. While there is a tiny bit of age wear, it's in very good condition for vintage metalwork of this age.    $48.00
photo 3
Excellent vintage hanging metal candelabra candleholder that combines two rounded hoops into the design contrasting with the more angular extensions of the 4 candleholders. The piece holds 4 candles and measures approximately 13.5" high and 17.5" wide at the widest point. Direct from the porch of a Hilton Head, SC estate, it's a great accessory to really liven up your screened porch, balcony, or pool / spa area. The piece is in very good condition with very minor surface chips or wear, the largest less than 0.25" wide. Cross listed on Metalware 2. $65.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
Fun slag glass lamp has real age to it dating to the first half of the 20th century and featuring some ornate metalwork complementing the glass that goes well beyond what one commonly sees. The ribs and bands of the metal lamp are all decorated in some manner, and the rich striated glass of alternating green and gold is a classic of this design period. The lamp measures approximately 11.0" high and 12.0" in diameter, and it came right out of the storage at an old Vermont country estate where we found it in excellent condition but kind of covered in grime- maybe not a bad preservative. It comes with an attached chain and ceiling plate to let it hang the proper distance for your ceiling, and we haven't tested the wiring but would suggest rewiring may be a prudent step given the age.     $365.00
L032 Early 20th century hanging slag glass lamp with ornate metalwork frame in very good condition, c. 1920s / 1930s. This classic shape combines 8 beautifully rounded and shaped lower panes of this unique lime green / white slag glass with the 8 decorative panes rising from the top band and nicely curved on the top. One way you know this is old and not a reproduction is the ornate metalwork, all with the original aged patina, decorating the entire metal frame of this top quality light meausuring approximately 11.0" high, 18.5" in diameter (bottom) and 8.75" in diameter (top). The lamp is in very good condition with no damage and to our eye not even any heat cracks in the panes. It gives off a terrific glow when lit and looks especially good on a dimmer so you can adjust the light for different uses and times of the day. It has a metal chain hiding the electrical wiring approximately 23.0" long. This new listing comes direct from a major Greenwich, CT waterfront estate and right off their celing. /385 SOLD
L033 Old lamp finials from left to right. 1 Very old brass lamp finial with scrollwork design, measuring approximately 1.75" high. 2 Old brass and glass "crystal ball" lamp finial, measuring approximately 1.75" high. 3 Old brass bullet shaped finial with intricate decoration and elegant shape, measuring approximately 2.0" high. All are uncleaned and have the original patina, and they're in excellent condition and will add flair and ornamentation to any lamp. Cross listed on Metalware 2.    1 $16.00

photo 3
photo 4
Set of 4 matched vintage glass shades in excellent condition, designed for lamps taking an approximately 1.5" insert. As such, the shades measure approximately 1.5" at the top and flaring to a diameter of 6.0" at the bottom. The top portion of the lamp shades are nicely ridged, with those horizontal lines turning to verticle for the remainder of the way down to the subtle scrolling edge on the bottom. The glass has a degree of milkiness to it although we would stop short of literally calling it milk glass- this slighly more translucent glass is better for transparency in a lamp. Bargain price for a set of 4. $65.00/set of 4
photo 3
photo 4
ISuper pair of 50s lamps have a classic look and the highly sought color of pink fifties collectors usually order off our site within the first week of listing. These are nicely made lamps, with a round metal base supporting the colored main body of the lamps. This area of the lamp seems to have been done in a way such that the pink color is inside a glass casing, and the 1950s designs in gold and black are applied on the surface of the glass casing. While there is some minimal age wear to the lamp base and body, it is overall in very good condition for a period fifties lamp. This set came right off the shelf of a fascinating Savannah, Georgia historic and eclectic home, come without shades (many sites sell period and reproduction 1950s and 1960s lamp shades) and are priced for quick sale.     $165.00/pr
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Very cool 1950s / 1960s slotted cannister lamp screams out mid-century modern retro design and still looks great in the 21st century too! The cannister design is white on the exterior and red on the interior, which combines for a nice sixties effect regardless of whether the lamp is on or off. As you can see in the photos, the slots in the lamp body give off a very unique lighting pattern when lit, especially in a dark room. The cannister style retro lamp is in very good condition and measures approximately 9.0" high and 6.5" in diameter at the widest point; cross listed on 50s & 60s 3.      $135.00

New listing! Very nice oriental motif table lamp features a colorful bird, outstanding enameling, and a super vintage textured shade with teardrop beads ringing the entire bottom edge of the shade. We particularly like the colorful bird featured on the ceramic base, very well executed and perched on a tree branch with flower and leaf complements. The lamp measures a nice 20.0" high including the shade, and the ceramic base is approximately 4.0" in diameter for a nice, petite look. Shade and base are in excellent and working condition, right off the table of a snowy Vermont country home- and priced to sell quickly!      Send a Collectics Gift Certificate!/85


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