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Vintage Antique & Estate Art Pottery & Ceramics: Page 2

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Hard to find extra large hand painted German ceramic bowl c 1950s meausuring a full 11.0" in diameter and rising to a height of 2.25". We particularly love the rich black interior of this bow, rare in Italian ceramics, but the black strikingly offsets the hand painted floral and leaf decoration in the center and its vibrant colors. The green and yellow banding is also effective set against the black interior and the rust color glaze of the bowl itself. It's in excellent condition and retains its paper label including "Handalbeit in W Germany" and the manufacturer whose first name is uncertain and last name Bauer. t's marked on the bottom 18 and is ready to hang on the wall or on a stand.    $38.00

Right off the shelf of a country estate along the Hudson River of New York, these rare Amado Pena southwestern art pottery tiles are striking in their vibrant colors, detail, and overall decorative beauty. This pair features #1378 Image of Southwest Pottery II and #1380 Tres Del Pueblo, both by well known Native American artist Amado Pena. Uniquely, both of these A.R.T. Amado Pena art tiles retain the original paper labels on the back that give the name of the work, care instructions, advisory that "this decorative ceramic tile may be used as a wall hanging, on an easel, or framed", and a brief biography of Amado Pena. Amado Pena is recognized as an "Artisan of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona". His art celebrates Native Americans, and his artwork is inspired by places such as Canyon de Chelly, Spider Rock, Monument Valley, Enchanted Mesa, Acoma, and Black Mesa. These sites are part of an enduring landscape that speaks of the ancient heritage of a region which is now Arizona and New Mexico. Amado's artwork is defined by its bold color and form and dynamic composition, and through his art, he communicates his vision of a land, its people and their art. Both ART Pena ceramic tiles including wall hangers on the back so they're ready to hang on the wall if you go that route, and they're in excellent condition with no damage and measuring approximatley 7.75" x 7.75". They were made by the A.R.T. Co. of Albuquerque, New Mexico. /65 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Everyone should have a vintage Italian ceramic pottery bear pitcher, with Mr. Bear in a relaxed pose sitting on his haunches and with one arm conveniently angled up to his head to form the handle for the pitcher. This piece is really cute and in excellent condition, measuring approximately 9.5" high. He's got a nice face and eyes, and the liquid emerges conveniently through his mouth. The bottom has both the stamped and the impressed marks of the Italian manufacturer Remo, Made in Italy, and 1975. Excellent for the kitchen and for display.    $22.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Impressive example of a vintage Italian pottery covered ceramic basket bowl with elaborate floral design, from a Malibu, California estate. You can really see why Italian pottery from the middle of the 20th century is so highly collected from the detail so evident in the flowers of this bowl. The base evokes the look of a woven basket, the ceramic and glaze used to great realistic effect. The flowers covering the entire top are colorful and highly detailed, with flowing and overlapping petals that are very difficult to mold and small features like the ridging on the edges of the leaves. The flower colors are bright and cheery, perfect to both use and display in a variety of ways. It measures 7.0" x 4.0" and stands 5.0" high with the top on, and it's in good condition except for two side chips on the very bottom of 2 of the flower leaves very hard to see and not detracting at all from the look. The covered ceramic dish is marked on the bottom110/15 C.I.I. Italy.    $65.00
P025 Interesting European ceramic bowl with striking colors of yellow trimmed with black, a unique shape with side handles, and a colorful and realistic image in the center of a famous Swiss monument of a father and his son walking in the countryside, labeled "Altdorf-Telldenkmal". This area is an alpine passage in Switzerland dominated by the impressive Telldenkmal (Tell Monument) – a much-photographed icon erected in 1895 and depicting a sturdy, bearded Tell raising his eyes fearlessly to the horizon, while his son, embodiment of the Swiss people themselves, accepts his father’s protecting arm and gazes trustingly upwards at him. It's in mint condition, measuring approximately 1.5" high and 6.75" handle to handle. It's perfect for display and can also be used for many different functions including as a candy dish, ashtray, and much more.    $22.00
P026 photo 2 Pretty Larce Orvieto Italian ceramic ashtray with terrific rolled and folded sides and handpainted with the figure of a young girl smelling the flowers. Stylized and colorful in shades of red, green, and blue that reflect the countryside of Orvieto, Italy, the artist combines a black ink sketch effect on the white ceramic with larger areas of color through the hand painting. It's in excellent condition and marked on the bottom "Larce Orvieto."    $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Cute ceramic napkin or letter holder features a nicely detailed young boy on the front holding an umbrella, in excellent condition and off the shelf of a Vermont country estate. The detail and colors of the young boy are very strong, giving the piece a whimsical look that's sure to draw the eye in your own home or as a gift. It's in excellent condition and retains the remnants of a paper label on the bottom but which is unreadable as to the maker. The shape and style makes it suitable to hold letters, napkins, pens and pencils, or many other household items, measuring approximately 6.0" hign, 4.75" wide, and 3.0" deep including the figure mounted on the front.   $26.00
photo 3
photo 4
Cute little piggy bank and cute piggy miniature planter measuring 2.75" tall and 3" wide. She and he are very nice with hand painted colors and the quality of workmanship vintage Italian ceramics are known for. These small Italian pigs are really getting to be collectible. Both are marked on the bottom "Italy" and are in excellent condition. This is a true piggy bank, so you'll have to save your pennies or break the bank!  $36.00/set
photo 3
Fun rooster planter features a nicely detailed rooster alongside a basket weave basket in a well textured ceramic with good realism. Rooster themes are always popular with collectors, and we feel certain this Albany, NY piece will be no exception. Measuring approximately 6.0" high, 7.0" wide, and 5.0" deep, the ceramic rooster planter is in excellent condition and bargain priced!    $18.00
photo 3
photo 4
Very pretty vintage Italian ceramic majolica glaze ashtray with raised and textured floral decoration combined with a rare, aquamarine base glaze that collectors love. We love the realism and vibrant colors of the yellow flowers set against the richness of the base glaze, and this piece will be appealing to both collectors of vintage Italian ceramics and tobacciana collectors. This fine vintage ashtray is marked on the bottom Italy as was common with mid-century Italian ceramics. It measures approximately 8.5" in diameter and 2.0" high and it's in excellent condition, direct from a Rye, NY estate on Long Island Sound. $32.00
photo 3
Very fine and old painted pair of Japanese ceramic wall pockets that each measure approximately 7.0" high, 3.75" wide at the top opening, and extend out from the wall about 2.0". These are in the popular horn form and have top openings wide enough to accomodate a variety of inserts including flowers and more. These are quite old and came from a Seattle, OR estate collection, and they're both in very good condition although there are several tiny paint flecks from use and handling over the years. Both are marked on the back "Made in Japan" and look great on the wall.    $42.00/ pr
photo 3
photo 4
Super set of 4 matching Made In Italy Palm Tree plates, very realistic hand painted decoration of palm trees swaying in the wind and surrounded by a green border molded in the shape of logs or bamboo for added flair. We love the hexagonal 6 sided shape of these plates which each measure 10.5" in diameter, and they're great to both use and display on stands. Each plate is in excellent condition and marked on the back "Made in Italy", and these Italian ceramic plates were part of a major Jacksonville, Florida estate consignment of beach and designer home furnishings exclusive to Collectics. $65.00/ set of 4
photo 3
photo 4
Terrific mid-century modern Raymor Italian ceramic "Bourbon" vase with that fun and whimsical couple raising their glasses in a toast! The colors are classic fifties retro and we love the artist vision for the image, with the black lines outlining the figures and their clothing, liquor, and the sun above highlighted with hand painted blue. It measures approximately 10.5" high and 4.75" in diameter at the widest point, and it's in good condition with only a small chip less than 0.25" wide on the top edge which has been filled in but where the color isn't matching very well- if you're good with touch up and color matching, you'll be all set. It's fully marked on the bottom "Raymor Italy R2121/C" and c. 1950s / 1960s. Cross listed on 50s 3. Bargain price for Raymor!    $45.00
photo 3
photo 4
New listing of an unusual marked ceramic vase designed as a decorative object for the desk or kitchen to hold pens, pencils, utensils, or other items in it's large opening 3.75' in diameter. We particularly like the baby blue glaze with the free form abstract white decorations which are really featured on the back of the piece. It has a small nub handle on the top for easy gripping and moving, and it's marked on the bottom although worn so we are uncertain of the manufacturer. It's a high quality piece in very good condition, measuring approximately 8.0" high and 4.25" in diameter at the widest point not including the protruding circular opening to hold contents.   $38.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Another impressive example of a vintage Italian pottery covered ceramic basket bowl with elaborate floral design, from the Malibu, California estate. You can really see why Italian pottery from the middle of the 20th century is so highly collected from the detail so evident in the flowers of this bowl. The base evokes the look of a woven basket, the ceramic and glaze used to great realistic effect. The flowers covering the entire top are colorful and highly detailed, with flowing and overlapping petals that are very difficult to mold and small features like the ridging on the edges of the leaves. The flower colors are bright and cheery, perfect to both use and display in a variety of ways. It measures 7.0" x 4.0" and stands 5.0" high with the top on, and it's in good condition with two hard to see flower chips less than 0.25" and a few flea nicks on the irregular edges of the flower petals that you would never notice without very close examination. The covered ceramic dish is marked on the bottom C.I.I. Italy 110/15.  $75.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Signed Colo mint condition heavy ceramic planter in mint condition, standing approximately 7.75" high and 6.5" in diameter-- although wider including the arms and feet. The glaze on this piece is striking, especially the blue textured hair. High quality all around, the piece is whimsical and a sure conversation piece. Consigned from the estate of a world traveler in New York's Hudson Valley estate, the piece is marked, impressed in the clay COLO just below the hairline at the rear of the head.    $65.00
P037 Super 1960s McCoy 3 piece set in desirable green glaze "With Love" is very hard to find together and combines two McCoy planters with a rectangular vase. The rich green glaze is common to all three pieces, and we really like the fact that the "With" is done in white on one side and green on one side of the planters and the entire "With Love" is done in white on one side and green on the other side for the vase. The planters are marked 680 with the impressed McCoy mark, copyright, and USA (one patent pending), while the vase is also an early production piece marked with the McCoy USA mark patent pending. The planters each measure approximately 6.25" wide, 3.25" deep, and 3.25" high while the tall rectangular vase measures 7.75" high, 2.0" deep, and 3.0" wide at the widest point. All three pieces are in excellent condition, part of an Orlando, FL estate collection of vintage and antique pottery from major American manufacturers; cross listed on 50s/60s 1.  /85 SOLD
P038 Old white ceramic swan planter, a really nice, clean design with feathered wings and a scalloped tail and in excellent condition with some minor crazing on the bottom. This planter is a very nice size for a variety of uses, measuring approximately 6.75" high, 8.5" from head to tail, and 6.0" wide at the widest point. Direct to you from a truly rustic Vermont farmhouse.    $24.00
P039 Terrific vintage Taylor-Smith & Taylor 3 tier dish with metal stem and handle, suitable for candy, hors d'oeuvres, fruit, cheese, and many other uses. We particularly like the flexibility of three distinct plate diameters, with the bottom one approximately 10.25", the middle 9.0", and the top 6.5". The gold trim around the perimeter of each plate is a simple yet elegant touch, and the entire piece stands 14.5" high to the top of the metal handle. The bottom is properly marked with the Taylor-Smith & Taylor Classic logo, "Ovenproof", and Made in USA. A beautiful piece from a East Hampton, Long Island estate.     SOLD
photo 3
Cute teddy bear ceramic planter has fun detailing in the eyes and bow tie, great as a gift or in your own young son's or daughter's room. The pink bear sits in front of a stack of blocks, a fun theme that's also interesting to look at from the sides. The blue and pink colors are suitable for boy or girl themes, and it's bargain priced in excellent condition and measures approximately 6.0" high, 4.0" deep, and 5.25" wide; cross listed on Toys & Children 1.   $18.00
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