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Vintage Antique & Collectible Books, Magazines, Vinyl Records, Sheet Music, First Editions, Comic & Children's Books: Page 4

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R061 Original 1973 recording and pressing of John Denver's Greatest Hits record album in excellent condition. The original record liner includes a note from John Denver which explains "when RCA first approached me with the idea of doing this album, it was my intention that it be more than a collection of tracks from my first six albums." He ends with a salutation "I hope you enjoy what we have done, and I thank you for listening- Peace." Terrific photos of John and his dog grace the front and rear covers, and it includes songs Take Me Home, Country Roads, Leaving on a Jet Plane, Rocky Mountain High, The Eagle and the Hawk, Sunshine On My Shoulders, and more. Bargain price!  (az) $12.00

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New listing for collectors of comic strips, detective stories, or secret agents- all from a major collection of Whitman Big and Better Little Books! Take your pick of rare original first edition Big Little Books of Secret Agent X9 by Charles Flanders (425 pages, copyright 1936) and Terry and the Pirates and the Giant's Vengeance by Milton Caniff (425 pages, copyright 1939). Both books were published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin and measure 4.5" x 3.5". Both books are illustrated throughout with fabulous comic book style illustrations matching the story on almost every other page and feature inscriptions telling the story. Secret Agent X-9 is in good condition with edges and spine showing normal moderate scuffing but completely intact and modest age- toning. The Terry and the Pirates book is in similar condition but is missing a small piece 0.25" of the lower right front and back covers and has the remnant of a sticker on the front cover. While the books are tight, they are fragile as are most all of the Whitman Big and Better Little Books of this age. All books from this major estate consignment are very hard to find and priced well below individual book prices at rare book dealers. (az) 



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Period Robert F. Kennedy collector edition magazine Photographic Report: Robert F. Kennedy, Victim of Violence providing comprehensive coverage in text and photographs of Robert F. Kennedy's life, children, JFK / Jackie and the Kennedy family, and of course his assassination and funeral. Published in 1968 by Metro Publishers Representatives of Washington, DC and with photgraphs from United Press International, the magazine features 60 pages of photos that capture the life and death of RFK including his role in brother John F. Kennedy's administration, the Presidential campaign during which he was assassinated, and his death and funeral. In excellent condition, this 8.25" x 11.0" magazine is a rare period collector magazine documenting RFK's life and death in pictures. The magazine comes from a collector whose estate has consigned a major collection of Kennedy memorabilia exclusively to Collectics. $18.00
R064 Vintage advertising in the form of sheet music! Very old and very hard to find sheet music insert from the Chicago Sunday American, from Sunday November 19, 1905. The song is Eyes of Blue by Ed Coleman and as sung by Miss Julia Sanderson in "Fantania". Published by permission from Advance Music Co. of New York, it features an inset of Sanderson on the cover, fun artwork of her head and hat peeking above the curtain, and a great look for a frame. These sheet music newspaper inserts are extremely hard to find as few survived, and 1905 is a very early date for them regardless. The piece has numerous minor edge tears and a few more significant, especially a larger one at the bottom left. We would recommend putting this in a frame, both to preserve it and to render the edge tears insignificant when properly mounted. Bargain price! 8 SOLD
photo 3
Another volume (4) of the vintage 1980  edition of "Charlie Brown's 'Cyclopedia" which is interesting for kids and adults. It answers "Super Questions and Answers and Amazing Facts, Featuring Cars and Trains and Other Things that Move" and has Charlie Brown and gang in a rickety looking vehicle cruising along. The book answers those cliffhanger questions like "who invented the wheel, why are freight trains so long, and what were the first fire trucks like?". It's filled with colorful illustrations of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and of course Snoopy. The 11.0" x 8.5" book is in good condition with the tiniest bit of edge wear on the corners. Inquire about other volumes- Really cute and makes a great gift!      $14.00
R066 Rare 1909 copy of Flying Artillery sheet music, a "grand military march two step" written by Geo. Heiser-English. Of course, it's the great cover art that collectors prize with this piece, the caissons and cannon rolling in the background along with the American flag plus the galloping soldier on horseback, sword raised, in the foreground. Published in 1905 by The Buffalo Music Co., this 13.75" x 10.5" piece is in very good condition and very nearly pristine, and it was signed and dated in the upper right corner in pencil by the original owner "Jessie F. Ervine Jan 09". Great as a surprise gift for any veteran or militaria collector and priced for quick sale! Part of a major Atlanta, GA estate consignment of finer militaria exclusive to Collectics and cross listed on Memorabilia 3.      $22.00
R067 This vintage November, 1964 Redbook magazine appeals to a variety of collectors - JFK collectors, vintage magazine and fashion collectors - but what most caught our attention here was the super illustration of John F. Kennedy on page 81 of the magazine. This is the memorial Redbook issue right after Kennedy's assassination, remembering his life and times. This vintage Redbook has a special section on John F. Kennedy that includes titles An American Family, November 1963, Reflections A Year Later, A Visit to County Wexford, Ireland, and In Memoriam: Seven Poems with an introduction by Arthur Schlesinger. There are also many great vintage ads including an early color ad for Miss Clairol hair coloring as well as vintage advertising for Baggies, Lipton Soup, Max Factor, Maidenform, Spam, Hunts Tomato Sauce, Del Monte Corn, Wish Bone Salad Dressing, and more. The magazine is in good condition with some minor scuffing on the cover and pristine pages, part of a major estate collection of JFK memorabilia mostly issued in the days and weeks following the Dallas tragedy. SOLD

Very hard to find Big and Better Little Books first edition comic book and old west stories from a major collection of Whitman Publishing Books! Included in this offering are 4 original first edition books published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin. This set includes 4.5" x 3.5" 425 page Better Little Book Kayo and Moon Mullins and the One Man Gang by Frank Willard (copyright 1939), Better Little Book book 4.5" x 3.5" 425 page Apple Mary and Dennie's Lucky Apples by Martha Orr (copyright 1939), Big Little Book 4.5" x 3.5" 425 page Hairbreadth Harry in Department QT by J. M. Alexander (copyright 1935), and Better Little Book 425 page Buck Jones and the Killers of Crooked Butte by Gaylord Du Bois (copyright 1940). All these books are illustrated throughout on essentially every other page with fabulous 1930's comic book style art illustrating the story. The books are all in good condition with edges and spine showing normal moderate scuffing but completely intact with no page tears and modest age- toning. While the books are all tight, they are fragile as are most of the Whitman Big Little Books and Better Little Books of this age. We found perhaps 5 very minor page tears less than 0.25" in the Kayo book and the Apple Mary book and Buck Jones books have a signed and dated owner inscription on the inside of the front cover. You can easily pay $30 or more for one of these books by themselves at a used bookstore- great as a gift for any collector or lover of detective stories! (az) $65.00/set of 4
Two early pieces ready to be framed for the one you love at bargain prices! 1 Vintage 1917 13.5" x 10.25" sheet music of Are You From Heaven?, written by L. Wolfe Gilbert and Anatol Friedland, "Songland's Favorite Composers", published by Gilbert Friedland of NY. This would make a great gift to surprise someone with during a trip away from home, and it's got terrific color cover art of the beautiful woman with long flowing hair standing by a bouquet of flowers. The piece is in fair to poor condition with total spine separation and a number of edge tears, but none of that will matter framed for your loved one. 2 My Best Girl, written by Walter Donaldson and published in 1924 by Jerome Remick. The piece measures approximately 12.25" x 9.25" and it's in very good condition with minimal age wear, signed on the front cover by the original owner from whose estate this collection was purchased. The cover art is signed by Frederick S. Manning and is a colored graphic of a young lady in hat carrying a bouquet of roses.     1 $10.00

2 $14.00
R070 It's Like Taking Candy From a Baby would make a fun gift in some special situations, with Tony Parlor on the front cover and lyrics by Bob Russell and music by Al Russell and Joel Cowan. Published by Leeds Music in 1947, the 12.0" x 9.0" piece is in good condition other than a tear on the front lover right corner, approximately 0.375" only. Bargain price!      $8.00
R071 The Touch of Your Lips is a 1936 Ray Noble song, a nice piece of vintage sheet music which is notable by the striking Art Deco graphic design of the front cover. The lyrics are really sentimental combine with the piece to make this a good I'm Sorry surprise gift for the one you love. An added bonus is the inclusion on the interior of words and music to the whimsical I'm Pixilated Over You to "try on your piano", with words by Edward Heyman and music by Harold Spina as inspired by the Columbia motion picture Mr. Deeds Goes To Town. The 12.0" x 9.0" piece was published by Santly Brothers-Joy Inc. of New York in 1936 and is in very good condition, part of a Park Avenue New York City penthouse estate consignment to Collectics from a family with ties to the Broadway theatre.    $12.00

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Very hard to find January 30, 1961 copy of Newsweek magazine, featuring a special John F. Kennedy section that delves into the first 100 days of the JFK administration. The feature story Kennedy's Washington- A Special Section has great pictures and text detailing "The New President's Challenge" plus a feature story on the Lyndon B. Johnson family and how their family lives in Washington and a story on Kennedy's "Republican in the Cabinet- And A Tough Job" that's about Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon who is also shown on the cover of this vintage Newsweek magazine. We particularly like the map of the Kennedy hangouts and routes in Washington. The magazine is in excellent condition and also filled with great vintage advertising, part of a major Miami Beach estate collection of Kennedy family memorabilia.   $14.00
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For a switch to the end of the Kennedy administration, this December 9, 1963 issue of Newsweek captures the recent events in news and photographs, the first days of the Johnson administration and JFK's funeral and the aftermath of Kennedy's assassination. New President Lyndon B. Johnson is on the cover, It's in excellent condition and also filled with great vintage advertising including Boeing ads that link to the U.S. space program now in full swing due to the efforts of JFK to take a man to the moon before the Soviets. We particularly love some of the Kennedy family photographs and pictures as well as the article detailing the weight of evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald and the "strange odyssey of Oswald and Ruby"- great fare for any student of the conspiracy theories around the Kennedy assassination. Part of a major Miami Beach estate collection of Kennedy family memorabilia, it would make a great gift for any JFK or LBJ collector. $14.00
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