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Vintage & Antique Sterling Silver, Silverplate, Silverware, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Chrome, Aluminum, Pewter, Tin, Metalware: Page 2

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S021 Very pretty sterling silver with goldwash filigree flower brooch, with very fine, intricate detail and a complex, realistic look. The goldwashed surface area really shimmers and looks fantastic on a lapel. The pin measures approximately 2.5" high and 1.75" wide, and it's in excellent condition   $26.00
photo 3
Top quality vintage sterling silver filigree bracelet, in excellent condition and outstanding detail and metalwork. The intricacy of the piece is evident even in the photographs, and you you'll love it even more when you see it in person. The silver filigree coils are extremely tight, and the bracelet has a floral theme with the center flowers and petals. It measures approximately 7.0" long and is in fantastic, original condition, consigned by a major South Carolina estate.   $45.00
photo 3
Sterling silver Jerusalem brooch pin is striking and ornate in the design and craftsmanship, sure to complement any outfit formal to casual. This sterling silver brooch is an exceptionally detailed piece of workmanship and measures 2.25" x 2.25". The pin is in excellent condition and marked on the back impressed in the silver "Jerusalem" and "Sterling". $45.00

Very interesting Raimond English pewter tankard mug with a terrific lion handle and in very good condition with only some minor tarnishing to the surface. The lion handle with raised paw is what sets this mug apart, and we like the clear glass bottom as well around which the various marks are etched into the pewter. It's a nice size and perfect to both use and display, standing approximately 5.0" high and 4.5" in diameter at the widest point and not including the handle. The mug is engraved "Stephen" on the front and has various other letter engravings of unknown purpose on the other side. Raimond is one of the finer silver and pewter manufacturers in working for many years in Sheffield, England. Around the glass bottom, the pewter is marked "English Pewter Tankard", "Raimond", and "Made in England" and comes direct from an English gentleman's estate living in Rye, NY.  /24

S025 Interesting old sterling silver letter opener with clear Mayan or Incan influences measuring 6.0" high and 2.0" wide. We love the Mayan or Incan head at the top coupled with the serpent that forms the crossbow of the letter opener. The detailing is very well done and it's a design sure to generate questions and complements, and it's marked by the maker although it can't be made out in full and is also marked 925 indicating sterling silver.  /38 SOLD
S026 This silver over copper bracelet is unique, with Chinese characters and Chinese sailing junks alternating in the silver circles each 1.0" in diameter. The detailing is very strong in the boats and sails, and the Chinese characters have a frosted effect that gives them depth. The bracelet measures approximately 7.25" long and is in excellent condition.    $26.00
photo 3
photo 4
Highly detailed vintage sterling silver filigree Mexican sombrero hat dangle earrings measuring approximately 1.0" long and in excellent condition. The fine strands of silver are so thin and intricate it's amazing that the craftsmanship was possible; note particularly the intricacy of the hat brims as well as the raised portion of the hats. This gives these vintage silver filigree screw on earrings a 3 dimensional quality which combined with the intricacy of the design really makes them a real conversation piece. Consigned as part of a major Central Park South estate in New York City. $65.00
photo 3
Strong example of vintage Mexican sterling silver metalwork in this bracelet and earrings set in excellent condition. The bracelet combines interesting design in the silver work with the inset heads done in a stylized depiction of the human head, almost primitive, influenced by the angular shapes of Mayan and Incan work but almost Art Deco in appearance. The quality is high in the bracelet measuring approximately 8.0" long and the screw on earrings approximately 0.5" in diameter. It's marked "Mexican Sterling" along with the manufacturer's hallmark.   $65.00/set
photo 3
New listing! Pretty Danecraft sterling silver leaf earrings come right from an Atlanta, GA estate collection of vintage jewelry. You can immediately see the quality of workmanship when you notice the very precise, fine detail in the surface of the leaf with the curving stem adding some extra flair. Both measure approximately 1.0" x 0.75" and are in excellent condition, marked on the rear screw "Danecraft Sterling."   $22.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Exceptional ART silver and turquoise pendant necklace evidences workmanship and craftsmanship you just don't see much any more and reflects the glory days of ART vintage costume jewelry. It's a great interpretation of western and Native American jewelry that was one of the specialties of ART. Art made fine costume jewelry from the mid 1940's until the late 1960's. The large pendant is intricately engraved, and we particularly like the rope design that comes down one side. Smaller silver and turquoise dangles complement each side of the central pendant, a total of 8 with four on each side. The large turquoise stone on the pendant has excellent color, but what we particularly liked was the unique shape of the stone. The pendant measures approximately " x " on a " chain, and the 8 dangles measure " in length. It's marked on the back ART along with another hallmark we were unable to make out. $38.00
S031 Exceptionally pretty gold washed sterling silver flower pin, in excellent condition and measuring approximately 2.5" high and 2.0" wide at the widest point. It's a really stunning piece with intricate silver filigree work in the flower petals and stem, and the blue rhinestones are unusual and particularly striking set against the gold washed silver filigree. The brooch is marked on the back Sterling. Direct from a Madison Avenue estate in New York City, this is a real bargain and very high quality.   $48.00

IFinely detailed and in excellent condition, this Preisner pewter open bangle is a nice find right out of the drawer of a Maine coastal estate. Beautifully smooth perimeters surround the intricate geometric design of the center band, a simple yet elegant look. It measures approximately 2.5" x 2.0" and is somewhat flexible to take on and off, and it's impressed on the interior "Preisner" and "Pewter". /24 SOLD
S033 Old covered tin box for Bainbridge Fasteners that's in very good condition for its age and a real collector's item that captures the history of how these types of household items were once sold. It's marked on the top "Bainbridge Fasteners Round Heads" and measures approximately 1.5" high and 1.5" in diameter. Great as a gift for advertising and tin collectors; cross listed on Advertising 2.   $55.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Here's a very interesting and incredibly detailed antique copper and silverplate pitcher with some of the most intricate metalwork we've seen in quite a while. Clearly old with significant age, the pitcher combines a figural band that's full of men and women going about their activities coupled with intricate floral and scrollwork all of which is hand worked. There is a cameo for initials which is blank, i.e. the owner(s) never had it monogramed, which adds to the value even more. More of a work of art than a utilitarian pitcher, it's in very good condition except for two panels that are slightly separated at the top and need rewelding- not a major or expensive repair. The handle is a nice complement to the intricacy of the detailing on the body, simpler but still ornate. It measures 8.5" high at the highest point and 5.0" in diameter not including the handle. The bottom is full of marks which we have failed to decipher but which clearly indicate an expensive, high quality work of art- part of a long distance consignment of finer silver and pewter from London, England.   $135.00
S035 Super Jerusalem sterling silver pin, intricately detailed and ornate which reflects the craftsmanship of yesteryear. This is a real beauty, a large and substantial piece measuring approximately 2.25" x 2.25" and comes from a major Jewish estate on Long Island, NY. The elaborate nature of the silverwork is extraordinary with 5 silver balls surrounded by myriad smaller silver balls and associated ornamentation that requires fine craftsmanship to execute. The pin is marked on the rear "Jerusalem" and "Sterling" and is in excellent condition. $65.00
S036 Super ornately etched silver bangle in excellent condition, measuring approximately 2.25" in diameter although with the open end it's a little bit more flexible to expand or contract. The etched scenes depict American Indians at work and play among the trees and teepees, and the detailing is very finely rendered. This bracelet comes to you as part of a large New York City estate collection and was probably acquired on one of the family's frequent trips.   $45.00
S037 Beautiful set of 8 aluminum drink coasters with a terrific bird scene flying down into the reeds and water on the front and the analogous scene in reverse on the back. This is because the scene is pressed into the coaster to create a raised surface on the top and an impressed surface on the back, but both capturing the nicely detailed waterfowl scene. Each of the set of 8 coasters is in very good condition and measures approximately 3.125" in diameter each. Cross listed on Pets & Animals 3.   $34.00/ set of 8
S038 Old etched brass open bangle has fine detail and an interesting pattern that doesn't overwhelm the eye yet clearly reflects good craftsmanship. Flowing leaves and stems make up the majority of the design, etched into the front of this nice piece of brass work. The bangle measures approximately 2.5" x 2.0" and has a bit of flex to make it easy to take on and off, and it's in very good condition unless you want to polish the interior- your muscle not ours. Anyway, it's a nice complement for casual and formal wear and comes bargain priced and direct from a Hilton Head, SC estate collection of finer vintage jewelry and accessories. /26   SOLD
S039 Sterling silver Art Nouveau dragonfly pin, measuring approximately 1.5" long and 1.25" wide between the wings and in excellent condition. The finely designed pin reflects very high quality in the workmanship as you can see in the contrast in how the metal is worked to form various parts of the dragonfly's body and wings. It's marked on the back "925" and comes direct from a Chicago, IL lakefront estate. Cross listed on Deco 3.   /42 SOLD
S040 Very nice sterling silver raquetball pin or brooch, with great detailing in both the racket and handle and sure to catch the eye of your friends. It's a really fun piece measuring approximately 1.75" x 0.75", and it's marked on the rear "Sterling". This fine raquet ball pin is in very good condition direct from a snowy Vermont country estate collection of antique and vintage sterling silver jewelry and great as a gift for any tennis or racket sport lover in your life.   $32.00
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