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Antique & Vintage Men's and Women's Jewelry, Accessories, Handbags, and Purses
Purses, Handbags, Sunglasses, Bangles, Bracelets, Earrings, Cufflinks, Necklaces, Pins, Brooches, Compacts, Perfume Bottles, Pill Boxes, Lockets, Charms, Sterling Silver, Bakelite, Lucite, Celluloid
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photo 3
Great little pill box with highly detailed rose floral decoration and a starburst metal effect on the rear measuring approximately 2.5" high and 2.25" wide. The rose detail on the front is quite striking, and was done with a very precise and uncommon technique to achieve the detailed image of the flowers. It has the original insert and unused label for name, address, and phone, and the entire piece is in like new condition. $28.00
photo 3
Pretty cufflinks in a basket weave pattern, probably brass, measuring approximately 0.875" in diameter and in very good condition. We always like a good basket weave pattern done in metal, for it's a simple yet elegant look and perfect for cufflinks. A slight offset on the stem of the cufflinks helps them to lay flat against the shirt.     $18.00
photo 3
photo 4
Very unusual celluloid and copper necklace with very fine detail in both the celluloid floral cameo as well as the copper metalwork. The center celluloid flowers are inset in a complementary copper setting which measures approximately 1.75" x 1.25", and the entire necklace measures approximately 13.0" long with the two separate strands of copper. Note the particularly fine detailing in the copper connectors on each end, a clear evidence of top quality craftsmanship and certainly expensive even when first produced. Direct from a major estate jewelry & accessory collection from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this necklace is in excellent and original condition and makes for a very elegant design statement. Cross listed on Bakelite & Lucite 4.     $45.00
X024 1
photo 3
photo 4
You could have bought them for $2.98 back in the 1950s, but you sure won't find mint condition 1950s sunglasses and matching clip-on visor case in fab fifties designs at that price today - although they're still quite an affordable and fun accessory. Take your pick of two retro Merit designs or buy them both; each comes in the original clip-on car sun visor case and warranty certificate. Even though sunglasses don't come with that kind of case today, the staff here feels it was a good design idea and are all trying to figure out how to put clips on their own sunglasses case. These were manufactured by the Merit Manufacturing Company of Central Falls, RI and were heavily advertised during the period in Life Magazine. Note the open gap in some of the side ear bars to give them just a little added design flair. The frames are made of plastic, somewhat flexible so they can be bent into shape to some degree but not rigid like modern sunglasses; fit adjustments may be needed. They come with the original warranty that notes they are "manufactured for optical safety and construction and the lens are precision cut and processed and certified to be of the finest quality." The sunglasses measure approximately 5.5" wide at the lens, and the ear bars measure approximately 5.5" long. The visor clip-on plastic case measures approximately 6.0" wide, 3.0" high, and 1.0" deep. Each pair of sunglasses is in mint condition and has the original Merit red and gold seal on the lens noting the original $2.98 price, "6 Base Hardened Lens" and that it "Conforms to Conn SG 40". We just love the design of these, sure to generate complements and questions wherever you wear them. These mint condition, never used 50s sunglasses come to you direct from the dusty shelf of a Newport, Rhode Island estate liquidation.     1 $45.00

photo 3
photo 4
Vintage glitter handbag with burnt orange lucite handle is very hard to find and features an Art Deco style clasp and design. This purse is really striking with the combination of the gold toned glitter handbag body coupled with the brass finish sides and lucite handle. The clasp is nice and secure, and the interior is pristine and features a zippered compartment to keep change and other valuables you don't want to stray. The handbag measures approximately 9.5" wide, 4.0" deep at the deepest point, and 8.0" high not including the handle which rises another 4.25". It's in very good condition and comes to you direct from a major Seattle, Washington estate collection of finer vintage jewelry and accessories.     $85.00
photo 3
photo 4
All leather vintage wallet c 1930s. This wallet measures approximately 4" long and 3.5" wide, and when opened it is 7" across. This wallet shows some age wear, but the sterling silver corner piece is in excellent condition with no scratches. The interior has no tears and has three compartments and a place that opens up for change. It is marked Sterling and depicts flowers and leaves on the front.     $28.00
X027 Art Deco period beaded evening purse made of silk with silk lining and intricately embroidered on the exterior with tiny beads and strung mesh for an elegant and expensive look. The purse measures approximately 8.25" wide and 4.5" high. This purse is in amazingly fine condition, clean and perfect and obviously only used for special occasions. The interior of the purse has a slot below the label which houses the original mirror that came with this particular purse. The interior is marked "Foreign" which we believe to be used for fine English exports in the early 20th century. The use of the tiniest beads and the intricate stitching and pattern ensure that this was an expensive item even when it was produced./135    SOLD
photo 3
New listing! Eye catching metal Art Deco lipstick holder case with interior felt lining and original mirror. We love the ridges and streamline, machine age shape of the lipstick case on the exterior, while the black interior with mirror makes for an elegant look particularly for evening use. The clasp is nice and secure, and it measures approximately 3.5" long, 1.25" high, and 2.0" deep. This interesting design piece is in very good condition and comes direct to you from the estate of a Chinese couple living in Rye, NY.  $32.00
X029 Pretty intricately woven macramé purse is very hard to find in mint condition as is this example direct from a Miami, Florida estate collection of vintage accessories. The weaving is intricate and tightly woven, ensuring that the handbag will hold up for many years to come. The linen lining and the body of the purse are all in very good condition, and we particularly like the way that the weaving extends over the handles as well as the body of the purse. The woven closure on one side adds extra design flair and makes for a nice, secure purse. Although sometimes referred to as 'Chinese knotting', the history of macramé dates back long before it was discovered in China. It is believed to have had originated in Arabia during the 13th century. When the Moors conquered Spain in 711 AD, they brought this artform with them. From Spain, it spread to other European countries. Sailors then picked up on the technique and kept it alive over the years. While out to sea, these sailors would knot thick twine into decorated pieces that could be sold or traded went they went ashore. The technique was first discovered in China through these sailors. Light and flexible in use, it's a nice size at approximately 10.0" wide and 8.5" high not including the handles which rise another 4.0" from the top of the purse.    SOLD

photo 3

New Listing! Period gray beaded purse will be sure to elicit complements from your friends and family, measuring approximately 6.0" high (not including the gold chain handle on the top) and 5.5" wide. This style of purse is now very hard to find, an intricate weaving of tiny micro beads covering the larger faceted beads underneath with a type of mesh effect. The clasp is original and is nice and secure, opening to reveal the gray silk lining within. The handbag is in very good condition including the silk lining as well as the exterior beadwork; note the intricacy of the micro and faceted beadwork that makes up the body of the purse; cross listed on Deco 2. Great look at a great price!     $85.00

photo 3

Top example of a micro beaded purse, with most of the beads nicely intact and intricately woven to reveal the black floral and leaf motif in the center of both sides. A real beauty from the first part of the 20th century, micro beading went out of production quite a long time ago because of the labor intensive craftsmanship necessary for their manufacture. The top clasp is original and very secure although it is missing it's two top clasp stones- easy enough to replace if you so desire. The purse opens to reveal a gray silk interior, and the style is perfect for formal or casual wear not to mention great for display. It measures approximately 7.0" high and 7.5" wide at the widest point, and aside from the minor points mentioned the purse is in very good condition for the age and increasingly hard to find micro beaded purses in such a state.     $65.00
X032 photo 2 Pretty 50s / 60s Connecticut license tag keychain sold by the Disabled American Veterans, the original sticker attached to the bottom of the CT license. What makes this piece interesting is not just the license plate but the lovely purple stone attached to the other to the other end. For that matter, you would love to carry this one with or without the license tag. It measures approximately 3.5" long and is in excellent condition.   $14.00
X033 1
Take your pick of two very pretty leather keychains, one with small brass sailboat and one with small brass golf club. The nice quality leather backing is 3.0" x 1.25", and the brass designs are approximately 0.75' X 0.5" along with a nice keyring 1.25" in diameter that will hold plenty of keys. The leather combined with the cute brass golf club and sailboat is really a subtly elegant design, from a New York City penthouse estate liquidation.       1 $15.00

2 $15.00
X034 Fun, very high quality Rex English chrome plated brass whistle in mint condition and with a great tone- trust us on that one! Anyway, this fine English whistle has an attached ring that makes it easy to carry on your keychain, and it's a nice size at approximately 2.0" long, 1.0" high, and 0.75" wide. We like the classic design, which combines the nice round body with the more angular and extended mouthpiece. The whistle is in absolutely great condition, and it's marked on the top "Rex England"; cross listed on Silver 3. /24 SOLD

photo 3

Pretty homespun needlework purse from the northern Thailand Meo hill tribe with vibrant colors and an intricately geometric design that really catches your eye. The design is on both sides of the body of the purse which measures approximately 5.75" x 4.25" not including the red yarn handle or the side tassles. Suitable for a variety of uses, it also has the original tag of the Meo hill tribe and the designer Dararat (Nid) na Lampoon. The hill tribes are nomadic people who have migrated from regions as close as Southern China to as far as the mountains of Tibet. Their way of life is still based on primitive existence, relying on agriculture as the basis of their livelihood, resorting to slash and burn techniques from time to time. However, such occupation are gradually being replaced by growing cash crops and handicrafts such as this homespun purse. It's in excellent condition, from a Phoenix, Arizona desert estate.     $45.00
photo 3
photo 4
Very striking 1950s Japanese hand painted paper umbrella on wood frame, in very good condition. The colors are vibrant and almost perfectly preserved, and the bamboo and wood operating mechanism works great. There is a small crack in the wood center stem below the latch mechanism caused by the long term effect of the locking mechanism. It's a nice size at 21.5" long when closed, and approximately 30.0" in diameter when open. Great to display with bright, cheery colors. $24.00
X037 Beautiful sterling silver filigree hat pins, all in excellent condition and measuring between 2.25" and 1.75" long each, the set of 6 includes five daisies and a rose-- a great looking set together. Very strong detailing in the flowers mark these old period hat pins, silverwork that is extremely uncommon today. Consigned by a Vermont country estate where they had occupied a drawer for many, many years. Cross listed on Silver 1.      $65.00/set
X038 Cute little Jandy vintage American flag tie or lapel pin great to go with anything, about 0.675" across. The enameling is very well done, and the back of the pin is marked Jandy Reg. Great for yourself or as a gift!    $18.00
photo 3
Nice 12k gold money clip measuring approximately 1.875" long and marked 1-20-12k Bar as best we can make out even with magnification. The money clip is in very good condition with some minor age tarnish that needs only a good cleaning. It's a simple, elegant design that you'll be proud to take out of your pocket, direct from a large Houston, TX estate collection of jewelry and accessories.     $18.00
photo 3
Old brass Indian Bell keychain in all original condition. The bell itself measures approximately 0.875" high and 0.75" in diameter and looks great dangling from its keychain. The ringer works great to, adding a little unexpected joy into your day when you cary it around. The interior of the bell surface is marked India.      $16.00
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