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Antique & Vintage Men's and Women's Jewelry, Accessories, Handbags, and Purses
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Antique and Vintage Men's & Women's Jewelry & Accessories: Page 3

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X041 Fun, older keychain with a depiction of a bearded Amish man and an Amish saying on the front "We grow too soon oldt, and too late schmardt." The keychain is emossed plastic and measures approximately 1.5" in diameter, and it's in excellent condition.       $10.00
X042 Interesting vintage woman's watch combines ornamental medal designs and two faux gemstones to form the chain to go with the subtly elegant watch face and surrounding casing. It's a combination you don't see in modern pieces, indicative of the middle of the 20th century watch designs then being imported from overseas for the first time. The watch features a quartz movement although it does need a new battery, and other than that this woman's watch is in very good condition. The watch face is marked GB although we are unaware of the specific maker but it's bargain priced just for the design!  /35 SOLD

New listing! Fun San Francisco commemorative souvenir money clip in goldtone metal and featuring all the most famous San Francisco tourist attractions. The center of the money clip has nicely detailed depictions of the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, Cliff House, and the world famous San Francisco cable car. The pin is a nice size measuring approximately 2.0" wide and 1.5" high, and it's in very good condition with only minimal age wear. Direct from a Santa Barbara estate collection, it's priced to sell!       $21.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Rare smokey gray vintage lucite purse with elegantly rounded sides and a clear floral lucite top. The gray marbleized lucite and contrasting clear lucite top with carved decorations is such an elegant design that it can be carried on formal and casual occasions. The subtly rounded sides give this purse added flair, vaguely reminiscent of the rounded shape of old sailing ships. The purse is in excellent condition and measures approximately 8.0" wide, 4.25" deep, and 3.5" high not including the desirable double handles which rise another 5.75" from the top cover when extended upward. Don't miss out on this very hard to find handbag, cross listed on Bakelite 4 and direct to you from a major Miami, FL estate collection of vintage plastics.       $185.00
photo 3
photo 4
There should be plenty of room in the price of this period beaded Art Deco purse to pay for the small repair that it needs. The beaded body design of the purse is in classic Deco colors of silver and black, and we particularly like the ornate metal frame that gives substance and quality to this bag. The interior silk lining is a nice neutral color not to detract from the more dazzling outer body of the purse, and it's in very good condition as well. It measures approximately 7.5" wide at the widest point and 6.0" high. The purse also has the original hand chain which extends upward another 6.0" or so when held. This stunning example of a vintage 1920s - 1930s accessory was consigned by a major Park Avenue, NYC estate and priced to sell and get the repair it needs. As you will see in photo 4, the handbag needs to hinged frame repaired on one side where it has come apart. Other than that, the purse is in excellent condition and shimmers like new; cross listed on Art Deco 3.       $65.00

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

Super vintage Kenneth Cole New York change purse is made of embossed leather giving it the look of crocodile and features a metal Kenneth Cole New York metal band on the exterior and a leather Kenneth Cole tag on the interior. The top clasp is nice and secure, and both inside and outside of this change purse is in excellent condition, part of a West Palm Beach, Florida estate liquidation handled exclusively by Collectics. $55.00
photo 3
Interesting old India brass bangle with a terrific aqua blue color of hand painted enamel design that nicely complements the brass. Aside from the color of the enamel, we also liked the fact that this bracelet has all its original patina on the brass and has not been cleaned or polished, and the enameling and general condition of the bracelet is excellent. It measures approximately 2.75" in diameter and is marked on the interior "India", coming direct from a Palm Beach, FL estate collection of eastern jewelry art.       $22.00

photo 3
photo 4

Super cool Walborg beaded purse features rhinestones on the metal closure and great beadwork in the design of the purse. The bead pattern is quite intricate when examined closely, and the clasp is nice and secure so the purse is practical for real use. When opened, the handbag features a mint condition silk lining and retains the original tag reading Walborg and Made in Belgium. The purse measures approximately 8.5" x 4.5" with beadwork, lining, and purse are all in very good condition, direct from a Kansas City, MO estate collection of vintage accessories.       $45.00
X049 Fantastic beaded purse c. 1930s, with an intricate floral design coupled with the black and tan colors of the Art Deco period. The beading is exceptionally well done, and it's the tiny beads that are much more desirable and reflect a lot more craftsmanship than their larger siblings. The purse has some fine fringe at the top connecting to its two handle straps, and it measures approximately 8.5" high not including the 2 handles which extend upward another 4.5" and 5.25" high. This is a super purse in excellent condition, direct from a Miami Beach estate.   /115 SOLD
X050 Also from the Miami Beach estate, this is a goldtone metal handbag coupled with a confetti lucite top, a striking contrast of two examples of workmanship that is sure to catch the eye and generate complements. The metalwork is extremely intricate, combining a floral design along the top rim with the flowing, more geometric pattern below. The purse measures approximately 4.5" high not including the 2 decorated handles which extend upward another 5.0", 6.25" wide, and 4.25" deep. Both the body of the purse and the confetti lucite top are in excellent condition although some of the black sealant on the bottom of the lucite has worn away to reveal the confetti lucite from within- frankly we kind of like that look. /75       SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Unique Novelle quartz watch features a Japanese quartz movement and great styling, especially the open hinged bracelet design wherein each side from the watch face hinges up for easy on and off. The open styling makes it really eye catching, and we love the color and faux crocodile covering of the hinged band. The watch face is clean and elegant, framed in gleaming chrome and with nice large numbers to make it easy to see and tell time. It's in excellent condition, part of a Ft. Lauderdale, FL estate collection of finer vintage jewelry and accessories.    $35.00
X052 Subtle yet elegant, this vintage tie clasp combines nice detail in the metalworking with a single rhinestone in the middle and measures approximately 1.5" long. In excellent condition, it comes from a Miami Beach, FL estate collection of finer vintage jewelry.      $16.00
photo 3
We love vintage Italian mosaic jewelry here at Collectics, and who could resist this unique mosaic guitar pin in excellent condition and measuring approximately 1.75" long. The Italian mosaic work exhibits very fine craftsmanship as is typical, and the colors are vibrant and really complement the design. Great as a gift for any guitar player or music lover in your life, or just for yourself!       $28.00
photo 3
Elegant and understated in its design, this wonderful Kalbe sterling silver tie clip and cufflinks set is in excellent condition and comes to you from a major Los Angeles, California estate collection. The tip clip measures approximately 1.75" long and is marked on the back "Kalbe Sterling Silver", while the oval cufflinks measure approximately 1.0" x 0.75".       $26.00/set
X055 For the lover of heavy machinery, this Lorain crane pin is suitable for wearing on your lapel or as a tie pin, and it measures approximately 1.25" high and 0.875" wide. It's nicely detailed and a certain conversation piece, marked on the side of the truck "Lorain" and in excellent condition. /16 SOLD
X056 Fun 1950s floral beaded change or accessory purse with vivid fifties colors of pink, green, and gold set against an intricately patterned beaded background. The design couples round and rectangular beads for a great effect, and the clasp is nice and secure. It measures approximately 3.5" in diameter and is in very good condition with a mint exterior and an interior stain on the silk lining that may or may not come out but of course is only visible on the interior Direct from a large San Diego, CA estate collection of vintage jewelry and accessories.  /18 SOLD
photo 3
Very unique little Japanese porcelain parrot ring holder that stands a petite 1.875" high and 2.0" in diameter. The parrot bird (or is it a toucan??? - we're not bird experts....) perches on the side of the bowl, colorful in his green and red feathers. The bowl itself is all hand painted and slightly gilded along the rim, and the top edge is also irregularly shaped for some extra design flair. The bottom of the ringholder is marked "Japan and it's in very good condition, direct from the shelf of a St. Louis, MO estate collection of vintage jewelry and accessories.       $26.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Super metal horse belt is one of the more unique animal themed accessories we've seen in quite some time, and it pairs 5 very nicely detailed galloping horses with a chain link belt that culminates in a horseshoe fastener on the other end to give it that added last bit of flair. Pay particular attention to the detail on each individual horse, well above the norm. The horses are pretty substantial at about 2.5" long each, and overall the belt measures approximately 42.0" end to end. It's in excellent condition, part of a West Palm Beach, Florida estate liquidation handled exclusively by Collectics. $38.00
X059 Vintage Vera Bradley purse, a unique look for Vera with a goldtone metal chain and a nice acorn clasp closure at the top. As usual, the Vera Bradley fabric material is thick and rich, tightly woven in the black background coupled with a somewhat looser weave in the flowers and leaves to give the image more texture. Note the use of shadings of color in the leaves and flowers to create a 3 dimensional depth to the work. The interior is lined with a nice peach color silk, a neutral yet eye catching color that goes well with the body of the purse. It's a nice convenient size for formal and casual wear, measuring approximately 6.75" high not including the chain handle which rises another 5.5" from the top of the purse when held erect. The handbag is in very good condition and is marked on the interior silk lining "Vera", part of a Houston, Texas estate collection. /75 SOLD
photo 3
Cute pin for the aviation or airplane collector or enthusiast can be yours with this Charlotte, NC estate consignment of a vintage airplane pin with U.S. attached via chain. Unique in its design, both the plane and the U.S. pieces have separate pins so you can position them as you so desire on your lapel, sweater, or jacket. In very good condition, the airplane measures approximately 0.75" x 0.25" while the U.S. section measures 0.375" x 0.375", and they're attached to one another on a small 1.5" long gold chain ".       $22.00
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