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Antique & Vintage Bakelite & Lucite Purses, Handbags, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Pins, Brooches, and Accessories
Bakelite & Lucite Bangles, Bracelets, Purses, Handbags, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Pins, Brooches, Hair Combs, Patricia of Miami, Florida Handbags, Charles Kahn, Gilli Originals, Rialto, Wilardy, Myles Handbags, Llewellyn, Tyrolean, Gallery, Dorset Rex, Schultz Bakelite
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Antique & Vintage Bakelite, Lucite, and Celluloid Bangles, Purses, Handbags, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins, Brooches, & Accessories: Page 2

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New listing! Super white lucite purse with elegant curved sides and a clear lucite top with an etched flower highlighting the top design. The purse has the original clear lucite clasp and fits nice and secure to keep the inside contents where they belong. It's a simple, elegant design whose most notable feature are the inset lucite designs in the handle which complements the floral motif on the top. It's a nice size for all kinds of uses, measuring approximately 7.0" wide, 4.0" deep, and 3.0" high not including the clear lucite handle which rises from the top of the handbag another 3.5". The purse is in very good condition with only some very minor surface scratches on the clear lucite top, unavoidable unless they just sit on a shelf and not noticeable except with close examination under light. It comes to you direct from a major Los Angeles, California estate consignment of important bakelite and lucite.     SOLD

photo 3

photo 3

Take your pick of two super bakelite bangle bracelets from a major Atlanta, GA estate collection of great vintage plastic jewelry. 1 Pretty carved black bakelite bangle bracelet has subtle groupings of horizontal and vertical carving around the perimeter of the bangle that gives it an elegant and refined look. Great to wear with either formal or informal attire, it measures approximately 2.75" in diameter and 0.375" wide and is in excellent condition. 2 Unusual and petite black bakelite rope bangle bracelet features a 3 rope knot complementing a round bracelet design that makes this a great piece for a smaller woman to wear with a variety of outfits and a variety of different occasions. Hard to find, these vintage rope bangles are always in demand, and this one is in excellent condition and measures approximately 3.0" in diameter and 0.25" wide. Both are directly from an Atlanta, GA estate collection of vintage bakelite and lucite jewelry and accessories and priced to sell fast.

1 $115.00

2 $95.00

B023 Superb mid 20th century vintage glitter lucite purse, very hard to find glitter lucite with tints of gold body coupled with a clear and deep carved lucite top and interesting rope pattern lucite handle. It's really a stunning piece that screams 1950s & 1960s design, and the rectangular body gives the interior of the purse plenty of room for real world use. It opens to reveal a clean, pristine interior, and the entire handbag is in very condition and all original. We particularly like the complementing brass ball clasp that keeps the purse nice and secure, so this is one you'll be proud to display and show your friends but also won't hesitate to take it out to the grocery store. It also has the original 4 ball feet that makes it nicer to lay on the table than the lucite body only. The purse measures approximately 8.25" wide, 4.0" deep, and 4.0" high not including the lucite handle which rises another 4.5" from the top of the purse. This lucite purse comes to you direct from a major Los Angleles, CA estate consignment of the finest vintage bakelite and lucite handbags exclusive to Collectics. Cross listed on 50s & 60s 2. /235 SOLD

photo 3

Very striking bakelite and lucite necklace, with green and orange bakelite bead halves on a strand and with all original lucite clasp that's nice and secure. This is a great retro look, in difficult to find colors and style and particularly unique with the original lucite clasp which tend not to survive intact on this type of vintage necklace. It measures approximately 16.0" end to end and is in excellent condition, part of a major Mobile, Alabama estate collection consigned exclusively to Collectics.


photo 3
photo 4
Super cool vintage Deco bakelite flower pendant necklace is sure not to last long- a unique fashion statement. This bakelite necklace is very finely carved with high detail on the all 3 flowers. The bakelite flower pendant is accented with great metal tassles, a style and look that's certainly not seen every day. The pendant part of the necklace measures approximately 4.0" long including the tassles with the pendant itself 2.0" diameter on a rope necklace 28.0" long. Vintage bakelite pendant and necklace are in very good condition with one metal ball at the top of the pendant being very slightly tarnished. This is an exceptional item that will make your outfit, part of a Portland, Oregon estate collection vintage bakelite jewelry. $110.00

photo 3


Take your pick of two very pretty and unique vintage celluloid pins, both in excellent condition and direct to you from a Santa Barbara, California estate. 1 Unusual white celluloid pin with imbedded rhinestones and painted decoration around the perimeter, coupled with 3 dangling celluloid conical shapes which add an additional flair. It's a beautiful piece with the brooch itself measuring approximately 2.375" X 2.0" and the dangles extending downward another 1.875". /36 cp 2 Equally unusual floral celluloid pin with vibrant springtime colors of yellow, white, and orange coupled with green stems and a woven fringe frame around it. We can't recall seeing vintage celluloid coupled with needlework in this manner, and we really like the look. It measures approximately 2.5" in diameter including the fringe. /34cp



B027 New listing! Wonderful vintage silver, glass bead and bakelite necklace. The combination of materials makes this quite an interesting design, and it has a great retro flavor to it. It's funky and fun and measures approximately 15.0" long!      $55.00
photo 3
Very pretty and very hard to find two tone vintage bakelite bangle comes to you direct from a Malibu, CA estate collection of vintage plastic jewelry and accessories. It measures 0.75" wide and has a 2.75" diameter and is in excellent condition. The wavey carving and two toned coloring makes this bangle quite unique, particularly given the mustard & orange contrast evoking the look of a classic Fender Stratocaster guitar color combination. $185.00

photo 3
photo 4

Newly listed is an unusually shaped cheery red bakelite bangle all ready for the spring and summer fashion. Everyone here really loved the color and design of this vintage bangle bracelet, a type of bamboo look punctuated with carving to give the look of individual pieces. The shape is really unique, rather eye catching as it's not something you see in vintage bakelite very often. It's got vibrant color and is in excellent condition and fully tested, part of a major Greenwich, CT estate collection of vintage plastics.


B030 Terrific vintage Llewellyn purse features highly desirable hexagonal 6 sided shape in tranlucent tortoise lucite matched with a clear carved lucite top with diagonal cuts and matching clear lucite handle. The closure of this purse is quite unique a well, a small lucite ball on the top which raises the lid from a snug fit down below. It's a striking and eye catching look, sure to generate questions and complements, and it has the typically high Llewellyn quality. While the purse has lost its original Llewellyn print mark from fading, we know from having had this purse in the past that it is a Llewellyn. It's a very nice size at approximately 7.25" wide, 4.0" deep, and 4.0" high not including the handle which rises another 5.5" from the top of the purse. It's in excellent condition, part of an exclusive consignment of the finest bakelite and lucite purses unique to Collectics. /265 SOLD
photo 3
Pretty celluloid and silver aluminum metal hair comb in the Art Deco style comes to you from a Malibu, CA estate. The aluminum top is very ornate and in perfect condition. Purchased from a significant hair comb collector, anyone who wears this hair comb will not be disappointed. It glides with ease into the hair and makes a beautiful statement of vintage style. It's in excellent condition and even comes with the original box, measuring approximately 5.0" high and 1.75" wide at the widest point. $65.00



Take your pick of two vintage carved bakelite dress clips. 1. First we have a rich green carved dress clip with a Art Deco design flavor. The carving is precise and intricate, contrasting the round with the straight elongated carving. It measures approximately 1.5" x 0.75" and is in excellent condition. 2. Next, we have a cheery carved deep orange dress pin measuring approximately 2.0" x 1.0" at the widest point. This one is highly and deeply carved with a pretty floral rose carving atop the pin. /55 Both pins are in excellent condition and come to you from a major Phoenix, Arizona estate collection of vintage plastic jewelry and accessories.

1 $45.00



New listing! This vintage bakelite bangle is a must have, with unique and desirable color and very deep and intricate carving. The puffy ornate carvings are a real statement of vintage style, and marbling to the green bakelite has sutble tones of rust that add to the look. The bracelet measures approximately 2.75" in diameter and 1.0" wide, part of a Winston Salem, NC estate collection of vintage plastic jewelry. /175

B034 photo 2 Very nice vintage celluloid cameo pin brooch with interesting detailing and apparently hand workmanship on the metal, and the celluloid cameo insert is a classic look back to Roman times. This pin measures approximately 2.5" wide and 2.0' high and comes to you from an estate in the country hills of Vermont.     $22.00
B035 Vintage clear lucite scenic display paperweight with flowers, tree branch and leaves, and songbird all executed in quality detail. The lucite is cut away on the front to create the effect, especially when in sunlight sitting on a window sill, for example. It measures approximately 5.5" high and 5.75" wide at the widest point. Mint condition.     $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Vintage purse with faux tortoise shell celluloid bottom and a great, tightly woven brown knit material body with gold thread mesh and beads highlighting the surface. The tassled carrying strap measures 10.5" long when fully extended, and they pull out to close the top opening of the purse. This is a very unique purse different from any we've come across for some time, and it's in excellent original condition. The carrying straps pull tight to close the top of the handbag. The bag stands approximately 8.0" high when extended up, and the great celluloid base measures 7.75" x 4.25" and 1.5" high. The color is a slightly darker brown than it appears in the photo under the studio lights. Cross listed on Accessories 1.     $90.00

photo 3

Pretty and intricately designed celluloid hair comb in a faux tortoise shell look. This comb is unique in that the butterfly and flower design is nicely woven into the body of the comb. The tortoise shell colors are paticularly well done, and it's in excellent condition. This vintage hair accessory measures 6.75" high and 4.75" wide at the widest point. $65.00
B038 Here's a simple but elegant and carved vintage bakelite bangle bracelet that's great to wear and great for a collector. It's in mint condition, part of a large consignment of vintage plastics to Collectics from Myrtle Beach, SC. As with every vintage plastic we document, the bangle tests positive for bakelite and measures 0.75" wide and a 2.5" diameter. It's a real beauty certain not to last long at this price. /115 SOLD
photo 3
Very nice Couroc bakelite coin tray with inset coins of the world and retaining the original Couroc of Monterrey, California paper label on the rear. Coins in this tray include those from Indonesia, New Zealand, and others. This unique example of a 1950s coin tray measures approximately 10.5" in diameter and is in very good condition. The rear label speaks of the tray being "hand inlaid by master craftsmen, shells, coins, woods, and metals fused into satin black phenolic."     $42.00


Cute clear old vintage lucite rhinestone lucite bangle with inset diamond rhinestones that really adds sparkle and eye catching style. We really like the look of the clear lucite with slight blueish tint coupled with bright, clear faux diamond rhinestones. It's rounded for comfort and measures approximately 3.25" in diameter and 0.5" in width. It's in excellent condition with nice, clear lucite and no missing rhinestones, right out of a snowy Buffalo, NY estate. /65 SOLD
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