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Antique & Vintage Bakelite & Lucite Purses, Handbags, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Pins, Brooches, and Accessories
Bakelite & Lucite Bangles, Bracelets, Purses, Handbags, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Pins, Brooches, Hair Combs, Patricia of Miami, Florida Handbags, Charles Kahn, Gilli Originals, Rialto, Wilardy, Myles Handbags, Llewellyn, Tyrolean, Gallery, Dorset Rex, Schultz Bakelite
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Antique & Vintage Bakelite, Lucite, and Celluloid Bangles, Purses, Handbags, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins, Brooches, & Accessories: Page 3

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B041 Enjoy this new listing of a very unique lucite W. Rolfe collection paperweight with a real dogwood flower preserved in the lucite. It retains the original W. Rolfe paper label taped to the bottom, explaining that they use "real flowers preserved in their natural state" and providing an interesting history and characteristics of the dogwood tree and its flowers. This lucite paperweight measures approximately 2.0" high and 3.75" in diameter, and it's in mint condition. These lucite paperweights are hard to find and something any collector would love to have, direct from a major Miami Beach estate collection of vintage bakelite, lucite, and celluloid. Great as a gift! /38 SOLD
B042 New listing! Rare vintage lucite and rhinestone purse with the desirable white marbleized body and that great diagonally carved clear lucite top imbedded with extra large rhinestones can be yours. This is a nice large size also, measuring approximately 9.5" wide, 3.875" deep, and 3.25" high not including the clear lucite handle which extends upward another 3.75". This purse has all the original hardware including a unique brass sliding clasp on the front that holds the contents safe and secure. It's extremely hard to find lucite and rhinestone handbags today, and these large 0.5" in diameter rhinestones are seldom seen regardless. The handbag is in very good condiition and comes direct from a major Miami, Florida estate collection. Cross listed on 50s 1.   /285 SOLD



Take your pick of vintage bakelite bangles! 1 Vintage bakelite deeply carved rope bangle with rich yellow / mustard bakelite that is just beautiful. It measures approximately 0.75" wide and 2.75" in diameter. All bakelite collectors should have a vintage rope bangle, fun to wear and to collect. 2 Hinged green bakelite bangle with a nicely shaped design that just settles gently around the wrist. It measures approximately 2.75" x 2.5" when fully closed and is a full 0.875" wide. Direct from an Atlanta, GA estate collection, both have tested positive for bakelite and are in excellent condition.  


2 $135.00

B044 Vintage hand carved lucite heart pin, an older lucite pin very nicely carved and is in excellent condition. There are no chips, cracks, fogginess or scratches, and it measures approximately 1.25" high and 1.175" wide at the widest point. This item would be a nice gift for any occasion, and vintage clear lucite jewelry and accessories have become very difficult to find. $55.00
B045 New listing! Very unique and very eye catching vintage bakelite bangle in an open design. This uunsual two toned bakelite bracelet tests fully positive for period bakelite, and it certainly has a fun style to it. Everyone here went crazy when this vintage bangle arrived, a color combination and style that we just don't see everyday. It measures approximately 2" wide at the widest point tapering a bit toward the open end, and it's in excellent condition- part of a major Seattle, Washington estate collection of the finest vintage bakelite and lucite. /165 SOLD

Very nice vintage bakelite bangle features a deep red color and horizontal carved banding around the entire perimeter of the bracelet. The bangle is approximately 2.75" in diameter and is a chunky 1.0" wide. This unique vintage bangle has superb color and could be worn with many looks, and it's in excellent condition tested to confirm vintage bakelite. /145 SOLD

photo 3

Unique vintage bakelite necklace is in the very desirable cherry red color and ready for a new neck! This necklace is a a super 30.0" long which means you can wear it in a variety of ways. The original bakelite clasp is a plus too, and the angular beads use variable shapes and corners to really catch and reflect the light. This lovely vintage bakelite bead necklace is in excellent condition and priced to sell fast per a large consignment to Collectics. /115 $115.00
B048 New listing! Part of a Malibu, CA estate collection of the finest vintage plastic jewelry, this rhinestone studded hinged celluloid bangle bracelet is very hard to find and intricately designed. It features a number of unique features including the hinged floral design, the rhinestones which are studded all around the bracelet, and the intricacy of the carving. This vintage clamper bracelet is in excellent condition and is vintage, and it measures approximately 2.75" in diameter and a full 1.0" wide. This is a very unique piece guaranteed not to last long on the site, part of a major consignment of vintage bakelite and celluloid jewelry and accessories in Hilton Head, SC. /85 SOLD

photo 3


Take your pick of vintage bakelite bead necklaces! 1 Desirable butterscotch color ball necklace interspersed with faceted plastic amber translucent beads, a great combination look that features butterscotch bakelite beads approximately 0.375" in diameter. Aside from the pairing of vintage bakelite balls with faceted plastic beads, another unique thing about this piece is its extraordinary length, measuring approximately 34.0" in total length. 2 Rare lavendar, marbled bakelite choker necklace is a very hard to find color and makes for a great look. The marbled lavendar bakelite balls measure approximately 0.5" in diameter and are separated by small brass beads. A smaller diameter matching lavendar ball is featured for the clasp, adding a little geometric contrast. It's a nice length at approximately 16.0" long including the brass chain to which the small closure ball is affixed. Both are in excellent condition, direct from an Augusta, GA estate collection of vintage bakelite.   

1 $68.00


photo 3
photo 4
Fun lucite duck, with nicely detailed and whimsical duck perched on a rock in the stream and the lucite casement in the smoky color really adding a unique realism to the work. It's a nice piece to put in the window and let light reflect through it, to use as a paperweight- really a variety of uses including just displaying on a shelf. Great as a gift for a duck hunter or duck lover, these types of pieces are also highly desirable to vintage bakelite and lucite collectors. The work is in excellent condition and measures 5.5" high and 4.25" wide at the widest point, part of an Augusta, GA vintage estate plastics collection.     $32.00
B051 Very striking vintage Florida Handbags of Miami confetti lucite purse is a new listing and sure not to last at this price. It's a nice large size at 9.5" wide, 4.0" deep, and 4.0" high not including the matching handle which rises another 6.0" from the clear lucite top. Confetti lucite is one of the most desirable and highly collected styles in vintage lucite purses, and we love the contrast of it's style with the clear carved floral and leaf lucite top which is nice and thick. This vintage lucite handbag also has a simple but elegant brass clasp in an Art Deco style and which is nice and secure. It has the original ball feet and is marked on the interior with the original tag Florida Handbags, Made in Miami. This vintage lucite purse is in very good condition, part of a Hilton Head, SC estate consignment of fine vintage lucite purses. /285 SOLD
B052 Very fine vintage Nelson Originals lucite purse, with flaired out bottom in a nice lightly marbled white lucite body coupled with clear carved lucite top. The purse also features a clear lucite front clasp and handle, all original, and a closure that's nice and secure. The purse retains the remnants of the original Nelson Originals tag on the interior back wall of the purse, and it's in very good condition with only very minor surface scratches and it retains the original ball feet. This vintage Nelson Originals beauty measures approximately 7.25" wide, 5.0" deep, and 3.5" high not including the handle which rises another 4.75" from the top lid of the purse. /215 SOLD
B053 Very stylish and eye catching faceted and super lucite bangle bracelet in hard to find black. It measures approximately 0.75" wide and has a diameter of 2.75". This bracelet is a nice weight and in excellent condition, and the facets really catch the light and make for a great look with the rich black lucite. It can be worn with many outfits- you'll love it! /45 SOLD

photo 3

Fun super chunky vintage bakelite bangle with chrome metal bands for some added flair. This bakelite bangle is nice and chunky at 1.5" wide and has the standard 2.5" diameter. The color is a super peach color variant, very hard to find and perfect for spring and summer wear. We particularly like the two chrome bands which run the entire perimeter of the bangle for some added design flair. The bracelet is in excellent condition, part of a Savannah, GA estate collection.  



photo 3


Take your pick of two vintage accessories from a major estate collection. 1. Vintage bakelite thoroughbred horse and rider belt buckle, a 2 piece set that combines rich dark bakelite that's very hard to find with finely detailed racing horses and riders. Each piece is 2.0" x 1.25" and in great condition- belt not included. Super gift for both bakelite collectors and racing and horse enthusiasts; cross listed on Pets & Animals 2. 2. Simple curved Art Deco celluloid design hair comb with hard to find light blue rhinestone accents. It measures approximately 3.0" long and 2.0" wide, a nice size to use in a variety of ways. Both pins are in excellent condition and are part of a Nashville, TN estate collection of vintage bakelite and celluloid accessories.    

1 $55.00

2 $25.00

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
You would be hard pressed to find a dealer that would not represent this super set of 3 bangles as bakelite since they're a dead ringer to the untrained eye, but we know here at Collectics that while it's impossible to tell with the eye that these are in fact vintage plastic bangles. That being said, they're a very high quality reproduction of vintage bakelite that we guarantee no one will know any different absent running some actual tests on the plastic. It's a great opportunity to own 3 vintage plastic bangles at a bargain price and the look of real bakelite. Each of the 3 bangles measures approximately 3.0" in diameter and are rounded, and all are in great condition and look great together. $45.00 /set of 3 bangles
B057 New listing! Get ready for extraordinarily hard to find vintage French sunglasses from the 1950s or 1960s. A classic of mid-century design that is still avidly sought by collectors today to wear, these are sure to generate complements and questions of where you got them. Sleek and cat-like, these vintage sunglasses have that great white marbled color of the vintage lucite frames, and as an added bonus this is a pair that also has rhinestone clusters on each front corner. The sunglasses measure approximately 5.5" wide with each side bar 5.5" long and curving inward at the rear. They are in excellent condition and are marked on the side bar "Made in France" and come to you via a major Malibu, CA estate liquidation in which we are participating. We get email asking us to find more of these vintage fifties and sixties French sunglasses all the time, so it goes without saying that they won't last long; cross listed on 50s & 60s 1. /165   SOLD
photo 3
Flexible black bakelite bracelet with alternating brass beads makes for a great look that's also very comfortable to wear. The bracelet is flexible, so you stretch it out to put it on and then it returns to a tighter position on your wrist. This is a very popular style of bakelite bracelet to both collect and to wear. It's in excellent and all original condition and measures approximately 7.0" long when fully extended. Great price!    $85.00

Very fine and rare Nelson Originals clear lucite purse with carved floral lucite top, notable for the very irregular and hard to find shape complementing the rarity of clear lucite purses to begin with. It's an elegant design that makes it nice for day or evening wear, and needless to say a vintage clear lucite handbag always catches the eye and generates complements. We like the simple yet elegant design imbedded in the clear lucite top, and the purse has the 4 original lucite ball feet. The handbag is a nice size, measuring approximately 9.75" wide at the widest point, 3.5" deep., and 4.0" high not including the handle which rises another 4.0" from the top surface. The purse retains the original Nelson Originals label in the interior underneath the lid, and it's in very good condition with only minimal surface scratching and no cracks. Direct from a Malibu, California estate collection of lucite purses and vintage plastics exclusive to Collectics, it's priced to sell. /245 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
One of the most eye catching and striking bakelite bead link bracelets we've seen in some time. The colors of the cherry bakelite beads have unique marbling, and the contrast with the butterscotch bakelite beads and the chaining makes for a great look. It measures approximately 7.5" long and 2.0" wide, and it's in excellent condition. The clasp closes securely and it's ready to wear. $115.00
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