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Antique & Vintage Bakelite & Lucite Purses, Handbags, Bangles, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Pins, Brooches, and Accessories
Bakelite & Lucite Bangles, Bracelets, Purses, Handbags, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Pins, Brooches, Hair Combs, Patricia of Miami, Florida Handbags, Charles Kahn, Gilli Originals, Rialto, Wilardy, Myles Handbags, Llewellyn, Tyrolean, Gallery, Dorset Rex, Schultz Bakelite
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Antique & Vintage Bakelite, Lucite, and Celluloid Bangles, Purses, Handbags, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins, Brooches, & Accessories: Page 4

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B061 New listing! This hand carved clear lucite bangle is a nice weight and quite chunky in design. The rhinestone highlights are very beautiful, giving the piece a real glow and some vintage lucite design flair that stands out from the norm. It's in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or foggy appearence. It measures approximately 1.0" wide and 2.75" in diameter. Clear vintage lucite bracelets are really tough to find in this condition as they can frequently get cloudy, and a chunky bangle with rhinestone stud highlights really make it unique. SOLD
B062 Listed here is a wonderful, highly carved rich applejuice bangle in excellent condition. The carvings are numerous and the marbling is superb, a rich color that can be worn for formal or informal occations, and it's part of a major San Francisco, CA estate collection of carved bakelite bangle bracelets and purses. It measures approximately 0.25" wide and 2.75" in diameter. This is a bangle you could combine with other styles or colors for even more design flair, and it's become very difficult to find Apple Juice bakelite bangles that are not modern reproductions. $115.00
photo 3
Unique bakelite bangle combines vintage bakelite with a metal leaf to great design effect. We like darker colors of bakelite, harder to find and hotter in the market right now, and the combination with the gilt metal leaf securely attached (not just glued on) has a very Art Deco look in the angular setting. The bangle is in excellent condition and measures a chunky 1.0" wide and 3.5" in diameter, direct from an eclectic San Diego, CA estate consignment of vintage plastic. Great find and a bargain price!   $115.00
B064 This pretty bargain priced flower pin with celluloid flowers framed by a goldtone metal wreath effect 1.25" in diameter comes from an Atlanta, GA estate collection. It's a simple but elegant look, suitable for many different occasions and in excellent condition.    $16.00
B065 New listing of a nice carved rope butterscotch bakelite bangle bracelet is sure not to last long at this price. It measures 2.5" in diameter and 0.25 wide. It's a simple but elegant look, and the slants of the carving seem to give this mint condition bakelite bangle movement and form to go with its original lustre.   $75.00

New listing! Very hard to find mint condition Farberware candy and/or hors d'ouevre serving dish with a vibrant red bakelite handle and super Art Deco styling. The raised serving plate can be used for a variety of purposes, to provide selections of candy, appetizers, vegetables, or other assorted cocktail reception type foods. The condition of the metal is well above the norm for pieces from this period, and we love the bakelite handles on this type of vintage early 20th century dinnerware and kitchenware. This piece is raised and has the styling of a compote although not as deep, and the open metalwork around the perimeter both adds a lot of design flair but is also technically much more difficult to manufacture. The serving dish rises to a total height of approximately 6.5" and measures 9.5" in diameter, and it comes to you by way of an Art Deco period residence in the South Beach section of Miami, FL; cross listed on Kitchenware 3. /45 SOLD
B067 Superb example of Art Nouveau celluloid cameo pin of a young woman with flowing hair and wearing a necklace which features a rhinestone impersonating as a faux diamond. The celluloid cameo is classic of the Alphonse Mucha influences of the Art Nouveau period, and the necklace chain detail and the rhinestone make for some added design flair. The white cameo has color highlights in the hair where it's been cut back to reveal some of the richer reddish color underneath, giving it a nice three dimensional effect. The celluloid cameo is set in an ornate goldtone metal setting which nicely complements the style of the cameo itself. The pin is in very good condition and a good size at approximately 2.0" x 1.5", and it comes to you direct from a Memphis, TN estate collection; cross listed on Deco 2.   /55 $55.00
photo 3
Fun super chunky vintage bakelite bangle with chrome metal bands for some added flair. This bakelite bangle is nice and chunky at 1.5" wide and has the standard 2.5" diameter. The color is a vibrant red, eye catching and perfect for spring and summer wear. We particularly like the two chrome bands which run the entire perimeter of the bangle for some added design flair. The bracelet is in excellent condition, part of a Savannah, GA estate collection.     $145.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Nice early Japanese bakelite handled tray, with elegant curing lines in the black bakelite body and decorated with a Japanese pagoda, boats in the water, and mountains rising up above in the background with trees growing on the mountainside. The tray itself is suitable for a variety of purposes, a nice size at approximately 10.5" x 6.0" and standing 1.5" high. The bamboo handle is wrapped in black cord connected underneath the tray with a wire twist, and the handle rises 4.75" from the base of the tray. The bottom has a paper "Japan" label, and this period bakelite tray is in very good condition direct from a Nashville, TN estate collection.  


photo 3
photo 4
Vintage burnt orange carved bakelite bangle features a floral and leaf design and precise and finely detailed carving! We particularly like this color, very hard to find in vintage bakelite and never lasting very long on the site when we have them. The bracelet is good condition except for a minor hairline fracture on the inside, not visible from the outside, and it measures approximately 0.75" wide and 3.0" in diameter, ready for a new wrist and sure not to last at this bargain price. $85.00

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5

New listing! Unusual vintage plastic necklace and matching earrings, an interesting flower petal design that includes curves and texture to make a great design statement. It's an fun set that's a nice neutral off white color, and the design is suitable for either casual or formal wear. The necklace is nice and long so you can drape it and wear it in different ways, measuring approximately 42.0" in total length. The matching clip on earrings dangle to a length of approximately 1.5", and they're marked on the clasp "Hong Kong". Direct from a Phoenix, AZ estate collection of vintage plastic jewelry, the entire set is in excellent condition.      $26.00

photo 3

Here we have a newly listed vintage bakelite pendant and bead necklace in mint condition. The caramel color bakelite beads are pleasing in themself, but the center pendant glitters and really sets the piece off. This vintage bakelite necklace measures approximately 18.0" long and is also adjustable to a shorter length with the chain and matching bead fastener. The center pendant medallion is 1.0" in diameter while the bakelite beads are 0.5" in diamter. The pendant really sparkles so it really catches the eye, and it's truly a unique vintage look sure to generate complements.


photo 3
Fun vintage plastic charm necklace is very hard to find these days, combining a variety of colorful shapes, sizes and objects for a super cool design. All of the plastic charms hang on a gold link chain measuring approximately 18.0" long, and the charm shapes include hearts, open discs, berries, leaves, and more in a variety of colors. All in all, it's got a great look and a significant bit of age although it's in excellent condition, coming to you as part of a major Atlanta, GA estate collection of fine vintage plastic bakelite and lucite jewelry and accessories. $45.00

Intricately designed vintage plastic stretch bracelet uses the look of intricate and complex carving to catch the eye, and the off white color makes it suitable to wear with a variety of outfits. We love vintage stretch bangle bracelets because of the comfort, and this style is pretty hard to find but yet is one of the most asked types of bracelets among our visitors. The bracelet measures approximately 2.25" in diameter (although of course it stretches) and a chunky 1.0" wide, and it's in excellent condition as part of a major West Coast collection of vintage plastic jewelry. /28



If you're looking for a nicely carved bakelite bangle at a bargain price, this is your lucky day. The carving flows nicely and creates a curving pattern that really seems to catch the eye. This bangle is made for a small wrist and would even be suitable for a child, measuring approximately 2.25" in diameter and 0.50" wide, and it's in excellent condition coming to you as part of an Atlanta, GA estate collection of vintage bakelite and lucite.   /85 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Very unusual celluloid and copper necklace with very fine detail in both the celluloid floral cameo as well as the copper metalwork. The center celluloid flowers are inset in a complementary copper setting which measures approximately 1.75" x 1.25", and the entire necklace measures approximately 13.0" long with the two separate strands of copper. Note the particularly fine detailing in the copper connectors on each end, a clear evidence of top quality craftsmanship and certainly expensive even when first produced. Direct from a major estate jewelry & accessory collection from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this necklace is in excellent and original condition and makes for a very elegant design statement. Cross listed on Accessories 2.    $45.00
B077 Pretty pearl lucite purse with matching pearl lucite clasp and handle is in excellent condition and part of a major Savannah, GA estate collection of vintage lucite and bakelite accessories. We love the gently curving shape of this purse, a nice size at approximately 7.25" wide and 4.25" deep at the widest points and rising to a height of 3.75" not including the 5.0" rise of the handle. Two brass posts rise from the top of the purse and attach to the lucite handle, a nice design features that adds a bit of color and metal to the sea of pearl lucite. The swirls in the pearlized effect are quite striking and reflect the light in an interesting way. /185 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4

This bakelite, metal, and ceramic necklace is a real find and is in excellent and all original condition. It combines round bakelite discs with silver metal spheres, etched ceramic chunks, and elongated white ceramic links that all combine for a great look. The vintage bakelite wheels are approximately 0.75" in diameter and 0.5" high. It's in excellent condition and measures approximately 30" long, direct from a major Kansas City, MO estate sale liquidation. $42.00

New listing. This marked Gilli Originals purse is a real eye catcher, with a marbled gray lucite purse body combined with the beautiful carved lucite top. It's in excellent condition with no warping, clouding, hairlines, smells, or problems of any kind. The purse snaps tightly shut via the original clasp and is in ready to use condition. This vintage lucite purse measures approximately 9.50" long, 4.0" wide, and 9.0" high including the clear lucite handle. Don't miss out on a beautiful vintage Gilli and properly marked on the interior! /265

B080 Here is a chance to own an original and marked Patricia of Miami purse at a lower price. Due to some of the minor flaws, this item has been priced accordingly, but it is still a wonderful piece and ready to carry. There are two minor scratches on the purse, one on each handle but definitely not cracks. There is a small very hard to see facture in the lucite near the opening and impossible to capture with the cameras- we only find these types of things because we scour each piece under magnification before listing. Neither of these flaws is going to be seen except under close inspection and certainly not carrying it. It is a great authenic vintage Patricia of Miami lucite purse measuring approximately 9.5" wide, 9.0" high including the handle, and 4" deep. It is properly marked with the Patricia of Miami mark inside, and the lucite is very clear. These clear faceted bags are very hard to find, and this one would be great to carry and priced to sell fast. /165 SOLD
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