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021 Unusually shaped, mint condition German porcelain ashtray in a pure white ceramic highlighted by gold trim around the perimeter. The ashtray measures approximately 4.0" in diameter but is irregularly shaped, and it's marked on the bottom Lindnet Kueps Bavaria mark and "Made in Germany," and shape number "62-4". $22.00



Take your pick of two sets of unique vintage plastic bangles, part of an important collection of vintage plastics being offered exclusively at Collectics! 1 Set of 2 irregularly shaped brown marbled lucite bangles, with the unique shape and great coloration that is so desirable to collectors and fashion connoseurs alike. Each measures approximately 3.0" x 3.0" and 0.25" wide, and they're in excellent condition. 2 Set of 3 "tiger look" vintage plastic bangles, each measuring approximately 2.75" in diameter and 0.375" wide. These have a look we particularly like and one you don't see very often, and all 3 are in excellent condition.


2 $35.00/set of 3

023 Super bow tie earrings for pierced ears, a simple yet very elegant look that's suitable for most any occasion. These vintage earrings are in excellent condition and measure approximately 1.25" wide, offered at a bargain price as part of a Pontiac, Michigan estate collection of antique jewelry. $18.00

photo 3

photo 3

Take your choice of two fine mint condition German porcelain ashtrays c. 1950s, part of an executive estate of a German national in Greenwich, CT. Vintage German porcelain ashtrays are great for porcelain and tobacciana collectors, and these are well above the norm for vintage ashtrays. 1 Handmade German porcelain ashtray is a gilt edged souvenir of Hamburg Germany with the Hamburg coat of arms and 4.75" in diameter. 2 Colorful depiction of a German town hall in super maroon glaze and gilt cigarette troughs 4.5" in diameter. Both ashtrays are in very good condition with the town hall ashtray marked Made in Bavaria and the Handmalerei mark, and the Hamburg ashtray is marked with the Plankenhammer maker's mark, Made in Bavaria Germany, and an overlapping crown mark signifying the use of 24 kt gold in the gilding.  



photo 3
Very pretty Italian decorated goldtone brushed metal matchbook holders feature applied floral and leaf decoration along with inset rhinestones for that added design flair. Each of the pair meausures approximatley 1.5" x 1.0" x 0.5" high and is in excellent condition, part of an old world Italian estate collection of tobacciana and other collectibles in Greenwich, CT.  $24.00/pair
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Ornate vintage black iron wall mount basket hangers perfect to hang hanging baskets, plants or flowers to create an eclectic and eye catching look for your home or porch. There are 5 brackets in all in this bargain priced lot, measuring in order from first to last thumbnail top left to right 12.75" x 8.0", 8.75" x 6.0", 5.75" x 5.0", 7.25" x 5.5", and 6.25" x 4.0". All are in very good condition, from a rural Vermont farmhouse. $45.00/ lot of 5
027 Very pretty metal and enamel flower pin c 1960s in cheery colors and with nice leaf texture and a super realistic look. The pin measures 2.0" in diameter and is in good condition except for a small 0.125" nick to the enamel on one of the petals. It's hard to notice but can also be easily touched up with enamel if you so desire. Liquidating the remainder of an estate for quick clearance!  $14.00
photo 3
Lovely hand painted wood fan has vibrant hand painted colors amid its many types of flowers. Using black as the base color, the fan has perimeter edging also hand painted to complement the colorful floral scene of the center. It measures approximately 11.0" x 4.5" and is in very good condition, and it has a hole in the handle so you can hang it from the wall to display if you so desire. $12.00
photo 3
photo 4
Shabby shic decorated silverplate bowl that features intricate embossed scrollwork and deocoration in the bottom and great raised and textured scrollwork around the perimeter. The 13.0" x 7.0" bowl is a great size and shape for a variety of purposes including hors d'oeuvres, nuts, and fruits, and it's raised on 4 feet to a height of 1.5". It's in good condition as to dings but has some plate wear in a few places that could, if you so desire, be replated- but we like it just as is. Priced to sell fast!   $18.00
photo 3
Very pretty, high quality red glass drinking glasses feature deep cuts that really add flair and texture to this super set of 5 glasses. Part of a Malibu, CA estate liquidation in which we are participating, these are heavy glassware and a nice size at 6.0" high and 3.0" in diameter. The contrasting patterns are eye catching, and we as well as collectors love vintage red and cranberry glass. It is interesting to note that the "recipe" for red glass had been lost for centuries and then rediscovered in Bohemia during the 17th century. Venetian glass crafters had tried to make red glass unsuccessfully for years prior to that rediscovery. This is a very nice set of drinking glasses to use and display - and offered for quick sale at a bargain price!   $65.00/set of 5 glasses

photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8

Very hard to find set of advertising trade cards c 1880s with super color lithography and a theme. 1. The Invicible Base Burning Heater is the "Best On Earth" and features great lithography of a young girl on the front and advertising text on the rear with a super depiction of the heater itself- check out the size! (4.0" x 2.75"). 2. Royal Glue "Mends Broken Crockery, Furniture, Glass, Metals, Rubber, Leather, Ornaments, Toys, and Everything." Always Liquid! Always Ready! On the back there's a very early use of a puzzle diagram to play and noting Royal Glue's use on the Washington Monument where "nothing is allowed to enter into its composition until it has been rightly examined and approved by a board of U. S. Army Engineers." (4.25" x 2.75"). 3. Railroad promotional for the Rochester & Pittsburg Railway from a clothing company noting that the Union Clothing Company is offering a "Grand Half Fare, Free Dinner Excusrsion from Salamanca, Perry, Pavillion Centre, and intermediate towns" but that "no purchase required." ( 4.25" x 2.75") 4. Granite Ironware is the "Best Ware Made For The Kitchen" and is "Light, Handsome, Wholesome, Durable", sold by Hildebrand & Fugate at 35 S. Meridian St. in Indianapolis, IN. (4.0" x 2.75"). Louis Prang, a lithographer and printer, develops the idea of mass-producing small "trade cards" that could be adapted to the needs of individual advertisers at low cost in the 1870's. Illustrated trade cards reach the height of their popularity in the 1880s, not only with advertisers but also with the American public which becomes very interested in collecting them. All cards are in very good condition with near mint color lithographed images and only de minimus age wear on the rear. These early advertising cards easily go for $16 or more each, so enjoy the bargain pricing only at Collectics, part of a major estate collection and consignment of the finest advertising memorabilia and collectibles. $48.00/ set of 4

photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8

Super set of 4 vintage metal pencil sharpeners, made in China for export to the U.S. via Artmark Chicago, a well known importer of Asian wares particularly in the 1960s. These are heavy and substantial, very different from plastic theme pencil sharpeners, and the detail is very strong in the casting. The craftmanship of the Artmark sets was quite good in areas like the hood of the car opening, the rear door of the train locomotive opening, and the wheel of the riverboat turning. This vintage metal set of 4 includes a car, paddlewheeler riverboat, train, and sailing ship, and each is in very good and working condition and measures approximately 3.5" long and 3.25" high $42.00/ set of 4
033 Don't miss the opportunity to own the rare Time Magazine documenting the inauguration of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the June 9, 1961 issue with the illustration of President Kenney on the cover that is practically impossible to find. Great as a gift for any JFK collector, the period Time magazine includes a letter from the publisher noting that their issue with Jackie Kennedy on the cover at inauguration was "their biggest seller of all time" as well as feature article and many photographs that document this point about 5 months into the Kennedy presidency. It's also filled with great period ads that you'll love for cars, computers, alcohol, cigarettes, and including one for Budweiser and one for Firestone Tires that features a shot of that year's Indy 500 race. There's also an interesting article on the developing U.S. space program and rockets. The magazine is in excellent condition, part of a major estate consignment of amazing John F. and Robert F. Kennedy memorabilia exclusive to Collectics. /16 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
You won't have to doubt where the complements are coming from if you wear this super mid-century clamper bracelet that really evokes the machine age look of the period. We love the irregular shape at the point of closure and the angular lines that add flair to the basic bangle. It's made of a light metal, possibly aluminum, and is in very good condition with de minimus age wear and measuring approximately 3.0" in diameter and 1.0" wide. Bargain price with a nice, secure clasp.    $24.00
035 Our loss is your gain, for we had an arm on a valuable pot metal lamp fail on us, and pot metal can be quite irreparable. As such, we are able to salvage and offer you a set of 24 two-piece dangle lamp or lighting crystals from the early 20th century lamp to dress up any lamp or lamps you may own. These period crystals are nicely faceted and dangle to a length of approximately . They're great as replacements, and trust us that you'll be grateful you keep some spares around for future needs and repairs. The upper octagonal crystal is approximately 0.5" in diameter and the bottom teardrop crystal is nicely faceted and measures 1.675" x 1.25". All are in very good condition- a rare find from an unfortunate lamp.   $85.00/set of 24 crystals
036 New listing- get $10 in absolutely free gas just by ordering at Collectics! With the price of gas like it is, you'll love this surprise super bargain brought to you by Collectics. Part of a major Chicago, IL estate liquidation, we are selling 3 unused $50 Speedway "Speedy Cash" prepaid gas cards, a total $150 value, for only $140 and that includes free shipping of course. If you found this listing and live in areas served by Speedway and SuperAmerica truck stops, you just saved $15 off your gas bill just for clicking Add to Cart. From some quick research, it seems Speedway gas stations and Super America truck stops dominate the low price market in states including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, West Virginia, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Sure not to last on the site more than a few days - how can you go wrong with $150 in gas for $140 in these times! $140.00
037 Pretty Hartford Argentinian porcelain plate ready to hang on the wall, measuring approximately 4.75" in diameter. There's a lovely and colorful Victorian scene decorating the plate, and the gold trim around the perimeter adds a nice flair. It comes complete with metal wall hanging ready to hang on the wall, and it's in excellent condition and marked "Hartford Industria Argentina R-Y".  /16 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Pretty pair of Bing & Grondahl Danish "Aches" porcelain figurines c 1950 of young babies by well known B&G artist Sven Lindhart, a famous sculpture in bronze, ceramic and porcelain. The babies are twisting and kneeling while holding their ears and head (i.e. these two aches are Headache and Earache), depicted in a pure white glazed porcelain and very nicely detailed. Both figurines are exceptionally fully marked with the B & G castle mark, Copenhagen Denmark, the mold number, blue B&G mark in the porcelain itself, and the impressed artist signature of S. V. Lindhart. Bing and Grondahl first opened in 1853. Frederick Vilhelm Grondahl, a young artist and sculptor, partnered with M.H. and J.H. Bing. Both figurines are in excellent condition with no chips and they measure approximately 4.5" high and 1.75" in diameter, right off the shelf of a Pittsburgh, PA country estate shelf and priced to sell fast!   $65.00/pair
039 If you have a clear glass vase or bowl or like to arrange ceramic flowers and really want to make a design statement, enjoy these super glass pebbles in an array of soothing , soft colors. Each pebble is rounded on the top and flat on the bottom so they can be arranged in a variety of ways, and these really add color when sitting in clear glass, crystal, or to hold ceramic flower stems in place upright. Each glass pebble is approximately 0.675" in diameter although they do vary in size somewhat indicating hand forming, and there are over 75 mint condition pebbles in this set.   $15.00/set of 75 pebbles
photo 3
Vintage 1958 copy of the humor book "Mad Strikes Back", featuring a straight talk with Bob and Ray and "humor in a jugular vein. The book has 182 pages filled with classic Mad cartoons, satires, and quizes from this very early printing not long after the founding of the magazine. This 7.5" x 4.25" book is good condition save an intact but severed from the spine front cover and some minor page yellowing from age. It was a fun read perusing some of these classic Mad parodies. $10.00
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