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Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts Antiques and Design: Page 2

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New listing! Very hard to find sterling silver Art Nouveau match holder with etched floral design and quite obviously very fine craftsmanship. We really like the quality of the floral and leaf decoration and how it complements the simple yet elegant shape of the matchholder, and it measures approximately 2.5" high when closed, 0.5" deep, and 1.25" wide. It's marked "Sterling" plus has other manufacturer marks on the inside edge rim visible when the top is opened, and it's in very good condition direct from an estate jewelry collection in Paris, France. It makes a great conversation piece and a great gift for any remaining smokers or Art Nouveau collectors in your life. Cross listed on Silver 1. $115.00
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Very fine decorative brass and marble scale in the Art Nouveau style, intricately made and in excellent condition. One way you know this piece is old is from the veined black marble forming the 2 tier 5.75" x 5.75" base, something you really can't find today. This decorative scale makes a terrific centerpiece on a table or on a mantle, measuring approximately 23.0" high and 14.0" wide arm to arm not including the 8.0" diameter brass baskets. The construction of the brass hanging baskets is very interesting, and the metalwork in the top balance mechanism is particularly well done. The scale has a nice twisted stem from the base to the top balance mechanism that forms the foundation of the piece. It's very heavy, so you'll be glad we're paying the shipping. This piece comes to you from a Park Avenue, New York City estate just as we found it with the dried flowers included. If you don't like the flowers, we can attest from having tried it that it look great with grapes and fruit too. $225.00
photo 3
Dyansen Gallery 90th Birthday Retrospective Erte print that comes right off the wall of a Santa Barbara, CA home. With a classic Erte and Art Deco look, a sleek and elongated woman with blond hair and long, flowing dress graces this simple yet elegant poster and complements rather than detracts from the Dyansen Gallery Birthday Retrospective text. Mounted in a nice goldtone metal frame, it measures approximately 30.25" x 20.25" and is in very good condition save a single blemish, very hard to see, in the lower left corner and which may be on the glass rather than the print itself. Cross listed on Art 2. $145.00
D024 Superb example of Art Nouveau celluloid cameo pin of a young woman with flowing hair and wearing a necklace which features a rhinestone impersonating as a faux diamond. The celluloid cameo is classic of the Alphonse Mucha influences of the Art Nouveau period, and the necklace chain detail and the rhinestone make for some added design flair. The white cameo has color highlights in the hair where it's been cut back to reveal some of the richer reddish color underneath, giving it a nice three dimensional effect. The celluloid cameo is set in an ornate goldtone metal setting which nicely complements the style of the cameo itself. The pin is in very good condition and a good size at approximately 2.0" x 1.5", and it comes to you direct from a Memphis, TN estate collection; cross listed on Bakelite 4.  /55 SOLD
D025 Unique and eclectic, we believe that this bakelite and lucite Art Deco clock came from Russia and was made for a submarine, but we'll leave it to you and collectors to say for sure. A few things are certain however- it's a heavy and substantial piece that certainly looks to be sealed tight, and the bakelite Art Deco design features the angular shapes and a great color that collectors cherish. We love the overall design of this clock, pure Art Deco and tilting so you can find the optimal viewing angles for your room. You can see the inner workings of the clock from the rear. It's a nice size, measuring approximately 7.5" wide, 4.0" deep, and 4.75" high. The clock body is in excellent condition, but it's not currently working for unknown reasons. You can either use it as a pure design piece or take it to your local clock repair shop. Priced to sell, we have never seen a comparable piece before and found the overall design and composition unique, direct from a Malibu, California estate collection; cross listed on Bakelite 4.   SOLD

photo 4

New listing! Super set of 3 antique early Art Nouveau French postcards c 1905 depicting beautiful women amid flowers, ferns, music, and nature. These are French in origin, and bear the inscription of the Carte Postale along with addresses and a brief note. The set features 3 black & white postcards, and all measure approximately 5.25" x 3.5" and are in very good condition. Each bears the artist name that did the print and has the highly detailed printing for which this era is well known, part of a major estate collection of antique and vintage postcards from around the world. Great for a frame and makes an interesting and unique gift and conversation piece for any Art Nouveau lover! $24.00/ set of 3
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Very pretty and large sterling silver period Art Nouveau marked pin / brooch, a unique design combining two complementary sterling silver pins of differing sizes connected by a chain. The effect when worn is quite dramatic and eye catching, a look you seldom see today. We love the classic Art Nouveau floral design and the super condition, and the detailing on the leaves and flowers is nicely three dimensional and refined. Each of the two pins has a clip on the back, so you clip each one where you want them and at the angle you like while the connected chain makes them look like the cohesive one piece that they are. The larger of the two pieces measures approximately 2.0" x 2.0" and the smaller piece measures approximately 1.0" x 1.0". Both pins are marked on the back "Sterling" and come to you direct from a Malibu, California estate collection of finer Art Deco and Art Nouveau jewelry; cross listed on Silver 1.  $115.00

photo 3

New listing! Stylish gilt wood tabletop frame and stand, frame suspended between two posts for swinging and in the classic 1930s Art Deco style. We loved the Deco side bars since we first saw the piece, and the ornamentation at the top really rounds out the piece. It's subtle yet elegant, and the design doesn't overwhelm you the way some in this style can. The frame holds an 8" x 10" photo, and overall the stand is 12.5" high, 13.0" wide, and 2.25" deep. The frame and stand are in very good condition with some age wear and nicks here and there that give it character and authenticity, and it comes to you direct from a Miami, Florida waterfront estate bedroom. Bargain price! $55.00
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Own a rare example of animal theme Teplitz amphora ceramic vase with this super parrot amphora vase measuring approximately 8.5" high and 4.0" in diameter at the widest point. Four parrots in a rich shade of blue with gold heads and highlights grace the 4 sides of this parrot amphora. We particularly like the base color and detail, and it's fully and completely marked with "Amphora" in a circle, the crown mark of the Imperial Amphora Co., 11907 over 51 impressed, and "Austria" in a circle. In excellent condition with no chips or damage, it comes direct from a major Seattle, WA collection of Teplitz amphora. Cross listed on Bigger Ticket 2.   $850.00
D030 Super vintage print of sleeping maiden in a fine wood frame with etched black border whose shimmering light evokes the feel of Maxfield Parrish. Original art was produced by Frederick Lord Leighton (1830-1896) and entitled "Flaming June", part of the collection of the Louis Ferre Foundation. The print measures approximately 12.0" wide and 10.25" high, and both print and frame are in very good condition; cross listed on Art 2. /125  SOLD
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New listing! Old early 20th century metal candelabra, with octagonal crystals dangling from three arms perched from intricate metalwork from the base upward. Decoration adorns the tops of the three candle holders, and the design of the 4.25" x 4.25" base is quite unique and has all original patina. The candelabra stands approximately 16.75" high and spans a width of 13.5". All the 0.675" diameter crystals are here, and the candelabra is in very good condition. Old and original, this piece comes to you from an old Maine estate on the coast and a home right out of Wuthering Heights.    $155.00
D032 Beautiful ornate Art Nouveau owl book rack made of brass over cast iron, with original all brass slide bars that let you adjust the length of the unit to hold more or fewer books as you so desire. Popular design in the early 20th century, the book stand has very nicely detailed owls on both ends surrounded by flowing Art Nouveau lines, pine branches, and pine cones. The book rach measures approximately 6.5" wide, x 4.5" high, and 8.5" long when unextended and 15.0" long extended. The brass slide bars are located on the lower part of the ends, and a magnet sticks to the end pieces (most likely for weight) but does not stick to the connecting rods. This indicates that the end pieces are probably cast iron with a fine brass coating. The bookstand is in very good condition with minimal age wear, and it's marked below the owl on the inside of the ends 9776. These are very popular with collectors because they're beautiful but also perform an everyday utilitarian function to store your books, and this one comes direct from a major Greenwich, CT estate collection. /145   SOLD
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photo 4
Pretty frosted Art Deco vase has the angular shapes of the period and a nice size at approximately 8.5" high and 3.5" in diameter at the widest point. The shape of an angular figure in the Deco style is combined with rectangular forms of skyscrapers to embody the look of the Art Deco period. The frosting is a nice effect, and the vase is in excellent condition, coming direct to you at a great price from the mantle of a Greenwich, CT waterfront estate and bargain priced.   $55.00
photo 3
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Hard to find Japanese Art Deco bird vase c 1930s and in excellent condition comes to you by way of a Houston, Texas estate collection of Art Deco furnishings and decorative objects. We really like the lava-like texture and shape of this vase, and of course black has always been a rarer and desirable color for collectors. The bird, branches, and leaves are colorful and raised to provide added realism and attention to hand craftsmanship, and they really form a nice burst of color and texture rising from the black background. Note the detail in the bird depiction, and the closeup of the unique volcanic glaze used during this period primarily in Asia. It's also kind of fun that the artist chose the colors of Autumn leaves of red and yellow rather than the far more typical green. The vase has an elegant shape and measures approximately 10.5" high and 5.75" in diameter at the widest point and is marked on the bottom "Made in Japan".  $60.00
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Very hard to find black jet vintage plastic Victorian - Art Nouveau transitional woman pendant necklace, a classic look and style that's particularly elegant when you can find it in the black jet. Jet is the black fossilized wood of a particular tree that grew millions of years ago. It is particularly associated with the English town of Whitby where much of it was fashioned into jewelry and accessories. While jet was made into jewelry throughout the 1800's, it was especially fashionable between 1860 and 1915. The pendant has engraved scroll markings on the back, and the detail of the woman is extraordinarily fine even for the high quality work typical of this period. It's in excellent condition with pendant measuring 2.25" x 1.75" and moveable ball on the necklace to allow for shortening or lengthening depending on how you choose to wear it. $145.00
D036 Period Art Deco green glass vase, in a classic Art Deco style that combines the round center of the vase with the angular corners which evoke the look of the space age and classic barware of the 20s and 30s. Reminiscent of Teco Pottery in design, this is a must have for green glass collectors and a great addition to any Art Deco collection. The vase rises to a height of approximately 9.0" and is 4.0" in diameter at the widest point. The vase is in very good condition with only the tiniest surface chip less than 0.05" on the rim edge and not visible except by touch; cross listed on Glass 4. /45 SOLD

photo 3

New Listing! Period gray beaded purse will be sure to elicit complements from your friends and family, measuring approximately 6.0" high (not including the gold chain handle on the top) and 5.5" wide. This style of purse is now very hard to find, an intricate weaving of tiny micro beads covering the larger faceted beads underneath with a type of mesh effect. The clasp is original and is nice and secure, opening to reveal the gray silk lining within. The handbag is in very good condition including the silk lining as well as the exterior beadwork; note the intricacy of the micro and faceted beadwork that makes up the body of the purse; cross listed on Accessories 2. Great look at a great price! $85.00
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Very fine period Art Deco bracelet features the look of platiinum and diamonds along with one rectangular and faceted cut faux emerald in the center and 10 more smaller square faux emeralds decorating each link of this 6.5" long bracelet. Each of the 10 links and smaller faux emeralds is surrounded by 8 faceted rhinestones resembling rose cut diamonds and set in the faux platinum setting. Nothing screams Art Deco period as much as diamonds set in platinum in designer or vintage costume jewelry, and while you see sapphires both real and faux as well as other stones, we here at Collectics think the contrast between green emeralds and the silver - platinum finish makes for the most eye catching combination. The vintage bracelet clearly evidences fine detail and materials as will the best of vintage costume jewelry from this period, and it has a nice and secure clasp. The bracelet 's marked on the clasp impressed in the metal but well worn; we have been unable to piece together the manufacturer but the mark appears to end with L. L. Co. Direct to you from a Westport, CT waterfront estate on the shores of Long Island Sound, filled with very fine antique and vintage jewelry! Cross listed on Jewelry 4. $85.00



Take your pick from this fun set of salt and pepper shakers c 1950s that both evoke a classic Art Deco look. 1. Very hard to find rocket ship red plastic salt & pepper shakers standing 3.0" high and 1.5" in diameter. Very good condition. /20 2. Unique blender salt and pepper shakers formed from plastic and standing 3.75" high and 1.5" wide. Good condition except for small areas of finish loss on the bottom chrome portion.  



D040 New listing! Very fine pair of Art Deco ceramic vases with very striking raised leaf decoration, quite striking in their design with the rich cream colored base glaze, raised green leaf decoration inclusive of leaf veins for added realism, and the black footed bases. Both vases are in excellent condition, with one measuring approximately 8.25" high and 4.0" in diameter while the other matching vase measures 7.0" high and 3.75" in diameter. Both vases are marked- the smaller vase has the remnant of a round numerical mark which can no longer be made out, while the larger vase is marked 5L over the number 88. Good period vases with a great look and a hard to find matched pair, part of a major Ft. Lauderdale, FL estate collection of Art Deco home furnishings and design. /115 SOLD
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