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Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts Antiques and Design: Page 3

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D041 Excellent period Art Deco Eton ladies' watch, with the original lace cord band with snap closure. The metal casing of the watch embodies classic Art Deco jewelry styling, and the face of the watch is also decorated with floral detail above and below the face. The face of the watch is marked Eton, and it has the original crystal and face. It measures approximately 6.0" long although it stretches a bit, and the face measures approximately 1.25" high and 0.75" wide. The watch works although we haven't tested the accuracy in keeping time, and it's in very good condition. /115   SOLD
photo 3
Pretty period Art Deco glass picture frame comes to you right off the desk of a prolific Art Deco collector's shelf and is priced to sell! The glass front is sandwiched in front of a back mount which is a nice textured black in and of itself. We love the green color accented by the black and silver lines in classic Art Deco angular form. It measures 6.0" x 4.5" and has an oval inset for the picture which is 4" x 3", and the frame is in very good condition given the age and material with no chips or cracks but some very minor age wear along the edge of the glass and the lower left corner where a very small area of green has worn.  $45.00
Two early pieces of 1930s sheet music with super Art Deco cover graphics at bargain prices! 1 Vintage 1932 12.0" x 9.0" sheet music of Strange Interlude, with words by Ben Bernie and Walter Hirsch and music by Phil Baker, published by Miller Music of NY. This would make a great gift to surprise any Art Deco collector, and it's got terrific color cover art of the sleek woman pulling open the curtain and an inset photograph of Gladys Rice "introduced and featured on the radio.". The piece is in good condition with only very minor age wear. 2 Your Is My Heart Alone has lyrics by Ludwig Herzer and Fritz Lohner and music by Franz Lehart and measures 12.0" x 9.0" published by Shubert Music Publishing of NY in 1929. It's in good condition for the age with a single edge tear and some spine separation, certainly nothing that will detract from the piece in the frame for which its destined. It features a long, sleek lady in flowing dress pointing at a heart amid the background graphics which were all done by well known graphic artist of this period Ben Harris and print signed accordingly in the lower right corner. Vintage sheet music from this period perfectly captures the streamline and angular design aesthetic and make great decorative touches for your home when mounted in a nice frame. Bargain price! /18  SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
New listing! Evoking the best in Art Deco styling, this period Art Nouveau figural lamp combines two classically Art Deco gilt figures alongside a towering geometrically inspired glass lamp shade in an Art Deco tower shape. We particularly like the shape and color of the glass tube which shields the light within and puts off a soft, glowing effect that makes this type of lamp a particular favorite for bedrooms. The base of the lamp measures approximately 7.5" wide and 3.5" deep, and the light including the glass shade stands 11.75" high. The lamp is in excellent and all original condition with only very minor age wear to the gilt figures, and it retains the paper label on the bhack for the Canada Standards Association as an approved "Portable Electric Lamp." It comes direct to you from a San Diego, CA estate collection of Art Deco and Art Nouveau, and it's cross listed on Lamps 2.   $385.00
D045 Sterling silver front Art Nouveau pin in the classic, flowing floral style of the Art Nouveau period and measuring approximately 1.875" high and 2.5" wide. The front workmanship is intricately detailed and subtle yet elegant in design, and it's all sterling silver worked against a back frame of base metal. The rear of the pin is marked "Sterling Front" and it's in excellent condition, direct from a Santa Barbara, California estate. Cross listed on Silver 2. /35  SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Pure Deco bakelite bangle is a real find, a very unusual style that you almost never see. Rich, dark green bakelite with subtle marbling forms the perfect backdrop for the carved wood and brass Art Deco fan design. The wood and brass fans are attached to the bakelite by a small screw in the back so it's unseen from the front. The bangle is hinged to make it easy to take on and off, so this is a piece you'll both enjoy wearing and displaying. Sure to generate complements and priced to sell, this bakelite bracelet measures approximately 3.0" in diameter and 1.0" wide and is in excellent condition. $125.00
D047 Wonderful little French cardboard box from Jouir Fioret of Paris, the best thing of which is the René Lalique glass medallion "Chose Promise" for Fioret Fragrances c 1920. The medallion is molded in clear and frosted glass and attached to the box, and it depicts a nude woman kneeling among the grapes and leaves and is marked etched in the glass "R. Lalique", "Fioret", and "Paris." The medallion itself measures approximately 0.875" in diameter and is in excellent condition, while the box measures approximately 3.75" x 3.0" and stands 1.25" high. The drawer opens from the side by the blue ribbon connecting the box and the glass medallion to reveal the compartment within. The box is also in good condition with some minor staining to the upper left corner but otherwise well intact. Many collectors lucky enough to find one of these R. Lalique medallions wear it as a necklace, easy to do given the holes already there for attachment to the box, but it's even rarer to find it with the original Fioret box. Cross listed on Bigger Ticket 2. /425 SOLD
photo 3
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photo 8
Not overly deco in style but likely produced at about the same time period in Thailand, these bronzed white metal candleholders have the look and fine detail of the best pot metal sculpture plus they have the functionality of being candleholders. We love the look of the figures, designed to hold the candles up like a flag would be held over one's head, and the sculpted base and the overall look of the candleholders is more reminiscent of figural sculpture than anything else. One of the figurines still has the original Thailand paper label underneath, and it's pretty easy to see that these have some good age to them. The detail is nice and crisp, much better than the norm on many white metal scuptures from this time period. Each of the pair measures approximately 11.25" high and 2.75" in diameter, part of a major consignment of early 20th century antiques from a major Miami Beach, FL estate collection. $225.00/pair
photo 3
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photo 6
Super Victorian Art Nouveau glass lamp with hand painted decorations and in mint condition. In the form of a vase, the piece is mounted on a metal base through which the cord runs, and the three metal assemblies that hold 2 candles each extend outward from the body of the vase approximately 3.0". Each of the assemblies is connected to the vase via a head decoration that reflects this piece's turn of the century heritage. Six candles in total can be mounted in the lamp, and the high quality crystals dangling beneath really catch and further reflect the light being generated from within. The color of this piece is really striking, a subtle pink color with the contrasting ruffled top and sharing many common characteristics with peachblow or Burmese glass. We love the ruffled top which itself is reminiscent of Fenton work at around the same time period or later. The lamp looks good unlit, but trust us when we say that it looks even better when lit from the inside with anywhere from one to three bulbs. The lamp is in very good condition and it measures approximately 14.0" high and 9.0" in diameter at the widest point. Cross listed on Lamps 1.   $575.00
D050 Sterling silver Art Nouveau dragonfly pin, measuring approximately 1.5" long and 1.25" wide between the wings and in excellent condition. The finely designed pin reflects very high quality in the workmanship as you can see in the contrast in how the metal is worked to form various parts of the dragonfly's body and wings. It's marked on the back "925" and comes direct from a Chicago, IL lakefront estate. Cross listed on Silver 2. /42 SOLD
photo 3
Very pretty wood picture frame in swinging stand with all the classic lines and detail that you'd expect from an accessory from this period. It has subtle but elegant detail in the woodwork, and it's a nice size for a variety of placements at approximately 12.0" high and 12.25" wide at the base. The picture frame itself holds an 8" x 10" picture. The frame has a few places where the finish has worn away and there's a tiny 0.25" place on the left frame stand where the woodwork is slightly chipped, but we would not recommend refinishing as it looks great and will preserve value just like it is. $28.00
photo 3
photo 4
There should be plenty of room in the price of this period beaded Art Deco purse to pay for the small repair that it needs. The beaded body design of the purse is in classic Deco colors of silver and black, and we particularly like the ornate metal frame that gives substance and quality to this bag. The interior silk lining is a nice neutral color not to detract from the more dazzling outer body of the purse, and it's in very good condition as well. It measures approximately 7.5" wide at the widest point and 6.0" high. The purse also has the original hand chain which extends upward another 6.0" or so when held. This stunning example of a vintage 1920s - 1930s accessory was consigned by a major Park Avenue, NYC estate and priced to sell and get the repair it needs. As you will see in photo 4, the handbag needs to hinged frame repaired on one side where it has come apart. Other than that, the purse is in excellent condition and shimmers like new; cross listed on Accessories 3. $65.00


2 photo 2

Take your pick of two vintage metal brooches in the classic, flowing Art Nouveau style! 1 Oval organic Art Nouveau pin of flowers and leaves flowing and curving upward, measuring approximately 2.25" x 1.5". This is a classic flowing Art Nouveau design subtle and elegant to wear formally or casually./18 2 Round Art Nouveau floral pin in a goldwashed metal finish and garnished with two rhinestones in the center of the flower petals, making for a great effect. The pin measures approximately 2.0" in diameter and has strong detail in the metalwork. Both metal brooches are in excellent condition, direct from a Malibu, California hilltop estate.


2 $21.00


Period clip on marked pin c 1930s features terrific metalwork along with a large aquamarine stone with great inner colors and three small round insets underneath. It all combines for a great look that evokes a stylized butterfly, and the clip on the back is nice and secure. It's marked on the back Aywin Nov. NY along with a serial number, and it's in excellent condition measuring approximately 1.5" x 1.25". SOLD
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