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Antique & Vintage Glass, Art Glass, Crystal, and Glassware: Page 2

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photo 5
Superb 1960s Murano Italian glass bowl or ashtray in a very hard to find color combination and featuring a mid century 1950s & 1960s shade of blue glass encasing a swirl pattern interior glass. The irregular folds of the glass give this piece a lot of added flair to go along with the great contrast of the blue outer glass and swirl glitter glass of the interior. The piece can be used as a candy or nut dish or as an ashtray as you so desire, and it measures approximately 11.0" x 8.0" and stands 3.75" high. We think it would be a shame not to display this piece in an area of prominence in your home. It's in excellent condition with no chips or damage, direct from a Phoenix, Arizona estate collection consigned exclusively to Collectics. Cross listed on 50s & 60s 2. $48.00
photo 3
photo 4
Very interesting fifties footed glass bowl with gilt decoration and a lovely rose colored tint to the glass. It's hard to find nice vintage footed bowls anymore, and this is one of the better that we've had in a while in terms of style and condition. The feet have unique scroll patterns that really add some design flair, and the gilt decorations on the sides evoke flowers and butterflies set against the rose tinted glass. The footed 1950s bowl is in excellent condition and a very nice size, flexible for many uses at 4.5" high and 7.25" in diameter.     $55.00
G023 Pretty set of 5 unusual vintage glass perfume bottles, each with two flat, angled, sides plus a lovely curved third side. These bottles were meant to be grouped together in circles or other patterns, and you can see in the photograph how they can be grouped together. Each individual bottle stands approximately 3.5" high and has the original black cap.      $32.00/set
G024 New listing! Very fine Murano glass hat bowl with beautiful swirling colors, nicely shaped folds and brims, and superb detail in the bow tie and decorating the perimeter of the hat. The Murano hat bowl, a pretty rare form of Murano Italian glass, is always a hit with both collectors and decorators, and this one is in mint condition and extremely high quality. We particularly like the inner folds of colored glass encased in the clear glass shell that gives the textural body of the hat effect such realism and uniqueness. The bowl measures approximately 11.0" x 9.5" and stands 4.5" high at the highest point, part of a Savannah, Georgia estate collection. /55 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
New listing! Early 20th century handblown European art glass vase of Bohemian origins with sterling silver overlay in good condition with with no cracks or fractures and only a tiny rim chip less than 0.25". The sterling silver overlay of leaves and berries is very intricately done with varying layers of silver being used to create the almost three dimensional effect you can start to see in the photographs, and silver covers the top rim edge as well for a nice finished look. The green Bohemian or Czech glass has a subtle cranberry iridescence which comes through the sterling overlay of the leaves in particular. It is likely that like many early 20th century glass of this style the silver overlay decoration was done in the U. S. by Gorham - the European art glass was imported to the United States where Gorham added the silver overlay work. Gorham worked in this manner with Loetz and several other top European manufacturers. We are unsure of the manufacturer of this piece, but it most closely resembles the Loetz Metallin pattern which they referred to as "Grünmetallin with silver overlay". The silver is uncleaned and unpolished just as you should want. The vase measures approximately 8.75" high and 5.5" in diameter at the widest point, consigned from the estate of a major Massachusetts art glass collector.   $325.00
G026 Super swirl glass pitcher is all hand blown glass and really evokes the striking look of the 1950s and 1960s and is a lot more eye catching than most anything you can buy today. We particularly love the colors of this pitcher, rich colors of white and amber in a swirling design that winds down the entire surface perimeter of the pitcher. It has a nicely bulbous bottom portion for added flair and that really shows off the handblown glass, and it's in mint condition. It's also a nice size suitable for a variety of uses, standing approximately 8.75 " high and 6.0" in diameter at the widest point, right to the site from a Hilton Head, SC beachfront home; cross listed on 50s & 60s 3. SOLD
G027 Set of ten "pear" sandwich plates. These are really nifty and are in excellent condition. They measure approximately 9.0" long (including stem) an 6.0" wide at the widest point. They are great for soup and sandwich or coffee and snack. The pear shape is quite unique yet functional.  /60 SOLD
photo 3
Very unusual opalescent glass vase, with clear glass blending to creamy white opalescence and a hobnail glass design on the lower portion of the vase. To be honest, we have not seen an opalescent glass vase of exactly this shape before, with six top points and handles on three sides rising from a tree trunk design vase. We particularly like the beaded pattern on the base, showing through on the top and making a nice complement to the footed design that forms the foundation of this design. It's a very nice piece in excellent condition, and it measures approximately 3.25" in diameter and rises to a height of 6.25". It comes direct to you from an Atlanta, Georgia estate collection of finer opalescent and depression glass.      $75.00
G029 Very fine raised pebbles ornamental glass serving plate, a really striking pattern that combines the intricacy of the raised pebble design with the starburst / floral and leaf highlights and scrollwork that combine together for great effect. The glass is similar to hobnail and is raised and designed underneath to keep the top surface smooth and usable. Great to both use and display, the plate is in excellent condition measures approximately 11.5" in diameter. The plate is sitting on a beautiful table in the photographs and it picks up its color, but the glass plate itself is clear- just shows you what kind of luminescence it has. Direct from a Raleigh, NC estate collection, this one is guaranteed to catch the light in a display cabinet!  /38 SOLD
G030 Cute little Goebel glass figurine of a little boy praying, standing 2.75" high and in excellent condition. It even has it's original paper sticker reading "Goebel Western Germany", the bee mark, and "Charlottenhutte." /36    SOLD
G031 Very pretty vintage covered depression glass dish features a variety of raised and pressed glass details that overall makes for quite an eye catching look sure to generate complements from visitors to your home. It's a nice size at approximately " in diameter and " high including the lid, so the dish is flexible in being suitable for a variety of different uses. We love the way the contrasting patterns come together and really catch the light as you can see in some of the photos taken with flash, and it's the kind of vintage glass that's great to both use and display. Both 8" diameter bowl and lid are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks, right off the shelf of a Miami, Florida oceanfront condominium. /28 SOLD
photo 3
Top quality clear glass "river pebbles" ashtray, a piece of substantial size and weight which measures approximately 8.25" x 8.25" and stands 2.0" high. The glassmaking technique is on display here with the realistic and irregularly sized glass goblets interspersed with the textured background giving the look of gravel and really catching the light. While there aren't as many smokers today, this is a piece that looks great just as a table display and will be sure to elicit complements.      $38.00
G033 Very cute glass perfume bottle with a flowing, ribbed design and a cut stopper with frosted glass bottom portion. This perfume measures approximately 5.25" high with the stopper inserted and is in good condition save a tiny chip approximately 0.125" on the cut portion of the stopper, really very difficult to see as it was impossible to photograph. Great to look at and use everyday.     SOLD
photo 3
New listing! Monumental, heavy lead crystal serving platter measuring a full 14.5" in diameter. This glass is of the highest quality, and combines many different design elements into the glass patterns. The center radiates from a circular center out to the perimeter of the plate which combines grooved texture with inset ovals mirroring the look of the center circular design. The platter is in mint condition, and comes direct from a waterfront mansion in East Hampton, NY where the super wealthy collectors play!      $75.00
G035 Very hard to find Northwood cabbage leaf pattern opalescent glass bowl in mint condition and with "N" mark in the center can be yours, direct from a San Antonio, TX riverfront estate complex. One of our very favorite patterns in vintage opalescent glass, the cabbage leaf design really makes a statement and has a very modern and stylized look that still looks avant garde and difficult to craft today. Coupled with the veins of the leaves, the substantial variation in height made possible by the ruffles in the glass bowl add a lot of additional design flair that combines to really make a statement. Opalescent glass is a generalized term for clear and semi-opaque pressed glass, cloudy, marbled, and sometimes accented with subtle coloring all combining to form a milky opalescence in the glass. The opalescent effect is a glassmaking technique used by many manufacturers to greater or lesser degrees of artistry, produced in the cooling process which creates the milky opalescent effect which illuminates any coloration when light shines on it. Great to display on any shelf or table and sure to generate complements when you take it out to use for your family or guests, it's a very nice size at approximately 9.0" in diameter and rising to a height of 3.0" at the highest point.  /85 SOLD
G036 Very fine Mikasa crystal ashtray, with a super geometric cut pattern and measuring approximately 6.0" x 6.0". The cuts are nice and crisp on both the top and bottom of the ashtray, and the combined effect is one that really catches the light and makes it a pleasure to both use and display. Heavy and substantial, this piece would make a great gift and is in excellent condition, coming direct from a major Houston, TX estate collection of finer vintage glassware and crystal.  SOLD
G037 Pretty set of 5 amber Carnival glass drinking glasses, a soft orange iridescence with the desirable ridged vertical lines down the sides and each glass measuring approximately 5.0" high and 2.75" in diameter at the top opening. This is the perfect kind of set to display proudly behind glass but then take out to use for those special occasions or guest visits. The set is in excellent condition with no cracks or damage and is bargain priced, direct from a Midwestern estate collection.     $65.00/ set of 5 glasses
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Outstanding set of 3 mint condition wrapped decorative Spanish glass bottles in the festive colors of a carnival. Each bottle is wrapped in intricately woven, colorful strands of a type of plastic rope with the look of bamboo but much more durable. Each bottle wrap includes a handle for easy pouring and a cap which is attached to the rest of the bottle so it hangs off to the side when opened and helps you to avoid losing it. The interior glass bottles are all amber glass, and 2 rise to a height of approximately 15.5" while the third rises to approximately 12.75". They vary in diameter from about 3.75" to 3.25", and they're marked on the bottom "Made in Spain" along with various other manufacturer markings.      $42.00/set of 3
G039 Very pretty set of 6 vintage pressed Depression glass plates with elaborate ornamentation and a terrific look. From a quality standpoint, this example is about the best you're likely to find, combining multiple effects including floral and leaf designs with textures and carved effects to really make an impact. The milky or frosted effect around the perimeter is created by tiny dots pressed into the surface underneath each plate to make the effect. Each plate combines flowers with scrollwork and the other effects to cover the entire surface of the plate, the design offset by the use of textured glass as a background. Perfect to both use and display on stands, each of the 6 matching plates is in very good condition and measures approximately 8.0" in diameter. /55 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Sleek and elegant carnival glass vase measuring approximately 10.25" high and 2.25" in diameter at the widest point. We particularly like this version of Carnival glass iridescence, a bit more opaque than the norm so that it almost seems to shimmer in the light. It's in very good condition with only a tiny chip less than 0.25" right on the edge of the bottom base, only noticeable through touch.      $65.00
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