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Antique & Vintage Glass, Art Glass, Crystal, and Glassware: Page 3

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G041 Very fine blue opalescent glass bowl with rich opalescence around the top perimeter and an interesting mix of geometric, curved, and raised dot detail forming a very interesting overall design mix. To top things off on the bottom so to speak, the bowl's color graduates from the opalescent light blue at the top to a deeper, richer blue on the bottom with the starburst pattern on the bottom adding additional design flair. Clearly very high quality workmanship and the desirable blue color glass, consigned from a Manhattan Greenwich Village estate. It measures approximately 4.0" high 7.0" in diameter, and it's in excellent condition rightout of a super New York City brownstone and major collector of early 20th century glass. /55 SOLD

photo 5

Top quality, hand blown glass mugs and glass pitcher, perfect for that cup of morning brew hot or iced or an afternoon iced tea or mint julep. This set of 6 mugs features colored glass handles in red, green, and yellow, and all are in mint condition measuring approximately 4.5" high and 3.5" at the top opening. The pitcher is particularly lovely, with clear hand blown glass base, red applied handle, and a shimmering golden hue around the spout and top rim. The pitcher is very large at approximately 8.25" high and 7.25" in diameter at the widest point and 5.25" in diameter at the top, and it's in very good condition with only a tiny flea chip on the top rim only noticeable by feel. The pontil from the hand blowing is visible on the bottom as are some bubbles in the glass typical in these handblown works from the period. These have a great look typical of sixties glass design in finer home stores, and come to you from a Park Avenue estate in NYC.   $85.00/set
G043 Pretty Fenton glass bowl in the very desirable light blue color, an ornate and hard to find work that has a terrific floral and leaf motif covering the entire surface of this work. There are other design flourishes as well, like the irregular top formed to fit in with the theme and everything that's happening below, and the nice little pedastal base design. In addition to the raised Fenton mark on the bottom, the piece also retains the original Fenton paper tag. It's a nice size and in very good condition aside from a minor internal fracture on the bottom (not structural), measuring approximately 5.5" high and 5.5" in diameter and direct to you from a Baton Rouge, LA estate collection. /65   SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Very pretty and hard to find shape ruby glass covered jar with nice deep carving to create a consistent geometric fan pattern over the entire body of the egg shaped jar. It's raised on a pedestal consistent with early 20th century designs, and we love the overall effect of egg on pedestal in the rich red ruby glass. It's in mint condition and measures approximately 9.0" high and 4.0" in diameter at the widest point, right out of a High Point, NC estate consignment of early American glassware.  $38.00
photo 3
Very well done clear glass flower frog, great as a complement to a variety of ceramic shapes and colors, and in excellent condition. This glass flower frog measures approximately 4.0" in diameter and stands 2.75" high, and it features progressively smaller holes as you get down toward the bottom. It's a great complement to a variety of ceramics, and you'll love the look with fresh flowers. (3) $14.00

Super vintage amber glass covered that features an intricate geometric pattern in the lovely amber glass and a brass top handle to make it easy and stylish to lift the lid. The banding around the top of the lower half of the jar gives a little extra flair to the complex geometric pattern covering the remainder of the covered jar. It's great for a variety of uses in the home as a candy dish, nut dish, or most any condiment or smaller snack. Direct from a Westport, CT estate, this 6" high and 5" diameter amber glass covered jar really catches the light and is offered at a great price, in excellent condition. /28 SOLD
G047 Very fine teardrop and sunburst ornamental glass serving plate, a really striking pattern that combines large and small teardrops with a center design and scalloped perimeter for a great design effect. The glass is clear, heavy and substantial, and it is nicely shaped to allow for food presentation around the central teardrop design. Great to both use and display, the plate is in excellent condition measures approximately 11.5" in diameter. The plate is sitting on a beautiful table in the photographs and it picks up its color, but the glass plate itself is clear- just shows you what kind of luminescence it has. Direct from a Raleigh, NC estate collection, this one is guaranteed to catch the light in a display cabinet!  /36 SOLD
G048 Lovely vintage blue opalescent glass bowl has a unique and eye catching base and is a shallow dish design great for a variety of uses. It has rich milky opalescence around the perimeter and going down into the dish, and the center is particularly eye catching with the raised dot pattern from below bursting forth from the center. The pedastel base of this bowl makes it particularly unique, with 4 stems of curved glass with great detail going upward from the base to form a perch for the dish above. We particularly like blue opalescent glass bowls, one of the hardest colors to find because of broad collector interest. This opalescent glass bowl measures approximately 3.75" high and 7.0" in diameter, and it's in excellent condition direct to you from a Sacramento, California estate collection of vintage glassware. /65 SOLD

You'll be hard pressed these days to find anywhere a set of 5 soda fountain vintage glass banana split dishes up for sale. The shape is so unique, and everyone loves a good banana split, easy enough to make but seldom easy to find the right dish and keep it all together the way it should. These clear glass banana split dishes are a wonderful shape with the bottom subtly curved to completely follow the natural shape of the banana, and all 5 are in excellent condition, measuring approximately 8.5" long and 3.75" wide at the widest point, part of a major Malibu, California estate liquidation overseen by Collectics. Cross listed on Kitchenware 1. /55

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
A ready made shot glass collection can be yours, consigned exclusively to Collectics from a major American collector of vintage and commemorative shot glasses. This set is a fun and whimsical set of 16 shot glasses commemorating cities and towns in the United States. The set of 16 includes shot glasses from San Francisco CA, San Jose CA, Washington DC, Portland OR, Tulsa OK, Santa Fe NM, Boston MA, Stowe VT, Lake Tahoe NV, Anchorage AK, Morro Bay CA, Solvang CA, and 2 from New Orleans LA and 2 from St. Louis MO. Each of these 16 shot glasses has great detail that features landmarks and history of the city they are commemorating, and all are in excellent condition and evidence the clear eye of a major shot glass collector. $65.00/set of 16 shot glasses
G051 Mint condition Sydenstricker glass bowl, with clear glass forming a background for the intricate and definitely eye catching lace pattern that gives this bowl typical Sydenstricker flair. In the mid 1960's on Cape Cod, Bill Sydenstricker developed a new craft inspired by the extensive research he had conducted while at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on early Egyptian art. His efforts resulted in new and exciting glass designs produced by a method similar to the ancient art of enameling. This plate has great design and detailing as you would expect from Sydenstricker, and it measures approximately 6.75" in diameter. Direct to you as part of a Santa Barbara, CA estate collection of collector glass, the glass bowl is in excellent condition with no chips or damage.  /28 SOLD
G052 Mint condition green crackle glass vase with slim base and top and bulbous center, measuring approximately 5.0" high and 2.25" in diameter at the top opening. This vase is all hand blown and has an unpolished pontil on the bottom. The crackle effect is very well done and reflects the light in so many different ways.  /22 SOLD
photo 3
Unusual and of very high quality, this heavy and substantial glass centerpiece combines a raised center candleholder with a huge lower bowl to use for a variety of purposes. The lower bowl measures approximately 13.5" in diameter while the candle holder raised 3.0" above the lower glass measures 5.75" in diameter and holds a single candle in the middle. Direct from a Greenwich, CT waterfront estate, this piece is in mint condition and would make a great gift.   $65.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Exceptionally fine quality cut crystal oval bowl with an intricate array of patterns including extremely fine pinwheel designs requiring very refined craftsmanship. It's a lovely floral design with the flower petals done in a textured and frosted manner that nicely contrasts with the clear crystal background and adds realism to the effect. It measures approximately 11.5" x 7.0" and stands 4.25" high. The bowl is in excellent condition except for the tiniest little chip at the tip of one of the top edge cut triangles, and we doubt that you'll even find this unless you run your finger along the top very slowly. If perfect (and it's so close- you'll never see the tiny point chip by sight alone), this bowl would easily sell for twice the price, and it's perfect for a table's fruit display.   $55.00
G055 Lovely basket weave vaseline glass bowl is in excellent condition and features one of the most popular designs with collectors of this period of vintage American glassware. We love the intricacy of the interior weave basketweave pattern contrasting with the open weave of the perimeter. The bowl is a perfect size for a variety of uses, and of course it's perfect for the display of fruit that just keeps looking better the more fruit you take out and exposing the glass fruit underneath. This vaseline glass bowl measures approximately 7.0" in diameter and 2.0" high, and it's in excellent condition with no chips or damage. It's priced to move with great decorative value, direct from a Chicago, IL lakefront estate. /65 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Pretty and heavy green pressed glass hors d'oeuvre plate features separate compartments with great leaf veins running throughout and a separate round area perfect for deviled eggs or jalopena poppers. We love the green color and the beaded ridging around the perimeter of this plate measuring approximately 12.75" in diameter with the smaller round egg area 7.0" in diameter within. It's in excellent condition and believed to have been made by the Indiana Glass Company c 1970, part of a large consignment of vintage glass and kitchenware.  $36.00

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6

Great chance to own the finest example of a vintage Murano glass vase you're likely to ever find, priced to sell as part of a major Seattle, Washington estate liquidation of a lifetime of glass collecting. This is a pretty amazing glass vase as you can see from the photos, combining glass colors of blue, red, and amber in a twisted glass pattern vase. It twists and rises up from below, twisting around the core all the way up to the irregularly formed top that adds that last bit of design flair with its points and culmination of the twisting body of the vase. It retains the original paper label, albeit so worn that nothing on the label can really be made out but we left it on there leaving up to you whether to remove or not (we probably would...). Great to display and use and sure to generate complements, this vintage Murano glass vase measures approximately 13.0" high and 4.25" in diameter, and it's in excellent condition ready for a new owner.   


photo 3
Superb bulbous shape sets this Orrefors Mingus hand blown glass martini pitcher apart from the rest. A charming, handmade container that looks more like a cross between a kettle and a teacup, the Orrefors martini pitcher is always a winner at partiesóby virtue of its bulbous organic perfection. This inimitable martini pitcher is as plump as a piggy bank, but even if you fill it to the brim, it never seems to slosh over. It can also be used for a variety of other drinks of course. It measures approximately 6.0" high, 7.0" in diameter, and 10.0" long spout to handle. We love the design and it's in excellent condition; you will see one bubble in the glass as is expected in handblown work. It's missing the Orrefors paper label but readily identifiable as this is a well known retired, i.e. they don't make it anymore, Orrefors design.   $165.00
G059 Fun glass and ceramic mushrooms were very popular in the 1960s, and we found this murano glass mushroom that features beautiful color striations and spots in the clear glass casing that all combine for a great look. A small yet eye catching decorative accessory such as a glass mushroom adds a super decorative flair to add to a shelf or table in your home sure to generate questions and complements. This Italian glass mushroom is in excellent condition and measures approximately 2.5" high and 3.0" in diameter. Bargain price, part of a New York City riverfront estate. /32 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4

Pretty Crystalery handcrafted Turkish crystal vase, a heavy and substantial piece of monumental stature standing a full 11.5" high and 6.5" in diameter tapering to 4.25" at the bottom. This is quite a lot of crystal folks, not a flimsy and thin piece like you see at the discount outlets- it's at least 0.375" thick! We love the simple yet elegant form, perfect for display with any style decor and complementing any floral arrangement you might choose to fill it with. Direct from an Atlanta, Georgia estate collection of fine crystal, it's in mint condition and retains the original label "Crystalery", "Fully Handcrafted", and "Made in Turkey".    $115.00
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