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Memorabilia, Ephemera, Americana, Historical, Political, Travel, and Commemorative Antiques & Collectibles: Page 2

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photo 3
Seventies American needlepoint by M. A. Gibbons of a snow covered country farm with the big red barn and grain silo winter scene as companions. A fence runs along the meandering drive up to the home. Note the trees and buildings visible in the distance over the horizon. Very well done work and signed & dated by the artist on the back "Work done by Marge Gibbons Nov. 20,1975. The work is mounted in a wood fame measuring 17.75" long and 13.75" high.   $55.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Memories from famous attractions across the U.S. can be yours with this super set of 6 vintage souvenir shot glasses, all in excellent condition and part of a major estate collection of vintage and antique shot glasses. In this set of 6 you'll find NASA Kennedy Space Center with the Space Shuttle, Spruce Goose, Queen Mary & Spruce Goose, the Glen Jackson steamboat from Opryland USA, Catalina Island, and the aerial tramway in Palm Springs, California. Great to both use and display. As an added bonus, get another 4 shot glasses from this collection including a hard to find Rebel shot glass, beer mug shot glass, an etched shot glass, and a fine lead crystal shot glass. $48.00/ 10 shot glasses

photo 3

photo 4

photo 3
photo 4

Two lovely state commemorative souvenir collector plates from a major Jacksonville, FL estate collection of antique and vintage state porcelain and china souvenir ware. 1 State of Louisiana, the Creole State, commemorative plate features finely detailed scenes of Louisiana along with its major cities, attractions, leisure activities, and much more. You'll find depictions of the Sugar Bowl, Lake Charles, Audubon Memorial, St. Louis Cathedral, Steamboats on the Mississippi River, Dixieland Jazz, Huey P. Long Tomb, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. It measures 10.0" in diameter and features a gilded border and perimeter decoration, and it comes in a wire hanger ready for hanging on the wall. 2 Super Tennessee collector plate captures the history of the state in pictures and words, all with incredible detail right down to the intricate perimeter decoration and gilding of the plate. Scenes depicted include the Great Smokey Mountains, USA Country Music Center, Lookout Mountain, Tomb of Andrew Jackson, Norris Dam, The Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee Discovered in 1540, Andrew Jackson "Old Hickory", the Parthenon, Tennessee Walking Horses, Reelfoot Lake, the Oak Ridge nuclear plant, Tennessee Presidents Jackson, Johnson, and Polk, Davey Crockett, and a super state map with the major cities. It measures 10.0" in diameter and is gilded around the perimeter, and this mint condition plate is already mounted with a hanger to use for the wall.

1 $36.00

2 $36.00

MB024 New listing! Rare 1907 copy of the Masonic Parade March by F. R. Kimball would make a super gift for any mason or shriner in your life. With the insignia at the top, this piece was published in 1907 by McKinley Music Co. and is in good condition with edge tears and a good deal of spine separation but a great looking cover that's more than ready for frame.  /16 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4

Here's a rare remnant of those very volatile years of the late 1960s- four very collectible First Day of Issue 6 cent "Law and Order" U. S. postage stamps, a commemorative set framed and including a commemorative card and a postmark date of May 17, 1968 in Washington, DC. The frame measures approximately 10.75" wide and 8." high, and inside are the commemorative card which has the artist's signature and 4 postage stamps, serial # 29833, stamped "First Day of Issue" in addition to the postmark. Direct from a stamp collector's estate in the Old Saybrook, CT, it's also stamped on the back "Stamp of Approval, Patricia G. Theis, 31 Eddy Street, Milford, CT 06460." The commemorative set is in very good condition and is cross listed on 50s & 60s 3, offered at a bargain price and great as a gift!    $32.00
MB026 Straight from an old Vermont country estate, Classic North American Steam coffee table book by Nils Huxtable recalls the glorious history of the American steam trains and railroads over the years. This extra large 14.0" x 10.5" when closed 128 page book is filled with text history of the American steam train and tons of photographs that capture the technology and scenic beauty of the railroads. There are chapters on the American, Atlantic, Switcher, Pacific, Mogul, Mikado, Prairie, Ten-Wheeler, Mikado, Mountain, Northern, Shay, Heisler, Articulated, Challenger, and many more classic American trains. We've seen a lot of coffee table books and a lot of railroad and train books, but trust us that none compare to this collectible classic published in 1999. It's in excellent condition and includes the original paper dust jacket- great as a gift for train or railroad collectors and enthusiasts! /24 SOLD

Very hard to find June 1968 copies of Time (6/14/68) and Newsweek (6/17/68) which cover the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy on the cover, in many black & white and color photographs, and in depth articles that recount the life of Bobby Kennedy and the details of his murder by Sirhan Sirhan. The articles go into detail on Robert Kennedy's service in the administration of his brother John F. Kennedy, championing of civil rights, and his political rise as he ran for teh presidency he was poised to win before his assassination on that fateful day of June 6, 1968. Defeated by Eugene McCarthy in Oregon, Kennedy desperately needed to win the California Presidential primary, and on June 5, 1968 he did. His victory speech at Los Angeles’ Ambassador Hotel ended with the phrase: “And now, on to Chicago…” Leaving the building through the hotel’s kitchen area, Bobby Kennedy was accosted by a Palestinian, Sirhan Sirhan, who was reputedly angry with Kennedy because of the Senator’s support of Israel. Firing at Kennedy, he felled the Senator with 3 shots including one to the head, and also hit other bystanders with gunfire. Senator Robert F. Kennedy died the next day, and his funeral was an emotional event that began at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and culminated in Arlington Cemetery’s only evening burial. The Time and Newsweek articles recount this history, the gunman and his plotting, and the emotional aftermath of Kennedy's assassination. Also filled with great vintage advertising for cars, cigarettes, early computers (we've included a photo of an IBM ad which was an early use of an African American in a major company national ad), and more, these 2 vintage news magazines were part of a major estate consignment exclusive to Collectics from a major collector of Kennedy memorabilia. /45 SOLD
photo 3
Sing 'Em Cowboy Songs, "songs of the Trail and Range" published in 1934 by Amsco Music Sales of New York. All the favorite western and cowboy songs are here divided into categories like "Trail and Range", "Corral and Bunkhouse", and "The Modern Cowboy." Selections include Oh Susanna, She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain, Turkey in the Straw, Old Paint, Home on the Range, and many more. With 96 pages and measuring approximately 9.5" high and 6.75" wide, it's in good condition and has fun western cover art and drawings spread throughout the book to accompany the songs and themes.    $18.00
photo 3
Old barber razor in the original box and nicely marked on the blade with the manufacturer's mark and also Fremont, USA. There is a faint marking of "Trade" on the box, possibly to signify use by professionals. The razor measures 9.5" long when opened and 6" long when closed. The handle is most likely made of bakelite and has a tiny break less than 0.25" long on the end where the razor hinges-- and only on one side. As such, it's not visible from the other side which also happens to be the side where the blade is marked (good for display). The box measures 6.0" long, is a little worn along the edges and is most likely missing a top piece for the box, but this is definitely the real thing. The blade is nicely marked with the manufacturer's mark and that it was produced in the USA. The blade could be cleaned as you desire, but we have chosen to leave it just as found.  It's very hard to find old barber instruments and shaving accessories today. $16.00
photo 3
Rare period commemoration cup from June 22, 1911 of the country of Blyth Urban District Council in England. The cup commemorates the coronation of King George V and pictures George as well as Queen Mary on the front of the cup. British flags decorate each side of the portraits while a crown rests in the center. Below the pictures are King George's and Queen Mary's names and the words "Crowned June 1911." It stands approximately 3.5" high and is 3.5" in diameter at the top opening. It's in good condition except for a minor fracture as shown in the detail of King George-- this is a period 1911 issue and not a reproduction.   $45.00
MB031 Period print of a charcoal drawing of President John F. Kennedy by Robert Riger, a classic depiction of Kennedy printed on heavy stock paper 9.5" x 7.5". President Kennedy has his hand outstretched, shirt sleeve showing, and note the fine detail in his hair, eyes, mouth, and fingers & fingernails. It's signed in the lower left corner Robert Riger, who was best known for his sketches of sports figures from the 1950s and 1960s. The print is in very good condition with only some minor yellowing and very light staining on the paper background, some of which will likely clean and is not noticeable. No tears or damage, and it comes to you direct from a Greenville, SC estate collection of mid-century printed art and memorabilia. /36 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6

Rare edition of Uniforms of the United States Army, paintings by H. A. Ogden- Plates XXV - XXVIII of Group 7- 1855-1866. These 4 17.0" x 13.25" prints are part of a collection of 44 paintings completed by H. A. Ogden more than 70 years ago and "long regarded as the masterpiece of American military art." Issued originally by authorization of the Secretary of War, these superb prints of Army uniforms illustrate every type of dress and field uniform worn from the Revolution to the end of the 19th century. Each of these four plates "faithfully duplicate the quality and detail of the originals as well as a text describing the evolution and details of the uniforms depicted." This set comprises Plate XXV (1855-1858 Artillery, Infantry, Mounted Rifles, Light Artillery), Plate XXVI (1858-1861 Staff, Field & Line Officers, Enlisted Men), Plate XXVII (1861-1866 Field, Line & Non-Commissioned Officers, Privates (Campaign Dress)), and Plate XXVIII (1861-1866 Lieutenant-General, Major-General, Brigadier-General, Staff, Field & Line Officers"). The plate number and description is printed below each image, and all are signed in the print H. A. Ogden. The set comes in the original folio and a full page description of each of the 4 plates in this set, and folio and plates are in very good condition with no tears or damage. H. A. Ogden is known as one of America's finest illustrators working at the turn of the century, and a specialist in the rendering of military dress and vivid groupings of servicemen in full military regalia. Perfect for framing, this outstanding set of 4 plates is indispensible for the collector of Americana, student of military history, and everyone interested in the fascinating evolution of uniforms worn by America's fighting men and women. Great as a gift- collect the set!   $65.00
MB033 Super cute ceramic lemon 2.75" high, a memento given as a gift by the famous Bonwitt Teller department store of New York City. It's done in a lovely white ceramic with flecks of yellow and high glaze. It's fully marked with the Bonwit Teller logo, Made in Portugal, and the issue number 613A11. Cute little collectible from one of the top NYC department stores of the past.    $18.00

photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8

New listing! Super set of 4 antique early color lithograph French postcards c 1906 depicting 4 couples in the fashions of the times. These are French in origin, and bear the inscription of the Carte Postale along with addresses and a brief note. Each of these 4 antique postcards has the rich colors and the highly detailed printing for which this era is well known, part of a major estate collection of antique and vintage postcards from around the world. Two of the postcards have original French 1906 stamps that may have significant value themselves along with French and U.S. 1906 postmarks. Each postcard also has either a French or English address and note, and one note is particularly interesting- "I received your lovely letter a long time ago. I would not write before for many good reasons. Please, excuse me. Mathilda. Love and kisses. "Me". Each card measures approximately 5.25" x 3.5" and is in very good condition. Great for a frame and makes an interesting and unique gift and conversation piece for any postcard collector or just an art lover! Cross listed on Art 2. $32.00/ set of 4
Of interest to both nautical and ship collectors and lovers of Art Deco, this is a marked Kensington aluminum tray with Deco clamshell styling and the logo of the cruise ship line on the lower front. We particularly like the lines on this piece, the clam shell shape coupled with the stylized lines and flourishes of the Art Deco etchings. It measures approximately 10.0 in diameter and is fully marked on the back with the Kensington mark in addition to the ship graphic on the top. This period aluminum plate is in very good condition with only minor scratching from use on the top in a few places- great to display on a stand or on a wall! Cross listed on Metalware 2.   /32 SOLD
MB036 For a great example of old south memorabilia all ready for a frame, how about "Alabamy Bound" with stylish patrons of the old south on the front cover and an inset photograph of Al Jolson. This is a listed piece of vintage sheet music in the Pafik sheet music reference book, published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. of New York in 1925. Music by Ray Henderson and lyrics by Bud DeSylva and Bud Green. The piece is in very good condition and measures slightly over 12" x 9". /14 SOLD
photo 3
New listing! Mid 20th century "Decorator Styled Souvenir Tray or Wall Plaque" along with 6 coasters that could also be used as wall plaques, all commemorating the state of Louisiana. This is a really fun commemorative set in mint condition never used, and all still in the original packaging. We were particularly impressed by the detail and quality of the lithography on this vintage metalware, including most every major and minor city in Louisiana along with many of the state's landmarks including the Sugar Bowl stadium, LSU university, state capital, and various other animals and attractions native to different parts of the state. The state flower in the upper corner adds color and flair to the gold on black color scheme. The large tray is approximately 11.0" in diameter while each of the 6 coasters are 3.5" in diameter. Great as a gift for anyone from Louisiana, it's cross listed on Metalware 2.    $26.00/set
photo 3
Memories of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the sights of New England are yours in this vintage Jules Creations Cape Cod souvenir plate measuring approximately 10.0" in diameter, in excellent condition. There's great detail in the scenic depictions on this plate of the Canal Bridge, Stony Brook Mill in Brewster, Nobska Lighthouse in Falmouth, Hoxie House in Sandwich, the Windmill in Eastham, and the Pilgrim Memorial in Provincetown. It's marked on the back "Designed by Jules Creations" along with their address in Georgetown, Mass. and "Made in USA."  $14.00
MB039 Hard to find, mint condition vintage World War II Amico sterling silver 3.0" Bombardier USAAF U.S. Army Air Force military pin with wings and bomb is desirable and highly sought after by militaria collectors and sterling silver and jewelry collectors alike. The detail on this vintage sterling silver pin is incredibly fine, very precise and contrasting, and we love both the design and the workmanship. It measures approximately 3.0" x 0.75 and is marked on the back Amico Sterling impressed in the metal, part of a major consignment of antique and vintage militaria from an upper New York state collector. /65 SOLD
MB040 1 More old, early 20th century portrait prints from an upstate Vermont country home. These are the old high quality prints which have the look and feel of photographs, but of course photographic prints don't hold up this well. These prints are also done on heavy photograph paper and frankly are often mistaken for photographs. The set would look great hanging together on a wall. All measurements are approximate and prints are in good condition except for occasional edge wear which will disappear into a frame. Great vintage collectibles! 1. Scribe holding paper, hand resting on a book and elaborate feathered hat measuring 11.0" x 9.0".  2. Woman, breast exposed, breast feeding her baby 11.0" x 9.0" 3. Handsome young man in late colonial apparel 11.5" x 9.0". 4. Woman breast feeding plump baby, with man looking on measuring 11.5" x 8.75". 5. Pensive young man leaning on elbow 10.25" x 9.0" 6. Old man with white beard and receding forehead 11.0" x 8.25". It's very hard to find these old photographic quality prints of the age anymore...perfect for framing and a great price! Cross listed on Art 2. /24 SOLD
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