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Memorabilia, Ephemera, Americana, Historical, Political, Travel, and Commemorative Antiques & Collectibles: Page 3

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MB041 Enjoy framing as a gift for any Mickey Rooney or Judy Garland fan this copy of "I'm Nobody's Baby" by Benny Davis, Milton Ager, and Lester Santly. This song is from the early MGM picture Andy Hardy Meets Debutante, right at the beginning of Mickey Rooney's film career. The rear cover is interesting with ads for "The World's Greatest Song Folios" which include The Wizard of Oz souvenir album and Judy Garland Sings. The sheet music has excellent color and is in very good condition, published by Leo Feist of New York in 1921. /12 SOLD
MB042 "Beyond the Blue Horizon" from the Ernst Lubitsch Paramount motion picture Monte Carlo starring Jach Buchanan and Jeanette MacDonald. The cover art of the roulette wheel and the gamblers crowded around is really fun, and the purple and black colors reflect the Art Deco styling during the period of this 12.0" x 9.0" 1930 piece. It's in very good condition with excellent color retention and only a single minor edge tear approximately 0.5".  $10.00
MB043 Beautifully written and illustrated 1985 Merrimack Publishing Corporation book Story of the Firemen. Color and black & white illustrations fill this book, some 2 full page extra large color illustrations, and the accompanying captions and text tell the history and legacy of the brave firemen who risk their lives to protect people in times of need. A great surprise gift for any active or retired firefighter in your life, Story of the Firemen measures 10.5" x 9.5" and has 13 pristine and mint condition pages. Like new condition and bargain priced, part of a Little Rock, Arkansas estate consignment of firemen and firefighter articles and memorabilia; cross listed on Books 3. /12 SOLD
MB044 Here's a fun, inexpensive surprise or stocking stuffer for any lover of the 1950s architecture, classic hotels, or the Miami Beach scene- a vintage postcard of "the glittering hotels of Miami Beach, Florida, showing the famous Fontainebleau in the background." The card measures approximately 5.5" x 3.5" and is in very good, unused condition with only some minor edge wear fraying the corners just a bit. Great as a gift!    $6.00
photo 3
From the estate of a British gentleman living in Rye, NY, this linen work is a map of Yorkshire, England, "The County of Broadacres 6077 sq. miles, 3,890,000 acres". The 3 areas of West Riding, North Riding, and East Riding (inventive, isn't it...) comprise Yorkshire, and woven into the work is a helpful note that Riding is "derived from the Scandinavian Thrithing or Thriding- A Third Part." in addition to the map, there are colorful depictions of the seal of the city of York, Fountains Abbey, Mother Shipton's Inn, Headingley Cricket Ground in Leeds, Templenewsam House, and York Minster. Along the North Sea, it marks the spot where "Captain Cook Set Out From Whitby". It measures approximately 29.0" x 20.5" and is in excellent condition.     $14.00
MB046 Old souvenir ashtray of the U. S. Capitol Building in Washington DC, back in the days when cars could drive right up to the front steps and park. Note the terrific 1950s cars with their elaborate tail fins in the scene. The color lithography on this plastic ashtray is very detailed and in excellent condition, and it's marked on the front "The Capitol Washington DC." Appealing to both tobacciana and memorabilia collectors, this vintage ashtray is also marked on the back "I.N.T.E.C.A. Costa Rica, CA."  /22 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
New listing of political campaign memorabilia produced to commemorate some of the most famous and hard fought political Presidential campaigns in history. Included in the set of 6 are the campaigns of 1960 (John F. Kennedy), 1956 (Adlai Stevenson & Estes Kefauver), 1956 (Dwight D. Eisenhower- Ike- 2 buttons), 1936 (Franklin D. Roosevelt), and 1916 (Woodrow Wilson- "War in Europe, Peace in America" button). Each button measures between 1.0" and 1.5" in diameter and is in excellent condition, mounted on their original cards which give a bit about the history and participants in the campaign. They also note that "campaign buttons were first used in 1896" and that these are reproductions produced for collectors in a series of 38 and produced c. 1960s.    $32.00/ set of 6
photo 3
photo 4
Three exotic women on 1906 postcards make this a super set of 3 antique postcards to frame for your wall. The color postcard at the top is a rare type of early 20th century postcard that has a type of glitter applied to add coloration and texture to the postcard, and it has Opera in small text at the top and Marconnier in small text at the bottom along with the Paris studio which shot the photograph and S. I. P. in the lower right corner. It's in good condition with some writing across the front and on the rear. The middle postcard is another early litho process potcard with early 20th century coloration (note the lipstick and the subtle detail on her headdress) of Leonora La Bella and the moniker of the Casino de Paris at the top. This postcard is in good condition and has writing and the original stamp and 1906 postmark on the rear. The old black and white photographic postcard at the bottom is of Madame Albani and is in good condition with a minor fold at the bottom and is dated 1906 in the rear writing. These postcards make an interesting set sure to prompt questions, and all measure approximately 5.75" x 3.5" and come from the shelf of a Savannah, GA estate.   $18.00/ set of 3
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8
If you enjoy reading about and collecting memorabilia and news magazines of the early days of the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson administrations, you'll enjoy Dean Rusk featured in these February 6, 1961 Newsweek and December 6, 1963 Time magazines. As U.S. secretary of state from 1961 to 1969, Dean Rusk was one of America's major Vietnam War policy makers. Rusk supported U.S. military involvement in Vietnam because he viewed the conflict as an important test of America's determination to contain communism around the world. As the war's popularity diminished during the LBJ administration, Rusk's steady defense of U.S. actions in Vietnam made him a controversial figure. The Newsweek documents "the new President's breathtaking first week with super text and photographs that really capture the energy of the Kennedy administration. The special report is all about Dean Rusk, the Kennedy Secretary of State, and those that worked for him in the administration. The Time magazine was published soon after Jack Kennedy was assassinated and has funeral pictures, and it details the early days of the LBJ adminstration and again features Dean Rusk. Both magazines are in very good condition given the age, with only a tiny 1.0" tear on the very back page of the Newsweek. Both magazines are also filled with some of the best vintage advertising we've seen in a long time, with ads for the Gas pavillion at the Disneyland World of Tomorrow, ads for B.F. Goodrich and Boeing that feature their links to the U.S. space program soon to put a man on the moon, and a hard to find ad for the Studebaker Avanti sports car. $22.00/ 2 magazines




Old linen calendars that hung on the wall are very collectible due to the intricate detailing in their scenery, and they make great gifts to give commemorating the year of one's birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions. Take your pick of 3 vintage linen calendars all in excellent condition. 1 1978 calendar with a colorful scene of country home life with a nautical harbor scene with ships through the paned window measuring approximately 27.0" x 16.0". /20 2 San Francisco streetcar calendar from 1974 commemorating San Francisco Cable Cars, with the Presidio Ave. and Market Street line depicted heading down the hills of the city- measuring 29.0" x 17.0". 3 Commemorating the nautical way of life with fishing boats and nets, this 1977 calendar measures approximately 27.0" x 16.25". Cross listed on Clothing & Textiles, where you can find other 100% linen calendars for other years- a terrific gift idea for yourself or others!   



3 $18.00

photo 3
photo 4
If you're like a lot of collectors and fans, you'll love this whimsical wooden ship SS America telephone that's a sure conversation piece and a great gift for any sailor, nautical fan, or telephone collector in your life. We really like the streamlined look of the ship, and when you lift the phone receiver out of the cradle it reveals the cabin of the boat sunken within for a great look. Out of an Augusta, GA estate, we nabbed this fun home accessory which measures approximately 12.5" long, 4.0" wide, and 4.5" high with the receiver on. It's in good condition with some nicks in the wood from use here and there and some minimal paint loss from the blue pinstripe on the side. The phone itself is a Telemania phone and appears to have been custom designed to fit the ship form; there are plugs for 2 phone lines underneath. Fun & whimsical! Cross listed on 50s & 60s 3. $38.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
Rare edition of Uniforms of the United States Army, paintings by H. A. Ogden- Plates XIII - XVI of Group 4- 1813 - 1835. These 4 17.0" x 13.25" prints are part of a collection of 44 paintings completed by H. A. Ogden more than 70 years ago and "long regarded as the masterpiece of American military art." Issued originally by authorization of the Secretary of War, these superb prints of Army uniforms illustrate every type of dress and field uniform worn from the Revolution to the end of the 19th century. Each of these four plates "faithfully duplicate the quality and detail of the originals as well as a text describing the evolution and details of the uniforms depicted." This set comprises Plate XIII (1813-1821 Artillery, Infantry, Rifle, Dragoon, Cadet), Plate XIV (1813-1821 General Staff, Line Officers, Light Artillery), Plate XV (1821-1832 Regimental Officers, Engineer, Cadet), and Plate XVI (1821-1832 Major-General, Staff & Line Officers, Cadets). The plate number and description is printed below each image, and all are signed in the print H. A. Ogden. The set comes in the original folio and a full page description of each of the 4 plates in this set, and folio and plates are in very good condition with no tears or damage. H. A. Ogden is known as one of America's finest illustrators working at the turn of the century, and a specialist in the rendering of military dress and vivid groupings of servicemen in full military regalia. Perfect for framing, this outstanding set of 4 plates is indispensible for the collector of Americana, student of military history, and everyone interested in the fascinating evolution of uniforms worn by America's fighting men and women. Great as a gift- collect the set! $65.00
MB053 Original Stereo soundtrack album of the famous film Dr. Zhivago is very hard to find and features some great photographs from the movie. MGM released the David Lean film of Boris Pasternak's Dr. Zhivago in 1965, produced by Carlo Ponti, and it won the Academy Award that year. The music is quite classic, composed and conducted by Maurice Jarre and generally accepted as one of the best film soundtracks of all time. In addition to all the interior photographs from the movie, the text also describes the Dr. Zhivago story, information about the Director David Lean, the stars of the movie including Geraldine Chapman, Julie Christie, Alec Guiness, Omar Sharif, Rod Steiger, and others, and the 1957 book by Boris Pasternak. The record and jacket are in very good condition, direct to you via a Los Angeles, CA estate collection of vintage movie memorabilia from the early to mid 20th century; cross listed on Records 3.    /18 SOLD

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photo 5
photo 6
photo 7
photo 8

Set of 3 vintage pencil sharpeners all carry a flight and aviation theme and feature the space shuttle, the B2 stealth bomber, and an early propeller plane whose propeller even turns. The 2 vintage metal pencil sharpeners (the plane and the B2) are heavy and substantial with great detail, dating to c 1960s when sharpening pencils was a key part of everyday school life. The sharpeners themselves are nicely hidden in these hard to find vintage selections. The space shuttle is a more recent sharpener likely dating to the early days of the shuttle program and is rendered in a heavy plastic instead of the metal of the other 2. It's very hard to find commemorative and vintage metal pencil sharpeners any more, for they have substantive collector interest and they look great to both display and use. The 2 airplanes measure approximately 4.0" long and 2.25" high while the space shuttle pencil sharpener stands approximately 4.5" high. The space shuttle and B2 bomber sharpeners come with the original box. All 3 are in very good condition, part of a major El Paso, Texas estate consignment. $32.00/ set of 3
MB055 Don't miss this story from the days of the U S Marshals and the wild west, from a major collection of Whitman Big and Better Little Books! This very hard to find Better Little Book of Lightning Jim U. S. Marshal Brings Law to the West by Albert Micale has 425 pages and was copyrighted in 1940. The book was published by the Whitman Publishing Company of Racine, Wisconsin and measures 4.5" x 3.5". It is illustrated throughout with fabulous comic book style illustrations matching the story on almost every other page and feature inscriptions telling the story. Lightning Jim is in good condition with edges and spine showing normal moderate scuffing but completely intact and modest age- toning. While the book is tight, it is fragile as are most all of the Whitman Big and Better Little Books of this age. All listings from this major estate consignment are very hard to find and priced well below individual book prices from rare book dealers. Great as a gift!  /35 SOLD
MB056 Rare 1909 copy of Flying Artillery sheet music, a "grand military march two step" written by Geo.Heiser-English. Of course, it's the great cover art that collectors prize with this piece, the caissons and cannon rolling in the background along with the American flag plus the galloping soldier on horseback, sword raised, in the foreground. Published in 1905 by The Buffalo Music Co., this 13.75" x 10.5" piece is in very good condition and very nearly pristine, and it was signed and dated in the upper right corner in pencil by the original owner "Jessie F. Ervine Jan 09". Great as a surprise gift for any veteran or militaria collector and priced for quick sale! Part of a major Atlanta, GA estate consignment of finer militaria exclusive to Collectics and cross listed on Books & Music 4.   $22.00
MB057 Rare period 1964 John F. Kennedy Memorial Album magazine was issued shortly after JFK's death to capture "his life, his words, his deeds" and with detailed coverage and photographs of "his life with Jackie, his world as a father, and his last day on earth." The memorial album is filled with text and photos documenting John F. Kennedy, his family, his Presidency, his personal interests, and his death in Dallas. Individual sections include Jacqueline Kennedy ("for one brief shining moment there was Camelot"), The Making of a President, Three Crises (Berlin, Cuba, and James Meredith at Ole Miss), Family Life, and The Funeral. There are some rarely published pictures of JFK, his children, family life, boyhood, and some intimate looks at his Presidency and cabinet. This 80 page collectors edition magazine was edited by Al Silverman and published by Macfadden-Barteli of New York City in 1964, and the magazine is in very good condition with only some very minor fraying at the bottom spine. This is probably the single most comprehensive collector memorial album issued to commemorate JFK after the assassination and for good reason- hundreds of photos and related text and a period issue- and would be a memorable gift for anyone who loves JFK and the Kennedys. Not a reproduction. /24 SOLD
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