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Antique & Vintage Pet, Poodle, and Animal Collectibles, Jewelry, Ceramics, Glass, Art, and Figurines
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Antique & Vintage Pet and Animal Collectibles, Figurines, Art, Ceramics, Glass, and Jewelry: Page 2

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Pair of vintage Irish linen thoroughbred horse textiles are some of the most realistic and intricately detailed depictions of horses in a textile that we've ever seen. Each of the two horses is captured in fantastic detail, and they're set against a rich blue background that just makes the overall work incredibly beautiful. Each of the 30" x 20" textiles has woven marks along the bottom "Made In Ireland" "All Pure Linen", and "Thoroughbred by Ulster"./65


U022 Vintage mounted and framed butterfly is a blast back to the early to mid 20th century when such framed butterflies were particularly popular. It's understandable in retrospect, for note the rich colors and textures of the butterfly wings and body. This butterfly is mounted along with foliage to give it added flair and realism, and it's in excellent and all original condition. This specimen is particularly fine, with iridescent green providing an incredibly and eye catching contrast with the predominant black color of this mounted butterfly. This is a Max Richter butterfly, a man known to butterfly collectors and conservationists who bred and sold butterflies in the 1960s out of E. Durham NY including many rare species. It measures approximately 9.0" x 7.0" and has the original label on the back from the Max Richter Butterly Farm in East Durham, NY up in the Catskill Mountains. The specimen is noted as is the country of origin (Malaysia). Cross listed on Art 1. /55 SOLD
U023 Very unusual and unique fox (wolf?) money clip, with finely detailed etched fox or wolf (ok, we're not that good on wild animals...) standing amid the grasses. The etching looks to be all hand done, and it's done on the oval disc inserted into the brass. The money clip is a nice size at 1.75" long, and it's the kind of unique accessory that's sure to generate questions and complements when you take it out of your pocket or purse. It's a vintage accessory so you can see very minor surface scratching on the brass, but overall both the brass and the etching of the wolf or fox is in excellent condition. /42 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Vintage deer wall plaque features incredible realism right down to the horns and to the 2 glass eyes. It's a really eye catching piece, very well crafted to give the look of the real thing in miniature. We are uncertain as to the material used but believe it to be a type of pot metal which is exposed for the horns but covered and textured in some manner to create the deer face and neck which seems to us more like a carving or applied surface material to the metal underneath. Regardless, it's a super technique that fosters true realism which is then further highlighted by the elaborate horns and the two amber glass eyes that definitely stare at you in the dark. Sure to generate questions and complements, this vintage animal wall plaque c 1950s - 1960s is in excellent condition and measures approximately 10.0" high including the horns and 6.5" wide. It's mounted on wood and ready to hang on the wall of its new home. $65.00
photo 3
Bird in flight...hand sewn needlepoint of a duck in flight over the cornfield, clouds above, in excellent condition and measuring15" x 15" in the wood frame. Aside from the colorful detail of the bird, this piece is also signed and dated November, 1977 by the artist M. A. Gibbons on the back.    $45.00
photo 3
Seventies needlepoint of a bird in flight by M. A. Gibbons measuring 14.5" x 14.5" in its wood frame and in excellent condition. The theme is soothing and the detail strong, perfect for a country house or to bring the country life into the city. Signed and dated on the back Marge Gibbons Sept. 9th 1976. Cross listed on Memorabilia 2. $45.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Rare Belleek Irish porcelain owl vase, a lovely glaze of yellow adn white with excellent detail and a super face and expressive eyes. Situated in the Fermanagh village of the same name, Belleek Pottery is Ireland's oldest pottery and was established in 1857. The pottery set high standards and right from the outset with founder John Caldwell insisting that there would be no "seconds" at Belleek, and even today only Belleek China of the highest quality leaves the factory.The Belleek owls are very hard to find and always generate strong collecting interest for those in good condition, and the yellow and white is one of the most sought after color schemes. The owl measures approximately 8.25" high, 3.75" wide, and 2.5" deep and is perfect for flowers in the way the vase opening is hidden behind the head of the owl. It's properly marked on teh bottom with the Belleek Ireland mark with castle, wolf, and harp and is in mint condition.    $135.00
photo 3
photo 4
The 1976 Orbis Publishing of London edition of The World of Dogs, with foreward by Barbara Woodhouse, is "the compreshensive color guide to the care and handling of over 100 breeds!" Topics include care, feeding, grooming, training, and howing and subsequent chapters cover every breed recognized by the Kennel club as well as some that are not. It has 240 lavishly illustrated, information-packed pages, is in very condition with minor edge wear to the binding and tears in the original paper cover. The pages are pristine, and include hounds, sporting dogs, terriers, non-sporting dogs, working dogs, toy dogs, as well as care and management. Great as a gift for any dog lover, or to add to your collection. Printed in Italy by IGDA it measures approximately 11.5" high and 9.0" wide.    $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
Two antique framed artist plates of birds, both highly detailed and colored as was typical with animal plates of this period. The larger of the 2 is the 12.5" x 9.5" framed pair of Texan Cardinals, plate 33 of Cassins Illustrations. The two birds sit perched on a tree branch, a rather dull colored female and her more colorful male mate. The name of the bird and the plate/source of the plate are printed on the work. The second is a 11.5" x 9.0" Waxwing bird with those great black and white tipped wings and the brown head plume and piercing eyes. Both plates are in very good condition and behind glass, and they're marked with the name of the bird at the bottom in a nice script. Great as a gift for any bird lover, they come direct from an Old Saybrook, CT estate collection and are offered at a bargain price!    $45.00 set of 2
photo 3
Mint condition Christmas dog has a Santa hat on his head and Christmas wreath around his neck. It's a very well done piece with fine detail in the body- note the fur detail and the balls on the Christmas wreath. Of unknown origins beyond a Vermont shelf, the piece measures 5.25" long, 3.5" high, and 3.0" wide at the widest point; cross listed on Holiday 2. $18.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
photo 6
For a pretty amazing example of finely detailed ceramic animal figurine, enjoy this pair of vintage "Patches Plus" elephant figurines that you'll have to admit are pretty stunning to look at. The intricacy of the patchwork ceramic glaze is evident, full of flowers and with desirable colors of blue and rose. The pair features a parent elephant and a baby elephant, with the large one standing 13.0" high from foot to top of the trunk and approximately 12.0" trunk to tail, while the baby elephant analogous measurements are 5.5" and 6.0". Both are in excellent condition, and the larger elephant retains the original paper Patches Plus tag noting they were "Handcrafted in Florida" and with information on the artist on the back but well faded with age (Helen first name, last name not fully visible). These would make a superb gift for any elephant collector or simply a unique decorative object for any shelf or mantel. $65.00/ set of 2
U032 Whimsical frog planter in a nice lime green color and big eyes looking soulfully for a new home. This frog measures approximately 4.75" high, 7.0" long, and 5.5" wide. The body is ridged for added effect, and the bottom retains the original paper sticker "Collegiate Product of Japan." The piece is in excellent condition with no chips or damage. /18 SOLD

photo 3
photo 4

photo 3
photo 4

Take your pick of vintage bunny ceramics for that rabbit lover in your life! 1. Lefton China ceramic rabbit is an incredibly realistic hand painted sculpture that captures the texture and colors of a rabbit in the very realistic way that distinguishes vintage Lefton china. Right down to the spotted fur, glass eyes, and even the individual blades of grass, the detail on this bunny screams out Lefton quality and measures approximately 3.5" x 3.5" and stands 5.75" high. It has the Lefton China Hand Painted crown mark on the bottom and the model number. 2. Talk about a plaintive look on a face, how about this c. 1980 ceramic rabbit by Bandanna of San Diego, CA. We love the forward motion of this design, and the ceramic is nicely textured for great effect coupled with the 2 glass eyes. This Bandanna sculpture measures approximately 6.5" nose to tail, 4.0" wide, and 6.0" high, and it's properly marked in ink on the bottom with the Bandanna mark. Both rabbit statues are in excellent condition and come to you from a major Louisville, KY estate collection of finer pet and animal collectibles.

1 $28.00

2 $22.00

photo 3
Here's a great vintage 1950s rhinestone pet collar for your cat or small dog. Not a single rhinestone is missing on this bracelet measuring approximately 9.5" long. The buckle really makes for a stylish look, and (trust us on this one) you can also wear it as a bracelet yourself! The quality of the stones is high, plus each is individually set as you can see from the rear view. Excellent condition; makes a great gift for you or your pet! /32cp     $24.00

Super cute framed photograph of a kitten exploring a tuba, a testament to the curiousity of kittens and a perfect gift for any cat lover. The whimsical 6.5" wide x 5.0" high photograph is framed in a simple gray metallic frame meausring approximately 10.75" wide x 9.0" high, and it's in excellent condition.    

photo 3
photo 4
Vintage diecast metal pencil sharpeners are in strong collector demand, and if you're an animal lover you'll love these 2 die cast horse and elephant pencil sharpeners, both in very good condition. You just don't see many pencil sharpeners any more of course, and the prices for the antique and vintage ones have really grown over the past 5 years. These were made in Hong Kong for export to the U.S. market, and the detail in the die casting is very strong. The elephant measures approximately 2.0" x 1.5" and stands 2.0" high while the horse is 2.75" x 1.25" and stands 2.75" high. $22.00/ set of 2
U037 Cute gold cat pin with multi-colored rhinestone eyes, nose, and collar! This fine kitty is in excellent condition and measures approximately 2.75" high and 2.25" wide at the widest point. Really makes a cat statement on your sweater as we've just tested ourselves!    $17.00
U038 Cowboy necktie with horse head medallion, probably pewter, and matching metal end pieces also with decoration. The horse is very well done, finely detailed and complete with surrounding ornamentation. The medallion itself measures approximately 1.5" in diameter, and the medallion slides on the rope surface to adjust the size and draw it up close to your shirt collar. Nice western theme and perfect for the horse lover or cowboy in you. Excellent condition. Cross listed on Vintage Clothing & Textiles 2.  /24 SOLD
photo 3
photo 4
Fun Gerry dolphin pin comprised of some very nice goldtone metalwork, an elegant flowing shape, and a red rhinestone eye. The metalwork has an interior textured finish highlighted by sharp lines around the perimeter and geometrical shapes within. This dolphin or porpoise pin depending on how you look at it is in excellent condition and is marked on the rear with the Gerry name and copyright. It measures a nice 1.75" x 1.25" and comes direct from a Hilton Head, SC estate collection.    $28.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
New listing! Very interesting pair of West Highland scotty dog metal bookends from c 1920s or 1930s, with all original paint and in excellent condition save some minor and expected paint wear to the scotties. We particularly like the curve to the bookends, and they're nice and substantial and so able to work effectively holding a shelf of books. Perfect for the scottie or dog collector and great as a gift, each of the two bookends measures approximately 5.25" high, 4.0" wide, and 2.25" deep, which each scotty dog itself is 2.25" high and 2.75" long.    $75.00/ pr.
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