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Miscellaneous Antiques, Collectibles, Antique & Vintage Home Furnishings: Page 2

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Very collectible set of 4 diverse and elaborately clothed dolls plus one free, some very rare in their theme and clothing and all in very good condition. The set of 4 plastic dolls all have moveable heads and arms, and 3 of the 4 have eyes that close when the dolls are lying down to simulate real sleep. The set includes 1 a lovely Jewish theme doll dressed in a flowing white gown with Star of David decoration and brilliant purple trim 2 a country homemeaker doll with red, white and blue colors, red bonnet, and an LG monogramed on the front of her apron 3 American Indian doll with braids and beaded headband and leather dress plus mocassins 4 pretty redhead doll with intricate hand knit dress in white, purple, and yellow. Included for free is a great Latin influence doll with vibrant red and yellow dress and black hair net ready for the dance who regrettably is missing her eyes; it is likely a doll restorer could replace these if you want to take the time. The Star of David outfit is really rare and seldom seen, and that doll may have an interesting background with further research. While she shares characteristics with the others, her eyes are different and may indicate a different path to market. All of the dolls are in very good condition except for the free extra, and all are approximately 7.0" high and come direct from a Fort Lauderdale, FL waterfront estate. They're bargain priced for quick sale! $75.00/ set of 4 + 1 free
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
Vintage 1950s Couroc bakelite coin tray that has both a fun and practical design that you'll want to both display and use around the house. Imbedded in the tray are old coins from around the world, and while we're uncertain the origin of some we can identify coins from Peru 1957, India, Cypress 1955, the Netherlands, France 1955, a coin from one of the Nordic countries, and a penny coin from 1914. The tray measures approximately 15.5" x 10.75" and is in good condition with no cracks or damage and some minor surface scratching on the right side that can be faintly seen in certain light angles. This is clearly a Couroc tray although it's missing its paper label, and Couroc was very well known for their mid 20th century plastic trays ornamented with inlaid wood designs, sea shells befitting the company's location on Monterrey, CA, and of course coins and medals. Great as a gift for a coin collector or collector of vintage plastics!       $48.00
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
You'll be very glad you found this vintage 1992 copy of Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections, a fascinating book including 2 fold-out pictures nearly 3 feet long of the ocean liner Queen Mary and a steam train. Other cross sections include the Space Shuttle, Empire State Building, Subway Station, Opera House, Helicopter, Coal Mine, tank, Oil Rig, Cathedral, Jumbo Jet, Car Factory, Fishing Trawler, Submarine, Galleon, Observatory, and a Castle. Each illustration is based on actual plans and architects' drawings, so viewers see inside real ships, buildings, and machines. We all had fun looking through this and will be sorry to see the 14.25" x 10.75" book go, and it's in excellent condition and includes original paper book jacket.      $24.00
Z024 Pretty coat of arms with shield goldtone metal pin can be yours at a bargain price, part of a time sensitive estate liquidation in Miami, FL. The coat of arms pin is a nice theme always of collector interest, and there is above average detail in the coat of arms especially in the top crown. The pin measures 1.25" x 1.25" and is in excellent condition.       $18.00
photo 3
photo 4
Old bronzed metal picture frame and baby shoe decorative work, with all original patina and finish. One way you know this is an older set is the oval glass in the 4.0" high oval picture frame, with ornate detailing top and bottom. The 5.75" long and 2.75" high bronzed shoe sits alongside the mirror and adds a nice decorative flourish to the piece. Altogether, the base of the unit measures approximately 7.25" wide and 4.0" deep, while it rises to 5.75" high to the top of the picture frame. The piece is in excellent condition and retains well over 95% of its original finish, and it doesn't look like it's been polished which is good to preserve value. The oval glass in the frame is a real plus!   $38.00

photo 2
photo 2

photo 2
photo 2

Hard to find set of 4 Royal Copenhagen porcelain mini plates measuring approximately 3.25" in diameter and in very good condition. Each plate has a hole in the back for a wire hanger to hook them on the wall, and some already have the wire attached. Each depicts a scene from Danish and European life in extraordinary detail in the Delft blue color that collectors desire. This set captures scenes from interesting public buildings and statuary and includes clockwise from top left the rare Fajance Rundetarn 8/2010, Christiansborg Slot 70/2010, Randers Radhaus Nielsebbesens Statue 27/2010, and rare Amagertorv 6 Kobenhavn 35/2010. The plates look great hanging on the wall in sets of 4, or add many more to really draw attention to that wall or setting in your home. Each plate is marked on the back with the name of the building or location shown, the Royal Copenhagen bell mark with lines, "Denmark", the style number, and in some cases the artist's signature or mark. $65.00/ set of 4 plates
photo 3
While wandering through a Greenwich, CT waterfront mansion, our staff found this exceptionally large prong set rhinestone brooch in rather stunning blue and acquamarine colors. A large center stone is surrounded by elongated and small octagonal stones in a multi-layered design technique. It's a large and substantial piece, with a setting that reflects a quality you don't really see much anymore in costume jewelry- one reason why collectors value the vintage pieces so highly. This is a lovely piece in with high quality stones in a desirable color, and the brooch measures approximately 3.0" in diameter. 48.00
Z028 1photo 2
2photo 2
Pretty vintage costume jewelry pins! 1. The first brooch has clear rhinestones in a floral metal setting and one large rhinestone 0.5" in diameter surrounded by 12 smaller rhinestones. Overall, the pin is approximately 1.75" in diameter and in excellent condition. 2. The second brooch is an eye catching modern starburst design in a gold metal setting, very well constructed and measuring approximately " x " and in excellent condition. Part of an estate collection and offered at a great price!       1 $14.00

2 $14.00
Z029 LVery fine set of 4 Arcoroc France red glass coffee mugs that came to us from a lovely oceanfront home in Isle of Palms, SC outside of Charleston. These vintage red glass coffee mugs are really hard to find, and they're a perfect size for that piping hot cup of coffee at 4.0" high and 3.0" in diameter not including the handle. Each of the 4 coffee cups is in excellent condition and has the raised "Arcoroc France" mark in the glass on the bottom. /24 SOLD
photo 3
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photo 5
Interesting religious themed metal frame has clear age but is of uncertain origin. We love it, finding it stashed in the attic of a Maine farmhouse. There seems to be a round hallmark impressed in the metal on the rear, but we cannot make out enough of the mark to do any further investigation regarding the manufacturer. Collectors will love the frame and the worshipful will appreciate the very well done depiction of Jesus which is featured in it. The frame and artwork is in good condition with minor age wear visible with close inspection, and it's ready to hang on the wall measuring approximately 5.0" x 3.25".   $34.00
Z031 Very nice tiered wood mirror with 4 tiers and gold accent paint highlighting each step up toward the mirror. The piece measures approximately 13.5" x 11.5" and 1.25" deep including the frame, while the mirror itself is 9.5" x 7.5".  $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
Very pretty highly detailed and colorful ceramic art tile picture frame came right off the shelf of a Ft. Lauderdale, FL penthouse condominium overlooking the Atlantic. We really like the design details such as the depth and detail in the large flowers on the upper right and lower left corners, and detail and precision is evident throughout the design. We also liked the muted colors of brown and a flow blue shade of blue to make for a great look. It features a center round glass for pictures to come through at 3.25" in diameter, and the overall time frame measures approximately 5.0" x 5.0". It's in excellent condition and can be hung on the wall or stand up by itself, and it's ready for a new photo and a new home! $22.00

Discover how these very high quality photo quality French lithograph prints from around the turn of the 20th century can transform a room in your house! These "plates" are from a book c. 1910 back when elaborate art books were published of the masterpieces of the world's museums, affordable for only the very few given the top craftsmanship and equipment needed to produce prints of this quality back then. Each print comes mounted lightly to a page describing the name and date of the work and it's museum home, but they're made to be removed and framed. This set of 4 is a fascinating study of men in close up and men in the company of others which look great framed and mounted separately or an eclectic contrast together sure to generate conversation and complements. The set includes from top left L'Execution De Maximilien (8.0" x 9.75"- Tate Gallery London), Le Fifre (6.25" x 10.75"- Musee du Louvre), Le Bar Des Follies Bergere (10.0" x 7.5"- Courtauld Gallery London), and Portrait De Clemenceau (7.75" x 10.0"- Musee du Louvre). All prints are in excellent condition, direct from a Larchmont, NY estate.      $65.00/set
photo 4
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photo 6
photo 7
photo 8
Monumental mahogony wood carved figure of a woman, probably of African descent, in a finely detailed and elaborately carved wrapped dress and headdress. A large carved flower decorates her ornamental headdress, and there is finely carved detail all over the front and back surface of her dress. She's a lovely young woman and carries some type of interesting object on her back. Note the carved wood checkerboard pattern on the floor surface as well as the fine and slightly elongated detail of the hands and feet. The entire design and execution reflects the highest quality, and best of all is the size of this work measuring a full 25.5" high and 5.5" in diameter at the base. There have been two repairs to the work over the years which can be seen under close examination. The object on her back has been reglued to the body in a nice tight fit that could use just a little color tint to make the seam go away, and the fold of her dress she's holding in her hand has also been reglued but is very hard to see against the body of the dress. Direct from a Malibu, California estate collection of African inspired art, it's offered at a bargain price!       $145.00

You probably didn't know that Avon used to make plastic jewelry too, but now you do with this vintage marked Avon colorful plastic bangle bracelet from the 1960s. We love the curves of the individual plastic components that comprise this stretch bangle, and the vibrant colors of red, white, blue, green, and yellow make for a great look. The bracelet measures a nice and chunky 1.25" wide and is 2.25" in diameter when not stretched. Many of the individual plastic pieces are marked on the interior "Avon".    $24.00
photo 3
photo 4
Cute pair of decorative wax figure candleholders, the type of design accessory that can absolutely make a room unique. The conical base is studded with faux pearls, rhinestones, and other decorative flourishes, capped off with those terrific wax faces with hand painted detailing. These are quite large, measuring approximately 13.25" high and 6.5" x 4.5" at the base. Super design and shape, of unknown origins beyond coming out of a Scottsdale, Arizona estate collection of world memorabilia.      $45.00/ pair
Z037 Very nice set of 4 mid 20th century hard plastic cocktail trays with an intricate floral imprint that combines background gold flowers with black highlights against a white background with periodic splashes of color as the red rose flowers and buds emerge. Each tray measures approximately 7.75" x 4.5" and are "Alcohol Proof" as is stamped on the back- safe to spill a nice cocktail on we suppose. While there is some very minor usage wear, the set of 4 trays is in very good condition and is sure to come in handy at your next social gathering.      $28.00/ set of 4 trays
photo 3
Super paua shell "Noah's Ark" bracelet, mint condition in original box and measuring approximately 7.5" long. The Noah's Ark theme is hard to find, and the craftsmanship and design is very strong in this whimsical piece with the animals like giraffes and elephants heading in pairs of two toward the ark in the center accented by paua shell. Cross listed on Pets 4.      $28.00

photo 4
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photo 6

Enjoy 3 vintage die cast metal pencil sharpeners made in China for export to the U.S. market c 1960s -1970s that are very hard to find any more in this age of pens and computers. These are great to display as the casting has very good detail, but they also come in handy if your family is like most of ours and those pencils are still hanging around your house. This set of 3 features a kitchen and home decor theme and includes an old sewing machine, piano (piano key cover opens to reveal keys within), and globe (spins). All measure approximately 3" x 3" and 2.75" high and feature an antique finish, and they're in good and working condition with minor age wear. The globe on stand pencil sharpener comes in the original box. Great to use and display! $26.00/ set of 3

photo 3
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photo 5

New listing! Interesting and super cool pink feather pen in the original box plus an ornate metal penholder, both in very good condition and quite a style statement. The pen is handcrafted by the Hanover Pen Corporation of Hanover, PA, and the original sticker remains on the box which kind of worn and torn in a few places but it's nice it exists. The pen is quite elaborate, and we love the pink feather which extends up 12.0" from the top of the pen and making the pen a total of 17.0" long. It would go great with a pink flamingo in your front yard, and the handcrafted pen is quite nice. They come to you direct from an eclectic San Francisco, CA estate collection.       $38.00/pen and holder
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