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Miscellaneous Antiques, Collectibles, Antique & Vintage Home Furnishings: Page 3

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Z041 Very cool walrus carved figurine sculpture on a marble base is made in Canada and a very unique piece. We're not sure what kind of stone the walrus itself is carved from nor the material used for his tusks, but the body is highly polished to a fine sheen and we would guess the tusks are made of bone. The marble base is cut to resemble the seaside rocks on which walruses and sea lions lounge and play, and the walrus itself has kind of a whimsical bemused look on his face as he looks down with his tusks hanging below. The bottom of the marble base has a Made In Canada paper label in English and French, and it measures approximately 5.75" wide, 2.5" deep at the deepest point, and 1.75" high - part of a major Jacksonville, FL estate collection of vintage home furnishings. /55 SOLD

Pretty pair of porcelain plates with intricate renditions of pineapples and grapes decorating the plate, gilt trim around the perimeter, and slats in the porcelain around the perimeter that reflects very high quality manufacturing techniques. The colors of the fruit are rich and vibrant, and both plates have an assembly on the rear to hang them on your kitchen wall. Both are in excellent condition and measure approximately 8.0" in diameter. /35 SOLD
Z043 Interesting glazed ceramic bud vase with a modern 50s retro look in excellent condition comes to you as part of a Rockland, Maine collection of miniatures consigned exclusively to Collectics. It's a nice black base with shades of rich deep blue in the glaze, then decorated with white lines in the classic style of the 1950s and desirable in any fifties design ware. It's a nice size at 3.0" high and 2.0" wide at the widest point, and the vase is in excellent condition and perfect for both display and practical use. $18.00

Very nice hobnail glass candleholder, a classic design and in excellent condition. We love the hobnail glass effect anyway, and in addition to holding a small candle it could also serve as a small flower or bud vase. It stands 2.5" high and measures 2.5" in diameter, direct from a Rockland, Maine estate liquidiation. $18.00
Z045 Very nice Conductor Series CD storage case features a rigid plastic interior to protect your CDs and music and a nylon exterior including zipper closure and a front nylon net pouch for additional storage. It has the Conductor Series logo on the front and measures approximatley 9.0" long, 6.0" wide, and 6.0" high and has storage slots for 11 single CDs and 2 wider slots that can be used for double CDs or 2 each single CDs. It has a carrying handle so it's perfect for travel and as a nice gift for a music lover! /12 SOLD
Z046 Decorative wood "Welcome" sign measuring approximately 14.75" wide, 4.75" high, and 0.75" deep. The word Welcome has been carved into the wood about 0.25" deep, and the inset letters have then been blackened to create the contrast between the lettering and the wood plaque itself. It's a great little decorative accessory for a playroom, country kitchen, and more, direct from a snowy Vermont country estate. $18.00
photo 3
Very pretty vintage hand painted floral hard resin cocktail or serving tray reflecting mid 20th century design aesthetics and an intricate floral imprint that combines background gold and red flowers and leaves against a jet black background with periodic splashes of color as the red rose flowers and buds emerge. The tray measures approximately 10.0" x 7.5" and has an impressed maker's mark of unknown origins on the bottom along with a model number. While there is some minor usage wear, this vintage floral tray is in very good condition and is sure to come in handy at your next social gathering.      $18.00
photo 3
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photo 5
Eclectic set of 4 vintage cards in very good and unused condition and rare examples of their respective themes! Three of the cards are floral prints issued by the Helen Keller Services for the Blind of Brooklyn, New York. Each is beautifully printed and measure 6.0" x 4.0", and the flowers include the Rosa Indica, Fleurs de Pommier, and Lavatera Phoenicea (Hibiscus). Each has the artist name and the work registration printed along with the picture and multi-lingual spellings of the flower. Also, a vintage 5.75" x 4.5" UNICEF Christmas card appeals to collectors on a variety of fronts, and inside the fold out card Seasons Greetings are offered up in 4 languages, and on the back is a description of the cover art "Dreaming of Drums", a painting contributed by Edward Ardizzone of the UK to UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund. $22.00/ set of 4 cards

photo 5

Very hard to find set of 4 beautifully lithographed trade cards c 1880s. Louis Prang, a lithographer and printer, develops the idea of mass-producing small "trade cards" that could be adapted to the needs of individual advertisers at low cost in the 1870's. Illustrated trade cards reach the height of their popularity in the 1880s, not only with advertisers but also with the American public which becomes very interested in collecting them. This group of 4 includes 2 particularly rare advertising trade cards, the stagecoach and horses and the young girl with the wild turkeys. These cards were "blanks" i.e. they had not yet been printed with the store or proprietor name. All cards are in very good condition with near mint color lithographed images and only de minimus age wear on the rear. These early advertising cards easily go for $16 or more each, so enjoy the bargain pricing only at Collectics, part of a major estate collection and consignment of the finest advertising memorabilia and collectibles. $38.00/ set of 4 cards
Z050 Authentic John F. Kennedy memorabilia can be yours for a bargain price in this rare August 7, 1961 Newsweek magazine featuring President John F. Kennedy and the tough decisions he was facing during the crisis in Berlin with the Soviet Union and Nikita Khrushchev. The feature article reveals the President's "commitment to that beleaguered city with force if necessary; yet he carefully left the door open for negotiation with the Soviet Union." There is also a profile of new CIA head Allen Dulles and much more. As the cover reads, "We intend to have a wider choice than humiliation or all-out nuclear war". You'll also enjoy the feature article "Timeless Jacqueline" which has some incredible art of Jacqueline Kennedy that the French government of Charles de Gaulle gave as a gift to the Kennedys. The gallery "is the work of eccentric French artist Rene Cazassus, whose last big project was equally impressive: A 180 foot portrait of French President Charles de Gaulle". Also in this issue are some great vintage advertising including ads for IBM (for their dictation machines- how cute...), Western Electric telephones, B. F. Goodrich, Pall Mall cigarettes, - don't miss the photos! This vintage Newsweek magazine is in near mint condition, part of a major estate consignment of JFK memorabilia. /14 SOLD
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A classic of the symphony orchestra and orchestral music and musical instruments, this very hard to find first edition 1993 hardcover book The Symphony Orchestra And Its Instruments by Sven Kruckenberg is a book for both beginners and experts in the realm of music. The book covers the 400 year history of the symphony orchestra and great concert halls, the development of composers and the conductor's profession to learn how an orchestra is led, and the vast array of musical instruments that make orchestral music so universally loved. Just take a look at the beautiful color photography that graces almost every page of the book, covering instruments from the violin to flute to trumpet to drums and percussion. Published by Crescent Books, The Symphony Orchestra And Its Instruments has 236 pages beautifully illustrated and accompanied by very well written and insightful text and is in excellent condition. Great as a gift! $24.00
Z052 Seahorses anyone? Fun and whimsical seahorse keychain features a glow in the super cute sea horse made of a material that retains sunlight to glow for a period of time in the dark after being exposed to sun. Aside from the whimsical fun of this piece, we particularly liked the large soulful eyes. It measures approximately 2.5" high and is in mint condition, part of a New Orleans, LA estate consignment full of whimsical animal themed collectibles and trinkets. $8.00
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